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#1: Beyond the Supernatural Second Edition FAQ Author: Guest, Posted: 29 Mar 2005 05:57

Question: Ok, I have a Psi-Mechanic that is a Auto-mechanic O.C.C. and I wanted to know if there are any new skills aquired as levels are gained, I noticed that several occupations did not list when new skills are gained. Is this an editing error or is this the way it is now.
Answer: Judging by the little blurb under New Skills, page 173, that's the way it is now.
#2: Author: Guest, Posted: 4 Feb 2006 19:04

Question: 1) If someone were to use Ghostwalker or Empathy to try and communicate with a BtS1 poltergeist, what sort of things would the poltergeist say to him?
2) If a werewolf somehow ended up on a space station in Earth's orbit, would there be a full moon or day/night effect? What if a werewolf ended up on a moon base, would it be affected by a "full earth"?
Answer: 1) Not much, poltergeists aren't very intelligent.
2) Depends on whether or not it's a were-beast or has Lycanthropy.
#3: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Jun 2006 19:42

Question: 1) Can a Natural athlete use the 4 P.P.E cost ability to buy two additional physical skills on a hand to hand not normally available to his occupation?
2) Also does buying the 13 P.P.E cost ability to have supernatural P.S mean his P.S can go above 30?
Answer: 1) No.
2) Does buying the ability mean your P.S. can go above 30, no. Can you P.S. go above 30 regardless of whether or not you buy the power, yes.
#4: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jan 2007 20:04

Question: 1) I just read through one of the latest Rifters and found and article for Beyond the Supernatural. It was a fully written adventure with statted characters and everything. For each of the foes it had listed a Threat Level. Levels of x3, x4, and x10 were all mentioned. I've never seen anything referencing this before. Is this something comperable to the Challenge Rating system of D&D?
2) Very Happy Could someone give me a detailed enough explaination of this concept for me to use it in my Rifts games? I'm not looking for word for word stuff, but if there is a general formula and how it relates to the PC's, I'd like to know.
Answer: 1) No, it's not. Threat Level is a new concept introduced in Beyond the Supernatural second edition.
2) Basically speaking, a psychics powers are in preportion to the level of menace their facing. So a monster with x2 threat rating will see a psychics power doubled. Whereas if a psychic fights a x10 super demon, their power increases to face the threat.
#5: Author: Guest, Posted: 3 Mar 2007 08:53

Question: Is there some where that tells me how to change Rifts or other characters who may end up in this world? I know the mages and psychics are very limited in BTSN. I just wonder if there is somewhere I can look to give me some idea how these other characters may be limited there.
Answer: Just apply the effects described in CB1 the other way around. See also Revised CB1, pages 31-32.

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Question: It says entities have a virtually unlimited amount of I.S.P. on a ley line.
So does this mean they can only absorb the amount of P.P.E that mages normally receive? I mean mages can soak up 3x their normal P.P.E. amount for P.E. attribute number in minutes. So does this mean some entity could have a 1000 P.P.E. or more on a chance encounter?

Answer: An entity's I.S.P. is effectively unlimited on a ley line, because the creature can draw upon a never-ending source of energy, but the entity is limited by the amount of P.P.E. that can be drawn and converted into I.S.P. at any given moment. That is, if the ley line provides 10 P.P.E. per melee round, and the entity can convert one P.P.E. into four I.S.P., then the entity can draw 40 I.S.P. from the ley line every melee round. Beyond this conversion, entities generally only draw enough P.P.E. to satisfy their hunger, and don't save it up for possible encounters. Whether or not they can save up I.S.P. is unclear.

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