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#1: Rifts FAQ Author: Guest, Posted: 18 Feb 2005 13:26

Question: I guess this question is really two questions in one. First would True Atlanteans suffer any ill effects from a Juicer Conversion?
Secondly, if a True Atlantean were converted into a Juicer, being that an Atlantean's lifespan is roughly six times longer than a human's, Would he last six times longer as a Juicer?
Answer: According to Juicer Uprising, True Atlantean Juicers suffer the same penalties and side effects as humans. They can however live longer than human Juicers, having a typical lifespan of 11-16 years.

Question: Could anyone explain to me how an extra 4 to 8 years with a Temporal Raider makes you uglier?
Answer: Overall wear and aging on the body from the character's experiences during the period of servitude, kind of like a 20 year old meth addict who looks 50.

Question: Could an Altaran blind warrior-woman get bio-borg eyes and thus see? I don't think cybernetic ones would work, since they prolly dont actually have optic nerves; however, the bio-borg ones are magical in nature, rather than tech...
Answer: According to their description they are anatomically complete and healthy, aside from being blind and sterile. This, coupled with the fact that they always wear protective eyewear, suggests that they do have eyes and optic nerves (and are light sensitive), but are blind due to genetic factors.
Therefore, both cybernetic and bio-wizard eyes will work, but the formerly blind warrior woman should require several weeks or even months of acclimation and adjustment to the sense of sight, since it is afterall something she's never experienced. It may also be advisable to reduce the range and acuity of the altarans' other heightened senses by 5-30% to compensate for the advantages of vision.

Question: Is the Chi M.D. Death Blow something ANYONE can learn?
Answer: No. It is an exclusive OCC ability only.

Question: What is the lifespan of an Anti-monster?
Answer: Effectively immortal. They don't tend to live long though, given their violent lives and complications that may occur from the conversion. As stated in SA1 they frequently die from implant rejection or violence within the first 15 years after conversion.

Question: the Titan RCC in Rifts CB1 p98 gets to Dim Teleport at 45% as a natural ability.
since they can be other classes rather than a mage, what qualifies as a "personal Sanctuary" as per the spell ?
someplace they're very familiar with ? (eg, they've spent at least 72 hours there, or that non-mage Titans can never teleport to someplace specific?)
Answer: A sanctuary is a sanctuary, as defined by the spell, regardless of whether it is a spell or a natural ability.
Note: It is not yet clear whether creatures that can D-Port as a natural ability actually need a sanctuary like a spellcaster does. It could be argued that a dragon, titan, demon etc., can teleport to any location in the given dimension that it has been to, or to its home base without the need for a teleportation circle or ley line nexus, simply because it is a natural ability. Another option might be to use the percentile roll to determine accuracy as well as successful activation.

Question: A male Sea Titan out to see the world "strolls through the cabbage patch" with a female Cyber-Knight in North America. In true shore leave fashion she awakens the next morning to find him gone, but nine months later has a bouncing baby something to remember him by. The child is raised among normal humans, none of whom know about the supernatural nature of Sea Titans. He enters the order and is knighted, still not having gone through the change from normal to supernatural. Some time after the Knight reaches level 4, and the cyber armor becomes a living part of him, the change occurs. Here's where the question comes in...
A Sea Titan's body rejects cybernetic implants, but after level 4 the Cyber Armor becomes a living part of the Knight's body. So under the above circumstances would our subject in retain his Cyber Armor, or would his body reject the armor and, given the degree to which the armor had become a part of him, scar him for life and likely leave him in constant pain. Or, if the body did reject the armor, would the shock and trauma of separation kill him despite his newfound powers?
Answer: So long as the Sea Titan was a level 4 Cyber Knight before their abilities matured I would say they keep it since SoT4 says the armor becomes a living part of the knight. If the armor is not a living part of the knight before they mature then it would be rejected by the Sea Titans body since they can't have any cybernetics/bionics and will expel them.

Question: After picking up Rifts: South America One and having a look at the Totem Warrior O.C.C. (pg. 147), I realized that the number of "other" skills available aren't listed. I'm hoping I missed it somewhere as I really want to make a Totem Warrior character. How many "other" skills should it be?
Answer: The absent listing is a misprint. The Totem Warrior receives eight "other"/OCC related skills at level 1, plus another at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.

Question: Maybe I'm blind, but I couldn't find the PPE listing for the Sunaj Assassin. Do they simply have the standard PPE base of the True Atlantean RCC, or do they have base PPE and progression similar to the Undead Slayer or Monster Hunter?
Answer: I don't see it either; I'd give them the Undead Slayer stats.

Question: How much are missles (mini-short-medium-long)? I'm unable to find their prices in the books
Answer: In Rifts, The missile costs can be found in Rifts Sourcebook 1 pages 55 and 56 and the Rifts GM Screen. Missile costs can also be found in Rifts: Japan, the Phaseworld books, Manhunter, Mutants in Orbit, Triax, Underseas (Torpedos), and probably a few other books.
For Heroes Unlimited, check out Heroes Unlimited Second Edition and Aliens Unlimited - Galaxy Guide. See also pages 256-257 of RUE.

Question: The Rifts GM's Guide spells out the rules for mixing Mega Damage melee weapons and Supernatural Strength. There is no confusion there in that rule.
However, robots, power armor and a few select 'borgs have Robotic Strength, which also is capable of inflicting Mega Damage in hand to hand combat, though not as powerful as Supernatural P.S. Shouldn't these two use the same (or similar) rule when they use a Mega Damage melee weapon like a vibro-blade? And if so, should they be granted full access to the PS Damage Bonus? Or since Robotic Strength is weaker, should they receive a reduced bonus, like maybe half that listed?
Answer: Robotic Strength should follow the exact same rules as Supernatural Strength in this regard. Damage bonuses from P.S. in both cases only apply to S.D.C. attacks, but the full bonus would be used when applicable.
Note however that the Rifts Sourcebook (page 5), Rifts Game Master Guide (page 26), and Revised Rifts Conversion Book (page 10) each provide conflicting rules regarding the use of Mega Damage melee weapons by supernatural and robotic beings. Exactly which to use (if any) is up to the individual GM.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): The official rules for Robotic Strength are found on page 285 of RUE.

Question: Hey does anyone know how a character selects the martial arts powers in rifts japan? Do they cost skills? Or are they selected in place of psionic powers? If so what is required to select one?...I noticed several classes start out with one or two powers but most are not inherint to any class and I can't find where the book explains martial arts power selection.
any help would be appreciated
Answer: The Mystic Martial Art Powers are available exclusively to the Mystic Ninja, Bishamon Fighting Monk, Sohei Warrior Monk, Yamabushi Mountain Priest, and Demon Queller. Exactly which powers and when they are gained are listed in the individual OCC descriptions.

Question: Mind melters, Psi-Stalkers and Bursters are all referred to in the main book as different Races. Does that mean they can't mate with humans anymore, or are they still human, but with enhanced abilities.
Next (assuming they still are human), can they receive Magic Tattoos under special circumstances?
Answer: Humans can have a wide variety of psionics (minor, major and master). In most cases they can still breed with other humans of psionic or non-psionic in nature. The psi-powers are essentially a part of the Human genetics according to Dr. Desmond Bradford (see World Book 13: Lone Star), Thus a Mind Melter and Bursters can mate with each other and other normal humans.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): Psi-Stalkers are mutant humans, so they can no longer mate with pure breed humans.
As to getting magic tattoos, the rules for mutants and psychics getting tattoos are found in Rifts World Book 21: Splynn Dimensional Market, page 107.

Question: I was just going through Pantheons of the Megaverse, and noticed something odd. Many of the gods have two MDC ratings....their normal MDC and their Rifts Earth MDC. How is it possible to have non-Rifts MDC? Are these supposed to be listings for RT or something?
Answer: As explained on page 7, True Gods are more powerful in their home dimension than they are on Rifts Earth, having roughly five times more MDC at home than on Rifts Earth. Normally they have to be established in a new dimension for some time (i.e. establish a religion and acquire many worshippers) before they are at full power there.

Question: What piloting skills are required to operate the following Rifts vehicles?
CS Death's Head Transport (Main Book)
Answer: Pilot Death's Head Transport, Coalition War Campaign, page 84.

