Chaos Earth® RPG

Everything was going so well. The year is 2098 and it seems like we have most of everything figured out. The world is getting ready for the Christmas holiday and things seem great.

In South America, a military uprising is quelled when some of the North American Defense Force's new mechanized Glitterboy robotic power armor annihilates them within minutes. Around the world, unbeknownst to anyone, other events are also accumulating to launch he world over a tipping point unlike it has ever experienced. 

Without warning, blue lines of energy erupted across the globe, tens of millions die, lines of communication are cut off, earth's space stations are set at odds against each other, and the moon colony can only watch as the world they once new is washed away in fire and brimstone.

For the humans at do survive, their heroes are the military and public services forces who fight back against the natural disasters to save lives and encourage people to flee to places that were hit less badly. But natural disasters were not the only things to besiege the planet. Along with the glowing blue lines of energy, wherever two crossed, a nexus formed which released 

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