Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 9, 2015

By Kevin Siembieda

We actually have a fair amount of news this week. A lot of our time remained divided between trying to finish new product releases like Robotech®: Expeditionary Force Marines, Chaos Earth® Resurrection, new Robotech® RPG Tactics™ items and others, while prepping for the Palladium Open House which is only FIVE days away!

On one hand, I’m excited that the Open House is next week and the place is really shaping up. I look forward to chatting, gaming and having fun with everyone who can make it. On the other hand, I wish the Open House was still two or three weeks away, because there is still so much I’d like to get done before it. Kathy and I are tired already, and I know Wayne and the guys are feeling the stress too. A number of unexpected issues cropped up to make this past week more than a little hellish. Feeling a bit chewed up and spit out, but still putting in long days and making headway.

We will have at least 6-8 helpers arriving early on Wednesday, which is awesome and their help and efforts are very much appreciated, but the irony is that most of the work that has to get done for the Palladium Open House should be finished by then. I hate waiting till the last minute, especially the day before. Still, it will be nice to have the helping hand and camaraderie.

Please help me recover my artwork

A substantial part of my art collection has gone missing. Among what’s gone is a huge slice of original work from my own art career – from my high school and college days to A+Plus comic book pages, Justice Machine and Cobalt Blue colored comic pages, Game Merchant, the Detroit Gaming Center, Judges Guild, and some of the early artwork I did for Palladium Books, FASA (Traveller), Topps bubblegum cards, and other companies. Most of the missing work is from the 1970s-1980s.

Other original art, prints and items are also missing (Anime cels, Robotech® stuff, FernGully animation cel on master backgrounds, A+Plus comics, books, etc.), but it is MY ARTWORK and the artwork of my brother and friends from my youth that I want back most. This is a personal and devastating loss. I feel truly sick about this loss and I hope you can help me. I hope that by letting you – our fans – know, I’m putting thousands of eyeballs out there watching for these items to go up online or appear in comic book stores, especially in the Michigan and Ohio areas. I have friends who will keep an eye out at the Novi Motor City Comic Con, and we’ll be scanning the web on a regular basis, but having thousands of other people keeping an eye out in the weeks and months ahead only improves my chances of recovering something. I hope.

PLEASE, if you see any of the art or items that sound like they might be mine, please contact me at Palladium Books by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and send me a link to the site/page/person hosting the “suspect” items, or call by telephone: 734-721-2903. I’m not as likely to see Private Messages or Facebook messages, or Help Desk messages, but you can use them too. I’ll also be calling around to local comic book shops. Retailers, please be vigilant and call me if these items surface. Thanks.

I’m hoping that by letting you know about some of the most identifiable items I may be able to recover some of them. Fingers crossed.

Below are some of the most identifiable missing items.

  • Almost ANY ART by Kevin Siembieda from the 1960s-1980s – especially if it is dated before 1994 – could be some of the missing artwork. As you can see from this list, I seldom sold my original artwork, so if my art starts to spring up, it could be the missing items.
  • Justice Machine #6 (Noble Comics) – watercolor pages on 8½ x 11 paper. These are high quality photocopies that were hand-painted in watercolor and Doctor Martin dyes by Kevin Siembieda. The color pages of the comic book were shot from these exact pages.
  • Cobalt Blue #4 (Noble Comics) – watercolor pages on 8½ x 11 paper. These are high quality photocopies that were hand-painted in watercolor and Doctor Martin dyes by Kevin Siembieda. The color pages of the comic book were shot from these exact pages.
  • Palladium Fantasy, Rifts®, RECON, Contemporary Weapons and other Art. Could be inked or pencil.
  • The Harlequin comic book pages from A+Plus #3 by me, Kevin Siembieda.
  • The Last Man/Paraphernalia by me and my brother (Brian Siembieda) from A+Plus #5, and any art from other issues of A+Plus. I have NEVER sold any of my A+Plus or Fanzine art or pages.
  • Nightspawn #1 and 2 – all art and keyline/paste-up pages from my Nightspawn “fanzines” from the 1970s are gone. It includes original art by me (Kevin Siembieda), Arvell Jones, Ken Kelly (yes, “the painter” Ken Kelly), Alex Marciniszyn and others.
  • Art and keylines from my old fanzine Megaton #1 and #2.
  • Art and keylines from my old fanzine B.S./P.S. #1.
  • The cover to Game Merchant #1; a dragon. Ink and pencil on coquille board.
  • Star Trek Characters drawing – a shaded pencil drawing depicting the heads of Captain Kirk, Scotty, Uruha, and Sulu, and signed by James Duhan, Nichelle Nichols, and George Takei. Dated from the 1970s (I think 1974, 1975 or 1976). Other pencil artwork by me.
  • A+Plus Comic Books #2, #3, #4 and #5. A few of my remaining copies of issue #1, #2, and #3 are gone; several dozen copies of #4 are gone; and as many as 100 copies of #5 have gone missing. If you should see them suddenly appear, please let me know so I can investigate. Thanks.
  • Painting of a vampire in a green suit by Alex Marciniszyn; a yellow moon and a flying bat are part of the painting. I think it is unsigned.
  • Photocopies of pencil sketches for covers, concept artwork and pencil art before it was inked (Parkinson, Long, Ewell, and other artists). I recently unearthed a treasure trove of such items and had planned to use them as illustrations in a book about the history of Palladium Books. All missing.
  • REMEMBER, almost any art by me, Kevin Siembieda, that is comic book style or from before 1994 could be some of the missing art.

A Public Appeal to those Responsible – or – to anyone who might know about this: I am NOT looking to prosecute the individual or individuals responsible. I just want to get a big part of my life back! Please. I’m probably foolishly praying that perhaps the person responsible or someone who knows them will see this public appeal and find it in their heart to return these precious works to me. Just drop them off inside the Palladium office foyer. Or outside the front or side door, pound loudly and leave. NO ONE will question or hassle you! I promise. It’s not a trap. Please return these items. Our address is 39074 Webb Court, Westland, MI 48185. Failing that, please, if anyone knows anything about this matter or has seen the artwork, please contact me so that I might recover any of it. Thank you for your help.

UPDATE: Palladium Open House – May 15-17, 2015 – Westland Michigan – See you there

I’m sorry the above makes this Update a bit of a downer. While the missing art and items have been extremely upsetting, I’m trying to push it out of my head and focus on the Palladium Open House. Like all of you, I am looking forward to a fun-filled weekend of games, good conversation and friends. It’s next week, so I will be seeing some of you very soon.

RRT RULES UPDATE: Destroids allowed in space for Robotech® RPG Tactics Tournament – Saturday – May 16 – Westland, Michigan

There are still tournament slots open and prizes and trophies to be won. Spread the word and join the competition. Saturday, 8:00 AM, Palladium Books, Westland. Reserve your position – call 734-721-2903, today!

Destroids can battle in outer space, so bring your Destroid squads to battle the enemy in next Saturday’s tournament. Outer space “is” a playing environment in the tournament and all mecha can function in it. In fact, there are tournament battlefields of an asteroid, Mars Base and a gorgeous ARMD space platform. Reserve your position – call 734-721-2903, today!