Question: CS Sky Cycle (Main Book)
Answer: Pilot Skycycles, Coalition War Campaign, page 84.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): Pilot Hovercylces has been expanded to include Skycycles & rocket bikes, so they now use this skill.

Question: NG Sky King (Main Book)
Naruni Crescent Moon Delta-Wing Spaceplane (Mercenaries)
Naruni Boomerang Attack Aerodyne (Mercenaries)
Answer (based on new material in RUE): Pilot Hovercylces has been expanded to include Skycycles & rocket bikes, so the NG Sky King would now use this skill.
All the others use Pilot Jet, except the Delta-Wing, which, when flown in space, would use one of the various Spacecraft piloting skills.

Question: Naruni Carnivore Mark I and Juggernaut Hovertanks (Mercenaries)
Warthrone (Warlords of Russia)
Answer: All Pilot Hovercraft.

Question: Big Boss ATV? How about for the bigger ATV's?
Answer: Pilot Automobile.

Question: By the intent and content of the message from Siege on Tolkeen Two: Coalition Overkill page 12, second column, sixth paragraph about half way down in a video letter from Sergeant Deon Canton to his wife and kids talking about "D-Bee scum, demons, and spell casters" he is referring to himself and wife at least and likely the whole of the Coalition. Now the question remains is it a mistake putting it in or do they follow a god, and if so what one(s)?
Answer: The term "God fearing" usually refers to the Christian God, so I'm guessing that's what it means.

Question: I had a question about somthing that it states under the ninja borg occ. It says you start with a set of armor and it gives the name. I cant remember the name since I dont have the book with me. I cant for the life of me find where the stats of this armor are located. I figured it was a typo. If anyone would be so kind as to give me your thoughts on this. Thanks
Answer: According to the book, a Ninja Borg's standard equipment commonly includes a suit of NF-100 Infiltrator Armor. As you probably noticed, no armor with that designation exists. I would assume it's a typo and that it is actually referring to the IA-100 Infiltrator Armor, found on page 184 of Rifts Japan.

Question: Is the Shifters link to the supernatural limited to evil beings or can good beings be chosen too.
You may not be able to give an answer to this but if good can be chosen would the powers and bonuses be different, if so how?
Answer: According to the Rifts Main Book and Dark Conversions, the Shifter CAN link to good aligned beings. This is rare, and often times a ruse put on by an evil being posing as a good one. Any difference in the abilities granted would be solely at the discretion of the GM, but I personally see no reason to change any of it.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): Page 125 or RUE gives different bonuses based on the type of being linked to.

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#2: Author: Guest, Posted: 24 Feb 2005 11:14

Question: I assume the Fennodi from New West are Master Psychics? they have a super power (but so does the TW) but low ISP.
also, it says they can choose an OCC, so I assume you use the HTH for the OCC and drop all the bonuses for attacks that the RCC gives ?
or use both ?
Answer: Yes to the first one(I belive the book actaully says this.)
And no the the second one.
You use just their H2H and not the one in the OCC.

Question: What Races can get Magic Tattoos. Will you tell me?
Why only those races can get the Magic Tattoos?
Answer: The only races that can benefit from Chiang-Ku/Atlantean/Splugorth Tattoo Magic are:
Humans (excluding certain human mutants)
True Atlanteans
Elves (with severe penalties)
Chiang Ku Dragons
The stated reason for this is that humans (and their nearest relatives) and Chiang-Ku have some special aptitude or preponderence towards Tattoo Magic that no other races possess.

Question: I saw something about the Tauton RCC that was a little confusing. The Book States"Combat: Martial arts and boxing, averaging four to six (plus tail strike) hand to hand melee round attacks, or 2 by magic"
Now, given I own a older Rifts Africa book( the one with the old cover) and this book was made before the Game Masters Guide came out, but is this a mistake on the writers part? Did the writer forget to factor in the two attacks per round any character with Hand to Hand training is supposed to start with?
Answer: Yes they forgot it.
They always forgot it because they really didn't exist at the time. No NPCs made around that time had them.

Question: what I want is to convert some martial arts forms from ninja and super spies in rifts. I've tried comparing ninja and super spies aikido and rifts japan aikido. as my bases. to convert snake style king fu. into a more useable form for rifts, we don't use chi, or chi powers. in my game.
any one have any ideas, or know where I could look.
Answer: Check out Kuseru's website, he does a bunch of that to popular martial arts.

Question: I realize there is the Rogue Scholar in the main book, but I've seen referance to a Scholar.
On a somewhat related note, where was the City Rat variants listed??? I know I just recently read them in one of my books, but now for the life of me it seems to have disappeared. There was also a description of changing OCC's listed as part of the City Rat variant....
Answer: The PF main book also has "scholar" O.C.C. among the optional O.C.C.'s section.
variant city rats are to be found in the Bionics Sourcebook, as well as the Rifts Japan Cyberoid being one too.

Question: The answers to these questions are unlisted in the the NE-C20 armor (found on page 124 in Rifts: Mercenaries) an environmental body armor, and what is it's power source? I'd say yes to environmental considering the picture of it shows it completely covering it's owner, including the head, with no visible breathing holes or slits, and as for the power source, i'm unsure because it seems a bit small to be nuclear powered, yet something with that ability seems to me would need something more then an e-clip. The camo sheets appear to not need a power source. Does this mean that the armor's abilities to change to the color of the dominant background are virtually unlimited and unhindered by the need for a power source?
Answer: The same power source every EBA uses. (This is likely some form of E-battery as most Environmental body armor has a host of electronic systems to power.)
#3: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Mar 2005 11:24

Question: I was wondering....... can a godling take a power such as super-swift or super-strong all three times?
Answer: No.
The book specifically states WHICH "super powers" the godling can take multiple times. Any not specifically mentioned are not available for multiples options.

Question: is it possible for my true atlantian-where tiger-mindmelter-maxi man-stone master with NF-X armor to even really exist???? if not please explain why.
Answer: No. You can't officially cross-breed in the Palladium system.

Question: Does anybody know if this ability (natural dimensional teleport) allows for the teleporting of others or things? Where can I find information about this? Can a balrog grab my character and teleport him into some other dimension then teleport away?
Answer: Yes that is valid.

Question: It says that a Godling O.C.C. can have any hand to hand of choice. Does this mean one could in fact make a Kami Spirit/Godling (sort of the same thing) with a Japanese martial art, or a Chinese god with a chinese hand to hand?
Answer: If you're talking about the Hand to Hand Combat Skills in Rifts Japan or Rifts China 2, then yes, it is entirely possible and perfectly acceptable.
If you mean the Martial Art Forms in Ninjas & Superspies or Mystic China, then no, as Pantheons of the Megaverse only specifies a Hand to Hand Combat Skill of choice, not a Martial Art Form.
[house rule]Personally, I'd be inclined to allow such a Godling to have a Martial Art Form, but only at the cost of one of its divine powers, and possibly two or three powers for Exclusive forms.[/house rule]
#4: Author: Tinker Dragoon, Location: Newberry, Florida, USA Posted: 1 Mar 2005 13:38

Question: The Juicer Assassin has W.P. Sharpshooting: Energy Rifle as an O.C.C. skill. Do I have to choose one of the six abilities a Sharpshooter has or does a Juicer Assassin have all six since their O.C.C. offers it?
Answer: You will have just one of the six Sharpshooter special abilities by default.
All characters with W.P. Sharpshooting only get one of the abilities unless specifically stated otherwise in their O.C.C. description. Additional Sharpshooter abilities are however available by taking W.P. Trick Shooting (found in Warlords of Russia and the RGMG).

