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Page 58 talks about needing a combined PS that's 50% higher than a zombie's. It suggests around 36, which is 50% higher than 24 (the average of 18+2D6 is 25 though, so 38 is more realistic) but it also mentions that half the time a zombie grabs a victim 2 handed and half the time the zombie grabs a victim 1-handed...

Would it make sense to assume that the full zombie PS is with 2 hands, and that we should halve the required number if a zombie is using a 1-handed grip? Same requirement for people trying to help their buddy, of course. A combined PS of 18-19 seems a little more feasible, and it seems like there should be a tradeoff for zombies getting a free hand to punch you with, or a situation of 1 zombie using both hands to grab 2 separate people.

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