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 Post subject: Rifts MMO
Unread postPosted: Tue May 05, 2015 1:26 pm

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I would like to see a Rifts MMO for the Xbox1! Been playing Neverwinter and Destiny...made me think...RIFTS! Perfect World and Cryptic are the ones who pulled off Neverwinter...I would think they could pull off Rifts...

 Post subject: Re: Rifts MMO
Unread postPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:35 pm

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As I understand it, from the many threads over 15 years:
Disney apparently owns most rights other than the Pen & Paper, according to the movie thread.
You would probably have to present a nearly finished copy for consideration, and that still might get you in legal trouble.
(from who depends on who you tell and when) The justification and defense from PB at the time was that the company that made the N-Gage game had pretty much already had it almost completed when they sought PB's permission. Being fans, they were sure they would get approval. Action from PB over the years, and the deliberately vague obfuscations of exactly what rights Disney owns and what can be done without approval of The House of Mouse makes such assurance in today's markets far less certain.

As well, there are some markets that Mr Sembeida has voiced in the past that he refused to be involved in. If nearly having his company go bankrupt several times in rapid succession has changed his outlook, I dont know and will not hazard guess. I have not been able to comprehend his or his staffs' business decisions since the millenial change.

Tragically, PB has neither the strength itself nor the fanbase to even make a blip on the radar of most any gaming company that works consistently with Microsoft, especially now that most games come out for multi-platform. This is not to say that no company could do the game justice, but rather that PB would be on the selling end, trying to convince the companies why they should invest in the project. A Titanic project, especially after the Tera fiasco. Luckily for Sembeida, the lawyers and employees of the company weren't fans (especially with old books) or they would have had his own words printed in his own books (especially from Mystic China, The old BtS, and the First few printings of the original Rifts rule book) to present as evidence against him that the IP he was accusing they stole from him he had in fact "borrowed" from Chinese and Inca mysticism and HP Lovecraft.

All of this together comes together to suggest that you'll probably see another Palladium video game around the same time we celebrate the movie's national release.

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