Question: 1) In the Trick Shooting section of WP Sharpshooting, #3 allows the character to shoot accurately while on a horse or moving vehicle. Would this also apply to when the character is running/moving, or no?
2) Can the Temporal Warrior OCC take WP Sharpshooting? The rules state that practicioners of magic can't, but Battle Magi can?
3) When using two firearms (one in each hand) and it comes time to reload, how many actions does it take? I'd assume 2, but I'm curious as to what you guys think.
Edit: 4) Regarding Trick Shooting #5, does the "dodge and come up shooting" mean that both dodging and shooting are done in 1 action, or it takes 2 (one to dodge, next to shoot)? I could have sworn that this was covered somewhere, but I searched and couldn't find it.
Answer: 1) No, it's quite specific to riding a horse or on a moving vehicle.
2) No, again. The Battle Magus OCC gives him the skill already as part of it's package.
3) I'd agree with you on that one. It takes 1 action for a trained person (i.e. WP) to reload a weapon. It's two weapons, so 2 actions total.
4) I remember in CB1 describing what circumstances a shot would be considered wild, and I think it mentioned the attack directly after a dodge counted as a wild. I must check the book on that one, but we've always taken it that this trick shooting allowed for accurate strikes after a dodge.
#5: Author: Guest, Posted: 29 Mar 2005 05:54

Question: Is a Godling an O.C.C. or an R.C.C. and what book has the format for creating one? Also can they change O.C.C.or to an O.C.C. if Godling is an R.C.C. like changing to a Cosmo Knight?
Answer: It's a RCC, found in the Pantheons of the Megaverse book. They can't change around OCC/RCC.
The demigod, found in same book, can select a OCC though.

Question: Realizing the old FAQ states Undead Slayers do not have Supernatural PS, why do the NPC's listed on p109 of Rifts England and p64 of Splynn Dimensional Market have it? The one in England lacks even the Chain of Strength tattoo.
Answer: Because the old FAQ was wrong.

Question: Has anyone seen any instances of a Phoenix RCC, whether as a PC or familiar?
Answer: The Goddess Bennu, covered in Rifts Africa.

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#6: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 May 2005 08:29

Question: I have an Old Believer and have been having an issue with my GM and was hoping to get some input.
I want to be able to learn new spells. Like, I want to be able to be taught them and learn new ones outside of gaining them with levels.
The GM's stance is basically "the book doesn't say you specifically can, so you can't". While I can understand this, I'd still like to know if I can. What do you all think?
Answer: The Old Believer gains spells like a mystic, they can't learn them otherwise.

Question: This recently crossed my mind. Lets say "John Silverwire" became a Phaeton Juicer. John recieves serious bonuses to piloting skills and abilities. Three years later, John, having amassed a large wealth, wants to detox and to become a full conversion borg. Now, the question is, a Phaeton Juicer recieves thier piloting bonuses due to the nature of thier juicer conversion, but do they still retain these piloting bonuses after a detox?
Answer: No.

Question: In Rifts South America World book 6: The Soul Worm NPC on 128/129 has two listing for PP and was wondering which one was correct. Is it the 4D6 + 4 or 1D6+20?
Answer: 1D6+20

Question: Demigod PPE -- when you choose power #10 does the demigod automatically get the godling's PPE too ? (which is 4d6x10 + 4D6 per level)
under PPE it mentions the OCC + 4D6 for the Demigod.
is that: if the OCC is 1D6x10 it becomes 1D6x10+4D6 plus what the OCC gets per level -- or is it something else ? someone was saying the 4D6 is the per level.
same with #9 and ISP.
Answer: 1) No. Only the Godling gets the Godling's P.P.E. base.
2) The 4D6 bonus applies to base P.P.E./I.S.P. only, so if the Demigod's O.C.C. has 6D6 P.P.E., the Demigod will have 10D6 P.P.E.

Question: In Underseas, on page 212 the Pilot skill Advanced Deep Sea Diving is listed without skill percentages or bonuses to other skills. Is this a mistake? It is not listed on the Cutting Room Floor either. Maybe it was corrected in a later printing? Please help.
Answer: According to the Rifts' GMG, the skill is 40%+5% per level.

Question: Since a battle magus can get sharpshooting with magical energy blasts, and the bonuses to strike with energy blasts are often inadequate, yet benefit from PP, do you think it would be fair to make an ancient WP skill that corresponds with the strike bonuses you get from modern WP for use with magical (conjured) energy blasts, psionics blasts, and natural energy blasts (super powers)?
I'm thinking you could make one skill for each of the three, to balance out the benefits they would give. Since many powers already come with their own strike bonuses (similar to a well-designed Wilks) perhaps to offset that, the bonuses could be slightly less, +1 to strike at level 1 instead of +3 I guess. I just think there should be some improvement in hand-eye coordination of these bolt-flingers over time.
Answer: 1. The Battle Magus is munchkiny (insert something not nice). You should not use it as a basis for anything.
2. If you give PP bonuses, then you should not give WP bonuses. Conversely, if you make a WP Energy Blast, then people should no longer get their PP bonuses for it.

Question: What book does it talk about Jade items and weapons inflicting more damage to demons and such?
Answer: Rifts China 2, page 110.

Question: I have a question about the Samurai's Chi M.D. Death Blow. On page 47 of Rifts: Japan it says "The chi M.D. death blow draws on the character's P.P.E. reserve of mystic inner energy and can be considered a magical attack."
Does this mean the attack cost the character an amount of P.P.E? If this is the case how much does it cost, and where can I find the rules regarding this cost?
Answer: Yes, 3D6. You can basically find them in PFRPG 2nd Edition, under the Palladin OCC.

Question: Can someone tell my specific pages where I can read about the detox process of juicers?
Answer: page 70 of Rifts main book. Page 80 of RUE.

Question: Ok this question has always been in the back of my mind.
If we ignore Casters and Psionics, etc. And concentrate solely on Melee for a second, there is an issue that I have always had with the SDC vs MDC situation.
You can have a SUpernatural being with an 18 Strength, and if he uses an MDC weapon, he gets to add his Str Bonus. This is fine, makes perfect sense.
Yet you can take a Human, who somehow manages to have a 40 Str (It is easy to do once you consider physical skills.) And he can not add his bonus.
Now I understand the reasoning for this. BUT, my question is, what good is high strength on an SDC being, if they can nevere use their bonus. In most of the Rifts settings, the encounters are MDC encounters.
We end up with a character who can carry a lot more than usual, and that is about it.
I see this problem in Splicers even more than normal Rifts. At least in Rifts there are ways to make the character SN. In Splicers, most toons are SDC, only a couple have access to Host Armor. So once again, we have a situation where a character can have a 40 Str (even easier do to having more physical skills) And it plays no part in combat.
Even normal human strength should be important at higher levels when in hth combat.
Answer: Sure he does... it's just an SDC bonus.
Against MDC creatures, this doesn't do much good (unless you have a melee weapon that deals 75+SDC in a single hit, then your strength might push you over the top and let you inflict 1 MD).
That is up to the GM.
Most GM's and players like to use a lot of megadamage stuff, but then they are the ones to blame for lack of SDC opportunities (of course, Palladium does a LOT to enrourage this).
Grapple. Then your strength comes in handy.
For that matter, there are a number of weapons that can't be used by people with strength under 20 or so.
Also, high SDC strength comes in handy when fighting vampires, were-creatures, and other demons/monsters who have vulneraibilities to certain SDC materials.
I had a N&S character with PS 31 end up in Rifts Mexico and he kicked a lot of butt... he had Moo Gi Gong, so he could use paired stakes. With his PS damage, he could really mess the vamps up.

Question: Ok folks, this question involves real life fact mixed with gaming (I know, never a good idea to mix RPGs with reality). When I say dogs, Im refering to ALL dog like races such as Wolfen, Dog Boys, etc. (NOT to include Lycanthropes though!) Do Dog Boys and the other canine races have color vision? Now, one could remove the Dog Boys from this and say that they were genetically engineered to have color vision...but races like the Wolfen are naturally born, not spliced genes in a test tube.
So, there you have it: Do any/some of these races have color vision?
Note: This is assuming everyone reading this question actually realizes that your dog Spot sees only in monochrome
Answer: Best guess is that dogs are red/green color blind and see everything else as somewhat muted. their vision is optimised for hunting in low light and for spotting movement.
Now for the in game answer.
In Rifts Lone Star it states that Dog Boys have color vision in the same range as humans, but slightly muted.
In Conversion book 1, in the section on the canine races. (wolfen, coyles and kankorans.) it states under 'natural abilitys' for each race that they have excellent daylight color vision.
So in game the answer is yes, canine races have color vision

Question: If you pick Gymnastics or Acrobatics (in Rifts) you get a base prowl ability of 30%. Now does this increase in level or in order for it to increase you would need to actually select the prowl skill? Same with climb as well.
Answer: No it doesn't increase, you'd need to select the actual skill.

