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Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:30 am

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Internal Report Summery on the Parino Genotype Clones and Independent Tasking.

We began with three sets of clones with minor variations in the physical typing to vary the clone’s outer appearance. This was done for varying reasons of the individual clone masters they were assigned to. Reasoning from easier identification to keep them from being IDed as triumvirats while deployed among the humans by being identical to each other. It was hoped that the genotype would produce infiltration agents based on the information that the Mirria Parino 567789 was able to infiltrate Zor’s Battleship while it was under control of the humans.during the initial phases of the development of clone group three was set back with problems that made it difficult to proceed with their training. There was the clone masters of group three chose to recycle the group and proceed with the production of a fourth set of clones. Groups one and two proceeded without faults in their basic training as centurions and the training as internal security forces. Internal security because it seamed to be the closest of the training programs to allow intelligence infiltration and observation of the clones into the humans civilization.

Again with the fourth set of clones there was problems. One of the clones was not responding well to the training and didn’t respond well to punishments and rehabilitation attempts. Because to time constraints, and the clone finally responding to behavior modification programs the fourth set was trained in infiltration skills without any of the Legionnaire training. During the first months of deployments if the infiltration teams they scored high in their rating of intelligence gathered. It was after the fourth month of deployment that the clone Atherna, disappeared from contact. It was suspected that the mental conditioning didn’t hold or the clone pretended to be conditioned and left her sister clones when she had the chance. Her Clone sisters were determined to be more intensely loyal to masters because of the disappearance. However, later the others were being hunted and were lost.

It was determined that the other two triumvirates would need to recalled to reenforce their imperatives, but by that time all landing craft were being opposed on their entry phases, & the shortness of protoculture was starting to be felt enough to curtail military activities. The quality of the intelligence was degrading sharply, and the infiltration groups reported being actively hunted. This is when all but one of the Legionnaire trained clones stoped reporting in. The final report from the last active one was something about suggested self-procrative activities.

It is the conclusion of this report that any of the Parino genotype should be restricted from independent intelligence missions outside the direct supervision of a clone master.

After saying that the Genotype has produced many 10 successful Legionnaire strike teams that do not interact with the humans on a day to day basis. It was also noted that the male modified version of this genotype also produced Legionnaires that accomplished their missions. However, the male variants also suffered more casualties during their missions and many of the triumvirats had to be reformed between the surviving members. There have been no reports of these clones breaking their imperatives to abandon their duties.

Everyone is invited to add their own reports.
If they are based on games you have been in, all the so much better.

Q's on this board need canon answers first for the question that was asked. Then you can post your own opinions or house rules, they need to be listed/declareds as your own opinions or house rules.


Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 3:28 pm

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How about a character to go with the report.

