Requests and General Book Questions

  1. What do you think makes a successful writer or artist?
    Answer: Creating works of art or writing that engages people is an amazing talent and incredible skill. As you know, artist and writers have changed lives the world over from Leonardo Davinci to George Orwell. What we have found is that the best and most productive relationships we have are those where we can see the talent and potential of the person we're working with, and they allow us to give feedback and encourage them to stretch their skill to a higher level on each piece we're commissioning from them. If you've ever been enraptured by a book or painting, you can bet that its creator did not create a perfect piece the first time they created that item. Each and every piece of Palladium artwork or witing you see has gone through a series of revisions before it is printed. Because of this, we are most excited to work with artists and writers who are willing to submit their work and be okay with the end result being different from what they originally created.
  2. 01How do I go about submitting artwork?
    Answer:We are always interested in new talent! The Artists guidelines for freelance submissions can be found under Questions > Submission Guidelines in the main menu on the website. Keep in mind that we already have a great team of talented artists who take feedback well and are able to deliver artwork we're looking for. If you're able to take feedback and work with us to create great artwork, we'd love to have you fill out the Artwork Submission form and show us your work.
  3. 02I would also like to ask about writing/drawing for the Rifter or other RPGs. Do I have to be a certain age to submit my writing? (I'm 16- too young?)
    Answer: 16 isn't too young as long as your parents/guardians are willing to sign a contract for/with you. We still recommend taking a look at the submission guidelines for the more info.
  4. 03Where can I find/get my grubby paws on the Robotech Videos? I have a few of them but I would like to eventually have them all. Can I order them from you?
    Answer: We haven't had the video license for a long time. They are currently coming out on DVD you should check Robotech's Online Store for more info.
  5. 04I needed to find out where and how to send a change of address for my subscription to the RIFTER.
    Answer: Just let us know at the help desk.
  6. 05Is there any way to get copies of the books titles The Journey (Cat No. 402) and Homeworld (Cat No. 403) and, if possible Mechanoid Invasion. I have a used copy of The Mechanoids (copyright 1985) and would like to get copies of the other books.
    Answer: There are no more copies available. They have been reprinted as The Mechanoids Invasion Trilogy (PAL 400)
  7. 06Will Palladium Books have any more relations with Myridon Press? Are there going to be any supplements for Manhunter? I think that Manhunter is a good sourcebook. It's spaceship design section is a very nice addition. Also did they do anything else for Rifts?
    Answer: Nope that relationship is at an end and Myridon Press is no longer in business. They only did the one book for Rifts.
  8. 07I want everyone to know I'm a Palladium Books fan, in fact, I'd love to walk around with pride wearing some Palladium Books gear, where can I find some?
    Answer: Palladium has a number of shirts and other gear available, check out our Special Items section for non-book items.
  9. 08I've heard Nightbane called Nightspawn what's up with that?
    Answer: Nightspawn was the original name for Nightbane.
  10. 09Are there any job openings with Palladium?
    Answer: Palladium Books is based in Westland Michigan, if you're in the area, let us know and we'll try to make room in our day to give you the nickel tour. We don't currently have any positions available, but a great way to get started with Palladium us to write or create artwork for the Rifter and get more involved from there. We always want to surround ourselves with other talented people.
  11. 10Some time back there was a plan in motion by Palladium to do a RPG for Marvel. Was this using the normal Palladium system?
    Answer: Since the Marvel deal never occurred, we are not at liberty to comment on how the game might have turned out.
  12. 11How can I get a copy of Rifts Manhunter, do you guys still have it in stock?
    Answer: Manhunter is no longer being produced, and Palladium terminated the license with the company that produced it, meaning it is no longer available. However you might be able to pick up a copy through a online auction or a second hand book store.
  13. 12Why change the cover on Africa? I mean the original cover was still cool, don't get me wrong, I am tempted to go out and buy Africa again just for the cover. The cover change thing has just been bugging me a little.
    Answer: The new cover captures the feel of an apocalyptic, world terrorizing event of the Four Horsemen returning to Earth a lot more closely than the old cover. And if you had a early printing of Africa with the missing text, the new cover has the missing text in it.
  14. 13I have made a simple program for character generation and random encounters, (based on area) and also random treasure. Is it ok for me to keep this program or not?
    Answer: Yes, but you cannot distribute this program. If you are interested in app development, movie making, or something similar and want to use Palladium Books' Intellectual Property (content or ideas from our RPGs) we're interested in expanding into other markets. We will consider licensing out our IP to companies who want to use it if we like the project and think they have a good chance of making it a success.
