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#1: Rifts Dimension Books FAQ Author: Guest, Posted: 18 Feb 2005 13:27

Question: From what I can interpret from the O.C.C. description, the Apok is the only symbiote that can leave Wormwood... correct?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How much M.D.C. would an S.D.C. being gain if he became an Apok?
Answer: Assuming it's even possible for an S.D.C. being (not to mention beings other than native Wormwood humans) to become an Apok, the mystical transmutation that takes place should give the character the same M.D.C. that a native Apok would have.

Question: Okay, I have a penchant for playing Fallen Cosmo-Knights, and for many years I've played them as only losing the 20% from the skills they possessed when they fell, and picked up skills later as normal. Is this the way it's supposed to be, or do they lose 20% on new skills after they fall as well?
Answer: Yes, the penalty is just for the old skills.

Question: What is the Warlock Marine Magic Specialist's starting P.P.E. and how much do they gain per level?
Answer: P.E.+2D4x10+20, plus 2D6 per level. This was omitted from earlier versions of DB3, but corrected with the third printing.

Question: Do Machine People from Phase World need to sleep? (I believe the old FAQ said they have souls and internal organs.)
Answer: I can't find anything in Phase World about it, but there is a precedent for this sort of thing in Heroes Unlimited. In the Alien category there is a selection that makes the character a living machine who never fatigues but needs 3-4 hours of sleep. Transferred Intelligence Robots in Rifts Sourcebook 1 also need 4 hours of sleep or meditation each day.
Seems like a reasonable guideline to me.

Question: this question may look stupid... but I'd still like expert advice on the matter.
a) Cosmo Knights are virtually invulnerable (1/100th damage) to energy attacks
b) phase beams are renowned for being able to harm virtually anything not protected by a force field, even such supremely invulnerable creatures as vampires, but still, they are energy.
so, what happens when one uses a phase beamer against a cosmo knight? will he be sorely disrupted (and his natural regeneration slowed) or will he shrug it off like any conventional laser or particle beam?.
Answer: I think we can all agree that a CK's armour is magic, can we not?
Phase World, page 122, last paragraph:
...stopped by magic if force fields, including magic armour...
Also, according to the the third above paragraph above the one I just mentioned, the CK (while taking 1% damage from the barrage), would take days to regenerate (since the armour regenerates at the same rate as the CK).
However, if the pirate fleet happend to fire on the CK while his armour was "down," he would take damage, total it, and multiply by 0.01.
#2: Author: Guest, Posted: 24 Feb 2005 11:30

Question: Can Cosmo Knights regrow limbs/organs?
If you trim his extremities, he becomes GimpyKnight, wielder of the Energy Cosmic! Until something "concrete" comes down from PB, they do NOT regrow lost body parts.
Do you think it's so?
I don't. It seems to me that this would be too big a deal to not mention specifically. REgardles fo the rest of the Megaverse-If you could simply turn a CK into Gimpknight then why wouldn't every frikken bad guy make a practice out of doing just that. Keep 'em as tropohies and stuff...
Answer: any being that it says their body rejects cybernetic/bionic implants do so because they regrow whatever was removed to implant the artifical system.
so cosmo knigts can in fact regrow limbs.
#3: Author: Guest, Posted: 29 Mar 2005 05:40

Question: Do Phase Swords go through armor, or just simply cut it? Page 124 Phase World.
Answer: The sword description states that it is a highstrength alloy blade with a P-field surrounding it. and to quote p.124 DB2 PW
"The P-field disrupts both inanimate and living things, allowing the wielder to cut through even mega-damage alloys!"

Question: Skelterbat and feathered serpent flight: just curious as to how high these Wormwood beings can fly...I want to scoop up Knights and then drop them from a great height.
Answer: Here's something to base it on.
Highest flying bird: Ruppell's griffon vulture at 11,274 in (7 mi)

Question: question could a machine people phaseworld pg. 77 use their morphing and machine melding powers to incorperate bionics and cybernetics, ie. universal head jack, multi-optic eye, retractable vibro-blades, etc into their being.
Answer: Yes.
#4: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Jul 2005 11:45

Question: #1. If a Promethan arrived on Rifts earth could he become a Lord Magus? My biggest problem is when he reaces 8th level and becomes an MDC structue does he become completly invulnerable to damage?
#2. All though there is no such thing as stupid questions but stupid people, I have to ask this question. Can a True Atleantean become a Lord Magus?
Answer: 1) Promethians are effectively barred from taking ANY other Magic Using O.C.C. because they can ONLY learn Temporal Magic Spells; Lord Magi learn a much broader range of Spells (see Rifts: Phase World, page 26).
2) No, it's a magical transformation.

