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I have an honest question.. why do All of the other Ancient Weapon Skills suck compared to swords? Swords end up getting +1 (+2 if you take Fencing, but not counting that) to Strike and Parry more than any other Ancient, and in a game where there is no difference in damage based on if you hit it with a Blunt, a Sword, an Axe, or even a Spear (unless you took Targeting), and I didn't add Polearm because the Skill gives a VERY pitifully low bonus to damage), then what is the use other than you like the looks? I have never seen an NPC or Mob that is vulnerable to an Axe, or a Sword, or a Blunt... and on Average, you can find More swords with good damage, better than the others most of the time. I am honestly curious if Kevin, or any of the others, ever gave a reason for such a screw over of the other W.P. Skills? I mean, I prefer an axe or Polearm over a Sword any day, but yet because of the game design, I almost feel like I am railroaded into Sword if I want to have a chance to compete (Both with being able to hit AND damage).

Thank you in advance for your time and any information.

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Comment: Arrrrgggghhhh!
cuz they really didnt put that much effort into stat checking when making these games.

also, its your game.
do whatever you want.

Create and print dozens of different graph papers.

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