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For help on setting and saving your profile for the chat rooms, please refer to the Chatrooms/Forum Profile Information page.

Please use these rooms wisely. We would appreciate it if you would keep the language clean & refrain from flame wars. Name calling & belligerent behavior won't be tolerated. Someone may report you to the Moderators, at which time you may be banned from the rooms. Otherwise, enjoy.

Also please remember that chatting over group of other people in an active roleplaying game is against the rules.

  • Megaversal Nexus: The entry room. For all things Palladium related.
  • Megaversal Stage: For special guest chats.
  • Megaversal Tavern: For free-form roleplaying.
  • PFRPG Games: For scheduled (or unscheduled) Palladium Fantasy games.
  • The Pit: Free form Role Play. A place to pit your Characters against one another.
  • SGR1/7 - 'Scheduled' Gaming Room: For scheduled (and unscheduled) games.

For more on scheduling games and the game schedules, check the Scheduled Games page.

For information about using the dice roller in the gaming rooms visit the DyceBot Information page.

All Chat Room Rules of Conduct

Chat quick Docs
Chatroom/Forum Profile Help Page Some information on how to store your chat profile in the forum database.
Scheduled Games The Scheduled Gaming rooms schedules and additional rules on using those rooms.
DyceBot Info Page A quick intro on how to use the dice roller in one of the gaming rooms.


Please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are grounds for banning and I.S.P. notification in these Chat Rooms.

Important Note:

From time to time these rules may be changed and or updated without warning. It is your duty as a chatter to know these rules and heed them. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse your behavior and you can and will be banned if the need arises. Bypassing these rules through a bookmark will not give you any legal reason to not follow these rules or any rules, which may get updated at any time. You have been duly warned.

Chat Room conduct should be guided by common sense & basic etiquette. You will be considered in violation of the Chat Room Rules of Conduct if you (or others using your web access) do any of the following:

  1. 01 Post, promote, or distribute content that is illegal.
  2. 02 Harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to another chatter that is unwanted. This means: don't say bad things about them; don't attack their character, race, heritage, etc. If you disagree with someone, respond to the subject, not the person.
  3. 03 Transmit or facilitate distribution of content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, or in a reasonable person's view, objectionable. Community standards may vary, but there is no place in these rooms where hate speech is tolerated.
  4. 04 Disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms with vulgar language, abusiveness, hitting the return key repeatedly or inputting large streams of text so the screen goes by too fast to read, etc. This is online vandalism, and it ruins the experience for others.
  5. 05 Pretend to be anyone whom you are not. You may not impersonate another chatter, a Palladium Books® Moderator, or a Palladium Books® employee.
  6. 06 The discussion of illegal activities that do not pertain to Palladium games. (Example of what would pertain to Palladium games: drug use by a juicer, theft of Coalition vehicles and better ways to do so, the best way to torture a magic user, proper ways to cook and prepare fairies, ogres, humans and so forth.)
  7. 07 Foul language, will not be tolerated unless all letters of the word are replaced by substitute characters. Example ($#!^ is acceptable. Sh!t is not. In no way should there EVER be letters or numbers used.) Also prolific foul language use, such as #*()$% ^!*()# *^() it all to #@**, will not be tolerated either, regardless of covering up the entire word.
  8. 08 Anyone caught posting links about or otherwise sharing files of copy written works belonging to Palladium Books or any other company, that are not freely offered by that company, will be immediately banned from our chat rooms! This includes discussing file sharing programs where such materials may be obtained. No Questions Asked! This is an illegal activity and will not be tolerated!
  9. 09 No part of Palladium's books may be reproduced in part or whole, in any form or by any means, without permission from the publisher, except for brief quotes for use in reviews. This means you may not ask to have rules posted or stats posted just because you don't own the book. If you want that info buy the book. You can post the rule from a book in answer to a question, but please be brief or paraphrase the rule. Do not post entire books or book pages. If someone is asking where a rule can be found it is preferred that you post the book title, page number, and where on that page the information can be found, rather than quoting it out of the book.

How breaking the rules will be handled.

1st Offense: You will be spoken to in public and asked to stop your actions.

2nd Offense: You will be kicked from the server. The chat will inform you of this as well as why. Breaking the rules again will result in a ban for length to be determined by Palladium Books® and/or the Moderator.

3rd Offense: You will be kicked and banned from the server. Not allowed back in until your ban is lifted.

The 3rd Offense violations will be reported to Palladium.
You will then be banned from the chat rooms for a time defined by the Moderator. You may also be banned from the Forums to keep you from spamming them with complaints about getting banned. After sufficient time you will be allowed back on to the forums. But not the Chat Rooms. Allowance back into the chat rooms is left to the sole discretion of Palladium Books® and/or the Moderator.

Although the above guidelines are generally followed, Chat Room Moderators reserve the right to ban chatters at their discretion.


This is to inform you that all chat rooms and the conversations held there in are logged. They are stored for follow up on problem chatters. The logs are written to 7 days a week 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thank you.

