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This new sourcebook for Dead Reign is available now. A few words about it from Kevin:

I was truly inspired as I wrote it, so there are a lot of what I think are fresh ideas and twists on classic tropes, along with cool characters, kid characters, dangerous villains, predatory archetypes, insane masked heroes, and city life among the skyscrapers, Death Cults, and the hungry dead. It all measures up to unexpected options and loads of fun adventures for players and Game Masters alike. Even if you are not big into the zombie genre, I think you will love these gaming opportunities. In fact, many of the characters, setting notes and ideas In the Face of Death™ offers can be applied to Heroes Unlimited™, Chaos Earth®, Rifts®, Nightbane®, After the Bomb®, and other settings, but especially ANY post-apocalyptic game of survival. And it is as fun to read as it is to play. See the free Sneak Preview on for more details and insight about this sourcebook. ... Death.html

Free sneak preview: ... e+of+death

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