Violet McEwan

Violet woke up sitting in front of a mirror with a shelf in front of it, there are a bunch of little bottles all over it. For a moment not remembering where she was. It wasn’t the clone dormitories she grew up in and she was not in Legionnaire’s armor that she wore most of her days before now. Remembering she had been sent on a mission by the masters to spy on the humans. Around her were other women, some in their underwear in colors and styles beyond her imagining when she was in the dormitories. Others were topless and all of them chatting with each other. “hay Violet, your on next” was Heather’s voice and I remembered where I was. Hard to believe the human’s security forces ignored you if you worked here and called yourself the violet tirolian. Violet’s sisters were here to, but they were on table duty today…tonight. Maybe it was a trick, but for the moment they were safe, from both the security forces and her dorm-mates. Her dorm-mates would never come here looking for violet and her sisters, they were tasked with finding out about what the human military, not looking for a defector and her sisters. All in all Violet were much happier here then doing the master’s bidding. I mean why did men pay you for just taking your clothes off while dancing around a pole? It mystified Violet.
Violet and her sisters are Tirolians that were trained to be infiltration agents for the Masters. Their tasking was to observe the human military to transmit actionable information to the military clone masters. At first she and her sisters were proud of the independent tasking. Because they came from, they were told, a prime genotype and great things were expected of them. The mission went well for the first few months. But the human culture has a way of waring away at one’s mind till you can ask yourself..why am I doing this? It is not something they were the sisters intended to ask themselves. But when it got there, they didn’t have a good answer The humans they were around didn’t have to submit to an overseer. They did their own thing….unless they volunteered for their military. And that the humans had choices burned into the sister’s brains. Till the sisters figured out that they had the same choices now, while away from the clone masters.
The rest of the war the Sisters worked at Jerimond’s, and hid with the rest of the staff in the bunker Jer had built in the basement when the masters forces attacked the capital. Three days of hiding and waiting. When they came out, the building only sightly damaged, it was done. The war was over, at least for the capital city.
Even thou it had been a safe harbor during the war, Jerimond’s couldn’t employ the sisters any longer…the military in the city were gone and they were most of the customers. From employed and safe to out of work looking for a way to survive in three days. Many days were just working for food was hard enough to find. During this time they saw a few of their dorm-mates also out and about doing the same. Too afraid of what they might of known about their abandoning of their mission Violet and her sisters stayed clear of them. But as it turned out all of her dorm-mates but one had come to realize they had a same choices as the humans once they were out from under the clone-master’s gaze. Once in a while, while they were still in the capital, she would think she saw guys that looked like her. But she didn’t it was a good idea to find out.

Time has passed and the Invid came…Violet is a traveling entertainer, ether doing a her own stage show, or working in a troupe of other entertainers. Her sisters, all six that survived the war (those that were just her dorm-mates she now considers her sisters), ether settled down or went their own way. Violet tries to visit them as much as she can but when people get tired of watching her she has to pike up and move along. When it comes to fights people are surprised how well violet is in a fight. Her normal comment is “I wan’t always an entertainer.” But also leaves it at that. Some people can’t get around that she was a cop and spy for the masters in the past.

Character Given Name: Iola Arachne (Centurion)
Character's Chosen Name: Violet McEwan
Made as a 3rd earth RTW char

Level: 3

IQ: 15
ME: 12
MA: 15
PS: 17, +2 damage
PP: 22, +3 combat rolls
PE: 20, +10 % vs coma/death/ +3 magic&poison
PB: 15
Spd: 16 (+10 when in 0G)

SDC: 45
Class: Tirolian Legionnaire (trained as)
Race: Tirolian
Sex: female
Age: 16 (from decanting to 2040)
Height: 5 ft-9.5 inches
Weight: 132 pounds

Saving Throws
Coma/Death: +10%
non-lethal poisons/toxins (16): +3
lethal poisons/toxins (14): +3
diseases (14): +3
Spell magic (12-16 depending): +3
Ritual magic (16): +3
Faerie magic (16): +3
Circle magic [all](16): +3
ward magic (14): +3
Possession (contested rolls):Psionics (15):
insanity (12):
horror Factor:
perception (target number):
pain (16):
soul Drinking (14): +3
Harmful drugs (15): +3
Extreme Heat/Cold (13):
Electrocution (14): +3
Dizzyness: +2

Physical Appearance: A good looking self-confident young woman wearing fairly new blue jeans and Bright Blue Blouse, with Violet hair. Has a Pistol, knife and baton at her waist.(traveling clothes)

A violet haired performer in a green & lt. green dress with carrying what looks like a violin sized instrument. (Stellar Barbitton)
((Looks like a younger Miria Parino (Sterling) with violet hair.))