Question: Under the Machine People's special ability Morphing, it states that the MP has four different abilities that take 1d6 melee round to initiate and reverse. However, it does not state how long the MP can sustain these abilities, unless by reverse it means "to wear off." My Phase World book is first printing and this may have been addressed in later editions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Answer: From the text, though, they can keep themselves melded with those things for as long as they want to.
It isn't cumulative (ie couldn't meld with more and more things to get stronger and stronger or more and more MDC) though.

Question: Two questions regarding Fallen Cosmo-Knights.
1) From what I read of them in the Phase World book, they only have four choices for something resembling an O.C.C.:
-All the spells (but none of the special abilities) of a specific magic class
-All the powers (but none of the special abilities) of a specific psychic class
-Become a witch
-One other thing I forgot now, but I'm pretty sure it involved magic or psionics
Do they really have to somehow develop magic or psychic powers? Why can't they follow some other O.C.C. path, like Freedom Fighter or Glitter Boy Pilot (OCC's listed for example purposes only, please don't debate the munchikinism of giving a Fallen Cosmo Knight a Glitter Boy)? I know they have their own experience table, but I'm wondering why they couldn't follow some other O.C.C. path instead of magic or psionics while still retaining their experience table?
2) On a related note, if they chose magic and picked the Conjurer O.C.C. from Federation of Magic, would they really not be able to conjure things as per the O.C.C. special ability, and simply be limited to the few spells available to conjurers?
Answer: 1) No they don't have to develop magic or psychic powers.
2) No, they learn magic spells as per the ley line walker, a witch, or a priest-type class.
#5: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jul 2005 18:42

Question: promethians, are they considered sdc mortal beings?
Answer: they are SDC due to their nature. however, it says clearly in their discription they are supernatural beings. they have their phase damage reduction instead of MDC, which only farther emphasises their supernatural nature.

Question: In Rifts Dimension Book 2: Phase World, page 165, under the CAF Assault Shuttle for troop capacity.
It states that it can hold 4 Shield-Bearer Missile Tanks.
Could someone please tell me what book I can find the information and stats on a Shield-Bearer Missile Tank.
I have looked through every book I have and that is every single one that Palladium Books has made and I can't find it. Am I overlooking it some where or does it just not exist??? Please help!!!!!!
Answer: It does not exist.
#6: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Sep 2005 20:09

Question: I was glancing at the Summoning Table in DB7: Megaverse Builder for the first time (my shifter is of good alignment and does not dabble in the summoning of demonic entities, he's in it for the travel) and noticed four classes of angel that can be summoned. Intrigued I checked the obvious books for their descriptions and stats, but have so far not come up lucky. I don't actually recall any specific mention of the Judeo-Christian G-d or his 'minions' in any of the books I own (beyond of course the Priest OCC in the New West) so is this something I waould have to look to BTS to find?, or maybe in the one Nightbane supp I don't own, Shadows of Light?
Answer: Spirits of Light (another word for angels) can be found in the unrevised Conversion Book One and Dragons & Gods.

Question: In the book, Wormwood, fits Dimension Book 1, on pages 98 through 99, Worms of Power, Seeing, Speach, and Spirit are all listed. Each of these have mulitple powers listed under the powers section. For example, under Worms of Powe, it says, "spells include Energy bolt, energy field..." and so on.
My Question: if you have one (and only one) of these Worms of Power, do you get all of the powers listed? Or do you get just one of these powers, which you have to choose when your character is created or the worm is summoned?
Does this same answer apply for all the different types of Worms of Power with multiple powers listed?
Answer: You get all of the powers listed for each worm. For example, the Worms of Power grant you five spells, but reduce your PB by one.
#7: Author: Guest, Posted: 30 Sep 2005 20:09

Question: 1) As far as the Machine People ability of Machine Meld goes (Dimension Book 2: Phase World, page 79) would they be able to meld with a robot character created using the rules presented in Source Book 1?
2) Would the type of Robot Intelligence make a difference?
3) Same question, only regarding cybernetics/bionics?
Answer: 1) Use the same rules as with the super power Machine Merge.
2) Which basically says that they can talk to the Advanced AI (or transferred Intel.) of the robot but can't take it over.
3) If the Bionics are not attached to anybody then treat them as just machines, if they are attached then the person then the MP can't.

