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page 63 of the main book mentions:

    The disadvantage of a jump kick is that no other attacks may be performed in that melee round
    (all attacks for that melee are used up in the kick).
    The jump kick must be the first attack of that melee round.

    For the rest of the melee round, the character can only parry, dodge or move into position.

Dodges generally cost an attack, so it seems strange to say this if the Jump Kick uses up all the attacks for that melee.

Is this basically a niche case which only applies to characters with auto-dodge? The only example I know of in Nightbane is "Full Horse" on page 97, so it seems like dodging after Jump Kicks is the realm of MLP morphi.

also right below JK is LA:
    like the jump kick,
    uses up all attacks for that melee
    After the leap,
    the character may not attack again until the next melee round,
    but can parry or dodge
    or move into position.

    Automatic parries work in mid-leap,
    but dodges are impossible.

What's confusing about this is you wouldn't be able to do (normal) dodges anyway during a leap because of having used up all your attacks...

If it is describing auto-dodges being impossible "in mid-leap" then what is that period? After all it does say you can continue to dodge (presumably auto-dodging HORSIES) at some point prior to the next melee...

If mid-leap refers to someone choosing to do a simultaneous attack against you in response to a jump, then you shouldn't be able to auto-dodge against that anyway since being simultaneously attacked prevents you from doing a defence.

Do people tend to play that as no auto-dodging until your next turn comes around (even though you can't use that turn since you're out of attacks) ? I don't know of any examples to clarify this.

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