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 Post subject: Rifts One Shot I'm doing
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Comment: " Never was a good war or a bad peace."-Benjamian Franklin
Using Rifts Underseas book with one shot idea inspired by Star Trek and SeaQuest.(Other Books used as it takes Aliens Unlimited and Atlantis books to get modern bows and high tech arrowheads for instance.)

The Team is Made up of Security, Medical, Science, Navigation /Cook, Engineering and Ops.(Maybe Adding Magic Specialist becuse thinking Whale singer)

An introduction into Rifts using something familiar as the New Navy and Tritonia field secret teams of the best for mutual aid and cooperation if they ever become a united organization.

This is the Intro into the Adventure as I am currently putting together the team. So far a Navy SEAL and a Wilderness Scout

Rifts one shot: Forgotten Hope

This one shot is an introduction into Rifts and MDC plus the Palladium system.

The books are Rifts Underseas, Rifts Ultimate Edition, Atlantis, Mercenaries, Rifts Chaos Earth, Triax and the NGR, Sourcebook one. Book of Magic and Game Masters Guide.

The New Navy/Tritonia and Team Introduction.

You are seated in a briefing room. Captain Nemo enters as you stand up. He stands behind a podium as the lights dim as you sit down.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know the Rifts have changed much of our lives. Over Two hundred years ago." A screen behind the captain showing the North American Seaboard on fire. Tidal waves destroying cities with earthquakes and Blue energy lines lighting up in the setting sun." Things we could never have imagined happened. We survived and we are what is left of America or Survivors of the old world."

" The New Navy Has Survived by Being Independent and resourceful. We have learned the hard way to know who we can rely on." The Sea Titian Captain Nemo looks forever young. Yet his eyes speak of experience and hardships.

" Your team will be investigating a signal a few miles from Guam island. It's a old signal and Fleet command has identified it as NEMA."

"It originates a mile down as what we find could be invaluable. NEMA had very state of the art equipment. They had the best personnel and equipment."

" Each of you were selected for this mission as you are the best in your fields. Satellites are still non responsive and one of our expedition vessels picked it up."

" The U.S.S. Nimitz II will get you about twenty miles in as you will take a T-28 Mini Sub to the signal then investigate to ascertain if it's the real thing."

"You will likely run across something and a submarine will be standing by in case you need rescue."

" We want to make sure this is not a trap as Fleet Command knows it's a coded channel but a chance exists that it could have been picked up."

" A Helicopter is Standing by with your equipment loaded,A Briefing Packet is waiting for each of you,Good Hunting."

The Team(Team Zulu) Has been working together for a few years now. The New Navy and Tritonia have fielded a few of these secret teams together in mutual cooperation. Drawn from the best from military and civilian experts.

The Gathering Project, it's Highly Classified as in only Fleet Command and The Administrators actually know about the Special teams.

They have bonded closely as the team has taken down pirates and pirate strongholds. Including Splugorth Slavers and minions.

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Comment: " Never was a good war or a bad peace."-Benjamian Franklin
I am Currently Making Up the Pre Gen Characters so this is what I have so far.

Team Security: Torrent is the team's security specialist. His Abilities have helped the team several times. As a Sniper he can reach enemies from long range.

Name: Lieutenant Torrent Rodriguez
O.C.C. Navy Seaman 5th Level Alignment: Scrupulous HP:35 S.D.C.:28 ISP:35 PPE: A Minor Psionic

Disposition: His entire SEAL team died during a boarding action against Splugorth. He does his best to watch out for his current team.

PE:19+8% coma/death +2 Save vs Magic/ Poison

O.C.C. Skills
SEAL Special Forces

Language Native English 98%
Read Write Native Language 98%
Intelligence 67%
Land Navigation 66%
Radio Basic 80%
Computer Operation 85%
Swimming 90%
Navigation 75%
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Heavy
Hand to Hand Martial Arts pg 348 Rifts Ultimate Edition 5 Attacks per round
+2 to Pull Punch, +2 Roll/ Fall/Impact +2 to parry and dodge. +2 to Strike, +1 initiative,+2 to Entangle.

O.C.C. Related Skills (12 Skills)
Military:Pilot Robots & Power Armor 76%
Power Armor: Elite(Semper FI)
Power Armor:Basic
Weapons Systems:70%
Sensory Equipment 60%
Prowl 50%
Surveillance 60%
Naval Tactics 55%
Camouflage 50%
Lore Demons & Monsters 50%
2nd Level
W.P. Heavy MD Weapons
Climbing 45%/35%

Secondary Skills(7)
Kick Boxing
Deep Sea Diving
Lore D-Bees 50%
W.P. Knife
Pilot Water Scooters 70%
Pilot Motor Boat Race & Hydrofoil 80%

Sixth Sense(2)
Suppress Fear(8)

Equipment:"Semper Fi" APA-15 Power Armor. Navy Body Armor 45 MDC, K-I Sniper Laser Rifle and Launcher 4 Clips, 2 Grenades. TX-26 Particle Beam Pistol 1 FSE Clip, 3 Short Clips. 4 Grenades 2 Smoke 2 Flashbangs , Survival Kit with 7 days of Supplies.Flashlight, Motion Detector, Portable Computer, Vibro Knife and Survival Knife a SLR-60/Spike Launch Rod pg 342 Heroes Unlimited,Camouflage Compact,Camouflage Paint Kit.