Question: Can a Zebuloid be a Psi-Tech?
1) It says in their description that they have standard psychic aptitude, so can they be a Psi-Tech? For that matter, can they be Bursters, Zappers, Mind Melters, and all the other P.C.C.s that there are out there?
2) What about Super Powers, are they capable of having those?
Answer: 1) No.
2) No.

Question: Hi,
I've looked through the books I have that include the Naruni (mostly Phase World books) and I can't find any mention of a technological means of travelling between dimensions (except possibly for Phase World itself, but the portals there still use ley lines and it mentions they mostly connect to nexuses and pyramids in the destination worlds).
I don't expect the Naruni to use pyramids for dimensional travel since they don't have any magical expertise, and they certainly aren't going to use portals controlled by the Splugorth, etc. So how do they run a multi-dimensional business?
There is a mention in Phase World that there is are five portals from Center to Rifts Earth, and one of them goes to a secret Naruni facility. Do we know anything about what's on the other end of that portal? Is it a technological portal, and if so, does it still need to be on ley line/nexus, or can it have a technological power source and be located anywhere?
Answer: Magic or Technology, either of which can be used to change dimensions. Technological means, for example, can be found in Lone Star, Phase World, Transdimensional TMNT, etc.

Question: In which book can one find more detailed information on the Naruni NE-75H "Shoulder Cannon" shown in the Game Master Guide (p 151)?
Per the Game Master Guide, I've looked in both Rifts Mercenaries and Phase World and I'm not finding it. Could someone provide me with a book title and page number, please?
Answer: Dimension book 3 phase world sourcebook,pg 54
#8: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Oct 2005 09:43

What is the PPE capacity for the ARS-500 scanning device? It lists costs for its various abilities and the fact that it had a PPE battery, but it never gave a PPE capacity.

Good question. They'd probably have a few different batteries, with the base unit having a 100 point battery. If you'd want a more powerful battery say a 200 pointer it would probably cost are 250,000 and a cool mill for a 300 pointer. Of course as a G.M. you could change those as you see fit.

On page 122, the MDC by location of the Necron power armor lists a "heavy" Vasher. The MDC listed is greater than a standard Vasher, but the weapon stats for it in the following section are essentially the same as the standard Vasher. Is the higher MDC the only difference?

This was changed from my original, perhaps for balance? Not sure anyway I had:
5D6 M.D. damage for a single shot, 3D6x10 M.D. for a 10 round burst.
Range: 6000 feet
payload: 1000 rounds/100 bursts.

On page 124, the Necro-Posh fighter is detailed. It states under the bonuses section that they are added to the bonuses of the pilot due to the symbiotic connection. However, later is lists fixed stats under the combat bonuses and includes the word "all" in parenthesis after the section heading. This seems to conflict with the previous statement about adding a set of bonuses to the pilots. Am I'm just confused, or is this a typo?

Yeah thats not mine. I'd add the necrons bonuses and the posh natural abilities together. Otherwise just to keep it simple, use the Bonus(all) as you're generic fighter if you don't want to sit and figure out the combined totals.
#9: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Nov 2005 11:47

Question: Can Wormwood Humans Become Crazys, Juicers, Tatoo Men or any other MM just for Humans?
Answer: And by the way, the Answer would be "yes they can."
Wormwood Humans are in Canon stated to be MDC, "...but Human in every other way."
#10: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Dec 2005 12:21

Question: 1) I've been wondering this for a while. The Bhlaze aliens from Scrypers
have the major power Energy Absorb, but it says they take 1/2 damage
from energy attacks such as fire, lightning, sound, etc. They take no
damage from light or energy attacks because they have Energy Expulsion
Superior. Question How can this be if they have Energy Absorb?
Isn't that power always on, doesn't seem to make much sense to me.
2) Furthermore, what is the exact limit of energy that can be absorbed?
I mean if you use the stats from Alien Ulimited, will energy absorb
work against Space Ship energy weapons that do hundreds of
points of damage without any ill effects.
Answer: 1) You're right, it doesn't make any sense, either ignore Energy Absorbtion, or ignore the Resistant to Energy ability.
2) 1 gigawatt per level of experience.
#11: Author: Guest, Posted: 4 Feb 2006 19:14