There are two types of Space environments to consider while building your army. First is “Space,” referring to a lack of an atmosphere. All of the effects of the Space are spelled out in the rule book (specifically with respect to Roll with Impact rules). This allows the use of Destroids as it occurs on an airless moon, asteroid, or outside a hull of a ship where the Destroids have a place to walk on. There are no movement restrictions for Destroids in this environment.

Second is Space: “Zero-G.” In this environment, any Destroids (Tomahawk, Defender, Phalanx, and Spartan) that have the classification of Space Restriction may operate in Space (Zero-G) with a restriction of movement to 1 inch per turn. You may still pay command points to double movement as normal with a base movement of 1. Players still have the option to replace the Destroid squad with another unit of the same point cost or less for Space battles as stated in the tournament rules.

FYI: When Chuck Walton saw the trophies in person last weekend, he said, “Wow, I wish I could get my own army painted in time for the tournament so I could enter and have a chance to win one these. Kevin, these are beautiful. I’m impressed.” And one or more could be yours!

Palladium Open House Tactics Tournament

Robotech® RPG Tactics Tournament (Saturday) – May 16, 2015 – Westland, MI 48185 – Palladium Open House

It is still not too late to sign up to play! To compete in the tournament costs $10, but there are prizes and trophies to win! Tickets for the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Tournament are on sale NOW. Sold on a first come, first served basis – but slots are available.

  • RRT Tournament has 7 Awards and Prizes that will be given for the following:
    Tournament Champion, 2015 POH
    1st Place Battle Champion, 2015 POH
    2nd Place Battle Champion, 2015 POH
    3rd Place Battle Champion, 2015 POH
    1st Place Painting Champion, 2015 POH
    2nd Place Painting Champion, 2015 POH
    3rd Place Painting Champion, 2015 POH
  • $10 entry fee. The $10 tournament fee gets you in the tournament. You do NOT have to buy an additional Saturday or Weekend admission if you are “only” competing in the day-long RRT tournament. You’ll be able to purchase product, but you will not be able to participate in other RPG game events unless you get a day’s admission.
  • Tickets available now, in our online store. May 16, 2015. Spread the word. No refund for cancellations.
  • Tournament Rules are available now. Note: You do not have to bring painted convoy vehicles and objective markers – unless you want to do so. They will be provided. Destroids can function in outer space! Yes, you can bring your Destroid squad to battle the enemy in space. Outer space “is” a playing environment in the tournament and all mecha can function in it.
  • 6 rounds of play, each lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • 250 point armies (1 Core Squadron minimum) using only official published Core Squadron Cards and add-ons to date.
  • Mecha armies must be painted, but you do NOT have to bring painted convoy vehicles and objective markers – unless you want to do so – some will be provided.
  • 20 openings. Limited to 20 competitors in the tournament, plus a list of standby competitors in the case of cancellations. Some slots still available!
  • Tournament takes place on Saturday, May 16th, 2015 at the Palladium Warehouse – 39074 Webb Court, Westland, MI, 48185.
  • Sign in Time: 7:30-8:00 A.M. Tournament starts at 8:00 A.M. and will run all day, from 8:00 A.M. to around 10:00 P.M. Awards and prizes handed out shortly after the final round.

For more info and to purchase tickets to the Palladium Open House, click here.

NEW! The Rifter® #70 – Available now

This issue is pretty epic, with more than half of The Rifter® #70 filled with “official” source material for Rifts®, Splicers® and Palladium Fantasy® written by me (Siembieda), Aten, Bingham and Sinsapaugh, and it is source material you will want to have in your library. New magic, monsters, strange tales, and places to explore are always a winning combination. Available now.

UPDATE: Robotech®: Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook – in production

I made tremendous progress on Robotech® Expeditionary Force Marines this past week. All I can say is, wow.

UPDATE: Rifts® Heroes of Humanity and Rifts® The Disavowed

Did some work on these two titles as well, mainly some tweaks, notes and figuring out the art I need to assign and to whom.

UPDATE: Chaos Earth® Resurrection

Chaos Earth® Resurrection is in full swing production with retooling, editing and art.

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics

We have never stopped working on a number of RRT items and I hope to have some exciting news to announce very soon. It’s coming.

Something you may find interesting

We met a couple of the guys starting up a new comic book company. Their company is Double Take, the brand new publishing arm of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (The people who bring you Grand Theft Auto and other great games.)

The guys at Double Take are getting ready to launch their first wave of 10 new comic book series this September and Palladium Books is helping to spread the word. In the spirit of full disclosure, Palladium Books is advertising in these comic book titles, and Double Take ads for the comics will start appearing in new Palladium titles. (Note: This is NOT the comic book company printing Rifts® Machinations of Doom as a full color graphic novel.)

I’m a big George Romero fan, so I am intrigued that all of the first 10 comic titles are based on the zombie movie that started it all, Night of the Living Dead. The comic book lines release in August, but Double Take has just launched a Kickstarter to build excitement and get books into the hands of anyone who might want them. I’m one of those people and you may be too.

I want you to know about their ambitious comic company launch, because how often does anyone get a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new company’s launch? And via the Double Take Kickstarter, collectors and stores can get all the copies of these first 10 titles they could want. I find it exciting that there is a brand new player in the comic book industry giving the “fans” an opportunity to be the first to enjoy their 10 new titles. By the way, these 10 books are just the start of something that promises to be big. I’m not sure how much I can say, but additional comic book titles dealing with a wide array of subjects will be coming from Double Take in 2016. And ex-Marvel Comics vice president Bill Jemas is one of the movers and shakers behind these first books. As a comic book collector myself, I know I’ll be making sure I get my set of comics from this bold, new publishing company.

Comic book fans, speculators and fans of Palladium’s Dead Reign® and the zombie genre in general should shamble over to their Kickstarter page and check them out.



UPDATE: – previews, new products and fun

  • Coming over the next few weeks – 4 different sets of Bizantium and the Northern Islands specific Paper Miniatures starting with the Bizantium Marines.
  • FREE Robotech® RPG Tactics™ color guides – available now.
  • 12 highly-detailed, comprehensive Robotech® RPG Tactics™ assembly instructions for all the Wave One mecha – available now.
  • Bizantium Sneak Preview – available now.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® Paper Miniatures – Volumes #1-6 are available now. More coming in a few weeks, with more to follow.
  • The Rifter® issues #1-62 – available now.
  • 100+ Palladium titles available as PDF downloads.
  • Game Master Kits, maps and more – Available now.
  • Much more to come in the months ahead.

The Palladium Fantasy® Bizantium and the Northern Islands™ free preview is posted and available now. The Rifter® #61-62 and six sets of Fantasy Paper Miniatures (with 20+ figures in most sets) are available now (many recently posted with new sets coming over the next few weeks). And there is more to come. Palladium continues to provide FREE support to Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and other Palladium game lines with supplemental material. And this is just the beginning. So far, that includes some RRT game cards, the massive mecha painting/color design templates (more than 100 images in color and black and white – and an awesome resource for any Robotech fan), and some detailed assembly instructions, with MUCH more coming. We have big plans for Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and other Palladium game lines.