H2H: Expert
No. Of Attacks per melee: 5, Damage: +2, Strike: +5, Parry: +6, Dodge: +6, Pull: +6, Roll: +6
kick: 1d8, K.Punch, Maintain balance +5, Disarm: +5

H2H: Expert in zero G with 0g combat
No. Of Attacks per melee: 5, Damage: +2, Strike: +6, Parry: +7, Dodge: +8, Pull: +7, Roll: +7, Initiative:+1
kick: 1d8, K.Punch, Maintain balance +5, Disarm: +5

Weapon Proficiencies
e Rifle, handguns, paired weapons, blunt: , spear

Praxian Blade Staff: (used in performances and self defense), Tr-LR-H Laser Rifle, H-260 Valiant Laser Rifle

Character Building
Parino genotype clone

3rd of three 2nd set
Special Aptitude (69%): +1 MOS.
outlook: pragmatic
hates the masters: because they spaced most of the people on the ships.
other tirolians: they are just people too.
nice friendly…& a bit over protective when it comes to children
holds no loyalty to the masters, or anyone else, other than her family and her troupes

T.Legionnaire training
Centurion (+1 APM, +1 with any weapon (melee & ranged))
Tirolian MOS “Internal Security”
Civilian Entertainer as 2nd MOS (post defeat of the masters)

Skills (no IQ bonus)
Common skills

computer Op—86, Nat Lang Tirolian—98 (100), Nat Lit Tirolian—94, Basic Math—88, Pilot hover-cycles & vehicle—78
Class Skills
Climbing —65, —rappeling—55, Military Etiquette—60, NBC Warfare—55, Basic Radio —65, Running, Space Survival—40, Zero G Combat, h2h expert
MOS Skills (Internal Security MOD.)
Crime Scene Investigation —55, Intelligence —55, Interrogation —60, Optic Systems —50, Surveillance —50, Language: English—56, Literacy: English—50
Secondary Skills
wilderness survival—40, Seduction—31, E. Dancing (pole dancing)—33
Post Masters Defeat skills (didn’t learn till after the fall of the masters)
Civ. Entertainer (2nd MOS)

Women's Gymnastics (mod’ed to exclude Uneven Parallel Bars and balance beam)
—Sense of Balance—70, —climb rope—64, —floor exercises (tumbling & back flip)–74, —climbing—25% or +5%, —prowl--30% or +5%, dance—60, Impersonate:—general type:–53 —specific person: —29, Escape Artist—55, Play musical Instrument (pro)—65, Performance—60, Public speaking—55, Singing (pro)—65, Wardrobe and grooming—78
Civ. Secondary Skills (5)
Roadwise—34, Entrepreneurship—50, Socialization (R19), streetwise—28

Stellar Barbitton: (custom item) A predecessor to the cosmic instruments. It is about the size of a violin that Violet found in a crashed mothership before the Invid came. Even thou she is not a muse she when she plays it to her fullest ability she has the same effects as a Muse’s everyday performances. She is self taught mostly, except for the season she was in a troupe that had a Muse in it. Violet learn much in the time she was with them. The instrument can be bowed or plucked depending on the style of music being played. It does not have as profound effect on Tirolian clones as does the Celestial Barbitton, but the effect is there when played well. Violet only plays her own music on it or new music she learned from her muse teacher.

ATT-30 Utility Jeep: see New Gen page 54.
(Violet has a few PC cans for it, hidden, but typically runs it off the liquid fuel motor.)
(Violet typically drives under 60 even when not maxed out. she likes the wind through her hair, so she keeps the top down.)

Was developmentally 19 years of age when deployed in 2029, but was only 5 years old. The above age is from decanting in the year 2040.
Iola (Greek): Violet
Arachne (greek): Spider
Pole Dancing: by Gryphon Chick (HU skills Topic or NMI’s The Black Vault)

Q's on this board need canon answers first for the question that was asked. Then you can post your own opinions or house rules, they need to be listed/declareds as your own opinions or house rules.


Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:35 pm

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seems to me that poledancing doesn't really need a dedicated skill.. the normal Dance skill would suffice to cover the basics, with the Performance skill alongside to reflect the ability to create a routine that catches the audience's attention.

a character that focuses on that job would just invest in learning the professional level dance skill, the performance skill, and then a suite of physical skills like aerobics or gymnastics. perhaps Wardrobe & Grooming to reflect outfit choices.

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Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:04 pm

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I really really like this; it's new and fresh material, and it presents it in a fun story format. :heart:
Will be watching, maybe even inspired to contribute.

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