Question: A buddy and I are getting ready to start a Robotech/Phase World campaign, and we've come upon something that isn't exactly covered in the books. We're trying to find the recharge times for REF Fold Drives and Phase World CG/P/R-Drives. We've found times for how long the drives can stay on, but nothing for how long they take to recharge/reset for the next use. Any ideas?
Answer: the only real limit on a protoculture-powered vessle is simply the raw amount of protoculture that can be carried.
I far as I can tell, CG and P-Drives have no recharge time, at least none that I can find in canon. If I read it right CG drive is always on with ships running one. As for a map if the Three Galaxies, I wish. I do hope they put one out some day, even a ruff drawing would be nice.
#12: Author: Guest, Posted: 4 Mar 2006 16:17

Question: Can I please get a weight for the Silverhawk Multi-rifle, and a cost for it (seperate from the power armour)?
Answer: Well, the P-Beam/HI-Laser Combo would be about 20lbs, whereas the grenade launcher portion would weigh about 150lbs It's got a payload of 200 grenades), so you're looking at a rough weight of 170-180lbs (probably more since you'd need to hook it into an energy supply of some sort). The cost, exclusive of an independent power supply would be roughly 225,000-250,000 credits.
#13: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Apr 2006 12:24

Question: He is the problem, At the end of the last session, The pc's starship was hit by the main gun of the SDF-3, However one of the characters is a power leech.
Because the obsorb all ebergy blast directed at them and the grow 20% larger for every 100 md, What should happen to the Leech
Answer: This is the gun that destroys ANYTHING right?
If so this is what I would do:
He dies along with the rest of the crew.
Either the beam blows a hole in the ship and then connects with the leech and he grows and grows an mashs himself inside the ship and dies of crushing damage or he is missed by the beam and is sucked throught the hole into the vacuum of space and dies.

Question: I'm sure this has already been asked and I apologize for it and I'm sure I'm missing something BUT.. all creatures in wormwood are MDC creatures.. fine got that. Anyone coming from anywhere else to Wormwood remains a SDC creature thats SDC to begin with.. got that.. how in the world do they hurt each other? I mean a sword is an SDC weapon. I understand the Apok can use any SDC weapon as MDC but what about everyone else. The book says they bring weapons from other worlds but does that all SDC weapons are useless to everyone but the Apok? Also what kind of weapons are used by either sides in the way of blade/blunt weapons or for that matter how would the average merc/soldier/peasant defend themselves? TW weapons are great but not everyone can use them. Are blade/blunt weapons made in wormwood MDC damage weapons and if so if they are carried to say Rifts Earth do they remain so? There isn't much if any mention of regular weapons in the wormwood book.
Answer: Officially, your observations are correct. Only certain classes in Wormwood have the capacity to inflict Mega Damage with their bare hands, and for Mega Damage weapons, you have to look in some other book.
However, according to Steve Trustrum's semi-official Wormwood FAQ, Wormwood denizens without supernatural strength or special damage listed inflict Mega Damage when striking Mega Damage targets, and SDC damage when striking SDC targets.
#14: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 May 2006 21:58

Question: I recently rolled up a Wolfen R.C.C. with a FWC air/space corps O.C.C.. And I noticed in the skills section of the O.C.C. radio: deep space. When I went to get the base skill level, both the GM and myself couldn't find it in either Phase World, Three Galaxies book or the Ultimate Edition. Where would that skill be listed?
Answer: Rifts: Manhunter
#15: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Sep 2006 06:22

Question: If a Wormwood human "native" (and I use that term lightly) is plunked via "rifts-plot-device" on Rifts Earth, do they continue to be an MD being?
Answer: Yes, as is specifically stated on page 45 of Wormwood.
#16: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jan 2007 20:05

Question: I only have the Anvil galaxy,so What are the rules I need to follow to make Spaceships?
Answer: For spaceship construction see Mutants in Orbit, Rifter #34, Rifts Manhunter, Aliens Unlimited Galaxy Guide or TMNT Guide to the Universe (the latter two would require conversion to M.D.C. if used in Rifts). Both the Phase World and Phase world Sourcebook have additional notes for spaceships in the Phase World setting.