Question: I'm reading through the Federation of Magic (older version) and I came upon the events with the ruins of chicago and how it was the Grand City at the time. Can someone tell me, what is it now, ruins, or still a source of magic collections, or what? Is the city deserted or inhabited, and if possible, are there any books and page numbers that speak specifically of the ruins itself?
Answer: WB 11 Warmachine says that it has inhabitats, mostly d-bees, "undesirables", and demons. The CS sends recruits in for field training to get combat experience against relatively simple critters. After all these years, its mostly ruins, but stuff still lives there.

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#7: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 May 2005 19:05

Question: Making a Rifts character, mutant Operator.
Abilities: Extraordinary Physical Endurance, Body Weapons, Supernatural Strength, Create Force field, and Natural Combat Ability.
My question is: the Extra.PE makes him an MDC creature, would that make his Body Weapons MDC weapons?
Answer: No the Extraordinary PE would not make the weapons do MDC, however, the Supernatural Strength would.

Question: Hmm...are the effects of the Draining Blade accumulative?
Answer: Yes

Question: An unusual situation has come up during my last gamming session. The gm (a relative newbie gm) has given my True Incan Demigod a choice to allow an entity to possess him or not. My character has the powers from Viracocha, including immunity to all forms of possession and mind control. My character is psionically healing a npc who is possessed by a unique entity, and evidently i have to allow the entity to posess me , or i can't heal the npc. The way i understand it that power (p. 21 in South America 2) and the identical one in Pantheons are always on, and you can't control them. Even if i wanted to become possessed, i couldn't. I just wanted to get another opinion, even though it seems really clear, just to sastify the gm
Answer: Immunity is immunity.
You can't just choose you be not immune.

Question: now i dont realy remember if it says anything but is it posable to mix the technologys of a ultra crazy (( south amaraca 2 )) and a dragon juicer...also does anyone know what book i can look in to find out about the east coast like newyork and such
Answer: No to both.

Question: Some background:
...even with the assurance of the bomb implant. This augmentation is top secret and carefully guarded - it will NOT fall into the hands of others!
from page 45 in Juicer Uprising
...the following is a listing of common "small units" deployed by Tolkeen...
Juicer Strike Team
1 mega-juicer or delphi-Juicer, Dragon Juicer or Psycho-Stalker Juicer
from page 148-149 in Rifts: Siege on Tolkeen - Chapter One
Now here is the question, didn't the writers of Juicer Uprising make it clear that the Psycho Stalker Juicer was a CS only creation. Now they stoped letting this out except for the very first, because of the brain implant that goes boom if they go AWOL.
From the writings in the Siege on Tolkeen chapter one, this juicer conversion did get out because they are an option for a Tolkeen strike force.
Is this a mistake, or I am reading too much or too little into something here?
Answer: It's a mistake. Make of it what you will.

Question: Can juicers dodge lasers or bullets?
Answer: They have the opportunity to attempt to do so. That is no guarantee of success.

Question: This is a question for all of you game masters out there. When in The regular Rifts© RPG, The Description of each Class/Character Gives a description, Special Bonuses, O.C.C. Skills, O.C.C. Related Skills, Secondary Skills, Equipment, Money, and the code of ethics type stuff in the case of the Cyber knight. Does the character get all of the O.C.C. Skills as well them getting to pick the 14 O.C.C. Related Skills and the 7 Secondary Skill. (Refer to page 62-65 of the origional manual for the exact words.)
Answer: Yes, the Cyberknight gets ALL those skills.

Question: Is there any book that has SDC stats for a Zombie? I don't know of any, but I don't have every book.
Answer: The main Rifts book, p. 187. RUE, page 223

Question: What XP Table should the Mutant Cats from WB1: Vampire Kingdoms use? Do they have the same psychic abilities as the Dog Boys?
Answer: See Rifts: Lone Star. They are the Mutant Cats of the Coalition's Lone Star Complex.
And the Powers and Abilities that they have varies from Cat (Sub-species) to Cat, sometimes drastically.....

Question: The RGMG has additional martial arts in it which I assume are the ones I often see people talking about from rifts japan. how many skills are they supposed to cost?
Answer: Since they are really only available to the characters in Japan (in Rifts), it will tell you under each OCC what HtH can be selected and how many extra skills (if any) it will cost.
Otherwise, no other characters can select them anyway.

Question: I haven't been able to find a thread on this one, so I apologize if it's been covered before. How do you play a character with Major & Minor Superpowers from HU in Rifts? I would think that they could pass for a "normal" human in Chi-Town or other pro human environment as their powers would be natural abilities, right?
Answer: Conversion book 1 has the rules for converting HU characters to rifts as well as the rules for characters with superpowers who are native to rifts earth. Whether or not they pass for "normal" in Chi-Town depends on what superpowers they have.

Question: What happens when a Supernaturally strong character (Supernatural P.S.) wears a power armor that provides a lower Robotic PS? I was under the impression that the Power Armor could only take so much stress (general robotic PS) before it quits functioning. Any suggestions on the scenario?
Answer: Just because he is strong enough to damage the armor does not mean he has to. The armor would only act as a restraint if he was trying to do something that the armor was not capable of doing. Even so, I would rule that for PA the synthetic PS that the armor provides could easily be disabled, and the player could use his own PS to move the armor.

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Question: If a character is an MDC creature(dragon, Undead Slayer, Mutant Extra. PE, etc) how fast do they recover Physical MDC? I cannot find this anywhere, but i do remember seeing it somehwere!
Answer: According to the Original Conversion Book, M.D.C. creatures recover 2D6 M.D.C. every 24 hours unless otherwise stated. I do not know if this has changed in the Revised Conversion Book.
Dragons, vampires, demons, and many other supernatural M.D.C. creatures heal much faster than this, with the specific rates listed among their abilities and powers.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): There is no listing for the recovery of normal MDC in RUE, despite the statement on page 289 (which basically leads you to a repeat of everything on pages 288-289, with some expansion in certain areas).

Question: 1) Are all bonuses from OCC's described in the "Experience Level" section of God description cumilative?
p 41 RWB:Africa
Anubis, Lord of the Dead
Experience Level: 14th level Necromancer, 8th level Diabolist and Stone Master
Magic Powers:....Opponent must save against a 15 or higher to save Vs magic.
2) do you ad the cumilative bonuses to save vs. magic, spell strength, abilities and powers, etc.. of all the OCC's described?
3) this would give Anubis a spell strength of 19!!! is this correct? ( including the 4 from Shifter/diabolist)
4) also do you consider that he is a 30th level character in regards to skills?...
5) Ex Wp sword gives you a plus one at different levels of experience, added together it would be a plus five at 14th level. But as a 30th level character would you ad a plus one every 4th level after 14?
Answer: 1) No.
2) No.
3) No.
4) No.
5) No.

Question: I found an NPC in Siege of Tolkeen 6 that uses the C'ro mage RCC, (can't remember the page number). I was just wondering where I can find this RCC, and is it meant for player characters?
Answer: Mindwerks, pp. 56-58. As Greater Demons, they are not intended as player characters, but that is really up to you and your GM.

Question: Can True Atlanteans become Ultra-crazies?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is there a Palladium book that describe in depth the Runesmith O.C.C.?
Answer: CB2: Pantheons of the Megaverse covers Asgardian Dwarves, who can be runesmiths.

Question: Can anyone tell me where the stats are for Bows & Crossbows in Rifts?
Answer: Page 32 of the RMB, under the WP archery and targeting. RGMG, pages 79 & 128. RUE, Page 326.

Question: Where does it say Undead slayers/monster hunters get supernatural strength? All I can find and read is that they become supernatural and I believe that in itself doesn't mean you get it.
Answer: They can temporarily increase their strength with the appropriate magic tattoo.

Question: On the RMB some O.C.C.’s do not have any starting language as an O.C.C. skill. Does this mean a starting character with that O.C.C. has to spend Other/Secondary skills to buy his or her native language? MY RMB is the 1st edition so I am not sure this is a mistake corrected in latter editions or if I am missing something.
Answer: In Rifts, all characters have their native language 98% to start. They have to communicate somehow.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): Native Language at 98% was included in the OCC descriptions.

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Question: hey all ive seen some characters that have made me wonder...are they actually the psi stalker.......i have seen a stalker become a cyber this possible/legal as per the rules? if so is it also possible that a psi-stalker can become a phase mystic? since stalkers are psychic human mutants and phase mystics are psychics trained to be phase mystics is it possible? or for a stalker to be trained in any other occ type? how about if some get captured in a splugie slave raid ad they get turned into T-Men? any thoughts or other ideas?
Answer: If the RCC specifically says they can take an OCC, or a later OCC says that a specific RCC(s) can select it, then they can.

