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DriveThruRPG is a digital RPG marketplace where you can pick up PDF versions of nearly all of our books. Every RPG line is represented, and all are great for throwing on your laptop, tablet, or phone to take anywhere you game.

Palladium Fantasy Interactive Character Sheet

The Palladium Fantasy Interactive Character sheet is a Microsoft Excel-based character management system. Packed with features and data collected from every official Palladium Fantasy sourcebook, this sheet saves you time and hassle with each character you create. 

Features & Benefits:

  • The main Character Sheet page collects the important data from across multiple tabs and puts them in one place for quick and easy reference.
  • Separate sheets that examine character construction (worktable), Skills, Magic & Psionics, and Combat in greater detail.
  • Built-in leveling system that calculates skill advancement for you!
  • Experience Tables for over 80 O.C.C. already programmed.
  • Recognizes the percentages for nearly 150 skills, plus combat bonuses for over 20 Weapon Proficiencies and 7 Hand to Hand styles.
  • Calculates the speed and distance a character can run and jump based on character Attributes.
  • Also calculates how much a character can lift, carry, and throw for humanoids, Giants, and Supernatural Beings.
  • Add in your own Hand to Hand style, custom Skills, unique Weapon Proficiencies, and Experience Tables.
  • Estimated time to build a character reduced by 20% or more.
  • Instructions on how to use the sheet included, as well as a video walkthrough on the palladium website.

iOS Stickers

Are you ready to level up your iMessage texts? From the pages of the Rifts® RPG series come adorable, fully-animated iOS stickers of your favorite iconic Rifts® characters! With more to come. Made possible by illustrator Apollo Okamura under official license from Palladium Books®, Inc.

10 Rifts® stickers at launch include:  

  • Altara Blind Warrior Woman™ – Impatient
  • Crazy™ – Laugh/crying
  • Cyber-Knight™ – Weary
  • Dead-Boy™ – Gun point
  • Dog Boy™ – Pant, pant
  • Glittery Boy™ – BOOM!
  • Juicer™ – Blow kisses
  • Ley Line Walker™ – Heart eyes
  • Psi-Stalker™ – Crying
  • SAMAS™ Power Armor – Flying  

With more to come!   Run on iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; iOS users can send messages to Android users, but they will only see static, non-animated images.

  • TAP to send a sticker.
  • PEEL & PLACE stickers anywhere on your message bubbles or photos.
  • LAYER stickers on top of each other.
  • SCALE & ROTATE using a second finger to adjust them before placing.
  • Compatible software and hardware, and internet access required (fees may apply).
  • Note: Earlier versions of iOS (9 and below) will only see static images in chat. The stickers run on iOS devices, so iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. (Android Note: No animated Android stickers are available at this time. However, if the Apple stickers do well, Android versions may be developed at a later time.)
  • Here is the Apple Store link to see them in all their glory for yourself. Have fun with them.

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