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Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:47 pm

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Nightbane page 66 wrote:
The recover of ISP can be done in one of two ways:
Total Relaxation and/or sleep at a rate of 2 ISP for every hour,
or through meditation.
Meditation is a skill ability in which the psychic places himself in a hypnotic trance.
This meditative trance provides maximum relaxation,
recovering 4 ISP per hour

Nightbane page 67 wrote:
A relaxing meditative transce restores six (6) ISP and is the equivalent of 2 hours of sleep/rest for the physical body.
Inner Strength Ponts can also be restored during sleep and/or total relaxation at a rate of two (2) per hour.

The 2/hour is consistent enough for sleep but...

Did any later errata sort out whether meditation is six/6 (x3 or +4 relative to sleep) or four/4 (x2 or +2 relative to sleep) ?

I'm sort of inclined to go with 67 based on it printing out the word for the number prior to putting the numeral in parenthesis. It seems more plausible that "4" would be a mistake for "6" since that's a single character being off. Accidentally writing "six" instead of "four" seems less likely.

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i believe this inconsistency came up in the rifts forums at some point recently. the suggested interpretation is that since there is an actual meditation psychic power, maybe choosing that power gives you the 6/hour rate while 4/hour is what meditating without the power gets you.

but truthfully, an editing mistake is the more likely explanation imo.

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