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 Post subject: What happens to the dog
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If say a player or Npc is a hound master and the hound master is killed or passed away what happens to the dog or dogs, I couldn’t find the rules for this particular instance? Is it basically a judgment call or is there something I’m missing?

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They would probably mourn their master, but if they had grown close to other PCs they might still follow you around. Be harder to command, hopefully you have dog skills too.

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i would presume that the dogs would enter another persons care. ideally another hound master. they'd have to be retrained to some degree to recognize their new master, but that should go faster than normal since the really tough bits, the role training, already exists and they just have to adapt to a new human calling the shots.

if no hound master is present in the group or survivor community, i would presume they'd latch onto a non-hound master as far as care goes, probably someone they were already familiar with. but that person wouldn't be able to command them, though some of the behavior might happen anyway due to conditioned responses.

if there are no humans around to take care of them i'd assume they'd wander as a wild pack.

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