  15. 14What is the best IRC address to talk about/play Rifts? are there any pre-set AOL chat rooms that I could play in?
    Answer: Palladium has an online chatroom where you can occasionally run into other gamers.
  16. 15Where is the best place to learn about the latest status of new books and products?
    Answer: We recommend checking out & subscribing to the Weekly Updates.
  17. 16I was wondering who researches and answers these questions?
    Answer: The original questions were answered by Rodney Stott, Shawn Merrow, Maryann Siembieda and Bill Coffin. These days Rex Barkdoll, Wayne Smith and the rest of the gang at Palladium answer the really tough questions. And of course, we discuss things among other Gamers, both in person and over the internet.
  18. 17Are there plans in the pipeline for other Macross 2 sourcebooks? I would find a sourcebook for Australia quite interesting.
    Answer: There are no current plans to produce more Macross 2 books as we no longer have the license.
  19. 18We can convert AD&D spells into PFRPG spell rules (Duration, Strength, Components etc) but can not figure-out how to do the PPE costs. We were wondering if anyone could give suggestions or (if it isn't giving away company secrets), the formula or way you guys decided on PPE costs.
    Answer: Sorry, but it would not be appropriate for us convert another game company's ideas. However, if you wish to do so for your own campaign, just take the spells common to both systems (i.e. Fireball, Lightning bolt, Invisibility, etc.) and use the P.P.E. from the Palladium RPG. On other spells, just extrapolate where necessary from similar existing spells. Through the Glass Darkly provides guidelines for spell creation so it may be able to help you.
  20. 19Is it possible to order back issues of any of the Rifters?
    Answer: What you see available in the Palladium Store is what we have available and in print. If you are looking for older Rifters, you might check out DriveThruRPG or your local used book stores or elsewhere online.
  21. 20Will there be a "Modern weapons and Armor Sourcebook" for Rifts? I remember seeing something about The Black Market but I was wondering what else will this book carry.
    Answer: The closest there is to this is the Rifts GM Guide which reprints the weapon and armor stats from most of the Rifts books. Rifts Black Market is out now and may be of additional value as well as books like Northern Gun 1 and Northern Gun 2
  22. 21Is there any way I can order a copy of the first edition of the Palladium Fantasy RPG? I have misplaced/lost my copy and would dearly love to replace it.
    Answer: Sorry, its no longer available. There are online stores that have them. You should be able to find one through a search engine. Or hunt thorugh second hand book and game stores in your local area. They may have old copies of 1st edition.
  23. 22I ordered a Special Edition book the first day it was posted on the site. Does that mean I get number 1?
    Answer: Nope, #1 is reserved for us. We usually hold back a few copies for our records, staff, writers, and artists who were part of the project before releasing the rest to the public. Every once in a while, we'll sell these books or manuscripts in Open House auctions.
  24. 23A while ago I heard rumors that Palladium Books was negotiating with various companies over the rights to a Rifts computer game. Was this true? And if so has there been any progress. This would be a game that I would buy almost immediately.
    Answer: Sorry, the last try fell through and have no idea when if ever it will happen. We were able to successfully create Rifts, Promise of Power for the N-Gage phone platform, unfortunately it launched just months prior to the iPhone and never took off. We are always interested in expanding in this area if you know people who would like to license our IP to create something.
  25. 24Just out of curiosity sake, are they're any plans for a New York area sourcebook? I can't see why no one would pay attention to NYC. It must be a mother lode of artifacts and pre-rifts knowledge.
    Answer: You are in luck! Check out Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven
  26. 25I'm not sure this is the right form for this question but here goes anyway. The Adobe character sheets and experience sheets on this website, is it possible to get a copy of those to where I can actually type into the boxes? I only have Adobe Reader so I'm not sure if the forms are already in a format to where people can type or if you have to change them. I know I can type in some forms off of the web, but not yours. The one in particular that I want is the one with the 18 boxes for NPCs, the Gamemaster Experience Log 2 I think is the name.
    Answer: Sorry, they were just done as plain files with no form options. We don't currently have official versions with the form-fill feature.
  27. 26I was wondering if I wrote a story dealing with Rifts and characters and the such if I could send it in and have it published by palladium books?
    Answer: We haven't found novels to be as successful as our RPG books, so we're not really looking to publish novels at the moment, but we'd love to see short stories or short chapters for the Rifter. If you're still adamant about writing a novel, then let us know and we can talk about what you'd like to do.
