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The Rifts® Bestiary Two Megaverse Insider launched a week before the coronavirus madness struck. So I said we would bring the offer back for those of you who missed out in March due to, well ... you know. It is back for a short time.

We were off to a great start in March, but then the Covid-19 pandemic exploded onto the scene and everything went kablooey. I said then I would re-offer the Megaverse® Insider for Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two, so here is your second chance to participate. Getting your name in a book is always fun, the two variant hardcovers are sweet and always a very limited numbered collectible (under 150 each with Volume One), and you can still get a Benefactor offer if you want one, at least for the moment. You get a ton of stuff and an original piece of concept art among other things. My thanks to those of you who sent me reminders to make the Volume Two Megaverse® Insider available again.

What is a Megaverse® Insider offer? A way to pre-order fun and unique, special Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two related products available ONLY during the limited few weeks that the Megaverse® Insider is running. When it ends, these special items are no longer available, which is what makes you an “Insider.” Only those of you who participate are guaranteed these special collector items at “Insider” prices. And most of the offers automatically get your name published in the credits page of the book as one of our “Insiders.”

Please note that the super-limited bundles are sold on a first come, first served basis and a couple are sold out. Most other categories are limited to only what is actually ordered plus some extra for the Palladium crew, and special events like charity auctions. Making them very limited collectibles. Available only from Palladium Books. ... sider.html

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