What is an RSS Feed?

Tell me, What is RSS?

RSS means Really Simple Syndication. When news is published in a continual format, an RSS Feed is born. A feed is made up of a file which holds links to the latest news items a website or blog is publishing. To read the articles that are published in an RSS Feed, you use a program or web service called an RSS Reader.

In our case, news and updates from the Palladium Books website will be sent straight to you! An RSS Reader is a product like Google Reader, NetVibes, NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, or Sage (to name a few) that agregates all the news or websites you subscribe to. It ends up being like a customized newspaper designed just for your tastes! Many people use Google Reader in conjuction with their iGoogle homepage which offers a number of additional features. Other websites like MSN, Yahoo!, and AOL offer similar services which are definitely worth checking out. Some computers even have RSS Screensavers which arefun if that suits your lifestyle. 

Keep your eyes peeled on Blogs and news sites for RSS links and subscribe to them to get your daily dose of news. 


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