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Question: In Dimensional Outbreak on p. 136 in the fighter compliment of the Bone Maw Carrier it says that it carries 25 Hell cannons & 25 Soul Cannons. What book are these cannons described in as I haven't found them in Dimensional Outbreak?

Answer: Rifts DB10: Hades, pp. 91-92.

Question: I'm looking to work on building a few dimensions and wanted to know if anything like a design sheet existed. I saw in the back of my Anvil Galaxy that there is the "World Building Template". That's a bit like what I'm looking for but I'd like to know if there is something that would cover more ground. So does anyone know where I can find something like this?

Answer: There's a whole book for it -- DB7: Megaverse Builder.

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Question: In Mutants in Orbit, building a space ship refers to T.M.F. What is this?

Answer: Transient Maneuver Factor was a statistic used to describe the relative agility of flying vehicles in the old TMNT Guide to the Universe. If you're using MiO with Rifts, you can safely ignore it.

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