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Between the Shadows left me with a couple questions (please number your replies!)


a) Is there any ISP cost to teleporting people into this? If there's none they could just spam it (presumably costing 1 action per attempt) until someone failed a save (though at +8 to attack and -4 to defend against, this probably wouldn't come up often) or suck up people as soon as they escaped, or target new foes constantly. For comparison: it costs 20 ISP for Morpheomoths to do a "Dream Abduction", but that is more dramatic since it drags people's physical bodies into the dreamstream, so I don't think dragging mental bodies into a dream pool should be as costly.

b) is "up to three victims" per attempt (ie 2 actions = 6 victims) or the total period (if there are already 3, must let 1 go to make room f
for a new one)

c) what is the range of this teleportation? Touching the dream traveler? Being inside the victim's dreampool? Touching the membrane?

d) How often can "using brute force to break free" be attempted? Could you just spam once/action until the domain failed to resist despite its impressive +10 bonus? Page 84's "Entering and Leaving a Dream Pool" doesn't clarify.

a) does it cost any ISP or can they just repeat it ad infinite to give unlimited foes?
b) how long does it take to activate? an attack? a full round?
c) is it 2D6 summoned per attack, or PERIOD?
d) if PERIOD, do you roll 2D6 one time per Guilt Eater and use that number permanently as a maximum, or can you reroll the number upon a new activation?
e) does the 60 SDC of these constructs heal over time? No maximum duration is given so they might exist for days/weeks on end
f) could a Guilt Eater simply re-use the SAP power to refresh a new batch up to a full 60 SDC?

Pg 103 says "Magic Powers: Immune to magic and magical effects"
Pg 127 spell "Summon & Control Dream Being (Major)" with "Saving Throw: None" continues on pg 128 saying "applies to greater dream creatures, including Guilt Eaters".
WHAT DO? Does immunity to magic only apply to spells that allow savings throws, such as with the minor super ability in Powers Unlimited?

The illustration on the right side of page 102 by R.K. Post clearly conforms to the description of a Soul Leech on page 108-109:
    "tentacles protruding from their heads"
    wearing necklaces made out of human skulls and bones"
    "grinning faces have a feral, hungry look to them"
and not to the description of a Guilt Eater from 101-102:
    "a humanoid figure covered by a hooded robe or cloak"
    "fingers and limbs are usually skeletal"
    "faces can be anything from grinning skulls to the visage of a person known by the person it is confronting"

a) what exactly is that illustration on the lower-right of page 108 supposed to be?

b) who drew that illustration? I can't see a a signature

c) do we have ANY illustration in 'Between' that conforms to that of a Guilt Eater? Sounds like the closest thing would be the grim-reaper motif entities like Charon in Pantheons of the Megaverse or Utu from Dragons and Gods

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