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Keep spreading the word. I mentioned in the last Weekly Update that I was happy to see brick and mortar game stores and hobby shops reopening, and wished them well. I also said to let retailers know if they are having difficulty getting Palladium Books products from distributors, they should contact Palladium Books to look into buying from us direct! 95%+ of our entire game line is always in stock and ready to ship. Until I put into place something more formal, retailers can call the office at 734-721-2903 and leave a message and phone number on the answering machine or send an inquiry via the Help Desk and Palladium will respond pronto. Glad to help.

We already had three retailers contact us this week, so good job and please continue to spread the word to stores for us! We and the retailers appreciate it. It is a win for them, a win for us and a win for you and other gamers who want to support their favorite store.

Palladium has been selling direct to a handful of stores for years, and as distributors work and struggle to get their operations up and running at full capacity, they have suggested we expand our direct sales outreach to retailers. We offer terms and discounts that most retailers find attractive. As long as they are a brick and mortar store, we are happy to do business with them.

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