We’ll be adding a bunch of new material to over the next several months, so keep an eye on it. already offers 100+ Palladium Books products available as PDFs with more to be made available soon. They currently include free items, previews and book titles like the Coalition Wars®/Siege on Tolkeen™ series, Splicers® RPG, The Rifter® issues #1-62 (with more to come), and first edition rules of the Rifts® RPG, Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, Heroes Unlimited™ RPG, The Palladium Fantasy RPG®, and related 1st edition sourcebooks for each. And more! Like what? Like Fantasy Paper Miniatures (see below) and Game Master Kits for digital download. They are available only as PDF files and were designed special to help you run your games and build campaigns. There are also sneak previews of books and other good stuff. Check it out! And let other gamers know they are available too. We’ll be making more available on DriveThruRPG in the weeks and months to come, so take a look on a regular basis.

Happy Birthday, Brian

Before I forget, I’d like to wish my little brother, Brian (all 6 foot, four inches of him), Happy Birthday! It was actually a couple days ago, but I wanted give him a shout out. Love you, Brian.

Closing thoughts

These are exciting if hectic times for Palladium and many of our friends and associates. There have been some deep lows, some exciting highs and plenty to keep us scrambling and on the verge of insanity. A few hundred of you may get glimpses of all this at the Palladium Open House. The rest of you from Murmurs and postings from me and the rest of the Palladium crew in the weeks to come. Until then, know that we have all kinds of products coming your way, and soon. Keep those imaginations burning bright.

– Kevin Siembieda, Game Designer, Writer, Publisher

Palladium Open House

Look, they are lining up for the Open House already!

Palladium Open House – May 15-17, 2015 – Westland, Michigan

Meet 40+ Palladium Creators – artists, writers, game designers staff, Rifter® contributors, Defilers and others for one of the largest such gatherings ever. It happens only once every few years at the Palladium Open House – May 15-17, 2015 – Westland, Michigan. (Plus May 14 for those attending VIP Thursday.) The event takes place at the Palladium warehouse and offices. And this may be the last Open House, so do not miss out. Special guests include Jolly Blackburn, creator of Knights of the Dinner Table, and Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man artist and long-time Palladium fan favorite artist, Ramon K. Perez.

List of Palladium Creators, Artists, Writers & Personalities:

  • Amy L. Ashbaugh (Artist)
  • Brandon Aten (Writer; Triax 2, Madhaven, The Sovietski, The Rifter®)
  • Matthew Balent (Author of Weapons & Armor, Weapons & Castles, Monsters and Animals, and other titles; he was present at the start of Palladium Books!)
  • Thomas Bartold (Defiler, writer; Island at the Edge of the World)
  • Carmen Bellaire (Writer; Powers Unlimited 1-3, Splicers®)
  • Joseph Bergmans (Honorary Staff Member, Helper and Consultant)
  • Jolly Blackburn (Creator of Knights of the Dinner Table)
  • James Brown (Game Master Supreme, Megaversal Ambassador)
  • Kent Burles * (Artist)
  • Braden Campbell * (Writer; Fleets, Thundercloud Galaxy, The Rifter®)
  • Matthew Clements (Writer: Northern Gun 1 & 2, and much more)
  • Steven Dawes (Writer; Dark Places, The Rifter®)
  • Greg Diaczyk (Writer; Rifts® Lemuria and The Rifter®)
  • Mark Dudley (Artist and Game Master)
  • Scott Gibbons (Game Designer – play testing Rifts® board game)
  • Carl Gleba *(Writer: Megaverse® in Flames, Minion War series, and many others, and awesome G.M.)
  • Chris Guertin (Honorary Staff Member/Helper)
  • Jeffry Scott Hansen * (Writer & Author; Warpath)
  • Irvin Jackson * (Writer & Artist)
  • Doug Lamberson (Honorary Staff Member/Helper)
  • Lonnie Langston * (G.M. and Megaversal Ambassador)
  • “Madman” Mike Leonard (Artist and Writer)
  • Allen Manning (Artist)
  • Brian Manning (Artist)
  • Alex Marciniszyn (Staff Editor and Research)
  • Mike Mumah (Artist)
  • Mark Oberle (Writer; Nightbane® Survival Guide, Rifter®)
  • Apollo Okamura (Artist)
  • Taylor Oltman * (Artist)
  • Ramon K. Perez (Artist for games and Spider-Man)
  • Victor Peterson (Megaversal Ambassador & Game Master)
  • Ben Rodriguez (Artist)
  • Julius Rosenstein (Staff, Writer, Editor & Game Master)
  • Jeff “NMI” Ruiz (Palladium’s Online Administrator & MA)
  • Kevin Siembieda (Staff, Founder, Writer, Artist & Game Master)
  • Kathy Simmons (Staff, Order Processing and Customer Services)
  • Josh Sinsapaugh (Writer, Rifter® Contributor)
  • Wayne Smith (Staff, Editor, and Editor-in-Chief of The Rifter®)
  • Charles Walton (Artist and Concept Guy)
  • Taylor White (Writer and Musician)
  • And more.

Note: Only those with an asterisk remain tentative, but circumstances change, so there is no guarantee everyone on the list will make it to the POH. Price of admission covers ALL events, EXCEPT the Robotech® tournament.

Play in games run by the very people who make them, in the building where the magic happens. Get the latest news and happenings. Get the behind the scenes lowdown on events. Ask any question. Have a blast.

Most Palladium products are in stock and available for purchase, from prints and T-shirts to books and coffee mugs. And we always have a selection of new T-shirts and speciality items available for the first time ever at the Palladium Open House. This year, there is also a wide range of original art, prints and rare, signed and out of print book titles being made available. Some of the rarest and most unique items to be offered up in the live auction. IN ADDITION, many of the artists and writers bring original art, prints and specialty items for sale from them individually. It all adds up to an incredible experience.