  28. 27I was just wondering if Palladium has any plans for the "Phase World" dimension book. I am wondering because I have written several ideas for that series. In GM a few adventures in that setting, my group and I found some contradictions in parts of the two books, and many voids in world information, for example: the construction of spaceships.
    Answer: Phase World has been expanded upon, check out the Dimension Books for some awesome titles.
  29. 28Why did you stop doing books on North America and started on other world books.
    Answer: We often have requests to cover new parts of the world. While North America is where our core audience lives, there are new and incredible places both around the world and across the Megaverse® that people are interested in. Most likeley, we'll be back to the part of the world you're interested in, but if you have some great ideas, why not submit a few Rifter Articles or show us what you have so far on a book you want to create?
  30. 29Will you be making a book for the Macross Movie: Do you remember love? I know there wouldn't be that much new stuff but if you could please try.
    Answer: Sorry, we do not have the license for that property and cannot create material for that movie.
  31. 30Is there ever going to be an in-depth supplement on Lazlo and New Lazlo?
    Answer: Yes, we plan on going into depth on Lazlo and New Lazlo but do not have a timeline for the completion of that content at the moment.
  32. 31You're doing a great job, but I'm curious: Will you be doing a second edition of Rifts? A bunch of the original material and rules have been changed, isn't it time for an updated release?
    Answer: Check out Rifts Ultimate Edition for updated content.
  33. 32Are there plans to write a second conversion book? With all the new powers in HU2 there is a need for a new list of powers and how they convert to a mega-damage setting.
    Answer: Yes, we now have additional conversion books.
  34. 33Are there any plans to make a second edition ninjas and superspies?
    Answer: Not at the present time but this may occur at some later date.
  35. 34I was just curious as to whether the idea of a Rifts wargames has ever been entered into. Although there are a large number of wargames currently on the market, one involving Rifts which would possess such a detailed background due to the RPG would surely sell well.
    Answer: There was a project by Agents of Gaming but that has been canceled. With modern 3D printing, we may look into this in the future, but there is not currently a project underway in this category.
  36. 35Wormwood was great but lacked certain details. I'd a 2nd edition or source book with info on how much mdc humans get. I'd also like more world info, occ's and just plain more!
    Answer: Normal inhabitants of Wormwood get MDC equal to their P.E. attribute plus 1D6 per level. We have published a lot of Wormwood supplemental material in the Rifters, be sure to search for a few issues that have expanded the Wormwood Dimension.
  37. 36I have wondered if there were any Rifts comics in the making now or in the future, as I love the stories, characters and artwork in the rifts role-playing books, especially revolving around the coalition and NGR theme
    Answer: There is a series by Ramon Perez set in Lone Star in the Rifters starting with issue six. It has now been compiled into a book called Machinations of Doom and is a great read. Other projects have been started, but none have come to completion.
  38. 37Other than the older Battle Tech Miniatures by Fasa and Ral Partha, Which are no longer in production. Do you sell plastic or metal or even cardboard cut outs of The Robotech Mecha?? If you Do I would like to know how to order them or if you don't do you know a company that would?
    Answer: We launched the Robotech Tactics RPG tabletop game. You can buy Wave 1 sets from the Palladium Store today!
  39. 38Can art samples be sent via E-mail or must they be sent hard copy as per writing? Is there a preference for mediums/size/materials of the work and also the content? Limitations?
    Answer: Please see the Art or Writing submission guidelines depending on what you're wanting to submit. We only want photos or copies of your artwork, NOT THE ORIGINALS.
  40. 39I'm seeing a lot of hate for Palladium Books and Kevin Siembieda, what's that all about?
    Answer: Palladium had a rough couple of years. We survived the Crisis of Treachery, a number of personal losses and tragedies, and more. Through that, we pulled together and our community of loyal fans saved the company. We weren't out of the woods, but we could walk again. Unfortunately, those trials and tribulations impeded our ability to deliver on time on a number of projects. In April of 2013, we launched the Robotech Tactics RPG tabletop game Kickstarter. It was our first Kickstarter and our first foray into manufacturing and shipping products from China. We did our best to surround ourselves with experts and other successful people in the Kickstarter and Minis arenas. Unfortunately a number of unexpected things have come up to slow the progress of the complete fulfillment of the Robotech Kickstarter. We are still working diligently to fulfill every order and have not given up, however, some backers and other Palladium customers are understandably upset and have chosen to express their frustration online. If you would like to learn more about this situation, please read back through the Weekly Updates since April 2013.

    The whole situation has deeply sadened us and we are working every day to make each of our customers happy. We are not running from the problem, but facing it head on. We will do our best never to break any trust you put in us.

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