1,500 credits, A few pre-rifts (Movie)CD disks, Old Pre Rifts Deck of Cards, SCUBA gear, Pre-Rifts Swiss Army knife.

Weapons in Body Armor or Out of Power Armor

K-I Sniper Rifle Infrared telescopic sight +8 to hit Laser 4D6 M.D. rate of fire:Equal to Attacks(Single Aim Shots) Effective Range 2000 ft,20 shot standard E clip. 4 Clips

Grenade Launcher +8 To Hit 6D6 M.D. rate of fire Equal to Attacks(Single Shot) Effective Range 1000ft holds 2 Grenades and takes 15 seconds to reload. 2 extra grenades.

TX-26 Particle Beam Pistol +5 Aimed Shot, +7 Sniper, +2 Burst(Short is 2 shots of Ammo 1 Atk x2 Damage)5D6 per shot Effective Range:400 ft 15 shots FSE Clip, 6 from a short clip 1 FSE Clip and 3 Short Clips.

Vibro Knife 1D6 MD, +4 to Strike,+4 to Parry,+2 thrown

Survival Knife 1D6 S.DC. +4 to Strike,+4 to parry, +2 thrown

Hand To Hand Martial Arts and Kick Boxing. Punch 1D4 S.D.C.,Elbow 1D6 S.D.C,Knee 1D6, Disarm, Entangle, Body Block/Tackle 1D4 S.D.C. damage opponent loses 1 melee action, loses initiative, roll above 60%(Gymnastics or Acrobatics) or be knocked down 1D6 feet away, Body Flip/ Throw 1D6 Damage, loses initiative, loses 1 melee action, Power Punch uses 2 Attacks x2 Damage,Power Kick. Any Punch, Any Kick except leap kick, Karate Kick 2D6 S.D.C.,Leap Kick 3D8 S.D.C. 2 Attacks Round House 3D8 S.DC., Axe Kick 2D8 S.D.C.

Semper FI APA-15 Amphibious Assault Power Armor.
M.D.C. By Location
*Head 90
Arms (2) 100
Legs (2) 120
MWAS "Rifle" 80
Thruster System(on back) 80
**Main Body 300

Pg. 118 Underseas

*Destroying head will eliminate all forms of optical enhancement and sensory systems

**Depleteing The main body of MDC shuts the armor down completely.

Speed: Running 60 mph, Leap up to 12 feet, Swimming 40 mph or 34 Knots.

Maximum Depth One Mile

Weapons: (+6 to hit, Sniper +2,Long Range +2)Wrist Ion Gun 4D6 MD Rate of Fire: Equal to Hand to Hand attacks. Effective Range:2000 ft underwater or on land. Unlimited shots

(One missile is +6 to hit,+2 long range,2 or 3 Missiles +3 and +2 if at long range) Mini Missile Launchers Three on each shoulder Plasma Standard 1D6x10 Rate of fire:1,2 3 missiles. Range:Varies on missile type. Payload 3/3(Pg 363 Rifts Ultimate Edition)

M-90 MWAS( Note all are the same weapon system)
(+6 to hit/+8 Sniper+2 At Long Range)Ion Pulse Gun 1D6×10+10 M.D. Effective Range 4000 ft
Unlimited Shots

(+6 One Shot, Sniper+8, +2 Burst(3 Shots)/ Add +2 at long range or firing dumb)LAWS (Grenade/Mini-Harpoon missiles underwater) (Damage Depends on type see mini missle Section)1D4×10 AP (Mini Harpoon) Rate of Fire: Single Shot or Bursts of Three Range:2000ft(1000ft Mini Harpoon) with Guidance System or 4000ft dumb(Mini Harpoon) Payload 12 (Mini Harpoon/Armour Percing)

Vibro Bayonet 4D6 M.D. +4 to Strike +6 to parry

Hand To Hand Semper Fi
8 Attacks
+2 Initiative +5 to Pull Punch, +5 Roll/ Fall/Impact +4 to parry, +2 dodge,+4 Dodge on the ground, +3 to Strike,+2 to Entangle. +2 to Strike with long range and energy weapons,+3 Disarm

Punch 1D6 M.D.,Elbow 1D6 M.D.,Knee 1D6 M.D., Disarm, Entangle, Body Block/Tackle 1D4 M.D. damage opponent loses 1 melee action, loses initiative, roll above 60%(Gymnastics or Acrobatics) or be knocked down 1D6 yards away, Body Flip/ Throw 1D6 M.D. Damage, loses initiative, loses 1 melee action, Power Punch uses 2 Attacks x2 Damage,Power Kick. Any Punch, Any Kick except leap kick, Karate Kick 2D4 M.D.,Leap Kick 2D8 M.D. 2 Attacks, Round House 2D4 M.D, Axe Kick 1D8 M.D.(Kicks Do 2D4 M.D.)

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Comment: " Never was a good war or a bad peace."-Benjamian Franklin
Team Navigator/Cook
After Exploring Refuge Base then several excursions on the surface he learned everything he could from experts on cooking and pathfinding.

The New Navy hired him to teach survival training to recruits. His cooking talents have impressed chefs and the fact he catches his own ingredients.

