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Since kid i loved all kind of ancient mythology (griek, nordic, egyptian, aztec, etc) and i was thinking on directing a game where the players where normal people selected by those gods to accomplish certain tasks, and to do so they would have some powers. My plan was to do it a lot like urban fantasy... but i dont know what system should i use. Any advice?

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i seen a few systems based around that, but they're all long out of print and honestly they were a mess. since you're in the palladium forums i'm gonna say you're better off using palladium fantasy with modification/class limits and using the powers in heroes unlimited with maybe the shifter greater union rules depending on what powers you think they should have as gifts.

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Not precisely what you're looking for, but I played in a game where my first PC was a "Human Mercenary Fighter", but statted up as an Elven Priest of Light. My story was that she was actually a child of Od, and her "priestly" powers were manifestation of divine blood.

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Since this is fantasy and a lot of it is based on mythology you will find bits and pieces everywhere.
I think 2nd ed dnd probably had the biggest write up that I remember. (but that was one of 300+ books)

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Pantheons of the Megaverse has SDC stats for IRL gods

plus obvious light/dark is based on egypt and northern gods are based on norse

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Are you wanting a old fantasy setting or a modern city setting with fantasy races? I ask because I hear Urban Fantasy I think modern Urban. IF so maybe Nightbane with some tweaks?

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