Question: A Juicer's Bio-Comp has both "synthesized drugs", and IRMSS robots (RMB p.68 & 69).
RMB p.247 details the cost of an IRMSS system, but not for a recharge on the robots.
Nothing I know of discusses the cost of the drugs (I've looked through JU several times).
Ok, what did I miss? Is there anything, anywhere, that says how often and how expensive it is to replenish the bio-comp's drugs and IRMSS robots?
Answer: A three month supply for a Euro Juicer can range from 85 to 125K.
So I would have a 6 month supply for a standard Juicer run anywhere from 200 to 300K

Question: here is a question i have concerning the starting gear for a psi druid. it says in the psyscape book that they get a suit of NON-EVIRONMENTAL mdc armor. only thing is i cant seem to find one that is mdc and non eva other than a couple of them in the new west book that just dont seem to be fitting as this is for a game not set in the new west (at least not anytime soon) also it says 2d4 magic herbs from rifts england. the descriptions on them have them as being native to england and europe in the first place and second of all how is a PSI-DRUID going to be able to actually USE MAGIC HERBS??!!
Any suit of MDC armor is non-environmental if it is not properly sealed, or if it lacks a helmet.
A number of the herbs listed in Rifts: Enlgand grow in the US and other places around the world.
Most (all?) of the magic herbs can, once enchanted, be used by anybody.

Question: I know it's a JA-11, but does anybody know what all the mods are that are mentioned? A few times he mentions an AQ-3 which I think is his scope, but I can't find it anywhere in the books. Am I missing something or were his items just not included in the RPG books? It also mentions an SCMS (Sensor Counter Measure System), anybody have any idea if/where this is located in the books?
Answer (based on new material in RUE): Standard laser targetting system and telescopic/IR scope.

Question: Ok i know this is a noob question but im a noob so i guess its ok to ask well i was looking through the rifts handbook and i can not find the Life Span any where and im getting very fustrated and i do not like being like that lol, so if some one can help me plz reply asap.
Answer: For humans?
Only place I know that talks about it is Rifts Lone Star, page 68. Typical Coalition citizen 100-130 years, citizen of Lazlo 100-140, NGR citizen 120-150, Citizen of the republic of japan 140-200.
that's assuming top of the line medical care. in places that don't have the best medical care (IE most places not listed above) the normal lifespan is 45-90 years.

Question: OK...sound off here people...and I want sources too, not just opinions.....lets put our collective heads together and give some answers:
1) Are all Altaran Warrior Women bald? Are they completely hairless?
2) Are all Psi-Stalkers Bald? Are they completely hairless?
3) Is the black circle around a Psi-Stalker's eyes an affectation, like makeup or a tattoo, or is it a genetic condition all PSers have?
Answer (based on new material in RUE): 1) Yes.
Rifts Mercenaries Pg. 91
Captain Myriam
"A very attractive but cold and mostly expressionless woman with short black hair (implanted; naturally hairless)."
2) Psi-Stalkers are totally hairless.
3) Tattoos

Question: It's the newbie asks a question time! Prepare your tomatos and and torches.
1) How does a Lord Magus progress at level 15+? (what skill bonuses do they get? Do they receive more supernatural skills, any new bonuses to saves, how much experiance is needed to level up, etc.)
2) Can a Lord Magus, after they transform into an MDC creature, mate with a normal human? If so, what would the child be?
3) and as for the ask a stupid question part....Where does all the oil for maintaining all the robots and vehicals on Rifts Earth come from?
Answer: 1) Most classes don't have experience tables for progressing pass level 15, I recommend checking the adult dragon experience table and using that as a basis.
2) I would say no. But if he could the child would be normal SDC.
3) Mega-damage whales.

Question: I have a player playing a Robot from Sourcebook 1, but I can't find the experience table he should be using. Can anyone give me the book and page number that has the table, or tell me which other O.C.C./R.C.C. table it uses?
Answer: There is a Robot Soldier OCC in Triax.

Question: just what is the cost to repair mdc armor on vehicles, body armor, power armor, giant robots, etc...?
Answer: SB1, pages 55-56

Question: I've just started playing Rifts again, and I'm out of touch with all the new books.
Are there new rules about armor repair (cost, amount, etc) for vehicles, borgs, and Robots/PA?
I think there was some in Mercs, are there any new books with updated/changed rules?
Answer: Repair rules can be found in Sourcebook One.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): See also pages 312-313 of RUE for more rules on repair and modification, prices remain in SB1.

Question: Hey folks! I was just wondering: if a dimensional anomaly like the Shimmering Waters in Rifts Underseas causes the healing all injuries effect, would it cause the body to reject its cybernetic implants, replacing them with regenerated limbs, organs, and the like?
Answer: No.
You need limb replacement level regeneration for that to happen and that ain't it.

Question: How much do pure silver bullets cost? How much do silver coated bullets cost? Book and page please too.
Answer: pg 137 of the RGMG

Question: How much do MRE's (Rations) cost? Are they available in any good supply store or just limited to coalition states? You'd think it would be in the main book under equipment or the GM guide but if it is I'm not seeing it. Kuseru said it was in Merc Ops but I don't have that book (yet?)
Answer: Merc Ops pages 115-116. Buy the book if you want the information.

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Question: 1) how is the exchange of currency supposed to take place?
2) if a character has 5 million credits is that all on one credit card?
3) what if he is pick pocketed?
4) what if someone goes from atlantis to russia...are the currency one flat standard?
5) if i wanted to go to the fruit vender down the street or buy some drugs off a street dealer am I swiping from a card reader and if so where IS all that money actually? Is there a gold standard, or an actual tangible form of dollars and cents printed by someone?
Answer: 1) Credit or barter transactions.
2) It could be, or he could have it spread out on a number of them.
3) Then it sucks to be him...
4) Nope.
5) Nope.
It's all electronic.

Question: As topic. Let me clarify. With all WPs (or at least the ones that the Gun Master can use), the character receives the +3 aimed shot / +1 burst bonus. With none, he is only limited to the "One With the Gun" bonuses.
Answer: It's recommended that anyone wishing to play a Gunmaster either dump the One with the Gun nonsense and take the appropriate Weapon Proficiencies instead OR give the Gun Master the appropriate Weapon Proficiences, but use the One With The Gun Bonuses instead.

Question: What would be the conversion rate between credits (Rifts), US dollars (HU/NSS/BtS) and gold pieces (PF)?
Answer: The Collected MOPs, p. 110
"Typically, gold will be more valuable in the Rifts world; for now you might figure double to triple as an average; not everybody will pay top value and in many cases, a store will not accept gold or gems as currency. This will again mean getting the precious metal converted into local currency, credits or universal credits thorough a lending institution, with the 2% service fee. The rate of exchange will vary (higher and lower) from place to place, bank to bank."
Modern US dollars would only have value in Rifts to a collector, I do not know of any place in the books that gives the amount that a collector might pay.
The closest that I can find is p. 208 of the Rifts book, under "Precious Metals."
"Old coins in nice condition can be worth 1d6x100 each to a collector."
"Old" in this context could refer to anything pre-rifts, or it could refer to coins that are already ancient by our own standared (Doubloons, Pieces of Eight, etc.).
My Opinion:
Paper money would be extremely rare on Rifts Earth, having long since rotted away. Even the stuff in bank vaults would likely have decomposed, unless possibly the bank was airtight and somehow stayed sealed for hundreds of years.
This would mean that pre-Rifts paper money would likely be valuable, but that it would be so rare that nobody would buy it in bulk. If you stumbled onto a bonanza of modern US cash, most dealers would likely dismiss it as forgeries, simply not believing that you had that much.
The Collected MOPs (p. 108) also have this to say:
"You can think of one credit as one USA or Canadian dollar. However, inflation of the time makes a credit, genrally, worth less than the dollar of today. Many items that we buy today cost two to six times more. This is often reflective of the elite and limited use of technology to mass produce the item (or the control and greed of the Coalition).