Navigating hazards has become second nature. So it was his skills that got him a spot on the team and his knack for finding ways through land or sea is impressive.

Andrew McBride S.D.C:54 HP: 41 PPE:
O.C.C. 5th Level Wilderness Scout
Special O.C.C. Bonuses and Abilities pg. 99 Rifts Ultimate Edition. Alignment:Scrupulous Disposition: A Carefree Wandering soul who is curious as to what might be over the next hill or coral reef.

PS:17+2 Damage
PE:18 +6% Save Vs Coma Death/ +2 Save Vs Poison or Magic

Trail Blazing 55%
Cross Country Pacing 60%
Cartography 65%

O.C.C. Skills
Language Native English 98%
Language Other Euro 90%
Language Other Spanish 90%
Cooking 75%+10% cook game animals
Climbing 80%/70%
Fishing 70%
Horsemanship General 80%/60%
Identify Fruits and Plants 75%
Land Navigation 75%
Pilot Hovercycle 95%
Prowl 67%
Radio:Basic 80%
Track Animals 80%/85%
Wilderness Survival 80%
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Archery
Hand to Hand Expert
5 Attacks
+1 Initiative,+3 to Pull Punch, +4 Roll with punch,fall,impact, +3 parry,+3 to dodge, +2 to Strike, +3 Disarm, Karate Punch, Karate Kick 2D6. +3 Perception Rolls, +4 Save Vs Posion and disease,+16% Save Vs Coma Death,+2 Save Vs Horror Factor.

O.C.C. Related
Swimming 75%
SCUBA 75%%
Literacy Native English 65%
Underwater Navigation 70%
Undersea & Sea Survival 70%
Underwater Track & Hunt Sea Animals 80% / 70%
Lore Demons & Monsters 65%
Pilot Submersibles 60%
3rd Lv
Sensory Equipment 45%
Carpentry 60%

4 Secondary Skills
Rope Works 55%
W.P. Torpedo

Weapons:Compound Snap Bow 2D8 S.D.C or 2D4 M.D. or S.D.C.(M D. arrows or S.D.C.) Eight S.D.C. Arrows, eight M.D. Arrows, Special Arrows: Two Heavy Explosive 2D6,Two High Explosive 3D6 M.D,Smoke Arrow(Green), Tracer Bug Arrow. Gas Arrow(Tranquilizer gas sleep/knock out 1D6 minutes), Neural Disruptor Arrow.

Two Blinding Flash Magic Arrows that do 2D6 M.D. damage.

Rate of Fire:5 per Round

+3 to Strike with arrow(+6 Aimed Shot),+4 to Parry with Bow,+5 to Disarm(Bow must be Equipped)

Magic Knife 1D6+2 Damage M.D.+5 to Strike,+5 to Parry, +2 to Throw.

Survival Knife 1D6 +2 Damage S.D.C.+4 to Strike,+5 to Parry,+2 to Throw.

M-2011 Energy Pistol two settings 1D4 x10 S.D.C/ 3D6 M.D. per single shot Rate of Fire:Standard. Effective Range:800 ft 4 short E-Clips.(+6 Aimed Shot +2 Bursts)

Equipment:S.C.U.B.A. Body Armor M.D.C.:70,Compound Snap Bow 8 regular arrows, 8 Reinforced Arrows, Two Heavy Explosive Arrows, Two HE Arrows,Smoke Arrow,Tracer Bug Arrow,Gas Arrow,Neural Disruptor Arrow, Blinding Flash Arrow,Magic Knife, Survival Knife,M-2011Energy Pistol 4 short E-Clips,Amplified Sound Detector,Climbing Kit. Sometimes uses the UB-300 Mini Sub(Modified) named "Alice"

700 Credits, Assortment of Maps as some are Pre-Rifts charts, Stencils, Pencils and Rulers, Blank Paper, Lucky Rabbit's foot,Fishing Rods with tackle box(Assorted lures )and seashell collection.

She is kind and caring as she is beautiful. A Natural Leader who has helped Tritonia when in need.

She has been around the sea her whole life. Tritonia became home after her father healed a Dragon and was freed on Atlantis. They greeted her family warmly in Tritonia.

She traveled around a few years helping coastal communities but she hates despicable people, creatures and monsters.

Splugorth,Horune, Naut'YII and Lord of the Deep have her ire. Being on the team makes her feel as if she is making a Difference.

Ionia Dreamspeaker Alignment:Principled
Race:True Atlantean O.C.C.Sea Druid 5th Level. HF:12 SDC:85 HP:38 P.P.E:156

Disposition:A warm hearted person who is very good natured and fun. She is Aloof sometimes as few Atlanteans live on Tritonia.

MA:22 70%
P.E:20+10%Save vs Coma/Death+3 Save Vs Magic/Poison
P.B:21 50%

Special Abilities and Characteristics common to true Atlanteans. Pg. 16 Atlantis Book

Magic Tattoos denote heritage. Tattoo of an impaled heart by wooden stake and Flaming Sword.

Increased S.D.C. from magic tattoos.

Increased P.P.E. from Magic Tattoos

Increased P.P.E. Recovery

Cannot be Physically Transformed by any means.

Continue to grow as Adults

Sense Vampires 1000ft

Operate Dimensional Pyramids 55%

Sense ley lines and ley line Nexuses same as ley line walker.