  • Game with us at the Palladium warehouse.
  • 100+ Palladium gaming events.
  • Play in games run by Kevin Siembieda & other Palladium creators.
  • Play-test a prototype Rifts® board game run by the game designer.
  • Enjoy Robotech® RPG Tactics™ tournament, games, products and demos.
  • Compete in the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ painting competition.
  • Participate in panel talks and many question and answer chats.
  • Meet 40+ Palladium creators, all available to chat & sign books.
  • Bring your favorite game books to get signed.
  • Meet Kevin Siembieda and the Palladium staff.
  • Meet Carmen Bellaire and many other Palladium creators.
  • Meet Jolly Blackburn, creator of Knights of the Dinner Table.
  • Meet Ramon K. Perez, Marvel Comics artist – Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl and artist of many Palladium World Books and other comics.
  • Meet fellow gamers from around the world: Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Uruguay, USA and elsewhere.
  • Every in stock Palladium product available for purchase, and 40 creators happy to autograph whatever you get.
  • Commission select artists to draw your favorite character.
  • Rare collector items, first printings, and signed books.
  • Original art by Long, Siembieda, Walton and many others.
  • Art prints, T-shirts and specialty items.
  • Robotech® art from the 1980s and 90s by Kevin Long and others.
  • “Live” Auction with rare collectibles and oddities.
  • Get the latest news and other insider info.
  • Price of admission pays for all events EXCEPT the RRT tournament!
  • Family reunion and party atmosphere.
  • An intimate setting, unlike big conventions.
  • 100+ Gaming Events:
                   - After the Bomb®
                   - Beyond the Supernatural™
                   - Dead Reign®
                   - Heroes Unlimited™
                   - Nightbane®
                   - Ninjas & Superspies™
                   - Palladium Fantasy RPG®
                   - Phase World®/Three Galaxies™
                   - Rifts®
                   - Rifts® Chaos Earth®
                   - Robotech®
                   - Robotech® RPG Tactics™
                   - Splicers®
                   - and more . . .
  • Special Event: Robotech® RPG Tactics™ tournament.
  • Special Event: Robotech® RPG Tactics™ “Painting Contest” – bring your best painted mini and see if you win.
  • Special Event: Robotech® RPG Tactics™ games galore. Some run by Carmen Bellaire, the co-author of the RRT rules.
  • Special Event (Saturday): Live Auction – rare collectibles and original art including some Kevin Long Robotech® II: The Sentinels artwork, animation cels, and rare Kevin Siembieda artwork.
  • Open gaming at the main site and designated hotel.
  • Game with the very people who make your favorite games and sourcebooks like Kevin Siembieda, Julius Rosenstein, Brandon Aten, Carmen Bellaire, Matthew Clements, Greg Diaczyk, Chuck Walton, the Mannings, and others.
  • No fees for the individual games or panel talks. ALL events are covered under the price of admission, except for the RRT tournament.
  • Meet 40+ Palladium creators – the largest gathering of Palladium creators in the world! Most available every day, the entire day.
  • Chat with Palladium artists and writers from across the country.
  • Get autographs from all the Palladium creators.
  • Live panel talks and interviews.
  • Live auction (Saturday evening) with rare, out of print books, original artwork, proofreader copies of manuscripts, collectibles, books from the Erick Wujcik collection, and more.
  • Get new releases, back stock items and Palladium collectibles.
  • Get original artwork and limited edition prints.
  • See (and play games in) the Palladium warehouse.
  • Intimate setting. Easy access to Palladium creators.
  • Held at the Palladium warehouse and offices.
  • Meet fans from across the USA and around the world – Canada, England, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, etc.
  • Location: It all takes place at the Palladium warehouse, Palladium Books, 39074 Webb Court, Westland, MI 48185-7606
  • Join the fun and make memories to last a lifetime.
  • Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 A.M. (possibly longer). For you all-night gamers, gaming continues at the hotel.

A rare event, the POH is sort of like the Olympics in that we only host one every 2-4 years (the last one was held in 2012), making it all the more special. For a number of reasons, it is looking more and more like this may well be the last Palladium Open House, so if you can make it, come on over for our last grand party.


Admission Tickets


Advance Ticket Purchase Guarantees Your Admission – May 15, 16 & 17, 2015 (VIP Night, May 14, 2015 is an additional day and extra cost of $87).

$60 per person for the Three Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) when ordered in advance per each individual. Same price at the door, if space is available.

$25 for Friday, 9:00 AM till Closing (about midnight). Same price at the door, if space is available.

$25 for Saturday, 9:00 AM till Closing (about midnight). Same price at the door, if space is available.

$12 for Sunday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Same price at the door, if space is available.

$87 additional for “VIP Night” – Thursday, May 14, 2014; 3:00 P.M. till about Midnight. A few “cancellations” have made a handful of VIP night tickets available on a first come, first-served basis. VIP Night is a special, one-evening event limited to around 100 gamers. You get the delicious dinner catered by Palladium’s very own Kathy Simmons (people rave about her food), plus you get an extra afternoon and evening of gaming, a more intimate chance to talk with Palladium staff, artists and writers, and first crack at rare collectibles, prints and original art.

The price of admission covers ALL events EXCEPT the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Tournament. The price of admission gives you access to all the guests, Kevin and crew, as well as the many RPG gaming events (first come, first served), panel talks, auction and other activities. There is an additional $10 fee to play in the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ tournament. Limited to 20 players (see details earlier in the Update).

Please consider this a personal invitation from me, Kevin Siembieda, to come and spend a weekend with the Palladium staff, our wonderful fellow creators, friends and fans from around the globe. At the POH you can ask any questions, enjoy long chats, get autographs from 40+ Palladium Creators, enjoy plenty of laughs, game like crazy and come away with memories that you’ll never forget.

* NEW products to debut at Palladium Open House. We have a lot of new, fun products making their debut at the Open House. FOUR new T-shirts (and the grey, Property of the Coalition States T-Shirt is coming back in stock), three mouse pads, two dog tags, a selection of plastic travel glasses, and art prints. PLUS 1,400+ pages of book negatives (think art prints; more on them below), and 50+ Kevin Long illustrations (pencil and ink) as well as artwork by me (Kevin Siembieda) and other artists.

* 50+ pieces of Kevin Long art. This is the most Kevin Long artwork ever offered at one time. All from Kevin Siembieda’s personal collection. Some are the finished inked pieces that saw publication, others are the original pencil drawings. Most are matted and look awesome. Includes the opening page to the original, inked Robotech® RPG (1986) illustration, some REF Field Guide and Sentinels RPG inked artwork, the pencil sketch for the cover of Ghost Ship, an unpublished sketch of the Glitter Boy, TMNT Goes Hollywood pencil art, some concept art and more.

* Additional works of RPG art by Kevin Siembieda, and other Palladium artists.

* “Negatives” of printed pages. Each negative was used to create the printing plates for every new print run. As a “negative,” the images of the text and line art are reversed; white on a black background. Pages of negatives with artwork look amazing, and even the pages with only words and headlines look cool, and make an exotic and unique keepsake. For a few bucks, you can own a piece of gaming (and printing) history. These are truly, one-of-a-kind items that look pretty spectacular in a matt or frame. Negatives with text only are $2, title pages and those with a quarter or half page of artwork are $5-$15, and a full page of artwork is $15-$30. Only those from the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles sometimes cost more, ranging from $2-$50; the most expensive negatives being comic strip pages and full pages of artwork by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

When it was suggested that we make these pages of negatives available for sale, I loved the idea. As a comic book collector, I (Kevin Siembieda) know I would be thrilled out of my mind if I owned even just a few negatives from any issues of Spider-Man, the Avengers, Captain America, or any old Marvel comic book, especially the early issues. Now you can own one-of-a-kind negatives from some of Palladium’s RPGs and sourcebooks. We do NOT have the negatives for all our books, as they have been destroyed or lost over the decades, but we do have the negs for several dozen books that were stored in the Palladium warehouse. (I’m only keeping the original Rifts® RPG negatives for myself.)

Negatives are available from the following books:

  • TMNT® and other Strangeness
  • TMNT® Adventures (sourcebook)
  • Rifts® Sourcebook One
  • Rifts® Triax & The NGR
  • Rifts® Lone Star
  • Rifts® Psyscape
  • Rifts® Free Quebec
  • Rifts® Xiticix Invasion
  • Rifts® China One
  • Rifts® Dinosaur Swamp
  • And possibly others.

Each negative comes in a plastic bag with a white backing board and certificate of authenticity and explanation of exactly what the negative is and which book it came from. I think collectors of art and Palladium memorabilia will love this unique item. And once they are sold, they are GONE forever.

For more info and to purchase tickets to the Palladium Open House, click here.

