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    A) Pg 38 "Feeding on PPE restores 1D6+1 SDC and one Hit Point per PPE point eaten"

    B) Pg 40/42/44/46/49/52/54 "Extra PPE may also restore SDC and Hit Points at a rate of 1D6+2 and one Hit Point per extra PPE point

    C) Pg 24 "Every one PPE beyond the minimum to survive (above) instantly restores 3D6 SDC and 1D6 Hit Points

A is the lowest rate, but has the broadest circumstances. ANY time PPE is fed on.

B is slightly better (1 more SDC) but has slightly narrower circumstances. It is explicitly "extra" PPE though there is a lack of context for what that means. It says to "See SDC and Hit Points for details" but that isn't the title of any section, although "Recovering Hit Points and SDC" on 38 is a subsection of "Zombie Hit Points" from 37 according to the table of contents, but it doesn't clarify "extra" at all.

C is the highest rate, and has a condition resembling "extra" in that it is when you are above the minimum to survive (1 PPE per 3 days, allowing for cumulative fractions).

Since C is only triggered after PPE is spent towards the 1/3day decomposition-delay-cost (which seems to be the 1st place for PPE to go for zombies) the meaning of "extra" for B needs some other kind of context.

Considering only A and C, should this be a total of 4D6+1 SDC / 2 HP per PPE, or would you just replace A with C?

Considering B to these, when should it apply? Is it meant to replace C as an inferior rate? Since all zombie variants have it, who would the 3d6/1d6 be meant for then?

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