Ley Line phasing same as Ley Line Walker

O.C.C. Abilities pg. 61 Rifts Underseas
Sense Water
Sense Water Purity
Sense Elemental
Sense Underwater danger
Enhanced underwater abilities
Summon and Control Totem Sea Creature(Sea Turtle)P.P.E. 20
W.P. Sword

O.C.C. Skills
Basic Math 92%
Swimming 92%
Fishing 77%
Marine Biology 72%
Pilot Sailboat 98%
Pilot Skiing and Surfing 72%
Sea Holistic Medicine 67%
Track & Hunt Sea Animals 72%/62%
Underwater Navigation 57%
Native Tongue English 95%
Language Other Elven 87%
Language Other Greek 87%

5 O.C.C. Related Skills
Literacy English 67%
Zooology 62%
Xenology 62%
Biology 62%
Holistic Medicine 62%/52%
2nd level
Mythology 52%

4 Secondary Skills
Lore Demons and Monsters 52%
W.P. Energy Pistol
Hand to Hand Basic
Identify Plants and Fruits 52%

Hand to Hand Basic
5 Attacks +2 Pull Punch, +2 Roll/Fall/Impact,+2 Parry, +2 to Dodge,Kick Does 1D8 Damage, +1 Strike and Disarm. +6 Save Vs Magic,+2 Save Vs Whale Spellsongs,+1 Spell Strength,+8 Save Vs Horror Factor.

Magic Tattoos:Heart Pierced by Wooden Stake(Protection)PPE:15
Duration:One Hour Per Level of Experience or till Canceled
Power:The Character is impervious to the Bite of a Vampire and Mind Control of a Vampires.

Knight in Full Body Armor
Duration:30 minutes per level of Experience.
M.D.C. of Armor:20 per Level of Experience.
Note: Characters Hand is able to touch other tattoos but all others feel solid armor. It does not stop gas,toxic fumes or foul smells. Not a modern environmental suit.

Lightning Bolts
Duration:One minute per level of experience.
Power:Tattoo Character can fire lighting bolts from their hands.
Equal to number of attacks
+3 to strike

Sword Covered in Flames
Duration:15 Minutes
Power the Weapon, be it a dagger, sword,club arrow or whatever, Inflicts the Mega damage equivalent of the usual SDC Damage.

Spells:Breathe Without Air(5)pg202 Rifts Ultimate,Sense Weather(10)(Underseas),Song of Strength(15)(Underseas),Sense Predator(8)(Underseas),Heal Wounds(8)pg 208 Rifts Ultimate, Impervious To Cold(10)(Underseas),Transmute Water(15/25)(Underseas)Song of Protection(35)(Underseas)

Weapons: (+3 to Strike,+6 Aimed Shot, +2 Bursts)BG-15 Blue Green Laser Pistol
Damage:2D4 M.D. Rate Of Fire:Standard Effective Range:1000ft 15 Shot E-clip
4 E-clip

Kittani Plasma Sword Damage 2D6 MD per sword strike,4D6 MD per plasma blast each blast drains ten minutes from the power supply. Or 2D6+2 S.D.C. when not energized. Payload 60 minutes or 6 shots of plasma blasts. 2 E-Clips
+3 to Strike, +4 to Parry,+1 to throw

Divers Knife 1D6 SDC

Equipment:MEWS -10 Environmental Wetsuit 55 M.D.C,Urban Warrior padded Body Armor MDC:35 , 5 Wooden Stakes and Mallet, Emergency Kit with rations,Mask with Air Bottle(8 hour supply), Water for three days, Flare Gun included. BG-15 Blue Green Laser 4 E-Clips, Kitanni Plasma Sword 2 E-Clips, Utility belt with pouches, motor and pedestal, Apothecary kit(Common plants used in natural cures)

4000 credits in Jewels, 1300 credits,A few nice dresses, Clothes such as Robes Togas and Lightweight Jumpsuits, 2 Fishing Rods,Tackle box, Lures, Surfboard, Wetsuit, Waterproof Science Books, Science Journals, Ship in a bottle and Collection of Books on Herbalist Cures.

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Comment: " Never was a good war or a bad peace."-Benjamian Franklin
After eight years in the Coalition States military (96 P.A.-105 P.A.)she resigned her Commission when free Quebec was attacked. Mechanoids and Juicer Uprising gave her more combat experience than expected.

She runs a small medical clinic in Tritonia as it has become her new home. Still wary of Monsters but gave up prejudices on Human looking D-Bees and Amphibians(Some Mutants).

She doesn't speak much about her time in the C.S or in her words " Another Place and Time, not important."

Her rescue aboard a ship heading to Europe has been lucky for Tritonia. Her knowledge of Land and Medical skills plus her ability to fight makes her a worthy ally.

Doctor "Doc" Abigail"Abby" Reed Alignment:Scrupulous HP:33 SDC:23
O.C.C. C.S. Technical Officer 5th level
Rank:1st Lieutenant(CS Resigned)
Disposition:Brave,Resourceful and Natural Leader. She loves Children and Animals, has gotten over many of her prejudices over D-Bees and Some Magic(Stays away from monster D-Bees unless provoked and can tell bad magic users from good.) Iona and her have a history together saving a ship from Horune pirates. Over the years she has come to Despise the CS propaganda and lies.