Question: I was hoping someone could answer this in context of Coalition Armed Forces.
I basically need Army and Naval Divisions. How many in a squad a company a division a platoon...whatever from the ground up and which rank leads them. I also need to know how this applies to the Coalition Navy and air forces, mechanized units, samas units etc. Is a Samas squad the same size as an infantry squad. How technical officers like warrant chief fit in etc. Does it vary depend on army or navy and airforce. Book references would be appreciated. What's the lowest rank of a base commander?
Answer: Check Rifts Sourcebook 1, page 26, for common small force compositions
Also has limited information about platoon level deployments.
Coalition Navy, SB 4, has information about the CS navy, I think you'll find the information you're looking for starting on page 18.
Also see Coalition War Campaign on page 37 and Rifts Aftermath on page 42.

Question: On page 26 of Rifts: Mercenaries, the Special Forces O.C.C. says that this particular class of Special Forces comes from cities like Manistique Imperium and Ishpeming. I was hoping I might get some books and page numbers for information on these cities. I'd like to know if they're anti d-bee, pro d-bee, their relations with the Coalition, Xiticix, Northern Gun, ect.
Answer: Rifts Aftermath (Page 120-122) is as about as detailed as those kingdoms seem to get.
Rifts Canada barely mentions them strangely enough.
There is a very brief somewhat funny remark in Juicer Uprising on how a 1000 Juicer Mercenaries from the kingdoms of Ishpmeng and Manistique on hearing about the Prometheus Treatment just walked away from their jobs and the kingdoms had to find ways to prevent about 6,000 to 7,000 other mercenaries from walking out too. (pg 135)
And they are of course mentioned in the Rifts Main Book on (page 147).
under Northern Michigan.

Question: When creating an Anti Monster, if I pick skills like Boxing, Body Building, etc, do I get to add the PS, PE, and PP bonuses to my characters ending stats? Im pretty sure that with normal Cyborgs you DO NOT get to do so, but the Anti Monster is quite different, so I thought I would check and see. If not, well then I ONLY get a supernatural PS of 38...if so Im gonna have like a 46 or so I think. LOL
Answer: Yes.
As seen in the picture they have most if not all of their musculature and are not machine like as are Borgs.
Before someone pipes up about how canon pictures are I'll point out that the OCC was based on the picture.

Question: M.D.C. Full Conversion Borgs are metal juggernauts, capable of not only withstanding more damage then conventional power armor, but also hold their own against multiple opponents. My question is, supposed a Full Conversion Borg was stuck in flames, a burning building for example, and the metal around his body, while not being actually harmed by the SDC fire, still heats up, what happens to his internal organs and his brain? The metal body of the borg wouldn't be damaged, but the pieces and parts could reach high temperatures, so, does that cook their human parts alive, or what? Metal conducts heat after all.
Answer: Unless it's M.D.C. fire, it isn't going to do anything. Borgs, regardless of having squishy bits inside, are impervious to S.D.C. damage.

Question: I could swear I read it once out of one of the thousands of pages in print to date, but I could never find it again, (may have been in an early Rifter). I even looked through the FAQ Archive board to see if I could see it there, and again no dice. So I ask you, my fellow nit-pickers and answer makers;
Q: Exactly how long will the power cell (e-clip?) in a vibro knife run the thing continuously for, and what book and page number can this be found on?
Answer: Merc Ops, page 108, the infamous Vibro-Garrote, uses a E-Clip cylinder that powers the weapon for one (1) hour of continuous use.
Merc Ops, page 113, Vibro-Cutters powered by an energy cell that supplies 30 minutes of continuous use or hooked to an E-Clip for 5 hours of use.

Question: Im refering directly to the weapons listed in the WB 6 South America. Are they basically the same as TW weapons/items? ie-can characters that can use TW items also use bio-weapons automatically (example: Anti Monsters can use TW weapons, can they also use Bio-Weapons).
Answer: Anyone can use them.

Question: I've been going through the RGMG, looking for specific information on the Weapon Proficiency of Rail-Guns and their usage. Considering how often Full Conversion Borgs use them, I would have thought there would be easily accessible information as to their catagory in weapon proficiency. It was my opinion that it was under W.P. Heavy Weapons, but the selection fails to mention anything related to it. Can someone point me in the right direction in regards to the right W.P.?
Answer: It falls under W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons. see Rifts main book, page 33.
Answer (based on new material in RUE): In RUE things are even more confusing since "W.P. Heavy Mega-Damage Weapons" only applies to weapon systems (yes, that's right, only weapon systems, based on the description listed). Which leaves Rail Guns to fall under W.P. Energy Rifle...except that only applies to "energy firing rifles." Hopefully they'll fix that in the errata.

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Question: Heres a couple question that has to do with the Anti-Monster itself.
1) One, I know it doesnt list any options under the creation rules for the OCC itself, but...can you swap out any of the spells that are "built-into" the AM when he is first created? I dont mean swapping Chameleon for something like Open Dimensional Rift of course...but spells of the same level etc.
2) Two, it is stated that the A-M can use TW weapons etc...great...but it is also stated that he CANNOT use either his ISP or PPE (and neither can anyone else for that matter). So what friggin good does it do to be able to use a TW item if you cant recharge it when you need to? Who thought that bunch of backwardness up? Has anybody read anything that clarifies this more? I ask because I just picked up a TK blaster for my A-M...and realized that not only do I have a mere 2 ISP and PPE each...but I apparently am not able to use it. I was thinking that this sounds kind of pointless so I figured I would ask on here.
Anyone who can help here it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Answer: 1) No, unless the GM allows you to do so.
2) Get a friend to recharge it for you, get one that charges on it's own, or get one that uses PPE clips of one form or another.

Question: Flipping through RUE last night I couldn't find a perception bonus for Shifters. I'm wondering if some one could tell me where to find it, if it's missing, or if it's suppose to be that way. Other then that I'm loving it so far and the fixed up modern combat rules seem pretty good.
Answer: It's supposed to be that way.

Question: I'm working on a character that is going to be a transffered intelligence category robot. The Source Book Onee RCC. Heres my question; Does the character even have a PE stat, and if so, what is it used for? With a robot body I cant see any of the PE based saves even effecting him...except possibly possession. Any ideas on this one? Thanks!
Answer: No, nor does any other robot, as the attribute is completely meaningless for them. Notably, Possession is not related to P.E., and is still a real danger.
Robots are an R.C.C. Robots are generated according to their own set of rules, outlined on pp. 94-105 of Rifts Sourcebook One (yes HU2 has rules as well, but the question specified Rifts).

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Question: Can the Ley Line Rifter learn spells outside the A/B categories? Can they learn other spells equal to their level of XP?

Answer: They can learn through in-character study any invocational spell or ritual, but no, they cannot learn new spells automatically at new levels other than from A and B. They sacrifice that freedom by learning 2 new spells per level in their specialized area instead of 1 of any kind.

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Question: Is there any saving throw for a spellcaster to resist having his P.P.E. drained by a Psi-Stalker?

Answer: Nope. No save. of course, it's important to remember that the psi-stalker has to physically restrain the spellcaster first.

Question: If a caster wears Heavy armor, can a Psi-Stalker/Hound still track him?

Answer: Yep.

Question: I know it was printed but for the life of me I can't find where the lifespans of humans are in Rifts. Could you tell me the book to look in or give me a quick list of lifespans based on location. Thank you.

Answer: Lone Star, p. 68.

Question: Hi all, me and a friend of mine were discussing a future character of mine for his game (Phase World), and he and I came to a disagreement about the base percentage of the skill itself.

The GM believes the base skill percentage is PP*5%, or literally, .05. As such a person with say... PP 25 would have a base percentage of 1.25 before anything else.

I pointed out several flaws with this reasoning, including but not limited to
a) The fact that NO palladium skill EVER uses decimals or fractions in the percentage itself.
b) That means inhumanly nimble people would never be able to move well in space, and wouldn't have ANY advantage (negligible) compared to a clumsy person.
c) There are no characters statted who use his style of computation for the skill anywhere in the books.

So... whose interpretation is correct, based on the rules as written?

Answer: Your reasoning is correct. The skill percentage is equal to P.P. x 5 (to a maximum of 98%). The percent sign in the book means that it is converted to a percentage, not that it is a mathematical operation.

Question: Has the Ion Burst option for the JA-11 been officialy removed, or was it just left out? I found this to be a great feature for this weapon and was just wondering why, with all the new uber weapons that have come out that this would have been taken out. thanks for any info you can provide.