The Rifter #70

NEW! The Rifter® #70 – Available now

With all the “official” source material, you’ll want to place your orders now! This issue is epic, with a wide array of source material by several contributors, half of it “official” and some by Kevin Siembieda.

Every issue of The Rifter® is an idea factory for players and Game Masters to generate new ideas and find new avenues of adventure. It provides useful, ready to go source material you can just drop into your ongoing games. A doorway to new possibilities and numerous Palladium role-playing worlds. And the many new characters, O.C.C.s, powers, magic, weapons, villains, monsters, adventures and ideas for one setting can be easily adapted to any Palladium setting. Every issue has material for Rifts® and at least 2-3 other Palladium game lines. With 2015 being the 25th Anniversary of Rifts®, every issue of The Rifter® will feature a Rifts® inspired cover and contain at least one Rifts® article.

The Rifter® #70, Spring issue presents a nice variety of new source material for Rifts® and other Palladium RPG settings. Celebrating the Rifts® 25th Anniversary, there will be an emphasis on Rifts® material and each cover will be Rifts® related.

  • Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Rifts® and Other Settings – Frost Magic. 60+ “official” spells (40+ brand new by Bingham and Siembieda), plus the Frost Mage and other ideas by H. Nathan Bingham and Kevin Siembieda.
  • Splicers® – Blood and Iron™, “official” source material by Brandon Aten – the Technojacker revisited and expanded, and much more.
  • Rifts®, Minion War™ and Three Galaxies™ – three new transdimensional monsters – The Unbidden™. “Official” source material by Josh Sinsapaugh and Kevin Siembieda.
  • Rifts® – New Strawn, an independent city-state for Rifts® by Travis Legge.
  • Rifts® – The Deep Frontier, by Mark Temple.
  • Rifts® Short Story: Clean, Part Two (the conclusion), by Irvin Jackson.
  • Tips for Game Masters by Chris Isberg.
  • News, coming attractions and much more.
  • Cover (Rifts®) by Charles Walton II.
  • Interior art by Walton, Ashbaugh, Ramsey, Rodriguez and Mumah.
  • 96 pages – $13.95 retail – Cat. No. 170. Available now.

The Rifter #69

The Rifter® #69 – Available now

The Rifter® #69 is packed with exciting and fun material for Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, After the Bomb®, Dead Reign®, Heroes Unlimited™ and more!

  • Rifts®: Arenas of Atlantis by Will Erwin.
  • Rifts® Chaos Earth®: First Responders of New Mexico by Daniel Frederick.
  • After the Bomb®: Long Gull Islands by Michael J. Osborne.
  • Heroes Unlimited™: Adventure ideas by Glen Evans.
  • Dead Reign®: Tampa Bay by Eric Sturm.
  • Rifts® Short Story: Clean, Part One, by Irvin Jackson.
  • News, coming attractions, product descriptions and more.
  • Rifts® cover by “Madman” Mike Leonard.
  • 96 pages – $13.95 retail – Cat. No. 169. Winter issue. Available now.

Imaginos Plus #1

NEW! Imaginos Plus #1 Comic Book – available now

A 32 page, color comic book created by long-time Palladium artist and friend, Mark Dudley. Imaginos Plus™ features four, 6-8 page “teasers” for different comic book titles created by Mark Dudley and the Imaginos crew. One of them is a Rifts® story. To Rifts® fans and collectors, this item is well worth the cover price.

  • Rifts®: The Adventures of Young Erin Tarn™ – The title says it all. Art by Noah Page and Benjamin Rodriguez (Palladium artist). Story by Jeff Lilly. Get in on the ground floor of what could develop into a regular comic book series. If that happens, Imaginos Plus™ #1 will become a rare collector’s item. Fewer than 1,000 printed.
  • Requiem™ – Science fiction. Art by Cassie Henry and Gary Mitchell. Story by Joseph A. Cain.
  • Candy Coated™ – A super-hero comedy. Art by Dimitris Moore and Brandon C. Clark (the latter is another old Rifts® artist). Story by C.C. Gamers. (I loved it. Very funny. – Kevin.)
  • Juda Fist™: 7 Deaths of the Yobi – Superheroes, Mercs and mystery. Art by Mark Dudley and Allen Smithy. Story by Mark Dudley. (I wanted more! – Kevin.)
  • Heavy, quality paper stock. Glossy cover by Mark Dudley.
  • Excellent art and color. Quality work all around.
  • Cat. No. Imaginos1 – $3.99 retail – 32 page comic book. Available now while supplies last.

A+Plus #5

NEW! A+Plus #5 Comic Book (1978) – Available now

A+Plus Number Five was the last issue of a 64 page, black and white, independent comic book created and published by Kevin Siembieda and Alex Marciniszyn. The first few issues came out while these two best friends were still in college. It sells on the comic book collector’s market for $10-$20. Had Siembieda continued on the comic book trail, there might never have been a Palladium Books.

  • The Harlequin™ – A 20 page story about a tormented soul who has taken refuge in a circus, but has secretly become a reluctant hero searching for answers about his own origin and purpose. You see, the Harlequin was bio-engineered to be a living weapon. How, why and by whom remains a mystery. Art and story by Kevin Siembieda.(Note: Nick Bradshaw has been trying to convince Kevin to reprint the two Harlequin stories in The Rifter® or as an adventure sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited™, with all new, expanded game background, heroes, villains and adventure hooks. Kevin is considering it.)
  • Arc™ – A strange, 8 page, science fiction story with human and animal characters. Art and story by James Dombrowski. Jim would go on to contribute illustrations to a couple of After the Bomb® sourcebooks and make a career in the newspaper industry.
  • Down to the Last Man™ – The Last Man – science fiction fantasy – was one of A+Plus’ most popular features, and one of the few ongoing series. Art by Brian Siembieda (pencils) and Kevin Siembieda (inks). Story by Brian Siembieda. Yes, Brian is Kevin’s talented younger brother. It started out all humor and took a darker turn as the story progressed. Brian’s inspiration came from the works of Ralph Bakshi, Will Eisner and Vaughn Bode. This 11 page story is one of Kevin’s personal favorites.
  • And now a word from the Overseer – A weird 8 page science fantasy story that ties into being a comic book artist. Art and story by James A. Osten. Jim would work for Palladium Books as an editor for many years.
  • The Bunny of Death™ in the Hare, the Worm and the Desert – A 5 page tale of a truly deadly, sword-wielding, beer drinking rabbit. Art and story by William Messner-Loebs. Bill would go on to create a popular independent comic featuring Wolverine McAllister, before moving on to write The Flash for several years at DC Comics.
  • A couple of short strips, an article about J.R.R. Tolkien’s the Silmarillion and a couple ads round out this final issue.
  • Glossy cover by Michael Kucharski. Mike contributed art to several of the early Palladium Fantasy titles and a couple of the Weapon Books, most notably, Weapons and Assassins™.
  • Newsprint interiors.
  • 24 copies are being made for sale on a first come, first served basis. 5,000 copies of this comic were originally printed. Only around 40 copies remain in Kevin Siembieda’s possession.
  • The book you are buying is the actual comic book printed in 1978 and shows signs of yellowing and age. However, all are in at least good to very good condition. Remember, this comic is 37 years old!
  • Cat No. APlus5 – $9.99 retail – 64 page, black and white comic book from 1978. 24 copies are available now, ONLY while supplies last.