MA: 20 60%
PB:21 55%

O.C.C. Skills

Medic MOS
Biology 80%
Field Surgery 41%
Medical Doctor 90%/80%
Paramedic 80%
Veterinary Science 80%
Forensics 70%
Language Native Tongue American 98%
Literacy English 85%
Math Basic 98%
Military Etiquette 80%
Computer Operation 80%
Pilot Hovercraft 85%
Radio Basic 70%
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Energy Pistol
Hand to Hand Basic
5 Attacks per Round +2 Pull Punch,+2 Punch/Fall/ Impact,+2 Parry,+2 Dodge, Kick Attack 1D8 S.D.C,+1 Strike,+1 Disarm

3 Other Skills
Chemistry 50%
Pathology 65%
Marine Biology 65%/50%
2nd Level
Animal Husbandry 65%

3 secondary skills
Swimming 75%
Sensory Equipment 55%

Weapons:M-160 Assault Rifle 3D6 M.D. per Single Shot or 1D6×10 M.D. Ion Bursts(3 Shots)Rate of Fire:Standard Effective Range 2000 feet 30 Shot Short E-Clips, 4 Short E-Clips

TX-24 Ion Pulse Pistol
2D4 M.D. per Single Shot or 4D6 Multiple Pulse Burst(3 Shots)Effective Range:500ft 10 shot Short E- Clips, 4 E-Clips

Cybernetics Right Leg (Mechanical Soft/Hard plastic)
Ear:Universal Headjack & Implant
Lung Implant:Oxygen Storage Cell

Equipment:Dead Boy C-1 Body Armor 80 M.D.C. (Painted Forest Camouflage), SCUBA Body Armor 70 M.D.C., M-160 Assault Rifle 4 Short E-Clips, TX-24 Ion Pulse Pistol 4 Short Clips,Hard Case Medical Backpack(Contains Portable Bio-Scan & Bio-Lab,Compu Drug Dispenser,First Aid Kit, IRMSS,IRVT,RMK,RSU,Suture Gun & Tape, 3 Tubes of Protein Healing Salve,Stethoscope,Hypodermic Syringe,Extra Surgical Gloves,Surgical Kit,Thermometer,Portable Computer,Painkillers)Rations Kit( 5 day Supply of MRE and Water.)4 Grenades, 2 Smoke Grenades, H.E. Grenade,Flashbang Grenade.

(If you notice she does not have items like the rest of the team. Money is tied up into her medical clinic and equipment. See Abby's Clinic Below the Pre-Gen Characters.)

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Comment: NEVER QUIT..... I got lucky
wow, awsome !!!

let your YES be YES and your NO be NO but plz no maybe

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Comment: " Never was a good war or a bad peace."-Benjamian Franklin
ZINO wrote:
wow, awsome !!!

I know right :bandit:

I got two more Pre Made Characters Before i fill in the rest of the Adventure. People are welcome to use the Adventure and roll up their own Characters or use existing ones.

This should help DMs introduce Rifts and Palladium in a fun easy way. These characters can be used as NPCs in a Rifts Underseas Campaign. (NGR and Coalition are starting to take interest in the seas as well)

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Comment: " Never was a good war or a bad peace."-Benjamian Franklin
Growing up at Refuge Base he learned all he can from his Father and Grandfather. As a young man he spent time with them repairing or modifying machinery.

He is a Civilian however thus has over 200 years of family tradition passed down to him in the New Navy.

A legacy he tries to uphold as many have achieved greatness. His team has praised his skills and understanding machines many times.

Danny Wong Alignment:Principled SDC:27 HP:24
Disposition:He's his happiest when modifying or building something new. He tends to talk to his machines like they were people. Especially when things look bad. Otherwise he is normal.

O.C.C. 5th Level Operator
PS:18+3 Damage
PP:22+4 Strike,Parry,Dodge

Abilities and Bonuses Pg. 92 Rifts Ultimate Edition.

Jury-Rig Repairs
Find Parts and Components
Recognize Machine Quality 63%
Repair and Soup Up Machines

O.C.C. Skills
Native Tongue:English 98%
Language Other Techno-Can 95%
Basic Math 95%
Computer Operation 75%
Computer Repair 65%
Electrical Engineer 80%
Find Contraband 61%
Jury-Rig 70%
Mechanical Engineer 75%
Military Tanks & APCs 76%
Military Warships & Patrol Boats 65%
Boats Ships 75%/70%
Radio Basic 85%
Sensory Equipment 75%
Weapons Engineer 65%
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand Basic
5 Attacks +2 Pull Punch,+2 Roll/Fall/Impact+6 Parry, +6 Dodge, +5 Strike, +1 Disarm,Kick 1D8+3,+2 Perception Rolls,+2 Save Vs Fatigue and disease.