Question: 1) I was curious as to what they damage and rules on doing a body slam as a cosmo-knight might look like. I am sure that they would take some damage from it too, but im sure it could be dealt with. I recall reading something about having a setup for super speed in the HU book, but I no longer have that book, and im not sure it would be the same, as mach speed differs as you have more or less humidity and temp as well.
2) as an off question, anyone know what the CS numbers would look like these days? a few battles have been going on and im sure that it would make sense to launch an attack with several forces united, if the numbers were small enough. Anyways that is just a side note/question.
3) are any rules or info on building an AI? The AI skill seems to be based around talking to and reprogramming an AI...And the skills needed are pretty low for that kind of work aswell.
4) What would happen if a cosmo-knight got turned into a vampire? Would he just assume the highest regen and so on? obviously the first evil act he commited would make him a fallen knight, BUT they are immune to mind control. Doesnt that make the fallen knights immune to the influence of an alien intelligence?
Answer: 1) Damage is 2D4 per 10 mph, with the Cosmo-Knight taking the same damage.
2) The CS has an estimated population of 11+ million people, exclusive of Free Quebec.
3) See the Robot construction rules in SB1.
4) Cosmo-Knights are supernatural beings and can NOT be turned into vampires.
#17: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Jun 2007 10:13

Question: Apok, what powers do they have and lose on rifts earth? ... Cant seem to find my wormwood book ... I remember there were some things that they could only do in wormwood, but i cant remember ... anyone care to refresh my memory?
Answer: According to page 45 of Wormwood, characters who derive their powers from Wormwood itself, including "the Wormspeaker, confessors and priest," lose ALL of their special O.C.C. abilities and powers when separated from the Living Planet. From other sources, we know that Confessors were the original name for Apoks in earlier drafts of the book (later becoming the name of one specific apok).
Thus, an Apok rifted to another world loses his powers of Communion with Wormwood; immunities to Horror Factor, mind control, and possession; supernatural strength and endurance; and all the powers of his mask (which presumably either dies like most symbiotes or is rendered inert). The character retains his M.D.C., P.P.E., ability to meditate, skills, and any equipment that can survive away from Wormwood.
#18: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Jul 2007 16:49

Question: Alright, I was reading through my dimension books and it came to me, which Palladium games have which energy matrix? Is there a cannon mention of it somewhere or is it a make it up as you go kind of a thing? Basically if a spaceship from HU2 skips off a black hole and ends up in the three galaxies would it function?
Answer: Its up to the GM.

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Question: Would any of the Telemechanic abilities work on the Machine people race as they are outlined in Phaseworld? The writeup implies that they are both machine and alive and artificial inteligences.

Answer: The basic Telemechanics power would allow for telepathic communication with Machine People, but nothing else. Machine People are subject to Telemechanic Possession, but save on a 12 or better. Machine People are completely immune to Telemechanic Mental Operation and Telemechanic Paralysis.

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Question: What is the difference in the passage of time between the 3 galaxies and the palladium world? That is, every minute in palladium corresponds to how many minutes Phase world?

Answer: Presumably, time passes at the same rate between the two dimensions.

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them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
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Question: If a Cosmo-Knight is killed, does his Cosmic Weapon disappear, and if not can someone else use it? It does state that it can be taken by someone else,but not if the thief can use it.
Second Question It states that a Comic weapon is indestructible and can be a shield. So if I was to make it a tower shield to shield myself from any damage i did not wish to take.

Answer: As the weapon is "a living part of the cosmo-knight," I would assume that its existence is tied to the knight's, and thus the weapon vanishes if the knight dies. While the cosmic weapon can be stolen, it will always try to get back to its rightful owner, and the thief must somehow restrain the weapon to keep it in his possession.

A cosmic shield does not make the character invulnerable; unless it is invested with the Force Field power, it can only block damage that the knight successfully parries, and even with the Force Field, all-around protection is only temporary.

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them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
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Question: On page 68 of Phase World, detect ambush is listed twice. I am wondering if there is supposed to be another skill in place of the second ambush.

Answer: No, it's just a misprint. The Quatoria character sheet at the back of the book (p. 208) has the correct skill list.

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Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles
them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
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