Robotech Dice Bag - Black

NEW! Robotech® Dice Bag – Available now

People have enjoyed the Rifts® dice bag for years, so we thought we’d do one for Robotech®. The Robotech® Dice Bag debuted at AdeptiCon and went over very well. Now it is available in the Palladium store for everyone. This is just one tiny thing we’ve been working on behind the scenes for Robotech®. More to come.

  • The classic Robotech® logo.
  • Golden yellow color, silk-screen imprint.
  • Black, faux velvet, draw-string bag.
  • 7½ x 8 inch bag with flat, round bottom. Can hold a lot of dice.
  • Suitable for any Robotech® gamer with a pile of dice.
  • $8.00 retail – Cat. No. 2565 – Available now, only from Palladium Books.

Bizantium and the Northern Islands

NEW! Palladium Fantasy RPG® Sourcebook: Bizantium and the Northern Islands – Available now

To the civilized world, Bizantium and the waters and lands around it are frightening. A realm of sea serpents, monsters, and barbarians. To the heroes and people who live there, it is a realm of adventure, beauty and opportunity.

One might consider Bizantium as the center of adventure and mystery in the North. Many are the myths of ancient gods, lost treasures and strange creatures. On the mainland, there are the Wolfen and their canine kin, the Kiridin barbarians, the turbulent Shadow Coast colonies, and all manner of monsters and secrets in the Northern Hinterlands and Great Northern Mountains. Living near the edge of the Sea of Despair and in the shadow of the Land of the Damned, sea monsters and danger are but a short voyage away and make all too frequent visits to the Bizantium islands.

North of Bizantium are the Icy Ocean and Great Ice Shelf, places where only a handful of the bravest Bizantian sailors have ever set sail, and the rest of the world knows nothing about. For kingdoms in the south, only a few scholars have ever heard of the Great Ice Shelf or the cannibalistic Necromancers known as the Iceborn who make the frozen wasteland their home. Those who have heard tales of the land of ice and death are convinced they are nothing but the stuff of myth. Very soon, they will find out otherwise.

And these are but a few of the revelations presented in Bizantium and the Northern Islands™. Discover for yourself the wonders and horrors that await.

  • Waterchanter O.C.C. and 20+ magic spells new to the Fantasy setting.
  • Necromancy revisited. Many spells new to the Fantasy setting.
  • 90+ spells in all, including Ocean Magic for the Waterchanter, Necromancy and more.
  • Serpent Chaser, Bizantium Marine and other new character classes.
  • The Iceborn, their man-eating Raiders, Skinbinders and Sea Witches. A forgotten race of monsters who worship death, wield death magic, hunt humanoids, eat their flesh, and wear their skin. A villain you will love to hate.
  • The Iceborn’s Necroilus – massive vessels made from the remains of dead sea serpents and animated by Necromancy to prowl the seas.
  • Vengeful gods, monsters, sea serpents and sea monster creation tables.
  • The Seven Treasures touched by the Northern Gods, lost for centuries, waiting to be found.
  • New and old Bizantium ships including the Bireme, Ice Breaker and Battleship.
  • Bizantium as never before seen.
  • The Northern Islands described in new detail.
  • The Great Ice Shelf – a new continent to explore.
  • Bizantium’s origin, history, and mysteries revealed.
  • Bizantian society, culture, religion, magic and notable places.
  • People and places of note. Adventure hooks galore, and more.
  • Written by Glen Evans, Matthew Clements and Kevin Siembieda.
  • 192 pages – $24.95 retail – Cat. No. 474 – Available now.

NEW Palladium Fantasy RPG® “Paper Miniatures” – on

Three new Volumes are already waiting for you, another is coming this weekend and more soon after that. Palladium Fantasy RPG® “Paper Miniatures” are a quick, fun “online only” product for gamers who want inexpensive game pieces for their Palladium Fantasy® game – only $5.99 for 20+ figures in each set. All are colorful, dynamic and attractive figures available via PDF download that you print on a card stock, cut out and slide into a paper stand (all part of the pack you purchase). A FREE Sample and the first SIX sets of Palladium Fantasy RPG® Paper Miniatures are available NOW on, and many more are coming. Including a set or two for Bizantium and the Northern Islands.

  • FREE Sample – Check ‘em out. They’re free!
  • Volume One: O.C.C.s – 24 O.C.C.s representing each of the primary character classes – Men-at-Arms, Men of Magic, Clergy and Psychics.
  • Volume Two: Monster Races – 28 R.C.C.s representing 4 Trolls, 4 Ogres, 8 Orcs, 8 Goblins and 4 Hob-Goblins. More nonhuman races to come.
  • NEW! Volume Three: NPC Encounters – 24 figures representing townspeople, merchants, squires and more.
  • NEW! Volume Four: Undead – 29 figures representing zombies, vampires, animated skeletons and others.
  • NEW! Volume Five: Females – 24 figures representing female warriors, mages, priestesses, and other O.C.C.s.
  • NEW! Volume Six: Dwarves – 28 figures representing male and female Dwarven warriors and other O.C.C.s.
  • NEW! Coming Next Week: Volume Seven: Bizantium Marines – 14 miniatures from the island Kingdom of Bizantium, including 2 each from the Nibis Marines, the Northomber Guard, the Southomber Guard, the Valgorian Guard and the Sky Riders. Plus 2 Pegasus with removable Sky Riders. Retail only $2.99.
  • NEW! Coming Soon: Volume Eight: Bizantium Adventurers – 14 paper miniatures, representing the Serpent Chaser O.C.C., the Waterchanter O.C.C., the Fisherman O.C.C. and Bizantium Warlocks. Retail only $2.99.
  • NEW! Coming Soon: Volume Nine: Bizantium Iceborn (Villains) – 14 paper miniatures representing the evil Iceborn O.C.C.s, including the Iceborn Raider, the Iceborn Captain, the Skinbinder Female, the Iceborn Sea Witch and the Necromancer. Retail only $2.99.
  • NEW! Coming Soon: Volume Ten: Bizantium Encounters (Monsters and Characters) – 14 paper miniatures presenting the Selkie R.C.C., Undead and Skeletal Sailors, the Sea Ghoul, and the Ice Bearman. Retail only $2.99.
  • All are 28mm scale figures and designed in full color.
  • Most sell for $5.99 per set.
  • Much support will follow, provided there is a demand for this PDF product line.

Splynn Dimensional Market

Back in print – Rifts® World Book 21: Splynn Dimensional Market

This awesome sourcebook is, in effect, Rifts® Atlantis Part Two. It is said that anything you may desire – especially if it is dark, magical or alien – can be purchased, for a price, at the Splynn Dimensional Market. Anything. ‘Nuff said.

  • 14 more monstrous Splugorth slave races.
  • New Magic Tattoos and Bio-Wizard organisms.
  • Dozens of Bio-Wizard weapons and magic items.
  • The deadly Bio-Borg and Kittani weapons and equipment.
  • The Splynn Dimensional Market described and key locations noted.
  • Art by Ramon Perez, Mike Dubisch, Burles, Breaux and others.
  • $24.95 – 192 pages – Cat. No. 836 – Available now!