10 O.C.C. Related
Swimming 75%
Robot Mechanics 55%
Vehicle Armorer 65%
Robot Electronics 65%
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert 75%
Demolitions 80%
3rd Level
Demolitions Disposal 71%
Demolitions Underwater 69%

5 Secondary Skills
Excavation 65%
Recycling 55%
Salvage 60%
Undersea Salvage 55%
2nd. Lv
Appraise Goods 55%

+5 Aimed Shot,+2 To Strike,+1Bursts)WR-19 Plasma Ejector
Rate of Fire:Standard
Effective Range:1,600 feet
10 Shot Short E-Clip

(+7 to Strike,+8 to parry,+2 to throw)Magical Mace 3D6 M.D.C.+3

Large Wrench 2D6 S.D.C.+3
(Same Strike Parry and Throw)
Hammer 2D6 S.D.C.+3
(Same Strike Parry and Throw)

Equipment U.S. Marine Combat Armor MDC 85,Magical Mace,WR-19 Plasma Ejector 4 Short E-Clips, Large Wrench,Hammer,Portable backpack tool kit with electric screwdriver and interchangeable heads,wrenches,large tool kit,soldering iron,Wilks laser torch(welding)Rolls of Duct Tape, pen flashlight,large flashlight,dozen flares,couple of knives,notebook, portable disk recorder, portable language translator,protective goggles,work gloves,variety of work clothes including overalls and jumpsuits.Canteen,utility belt, two fusion blocks(1D4×10), 4 Plasma Breacher Charges(Same as Grenade)5D6 M.D.C. Plasma(Range 3ft, Designed to burn through locks),2 Flashbangs,1HE Grenade,2 Plastic Explosives with 2 detonators and timers(1D4×10 S.D.C range less than 1 foot),1 NG Anti Vehicle Mine(1D4×10)30ft,2 NG Anti Personnel Mines(4D6 MDC 4Oft) Dosimeter, Heat Detector, Portable Computer,Optics Band,Shovel,Pick,Fire Extinguisher,waterproof bag with circuit boards,wire,optic cables,CPU and RAM.

Owns a Modified Tugboat(Salvage in between missions)Triton Patrol Boat(Used to Escort his salvage boat. Owned by the Group) (Mercenaries pg.119)

700 Credits, Variety of Schematics and Blueprints on disk or paper. Has several books, journals and Blueprints from past family members. Not to mention more blueprints with notes on disks and a 1/16th scale model of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga.

(Before the Adventure starts the GM can allow him to add more Armor or Make Reasonable modifications to vehicles he has Mechanical skills for and Make upgrades to Specific Vehicles. As a Robot Mechanic this means he can create Mods and Maximize performance. Even create new experimental tech or add on Alien tech at a penalty or weapons. It cannot be done out in the field. It needs a workshop and time. Limited Time and Parts before the mission means no major upgrades or overhauls or experimental technology)

Growing up living in a fishing village they lived as ancestors did before Coming of the Rifts. The Lord of the Deep changed all that when a Reacher of the Deep took half the village.

He vowed to defeat this monster as his mother and sister were among those taken. A Cyber-Knight investigating the area took on the pleading youth.

Arriving on Tritonia he has become something of a legend. Fighting evil of all sorts. He has taken on two apprentices and devoted himself to the team as they might reveal more on the Lord of the Deep.

Harold Jorgensen Alignment:Principled Rank:Lieutenant(Tritonia Sea Wolves) HP:40 SDC:36 PPE:24 ISP:44
Disposition:A quiet yet tough and knowledgeable man. He is kind yet stern and is well known for his compassion.

O.C.C. Cyber-Knight 5th Lv

Cyber-Knight Psionic Abilities pg 64 Rifts Ultimate Edition
Create Psi-Sword (No ISP) 2D6 MDC
Create Psi-Sheild (No ISP) 80 M.D.C.

Minor Psychic Abilities
Save Vs Psionic 12 or higher
Sixth Sense(2)
Summon Inner Strength(4)
Alter Aura(2)

Cyber Armor pg 65-66 Rifts Ultimate Edition
Shoulders: 9/9 each
Back/Shoulder Blades 16/16
Forearms 11/11
Thighs/Upper Legs 16/16
Chest(Main Body) 54
In addition to any Cyber-Knight Zen Combat Bonuses.
Living Armor Regenerates 1D6 MDC per hour

PS:19+4 Damage
PP:22+4 Strike, Parry and Dodge
PE:20 +10% Save Vs Coma Death,+3 Save Vs Magic/Poison,

O.C.C. Skills
Literacy American 85%
Language American 98%
Language Dragonese/Elf 98%
Language Other Spanish 98%
Language Other Euro 98%
Anthropology 75%
Body Building
Climbing 80%/70%
(Sense of Balance 70%,Work Parallel Bars and Rings 80%,Back Flip 85%,Climb Rope/Rappel 75%)
Horsemanship:Cyber-Knight 85%/65%
Land Navigation 68%
Lore: Demons and Monsters 70%
Paramedic 75%
Swimming 85%
W.P. Axe
W.P. Shield
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand Martial Arts
6 Attacks
+4 Initiative,+3 Perception Rolls,+5 to Pull Punch ,+5 Punch/Fall/Impact,+7 to Parry +7 to Dodge,+6 to Strike,+2 to Entangle,+2 Disarm,+2 Save Vs Horror Factor

Cyber-Knight Zen Combat
W.P. Paired Weapons
Combat Acrobatics
Basic Combat Awareness(Against Weapons and Technology)
+4 Automatic Dodge(Against Tech)

16 O.C.C. Related Skills
Prowl 60%
W.P. Heavy
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
W.P. Grappling Hook
Pick Locks 55%
Cryptography 50%
Public Speaking 55%
Lore Magic 55%
Lore D-Bee 55%
Lore Fairies and Creatures of Magic 55%
2nd LV
Ocean Geographic Surveying 20%
Underwater Navigation 39%
1st Level
W.P. Handguns
W.P. Forked
W.P. Torpedo

