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Unread postPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:43 pm


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So, I've been a long time player of all of the Palladium systems (more than 20 years now) and just finished my first ever submission idea which took months of work to complete, sent it in, but I think I forgot to include contact information outside of my mailing address. I hopped on the forums here to see if there was a post or information on how to update a submission only to find the whole site was redone, the e-mail address for submissions not working and the most recent news saying that the Rifter is going to be discontinued...I can't tell you how depressed I feel right now.

To give you all some basic information on what I submitted without revealing outright all of the information you may read the below information:

-New OCC: The Brewmeister
-2 expanded skills specifically tailored for the OCC
-4 new skills
-Equipment for every palladium system
-38 new, exclusive spells
-8 unique recipes
-7 unique ingredients
-New rules for alcohol consumption and aging
-Optional Archetypes which alter the OCC in minor ways to create several new classes
-All in all, almost 40 pages of NEW material.

I can honestly say that I am incredibly proud of the work I put into the submission as it took me several months to write, edit, format, clarify, and balance. I'm not upset that the submission may not be picked for the Rifter, I already realized the possibility that it may not be good enough. No. What's got me so down is that I finished something only to find out that the ONE thing I purchase regularly from Palladium each year is going away, just at the same time I finished my work. That the 4 other modules I planned on submitting after this one are now just wasted effort.

This isn't a cry for unfairness or woe is me or anything like that. This is a post regarding my frustration with the decision that Palladium has made.

Do I want to see more sourcebooks/world books and official material? Yes. But I also loved seeing the material that other people submitted via the Rifter, and while it may only be gone for an estimated 2 years, odds are that it may never even come back at all if they see their productivity and sales increase as a result.

I'd rather see the company trim down the number of Rifter issues from 4 per year to 2 or even 1. Make it an annual at the very least. Don't just scrub it altogether. You are the only company that I know of that accepted any kind of fan submitted material for their products and published them. To me, that's amazing and shouldn't be "suspended indefinitely."

Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 5:00 pm

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the riftersub email should still be working, we've even been encouraged to keep submitting, just contact Wayne again with your proper information, don't lose heart, man!

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zerombr wrote:
the riftersub email should still be working, we've even been encouraged to keep submitting, just contact Wayne again with your proper information, don't lose heart, man!

The computer I was using was having some sort of **** fit with the new website and wouldn't let me log in to the forums or send e-mails to the address listed. I solved the problem by using another computer and just finished sending an e-mail with the submission and paperwork again today. I thought it was the website, that was giving me problems but it turns out it was just my computer. Doh!

Thanks for the support as well. I don't think I'll stop working on the other modules I had planned on doing as my original goal was to make them for everyone to see anyways. So in the case that I don't manage to finish them before the submissions close for good I will try and post a link to the Google Docs for everyone to use freely as I get closer to finishing them.

My Brewmeister ended up being almost as 40 pages and the other modules I'm developing are at least that length and are somewhere around 50% complete or less. So there's gonna be a lot there. I've been working on all of this for over a year and would have probably finished far sooner if I focused on one thing at a time, but it's fun to bounce around and do a bunch of stuff and keeps me busy.

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