Chaos Earth Rise of Magic

Rise of Magic – Rifts® Chaos Earth® Sourcebook – Now shipping

We’ve all played “post” apocalyptic games. Now imagine playing as the apocalypse is happening. As the world you know is crumbling. As magic and monsters from myth become real and your world is reshaped by forces beyond your comprehension. That is the premise behind the Rifts® Chaos Earth® series. That YOU play through the Great Cataclysm as the apocalypse happens.

Rifts® Chaos Earth®: Rise of Magic™ is a key book in that continuing story (new books are coming this Spring and Summer). In Rise of Magic™, humans, particularly children, are discovering they can draw upon mystic energy and cast magic. The thing is, they don’t really know what they are doing. Magic is just part of the chaos and the impossible that is happening all around them. Meanwhile, others have found they can summon and control monsters and demons, while still others make pacts with supernatural beings to become witches and worse. And some have learned they can harness the magic to animate and command the dead. Madness and more chaos ensues. All of this only complicates things for NEMA, Earth’s defenders, as the line of distinction between “good guys” and “bad guys” begins to blur, and things go from bad to worse.

  • Chaos Magic, new magic specific to the Chaos Earth® setting.
  • 100+ unique Chaos Magic spells.
  • New magic O.C.C.s like the Blue Zone Wizard and Chaos Wizard.
  • New evil magic users like the Chaos Witch and Demon Caller.
  • More on NEMA and the Demon Plagues.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda. At the printer.
  • Two new Chaos Earth® sourcebooks are coming soon.
  • 64 pages – $12.95 – Cat. No. 662. Available now.

Chaos Earth RPG

Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG – Available now

The origins of Rifts® start here! It is a new beginning. But first everything that human civilization had become during the Golden Age of Science, more than eighty years in our future, must come to a crashing end. The Earth is in the process of being transformed into a place more alien than a thousand alien worlds. Ley lines erupt with even more power and ambient energy than what is known on Rifts Earth 300 years later. Rifts – tears in space and time – appear along ley lines to unleash legions of aliens, monsters, dragons, supernatural horrors, and ancient gods of myth and legend in a mad symphony of chaos and transformation.

You play survivors or the heroes of NEMA. The men and women of the Northern Eagle Military Alliance equipped with their Chromium Guardsmen (Glitter Boys), Silver Eagles (SAMAS) and host of other robots and power armor to stand against a rising tide of enemies and alien invaders. They are humanity’s last and only hope to survive the apocalypse that will become known as the Great Cataclysm. These are the heroes you play in a world that can only be described as Chaos Earth.

  • Overview of the Great Cataclysm as it unfolds.
  • Introduction to NEMA and its weapons and resources.
  • 11 different character classes, including robot pilots, the Para-Arcane, Demon and Witch Hunters, Chromium Guardsmen, Silver Eagles, and more.
  • Weapons, robots, power armor, vehicles and equipment.
  • Monsters, chaos and adventure. Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 160 pages for the complete RPG – $20.95 – Cat. No. 660 – Available now!
  • Chaos Earth® Sourcebook 2: Creatures of Chaos™ – 30+ Chaos Demons, NEMA and more. $12.95 – 64 pages – Cat. No. 661 – Available now.

Chaos Earth Resurrection

Rifts® Chaos Earth® Sourcebook: Resurrection – Coming

In the shattered depths of Wisconsin, survivors are besieged by the dead come back to life. Zombies. But not just any type of zombie, zombies done Rifts-style. And unless the source of the zombie plague can be found and neutralized by NEMA defenders, North America may be overrun by the dead.

This was actually something Taylor White and I have been kicking around for years, even before we released the Dead Reign® RPG line. We think you’ll love it.

  • Something has animated the dead in Wisconsin. It is up to NEMA heroes to find the cause and stop it before it spreads beyond control.
  • Scrap Zombies of all types.
  • Snatcher Ghouls, Carrion Cleaners, Screaming Puppet Ghosts, Sour Maggot Parasites, and other monsters.
  • The Zombie Pox and other dangers.
  • Setting background, adventure and adventure idea table.
  • Written by Taylor White.
  • 128 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 666. Spring 2015 (tentative).

Rifts® Chaos Earth® Sourcebook: First Responders

The Great Cataclysm has devastated civilization, but humanity fights for survival. The struggles of civilian law enforcement, fire and rescue, and everyday men and women are some of the most epic tales to be told in a world gone to hell. They fight monsters, aliens, the paranormal, the elements, and each other, all with the hope of reclaiming their lives from the Chaos.

  • New D-Bees and monsters from the Rifts.
  • First Responder O.C.C.s, skills and special equipment.
  • New “average citizen” Occupational Character Classes (O.C.C.s).
  • New equipment for NEMA “Roscoes” and other emergency personnel.
  • Notable rescue vehicles, robot drones, and technology.
  • Source information and stats for common Golden Age technology (weapons, vehicles, medical tech, etc.).
  • Apocalypse Plagues brought from other worlds to Chaos Earth.
  • Adventure ideas and more.
  • Written by Jason Richards. Additional text by Clements & Siembieda.
  • 96 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 665. Winter/Spring, 2015.

Robotech RPG Tactics

Robotech® RPG Tactics

– Available now in the USA, Canada, European Union, Australia and New Zealand

If you love Robotech®, you’ll want to take a look at this game. Beautifully detailed game pieces of your favorite Robotech® mecha, and fast playing rules that capture the Robotech® experience in a new, exciting way. And this is just the beginning. We have so much more planned. Available NOW – in game stores across the USA and Canada. Available in stores in the UK, European Union, Australia and New Zealand soon.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ "Starter Box" – Cat. No. 55100 – $99.95 retail price. This is the game Robotech® fans have wanted for decades. Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast-paced, tabletop combat game that captures the action and adventure of the Robotech® anime. Two or more players can engage in small squad skirmishes or scale up to massive battles. Relive the clashes of the First Robotech War, engage in stand-alone tactical games, or use the dynamic game pieces to enhance your Robotech® RPG experience. Or simply collect your favorite mecha from an expanding range of top-notch game pieces.

The First Six Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Expansion Packs are available to retail along with the main box game. Here are the SKUs and retail prices.

  • UEDF Dice Pack – Cat. No. 55101 – $12.00 retail. 12 white, six-sided dice with red printing and the UEDF logo in place of the six.
  • Zentraedi Dice Pack – Cat. No. 55102 – $12.00 retail. 12 purple, six-sided dice with yellow printing and the Zentraedi logo in place of the six.
  • Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Rulebook – Cat. No. 55105 – $20.00 retail. Note: This is the same rulebook that is included in the main game box, and is offered separately for those who want an extra copy, or want to check out the rules before buying the whole game.
  • Robotech RPG Tactics Template & Token Pack – Cat. No. 55106 – $15.00 retail. 10 UEDF Command Point tokens, 10 Zentraedi Command Point tokens, and one blast template.
  • Battle Foam Robotech® RPG Tactics™ bag/carrying case – Cat. No. 55107 – $120.00 retail (limited supply). Note: We only have about 30 Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Battle Foam bags available. Once they are sold out it will be months before we manufacture more, if ever.

