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Under the Survivor O.C.C., the rules say that I can start a character's OCC skills at level 1D4 (1-4), to represent the time they did non-survivory things before the Wave hit. But all their other skills (elective and secondary) don't get that same boost. Say I roll a 4. Does that mean that for the purposes of calculating H.P., PPE and a few other things that are level-dependent, the character starts at level 4 or level 1? I assume the latter, and effectively some of their skills just get a bonus (rather than effectively starting at level 4 with most of their skills underlevelled).

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The way I interpret the rules is that the Survivor OCC skills for said occupation are level 1-4. But everything else is level one.

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I think that means if you become a level 15 survivor you have some level 18 skills?

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i'd rule it as they are actually level 1 as far as stuff like Hitpoints, PPE, etc go. but their OCC skills get whatever % bonus they'd get for being the rolled level. so if the skill gets +5% per level, and you rolled a 4, you'd add a +15% bonus.

if you roll a 1, no bonus.

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