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 Post subject: escaping Pin
Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:27 pm

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If the victim has been knocked down flat on his back nad pinned, the zombie can hold him in place until other zombies arrive to converse and kill, or attack using a Head Butt attack or biting.
The victim can try to roll away or push the zombie off of him, but each attempts counts as 2 melee attacks, and the human must roll an 18, 19 or 20 to escape;
considered a parrying combat move and parry bonuses apply
another character can attack the pinning zombie to knock him off the trapped individual

For the last bit, what do you think would be required to knock them off? Nothing's listed so all I can think is to borrow page 58's "pulling someone" (8) or "blast what you can" (10) or 59's continuation of 11 (blast them and bash them) regarding "defensive action to knock the zombie out of the way"

For the first bit: would expending 2 actions to try and get 18+ with your parry bonuses seem like a reasonable escape option against page 207's Pin/Incapacitate from Wrestling? I can't find any listed way to get out of it, and I like the idea of it being possible to escape pins.

It may not be exactly the same though because with the Wrestling version "cannot attack or move without releasing the opponent" so it might be more dedicated than the Fast Attack Zombie's variation (since they CAN attack with bites or headbutts) so perhaps if this rule was to be adapted, a target number of 19+ might be more fair?

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