7 Secondary Skills
Optic Systems 55%
Pilot Boat: Motor,Race & Hydrofoils 80%
Pilot Hovercycles,Skycycles and Rocket Bikes 85%
Radio Basic 70%
1st L.V.
Wilderness Survival 55%
History Pre-Rifts 32%/24%

Weapons (+2 to Strike,+5 Aimed Shot)T.W. Thundergun Revolver 3D6 S.D.C. normal beings,5D6 MDC to practitioners of magic or creatures of magic, 1D6×10 MDC to supernatural beings per bolt of Magic energy.Rate of Fire:Single Shot Payload:Six Shots 10 P.P.E. or 20 I.S.P. to reload/Recharge

(+2 to Strike,+6 Aimed Shot)C-27 Plasma Cannon
6D6 per shot MDC
Rate of Fire:Each Blast counts as one attack. Effective Range:1,600ft
10 blasts per E-Canister
Targeting Scope+1 to Strike on Aimed shot

(+2 To Strike,+5 Aimed Shot)WI-23 Six Mini Missiles 1D4×10 AP, Rate of Fire:Users Attacks, Range: 1 Mile Ammo:6 Mini Missiles Varies with Type. Box Magazine.

Magic Battle Axe 4D6+4 MDC +7 to Strike,+9 to Parry,+1 to throw

PSI-Sword(Sword Normally) 2D6 MDC +7 to Strike,+9 to Parry

Psi-Sheild(80 M.D.C.) +9 to Parry, (+6 to Strike 1D6 SDC Shield Bash)(Cannot be used to Parry Energy Blasts or Projectile Weapons)

Crusader Environmental Body Armor 95 M.D.C.,SCUBA Body Armor 70 M.D.C., Talisman of Armor(Armor of Ithan) 100 M.D.C. 3 times a day,10 minutes,recharges every 24 hours,T.W. Thundergun Revolver, C-27 Plasma Cannon 3,E-Canisters(Targeting Scope), WI-23 Missile Launcher(6 AP/Mini Missiles),Magic Battle Axe. NG-S2 Survival Pack(PG 101 Mercenaries), Kittani Fan-Jet Hydrofoil Skimmer, First Aid Kit,2 Smoke Grenades,2 HE grenades,5 wooden stakes,Wooden Mallet, Silver Cross

400 credits, High Tech Radio listening and decoding station. Journal with Codes used by various races on the seas. A few Pre-Rifts Books,Microfilm, disks on codes or code breaking. Pre-Rifts radio codes and guides on interference.

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Player Notes:Abby's Clinic(Tritonia) This Space has been given to Abby. It's a High Tech Medical clinic and Animal Care Center.

It is two floors high as the first floor is for Animals both Aquatic and Land/Air. Second Floor is for Normal People not anyone is Supernatural.

She has nothing against them but she doesn't know how to treat them. Send them to others capable of doing so.

Her friends salvaged equipment or restored things most thought were broken. An Elevator goes to the second floor.

Her two Assistants see to it that everyone is taken care of when she is away. Abby is trying to upgrade her Medical Center as parts come from all over through trade or salvage.

Harold Uses his own quarters for his listening station. His two Apprentices see to it that they listen in on radio traffic.

Danny has access to most New Navy Workshops and He has his own on Refuge Base. U.S.S. Ticonderoga allows him to use workshops when consulting for the Fleet.

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Comment: " Never was a good war or a bad peace."-Benjamian Franklin
Forgotten Hope

Before the Coming of the Rifts projects across the globe seemed to be common. One such project was The Fathom Project. Under the Ocean a dream was built with Dreamtech/Cyberworks/NEMA.

Located off the Coast of Guam a city of the future was built a mile down. Dreamtech was well known for its global products in military and commercial work in housing,shipping and artificial realistic environments.

It bought out E-Tech, a big time sea product company to build its most ambitious project yet.

Cyberworks(See Sourcebook one) was contracted to use automated robot's to construct this prototype.

A.R.C.H.I.E.-X created to manage the robots built over ten years. N.E.M.A. Contracted to have a base built as well as a scientific ocean research center and rescue center.

Six months after it opened the coming of the Rifts changed everything. Dreamtech had 30% of its new city filled and it was the wealthy or scientists.

December 22nd 2098
A Rift opened that brought demons, monsters and underwater creatures. Guam was wracked by earthquakes, tsunamis and monsters.

A Giant Figure about 100 feet tall stepped through the Rift as it unleashed death with its eye beams that shattered half of Guam in a single attack!

It was driven back through the Rift by demons and underwater monsters. It's second eyebeam attack took out ships on the surface damaging the city and NEMA Underwater Research Station.

The Battle on the surface was as fierce as the U.S. Navy ships who were doing training exercises. Rescued those who they could,evacuating any still alive.

None of the Navy Ships survived. The Underwater city was the safest place and everything went silent once the satellite feeds had been cut.

The City had no name yet as it was up to the Residents. Bolstered by the survivors from Guam. It became the Forgotten City.

Forgotten City
Three Domes make up this city that has survived Earthquakes, Rifts and Sea Monsters.