Answer: It wasen't taken out as such, just nerfed when RUE came out. All M.D.C. weapons of this nature in RUE are single shot per action weapons and you cannot "burst" anymore, so yes, the Ion blaster part of this weapon is totally pointless. Well, not totally, if you come up against, say, a Glitter Boy.

Question: In Rifts Conversion Book 2, The tree Yggdrasil will grant a character "a complete understanding of how magic works, can read runes and all mystic symbols, recognize/read all wards and circles and knows spell magic equal to his level of experience..." my question, that also grants the ability to use ward magic? my bet is no, but some of the players on my group insist otherwise. Who is wrong?

Answer: You can read and recognize wards, but you can't make them. While Odin's own ability as a Diabolist was granted by the world tree, other beings who undergo his ordeal only gain access to normal spell magic, necromancy, and temporal magic.

Question: I have read the skills that allow you to recharge an E-clip, but not any device, how long, or what power-supply is needed.

Answer: That's not a question, but you can find the relevant rules in Rifts Merc Ops.

Question: What is the canister on the bottom of the TX-500 Rail Gun, as depicted in the "Red Borg" painting and Sourcebook One?

Answer: The power pack, presumably.

Question: For a Psi-ghost, does ghosting use up 1 APM, or since he/she "can become tangible or intangible nearly at the speed of thought" (Psyscape pg 65) does that make it take less time than 1 action?

For instance, since a Psi-ghost ghosts at nearly the speed of thought, can one use up 1 APM and perform a front flip and go intangible mid-air? The flip takes up the same amount of time as normal but the Psi-ghost is also going intangible while doing it.

Also, the heightened presence sense power of a Psi-ghost says that "If the Ghost focuses the whole of his attention on this ability (takes 1D4 melee rounds), it becomes a psychic radar that can determine the exact number of presences and pinpoint their precise location!" (Psyscape pg 64) How long does that "heightened" heightened presence sense last? It says the duration for the automatic part of the power but does not indicate any duration for this power that requires extra focus.

I realize that Palladium leaves a lot up to the individual GMs but I want to hear opinions from multiple people. Thanks.

Answer: Actions performed "at the speed of thought" still require one attack per melee, as per RUE, p. 266. As for the super presence sense, it lasts only as long as the character maintains concentration. As soon as you stop, it's over, meaning you can't take any actions until you stop using the power.

Question: The Dirari in D-Bees of North America are obviously combat-capable. They wouldn't have WPs and such otherwise. However, no HTH skill is listed for them, though it does say they do get six physical or psionic attacks per melee. How does all of this work?

I am assuming perhaps HTH is non applicable to them, go with attack numbers listed and bonuses listed?

Answer: Correct. Monsters don't always have hand to hand combat skills as we understand them, but they usually have natural combat abilities that make up for it.

Question: I have a Mind Melter, my first, and have just found out it takes 40+ hours to recover all my ISP (265). The only recovery rates I have found are 6/hr meditating. Thats way slow IMO. One of the players seems to recall that you can burn PPE for ISP at a rate of 1:2. That would allow me to cut down my recovery time as I have 60PPE. Cause if I can then every 6 hrs of meditation I could recover 156 ISP by converting my PPE to ISP. So is there a way?

Answer: According to Psyscape, Mind Melters have a special O.C.C. ability to restore 12 ISP per hour of Meditation rather than the usual 6. This was apparently omitted from RUE, but it's listed in the I.S.P. entry for all the other Master Psychics in the book. There's also the psionic power of Advanced Trance State, found in several books, including PF2 and BTS2. Other than that, while there is a psionic power called Restore PPE that lets you burn 2 ISP to get 1 PPE, there is nothing to turn PPE into ISP. Psychics CAN draw 1d6+1 ISP per melee on a ley line, but this ISP can't actually be saved up in any way.

Question: Would a demi-god character be able to get and use magic tattoos if their "non-god" parent was a member of a race that could use them? And if so would the P.P.E. cost to use be the same or increased? Or the effect/duration be affected in any way?

Answer: No.

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them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
and keep on thinking free.

-- The Moody Blues, In the Beginning

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Question: Well I've played RIFTS with friends a lot but recently I've been unable to get a group together. I just moved to Olympia Washington and every GM I've found is extremely flaky and find it damn near impossible to have a regular gaming group going on. That is a huge pet peeve of mine so I am taking the jump from Player to GM and I needed some help on clarifications before hand. Thanks in advance to all who respond.
1. Glitterboys are resistant to damage from lasers, so does that mean that Ion and Particle Beams do full damage to GB's? Or did Palladium mean lasers as a generalization for ALL Energy beams?
2. I'm a little confused with Robotic Combat. Robot Combat Elite gives "+1 additional attack per round, plus those of the Pilot". That’s about as clear as it gets. So at Level 1 a Descendent Glitterboy Pilot with any HtH and Boxing, would get 7 actions per round? That seems kind of F'd up to be but word for word that’s how it describes it. 4 Actions for having HtH: Expert, 1 from Boxing, 1 for Elite Robot Combat, and 1 more for having the Descendent abilities. Glitterboys might be slow, but with that many attacks being a little slow wouldn't matter...
3. With Robotic vehicles that have a Pilot and Co-Pilot how exactly do the control rolls work? Does both the pilot and Co-pilot need to succeed or does just the pilot make the rolls. Tossing another bone in the mix, if the Pilot is a Phaeton Juicer and the Co-Pilot is a human. Would the human pilot screw everything up as soon as the Juicer pushed the ship to his abilities which would greatly exceed the humans?
4. Mind Melters and Mentally Possess Others... So I have to be touching them to turn it on but I can then fly to Australia but blink back to my body regardless of distance. Does anybody else find that totally lame? My old GM changed that to a Short Distance with Line of Sight to possess others. Has anyone else made changes like this?
5. This is purely a story based question and as the GM I can do whatever the hell I want, but I want check and see if I'm in the right ballpark. [question removed for space]
Answer: 1) Only immune to lasers because of their highly polished reflective armor... the others aren't beams of "light".
2) Yes, because the Power Armor boosts the physical capabilities of the wearer. Mind you, some of the PAs have specific bonuses for using that skill, listed in the description (Stingray Power Armor comes to mind Mindwerks or England, canna remember...)
3) I'd say they go off the main pilot unless it is something incredibly complex or the main pilot is out-cold.
4) Never had a problem with it, as is. It is a very powerful ability.
5) This forum is for rules/book questionss only, if you want advice on your game, post in the GMs Forum.

Question: (Rifts) What kind of damage would most people expect for P.S. scores over 60, either from the augmented table otr the SN table?
Answer: the PS charts go beyond 60.
Mystic Russia pg 121

Question: How much cost ammo for Glitter Boy Rail gun ? Confused
Answer: On page 259 RUE, it says GB ammo is 3 creds per round.

Question: 1) Do MDC creatures need protection from the extremes of space (heat on one side/cold on the other/vacume all around) or simply an air supply?
Now of course they would need an air supply or must have the ability to not need air, but what would you say to the extremes of space.
2) What would the extreme heat on the side facing the sun and the extreme cold on the other side do? Is this MD heat and cold?
3)What about the vacume? Would the lack of pressure make the fluid in the body of the creature boil as it does with SDC creature? Yes they have done tests on mammals/primates even though they wont admit it to the public.
Answer: 1) Unless specifically stated otherwise, yes. The only cases where immunity to outer space should be assumed when not stated would be undead creatures like vampires, non-living beings like golems, and energy beings like elementals.
2) Unless specifically stated otherwise, yes. The only cases where immunity to outer space should be assumed when not stated would be undead creatures like vampires, non-living beings like golems, and energy beings like elementals.
3) The vacuum of space is an environmental hazard, and does not do any quantifiable damage to H.P., S.D.C., or M.D.C. It either kills you or it doesn't.
Creatures with the Body Freeze power (MiO, p. 11) have a given chance to survive in space regardless of whether the creature is S.D.C. or M.D.C. Creatures with the Invulnerability power (either the MiO or HU version) can survive unharmed if they have an air supply (such characters are not subject to explosive decompression).
According to HU2, p. 143, S.D.C. creatures not protected by a space suit can only survive for 3 melees in the vacuum, so it seems reasonable to think that an unprotected M.D.C. creature could survive longer. Double or triple the usual time seems fair to me.

