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Comment: Being a moderator doesn't mean I speak for Palladium Books. It just makes me the lifeguard at their pool.
Warning: Okay gang. It seems as if the topics on Robotech have just started to get too heated. Every day more or less I come on and check the reports list and find people disagreeing slapping warnings on each other for flaming and trolling. About half the time it's justified in both cases.

Some of you have already been advised to ignore each other's posts because you just can't get along with that other poster the moment the debate goes a couple of rounds.

However if we did that for everybody, quite quickly nobody would be talking to each other.

So, before I have to start slapping bans on people for this stop commenting on other posters. This is a forum dedicated to a game based on a cartoon. There is no reason this has to get personal.

Yeah sure on Sound Off, where they discuss things like politics, abortion and similar I can understand some heat in those debates, BUT THIS IS A FREAKING CARTOON PEOPLE!!!

I'd hate to have to start cracking down on every little tweak, but it seems like that may be the way the Admin team may have to go if this continues.

So be nice to each other, remember it's a cartoon and that we're all fans here.

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