They harvested sea life in submarines until about 90 years years ago. The Lord of the Deep began to take subs then they moved fishing grounds only to get caught in a Rift mutating humans into monsters.

A Cult of the Deep was born and the Human Survivors closed themselves off into a single dome.

N.E.M.A. Base had been repaired and A.R.C.H.I.E. -X kept things from falling apart.

Desperation and Hunger started to set in until a savior appeared. A.R.C.H.IE.-X arrived with robots to save the humans and became the leader of the Forgotten.

The NEMA Scientists and Rescue Personnel under Commander Forthright went into cryo sleep.

The Realization that they would never see land again. Nor did they have supplies to last that long.

The NEMA Base Hidden in Coral and Rock sat undiscovered for hundreds of years.

A.R.C.H.I.E.-X the Story of Experimental Artificial Intelligence. Unlike its brothers A.R.C.H.I.E.-X has a computer personality based on the Brilliant Oceanographer and Scientist Doctor Samuel Carver.

It learns like people do only more quickly and most importantly its programming urges it to learn things it likes.

In this case what Dr. Carver found it interesting. Thus prompting A.R.C.H.I.E.-X to learn along a path that Dr Carver followed.

Breakthroughs in Hardware and Software allowed for this. Science and Robotics had been quickly learned. A.R.C.H.I.E.-X loved the discovery of new species.

The Rifts changed everything as he grappled with the new challenges and he was put in charge.

The NEMA team in cryogenic sleep left defending humanity to A.R.C.H.I.E.-X.

A Small Robot Manufacturing plant allowed him to create and design robots for underwater exploration and repair.

A.R.C.H.I.E.-X kept the humans safe till the Lord of the Deep stole them and Mutants arrived to form cults.

Building a body he Transferred himself over then he and his robots left the NEMA Underwater Emergency and Science Center.

He is the Savior that saved humans and It's what everyone calls him now. His Robots detected a ship and now more than ever they need help.

Sending a coded transmission poses risk but doing nothing will doom everything he's protecting.

Following The Breadcrumbs
Others have heard this call as well as Splugorth have Dispatched pirates and teams to investigate.

Team Zulu and the Nimitz Battlegroup
The U.S.S. Nimitz II
The Players will have time to prepare for the Mission. However nothing more than a week of prep.

The U.S.S. Nimitz Battlegroup protects the Pacific Ocean as the last remains of the 5th Fleet.

The New Navy Discovered the Nimitz II and its escorts nearly a hundred and fifty years ago.

The Nimitz had been refurbished before the Rifts. Retrofitted with state of the art technology and using it as a testbed for carriers of the future.(The Coming of the Rifts Destroyed all information. Plus the Navy updating its current carriers as they are wreckage now.)

It had been at sea during trials when the Rifts came. U.S.S. Nimitz II has been home to its crew and the Battlegroup formed out of what was left of the Navy.

U.S.S. Nimitz II is not as Advanced as the U.S.S. Ticonderoga but it has survived due to the Upgrades.

U.S.S. Nimitz II (Modified Aircraft Carrier)

Has a few features unique to it. The entire ship can become a Hydrofoil making it the fastest surface carrier ever.(120 Mph)

It has special iris hatches for Launching Power Armor or one man subs on the sides of the ship.

The front of the ship has been redesigned as a Sub Pen. Allowing Patrol Boats,Tanks, Small Subs and Divers to launch into the water. Perfect for amphibious operations.

It uses all Aircraft, Subs, Boats and Robots Common to the New Navy,Tritonia and Iron Heart Armaments.

It has 4 Cruise Missile Pod Launchers(8) (Long Range Any Type)Two Missiles are Housed in each one with 360 degree rotation and 90 degree elevation.

In Addition to all Standard Advanced Tech Carriers(M.D.C) in the Underseas book.

The U.S.S. Missouri is the only Battleship in the Battlegroup as it has been retrofitted with advanced weapons and armor.(Salvaged from Pearl Harbor)

The New Navy has added Subs and Patrol Boats to the Battle Group in the Pacific. Over the years. it has denied the Naut'YII as well as countless others total control.

" The Helicopter touches down on the Carrier deck. This Carrier is an upgraded version as you had a look on approach. Lots of Activity on the deck. A young Ensign is waiting for you as is a pair of marines in armor. They are all armed"

You are taken to meet the Captain of the Nimitz. As you meet Commander Nakamura she shakes hands with each of you.

"The Mini Sub has three different models so choose one. We will have a Trident on standby in case things go bad."

" Your equipment is waiting for you below decks at the sub pen. It will take about a week to Arrive." The Captain says.

" We will forward any more information to you. I'll have quarters ready for you till you launch."

Players are shown to the Sub Pen down in the lower decks of the U.S.S. Nimitz II.

Petty Officer Third Class Yates waits for the PCs to Arrive. She will handle any requests for the Sub or Power Armor and requires payment or trade for anything that is a personal item. Weapons and Equipment armor or electronics.

Quarters are provided and it's a room with two separate beds. A TV,Desk,Chair,Small Bookcase with Pre-Rifts novels or military manuals. Intercom System and Personal Computer on desk with CD disk player. A stack of disks that are Pre-Rifts movies and games are here as well.(Yes players will be sharing a room with each other)

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