Robotech UEEF Marines Sourcebook One

Robotech®: Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook One – Coming

Robotech®: Expeditionary Force Marines sourcebook is set in space with the UEEF (United Earth Expeditionary Force) led by Admiral Rick Hunter. This valiant force of mecha-clad heroes travel across the galaxy liberating planets from the bondage of the Invid Regent, the Robotech Masters and other tyrants and monsters.

  • New mecha and weapons of the UEEF Marines.
  • New UEEF Marine character classes and background.
  • Alien species and allies.
  • Planet hopping, adventure and much more.
  • Epic battles and adventure ideas galore.
  • Written by Irvin Jackson. Additional text by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 160 pages – $20.95 retail – Cat. No. 553. Spring.

Coalition States Heroes of Humanity

Rifts® Sourcebook – The Coalition States: Heroes of Humanity

The events unfolding in World Book 35: Megaverse® in Flames threaten to change the entire landscape of Rifts® Earth as the demonic minions of Hades and Dyval seek to bring Hell on Earth, and turn the planet into a dimensional gateway to Armageddon!

The Coalition States, along with Northern Gun and Lazlo, take the lead in the defense of North America. Heroes of Humanity explores the good and bad in the Coalition’s efforts to save humanity and send this new threat back to the pits of Hell.

  • New Coalition weapons, armor and war machines.
  • The Coalition States: Are they heroes or villains? Or does it depend on whether you are human or not?
  • Can the CS fight alongside mages and D-Bees if it means saving the world?
  • How is the CS dealing with the Minion War on Earth?
  • One plan to battle the Xiticix and who really pays the price.
  • Adventure ideas and more.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda, Matthew Clements and other contributors.
  • Final page count and cost yet to be determined but probably 96 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 889.

Rifts® Secrets of the Coalition States: The Disavowed

“Desperate times require desperate measures. War has nothing to do with morality or justice. It’s all about winning or dying. We cannot bind our hands with high ideals, even our own, or worry about the laws of renegade nations or the rights of alien people. We must fight fire with fire. And you are the match.” – Colonel Lyboc addressing a Disavowed team

The Disavowed are so Top Secret that their existence is known only to a handful of the Coalition States’ most elite, top echelon, with Joseph Prosek II the mastermind behind the Disavowed operation, and Colonel Lyboc its shadowy face. Find out who these men and women are. How the Disavowed get away with using magic, traveling to other parts of Rifts Earth and even to other dimensions in pursuit of enemies and strategic information that cannot be had through conventional means. Learn about the secret parameters in which these hard-boiled warriors, secretly hand-picked by Joseph Prosek II, operate, why almost every mission is considered a suicide mission, and why they must forever be the Disavowed.

  • CS operatives so secret that even the top military and political leaders right up to Emperor Prosek know nothing about them. And if they did know, would they condone their activity or condemn it?
  • Are the Disavowed heroes or renegades? Assassins or soldiers? Madmen or super-patriots? Or a little of them all?
  • Unsung heroes who keep the CS safe, or thugs and pawns of a shadow agency within the Coalition government?
  • What role does the Vanguard play in this group?
  • How do they reward their D-Bee “teammates” when the mission is over?
  • What happens to the Disavowed when they have seen or learned too much? Adventure ideas galore and so much more.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Matthew Clements.
  • Final page count and cost yet to be determined, but probably 96 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 892.

Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans

True Atlanteans are descendants from Earth’s past. The survivors of the sinking of Atlantis (really a dimensional mishap) and travelers of the Megaverse, wielders of Tattoo Magic and other lost mystic arts. Most people regard them as heroes, but are they? The Sunaj Assassins are mythic villains feared by all, yet they too are True Atlanteans who serve dark forces.

For the first time, much of the story behind True Atlanteans and their secrets are revealed.

  • True Atlanteans revisited.
  • Optional Atlantean character creation tables including clan heritage and other factors.
  • Secrets of the stone pyramids, different types/purposes and powers.
  • Many new magic tattoos, magic spells, weapons and armor.
  • Atlantean hideouts and secret communities across the Megaverse.
  • The Sunaj Assassins, their secrets, history and plans for the future.
  • Atlantean Monster Hunter O.C.C., Atlantean Defender O.C.C. and much more. And this is just the tip of what this book contains.
  • Written by Carl Gleba. Additional text and ideas by Kevin Siembieda.
  • Final page count and cost yet to be determined, but probably 160-192 pages – $20.95-24.95 retail – Cat. No. 890.


PDF downloads from

This is a great resource for getting out of print Palladium titles and other select books. We’ve made 100 titles available as PDF digital downloads from, as well as Fantasy Paper Miniatures, Game Master resources and other good things with more to come. This is a great way to try Palladium products and get access to out of print RPG source material. Some notable titles include:

POH Game Masters and Gaming Events Welcome – May 14-17, 2015

Game Masters can be ADDED right up to the event and even during the event, though games advertised in advance are likely to get the best attendance so contact us as soon as possible and we’ll add you to the schedule. It is NEVER too late to sign up to run gaming events at the Palladium Open House. The more Game Masters and games the better. We can use more Game Masters to run game events on Thursday and Friday for ALL of our game lines.

Get Free Stuff and Discounts if you run games. POH Game Masters Run three or more games and get a FREE special G.M. T-shirt unveiled for the first time at the POH and a 30% Game Master Supreme discount on Palladium’s RPG books, T-shirts and most other items (sorry, excludes original art, limited editions, art prints, auction items and Robotech® RPG Tactics products). We need plenty of games to satisfy 300 gamers, so . . . HELP! Your help is appreciated and welcomed. Contact us by telephone (734-721-2903) or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please contact us as SOON as possible. We want to post updates to the schedule well in advance.


What we will need from G.M.s:

  • RPG/world setting (Rifts®, Robotech®, HU2, Fantasy, BTS, Ninjas & Superspies, etc.).
  • Game Description: A brief, but dynamic description of the game.
  • Maximum Number of Players: 6-10 is typical, but run what YOU feel comfortable with running.
  • Running Time: 3-4 hours is typical, and best for these kinds of events, longer can be a problem.
  • What Days You Can Run: VIP Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
  • When: Do you have a preferred time of day you want to run? If so, what is it (10 AM, noon, 8:00 PM, what)? If we can not give you that time slot will you run earlier or later?
  • Multiple Games: If you are running multiple times, is it the same game? If different games, provide all this information for EACH.
  • Please bring Pre-Rolled “player” character sheets: Pre-rolled character sheets/descriptions for each player is strongly advised. Why waste time rolling up characters? Let’s game!
  • Minimum Age of the Players: Especially if the game has mature content or extreme violence. Please indicate if it is not suitable for players under the age of 17.
  • YOUR T-Shirt Size: You will want this shirt.
  • I.D. & Contact Info:
    Your real name
    Street address
    Telephone/Cell number (an alternative number optional)
    Email address

NOTE: If you commit to running games at the POH you must be serious and MUST be available to run your games. Do not disappoint gamers from around the globe by being unprepared or absent. You also have to purchase your own admission ticket.

Send Game Event e-mails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – or call – (734) 721-2903 – and ask for Wayne, Jeff, Julius or Alex.

For more info and to purchase tickets to the Palladium Open House, click here.

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