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Rex Barkdoll has been a die-hard Palladium Books fan for many years. He started out playing Rifts®, but quickly fell in love with Heroes Unlimited™, Nightbane®, and Splicers®. Reading the newest game releases from Palladium and finding a few good people for a game are some of his favorite pastimes.

His success in web design has been hard won and is the result of much study and a small amount of luck. After graduating university with a Mass Communications degree, Rex moved to northern Virginia to work for BizHelper. It was a deft move that has opened him up to new ideas, new avenues of thought and significant growth. Studying marketing, website design, website construction, social media trends and special effects has led to a culmination of experience and knowledge Rex is happy to share with the world.

Working with Palladium Books has been a passion and a thrill for Rex, a self-confessed fan of the company. He looks forward to many years of fruitful work and experimentation with Palladium, and knows that amazing adventures await him and Palladium’s fans. Rex encourages everyone to send in their website feedback at the Help Desk to make the site everything fans want it to be.


MEDIA DEVELOPMENT & PODCASTER | Gateway to the Megaverse

Matthew started being a contributor to Palladium Books shortly after the Crisis of Treachery. Though he aspires to be a contributing writer to Palladium, he does not yet have an official book to his name. He has, however, organized and contributed to The Rifter® Number Zero – a digital special issue of The Rifter® available only as a PDF. It was an entirely volunteer project that was also Palladium’s first digital-only product.

At the same time, Matthew began one of Palladium’s podcasts, Gateway to the Megaverse®. While its schedule has fluctuated this past year or so, there are 91 episodes, ranging from 10 minute announcement shows to 3 hour interviews and book reviews. Though archived and available as audio downloads, the show is performed “live.”

Matthew is currently a career student, with a four year Bachelor of English degree from Cape Breton University, where he learned script writing, cinema, and assorted literature and sciences. He went on to Holland College to earn a Diploma in Journalism. He is now working on getting an Information Technology and Web Design diploma from the Community College of Nova Scotia, were he’s learning both website design and programming.

Matthew’s focused his education on developing the tools to work with media of all types, and he will be continuing to contribute to Palladium Books with writing articles, sourcebooks and contributing to other, more unusual product ideas.

Outside of his education, he reads, plays video games, takes scenic drives around his home island of Cape Breton, and enjoys fishing, photography and hiking.


Chris Perrin is the host of Echoes from the Rifts podcast recorded previously.



Jeff "NMI" Ruiz is Palladium’s illustrious Forums of the Megaverse® and Lazlo Society® Volunteer Administrator. NMI or "Nimmy," as he is often called, has been volunteering for Palladium Books® since approximately August of 2003. He has been responsible for maintaining site functionality, assisting fans with site questions, and bringing questions from our fans to Palladium’s attention.

“Nimmy” is a long-time uber fan and collector of all things Palladium. As such, he always has Palladium’s best interests at heart and tries to do a good job. One of the things Jeff likes about Palladium Books is the company treats everyone, from freelancers and volunteers to fans and customers, like family and friends. Jeff has worked to help the company by spreading "the word" about Palladium products to his friends, hobby stores and people attending conventions.

As a super-fan, it is no surprise that Nimmy enjoys all of Palladium’s games, but Heroes Unlimited™ has always held a special meaning for him. Other than role-playing games, Jeff's interests include video games, computers, films and comic books. His wife Mariana is also a friend to Palladium Books. Immatu Imperium da nai Palladium!

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Dell Certified Systems Expert
  • A+ Certified
  • The Whole Bird Politics Assistant Administrator
  • The Complaint Department Forum Administrator
  • Palladium Books® Forums of the Megaverse® Administrator
  • Palladium Books® Lazlo Society™ Administrator
  • Palladium Books® Chatroom Administrator

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