Special Scheduled and Unscheduled Gaming Rules

  1. 01 Do NOT chat over a game in session.
    The GMs can, and probably will, report you to Asaliria and/or Prettz (the Moderators) and will ban you for disrupting the game for chatting on top of it. Being a general nuisance may also get you banned. No questions will be asked. You will simply be banned for an undetermined amount of time.
  2. 02 All above rules apply to the Gaming rooms as well. Do keep it civil and clean as you could have young people playing in your group. However the Gaming rooms will not be as strictly monitored for language and such like the normal chat rooms will be. Palladium Moderators understand that language is in the nature of the games and may give some leeway here, but Game Masters and Players should know who they are talking to and what they will tolerate. If your game offends people and we get a report, we will speak with that GM and ask his or her game to refrain and watch its language. In general - just be careful of who walks in and know the people you game with.
  3. 03 GMs do not have the right to tell a chatter to leave just because they are lurking and watching the game and not bothering the game. All chatters have the right to watch a game. If a GM tells you to leave for no reason email the Moderator (Asaliria) a copy of the log showing what happened. GMs you are advised to take a log if you tell people to leave your room as back up for yourself.
  4. 04 Games can and do happen in non-game rooms. Give these rooms the same respect as the game rooms.
    With one exception: Games are not to be played in Megaversal Chat. If they do, people ARE allowed to chat over the game. Any GM caught telling people to leave or not to chat in Megaversal Chat will be spoken to and dealt with by Palladium Books® and/or the Moderator (Asaliria).

For more information on Scheduled game rooms read the rules for that chat.

If you need to report a user for disruption send an email to go to the help desk to submit a report: Reports need to include:

  1. Time and Day of incident with your Time Zone.
  2. Name of the person in the chat that is a problem.
  3. Reason for report.
  4. The Chat room the incident occurred in.


Question: How do I change my icon/avatar/picture?

Answer: At the lower right side of your screen, you'll see a button marked Settings Click on this and use the arrow keys at the bottom of the Profile screen to pick the avatar you wish to use. Don't forget to save the settings you select.

Question: How do I use Private Messages?

Answer: You don't. Private Messages have been disabled for the chatters due to abuse. What happens when a private message appears is you have been contacted by a Chat Moderator.

Question: Why do some people have blue, red, or green names?

Answer: Blue names are moderators, Green names are invisible moderators who you won't be able to see in the Nickname list, red names are administrators.

Question: How do I run games?

Answer: There are two types of games run in Palladium Chat. The first type are scheduled games, where you apply for a specific time slot in one of the scheduled game rooms (SGR1 and SGR2). The other are unscheduled games where you can get a group of players and run a game, these are typically done in the unscheduled game rooms (UGR1-4), however, if those rooms are full, the Pit, Rifts Games, PFRPG Games, and Megaversal Stage can be used.

Question: How do I play in games on here?

Answer: It's suggest that you observe a few games in progress to gain some idea of how games are typically played. However, there is no hard and fast rule for playing games in the chat rooms and many Game Masters have their own ideas on what they prefer in their games.

Question: How do I become a moderator?

Answer: You can become a moderator if the administrators believe you will make a good one and ask you if you would like to be a moderator? Asking administrators and moderators if you could become a moderator is likely to have you not considered for the position.

Question: How do I make the smileys?

Answer: Simply type the command you wish to use into the text bar and hit enter or Send. Here is the list of commands and their associated images:

:demon: :nuke: :D
:mad: :) :(
:o ;) :eek:
:heart: :confused: or :? :erm:
:cool: :p :sleep:
:quiet: :rolleyes: :love:
:ugh: :fool: :angel:
:cute: :ok: :clown:

Actual Chat Smileys may vary.

Question: How do I display the Wolfen Writing?

Answer: Simply type the command you wish to use into the text bar and hit enter or Send. Here is the list of commands and their associated images:

wbark wisub wwhere
wgrowl wpule wwhimper
wgrunt wrumble wwhine
wheed wsnarl wwho
whelp wstop wwhy
whonorme wthreat wpeace
whonorother wwhat wgo
whonoryou wwhen

Questions: How do I display the Rune Writing?

Answer: Simply use a ` symbol (same key as ~) and the lower case letter of the alphabet you want. Such as `a. For more than one letter make sure to add a space such as `a `b. Upper case letters WILL NOT work! Also we have a special space character for spacing out your words, use `sb. Enjoy!

Question: What does it mean when I get disconnected and see the message, You have been Disconnected from Digichat for flooding?

Answer: This means you have exceeded the number of messages within a specified time set into the flooding censor or have repeated the same message several times without saying anything else in between. Repeated flooding is considered a rule violation.

Question: When I'm typing out really long replies or messages, they sometimes get cut off, why is that?

Answer: There is a 2000 character (including spaces) limit on messages. Please adjust your post accordingly.

Question: Do the moderators and administrators work for Palladium Books?

Answer: Not in an official capacity. The moderators and administrators are volunteers who manage the chat rooms and forums for Palladium Books. They do not work at the company headquarters.

Question: Can we play non-Palladium games in the chat rooms?

Answer: Anything can be run as long as it isn't in the scheduled gaming rooms, and if the rooms fill up and Palladium players want the spot, the non-palladium players gotta go somewhere else.

Question: Do Palladium employees ever come in here?

Answer: Sometimes, very rarely though. We're super busy making new content for you and your games.

Question: Sometimes messages pop up in the chat area and I don't know who said them.

Answer: If the message appears with a green name, it was said by an invisible moderator. If the message is some sort of announcement with an announcement sounding name (e.g. Emoticons) then it is a chat bot.

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