Through the Glass Darkly™

Through the Glass Darkly™ cover

Could magic spells be alive and intelligent?
Can they take on a life and identity all their own?
These and other questions are addressed as Through the Glass Darkly explores the underground world of magic and sorcerers in the world of the Nightbane®.

Highlights Include:

  • Magical O.C.C.s, including the Flesh Sculptor™, Cybermage™, and Mirror Mage™.
  • Over 50 new magic spells.
  • Magic artifacts, talismans and charms.
  • Rules for creating variant magic and modifying current spells. Nemesis R.C.C. - a dangerous reflection from the Nightlands.
  • 3 adventures, scores of adventure ideas and more.
  • Cover by Fred Fields.
  • Written by Kevin Hassall.
  • 152 pages
  • Cat. no. 733; I.S.B.N. 1-57457-004-8

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