Question: I am going to be running a campaign soon where my players will be playing as minions of the Splugorth.
My questions are these
1) For charachters augmented by splugorth bio-wizardry such as the Power lord or bio-borg. Do they gain attribute and MDC increases by taking physical skills like boxing or wrestling.
2) Second question, for T-man or Maxi-men do they gain MDC increases from physical skills.
Answer: 1) Yes
2) Yes

Question: the Sea Inquisitors has a power pg. 49 rifts under the seas, power #2 magic or psionic dispersal. so the question is once the Melee round has started. will the use of this power count as an attack per melee?
Just some back round I'm the GM, and I say yes. That call stands if my player didn't like it he could go home, but in to be fair I figered I could get a second opinion for next time.
Answer: No, it doesn't cost an attack to use.

Question: I have a question regarding how M.D.C. actually gets calculated.
I'm looking at the T-10 Cyclops EBA (world book 5, page 35) which shows in the description it has a M.D.C. total of 100. it doesnt show specific armor values ie Helmet, arms, legs etc.
Now i look at the T-10 Cyclops EBA (Game Master Guide page 201) it shows M.D.C.: Helmet 60, Main Body: 100, Arms: 55, Legs: 70.
Okay now for the question, i'm assuming the Main body is the Total M.D.C., so how are the other values calculated (ie helmet, arms, legs) ?
If the total M.D.C. for this armor is 100, then is that value divided among the legs, arms etc?. i'm a little confused..
Answer: The main body MDC for that armor is 100. The values listed for helmet, arms, & legs is obviously a percentage of that...though judging by the various armors in the RGMG, the percentage varies by maker and armor.

Question: The Robot Pilot O.C.C. is awesome to say the least, yet I'm confused on something. I'm relatively new to ever using heavy robots/power armor, so I'm not quite clear on the Robot Combat. You can have basic, or you can take it up a notch, and specialize with a certain type of Robot/Power Armor and get better bonuses. So, since you can start out with an NG X9-Samson, does that mean that you can use similar models like the NG "The Defender" (Juicer Uprising pg. 79), or the NG-JK1A/1B (Juicer Uprising pg. 77) with the same amount of efficiency? It seems a slight waste to specialize in simply the NG-X9 Samson, and only be specialized in that. I know it mentioned that if you know TX-4000 models, you can drive any that have four numbers (or something along those lines). So, what's the answer?
Answer: According to RUE, page 319, yes you get all the same type of robot with each specialization of Robot Combat Elite.

Question: I am playing someone who has multiple skills that are all about creation, repair and maintanance of Weapons and Armor (more weapons, bust I digress). When repairing armor, we assume that you have to have materials to patch with (extra MDC materials).
A few questions have hit my and my GM...
1. Just how much does MDC materials cost? In one of the 'burbs suppliments it has a guy who buys old mega-damage material for something like 10 credits for 100 lbs. That seems increadibly cheep to me if what I assume is accurate. Is this right?
2. What is MDC material made of? There are places where it says that it is made of ceramics, but it reffers to it as a metal in other places. Which is it?
3. Has the process of reusing the MDC materials to repair the armor been detailed anywhere? Is it a simple melt-and-fill job or what?
Answer: 1) Like any commodity, it varies from place to place.
2) There is no one "MDC material" It's several advanced materials.
3) No, it hasn't
Prices for repairs at a professional facility can be found on pp. 55-56 of the Rifts Sourcebook 1. The 8000 credits per 10 MDC rate cited above is indeed taken from here, but that price is specifically for power armor. Robot vehicles are substantially costlier (40,000 credits per 10 MDC just for the main body), while body armor is cheaper, and varies from 5500 to 7000 credits per 10 MDC according to the actual armor material (plate, chain, composite, plastic, or padded).
As of Rifts Ultimate Edition, the Operator can find materials and do repairs at a significant discount, with the costs listed in the OCC description on page 92.

Question: question on the cyber-knight's bonuses vs tech. i have a cyberknight in my game who is 6th lvl do his abilities vs weapons kick in vs the angrar power armor and robots? i wouldnt think so as they are actually demons. but at higher lvlvs they get their bonuses vs TW weapons which is what they are armed with. (i ask as he is going to be fighting against armageddon unlimited. and yes he knows the big battle is coming.) and they have many of the angra stuff as its made by ahirman.
Answer: Wouldn't work until they get the TW bonuses.

Question: I have bought the new Rifts Ultimate Edition Book. Many OCC´s receive more Skills in the new Book. Now my question, what happen to the OCC´s in other World Books? For example, the Juicer OCC get a lot of more Skills (even secondary Skills), what happen to the Coalition Juicer OCC? Get this OCC more Skills too?
Answer: I'd say that Coalition Juicers are out of luck, along with all other non-RUE OCCs.
It's only fair; CS Grunts didn't get upgraded when CWC came out.

Question: Ok, I've been using the RMB (not the UE) so I don't know if this has changed in the updated book.
In RMB and Free Quebec, the Glitter Boy Pilot OCC is listed as having Robot Combat: Elite (Glitter Boy Power Armor) as well as Robot Combat: Basic. However, it specifically states in the Robot Combat: Elite skill description on Pg 30 that:

Elite training gives the pilot a basic understanding and ability to pilot ALL standard types of robot vehicles at the "basic" level as well.

I take this to mean that they already gain the benefits of Robot Combat: Basic without the skill, yet they have it anyway.
Is there a reason for this?
How do you handle it in your games?
I was thinking that since they had the option of buying HtH:Expert instead of HtH:Basic, merely drop the RC:Basic and just give them HtH:Expert, as that seems fair to me. Or is piloting a GB so different (in your opinion) from other robots that the two skills are indeed necessary?
Answer: While the two skills seem to be redundant, it MAY simply be that the authors included Robot Combat Basic because Robot Combat Elite automatically gives this skill.

Question: Some PA/robots comes with a hand held weapon that are tied into it's own power supply such as Mecha Knight's rifle (naruni PA from Mercenaries) What would apply to it's bonus? WP rifle/WP heavy MD weapon/Pilot related: weapon systems/natural +1 strike by all power armors. Which one or combination of the above apply?
Answer: Technically, none of them apply. Due to the current wording of W.P. Heavy Mega-Damage weapons, it functions identically to the Weapon Systems skills, and that leaves hand held robot weapons out in the cold.
With the pre-RUE W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons, you would use that skill. Unfortunately, "...Weapon Systems and W.P. Heavy Mega-Damage Weapons are the only two that apply to robots and armored vehicles."
The suggested fix is to have Weapon Systems control weapons fired from a control panel (typically by the pilot, co-pilot, or main weapons controller), W.P. Heavy MD Weapons (W.P. Vehicle Mounted Weapon for other games) for weapons fired by a gunner, and the appropriate W.P. for hand-held weapons.

Question: PFRPG2E Changeling Mind Mage on Rifts Earth. What needs to be altered? What book do I need to refer to? I didn't find conversion info in the PFRPG2E main book.
Answer: "Revised" Conversion Book 1, page 82

Question: When I looked at the starting gear for all the classes in the Rifts Mercenaries book, I noticed one very large glaring difference from most of the other men at arms: Guns in the starting equipment, no additional ammo clips.
Is this a typo or something the author forgot about? It seems rather strange that a special forces officer would have five weapons on him yet have no additional ammo for ANY of his guns.
Answer: Not all of them. The Freelance Spy, Master Assassin, and Super-Spy get spare ammo, but that's still only a third of the OCCs in the book. Otherwise, just give them 1d4+1 clips for each.

Question: Have I missed them? What are the languages in Rifts UE that I can select for my character? I've looked through my entire book. I'm creating a rogue scholar and don't have any languages to apply to my skills.
Answer: Then you better double check page 304.
They moved them to the 'Communications' section.

Question: In Rifts Ultimate Edition in the stats for the Glitter Boy, ammo capacity for the Boom Gun is listed as 1000(!) rounds. This is a drastic departure from the original 100 round ammo drum.
Does anyone know if this is intentional or a misprint?
Answer: It's intentional, it was changed to 1000 rounds in Chaos Earth.

Question: In Rifts: Japan there are skills known as Body Hardening Exercises. My question is this:
Are the bonuses for let's say Stone Ox permanent or does it cost 5 PPE to activate them for one minute?
Answer: The bonuses are permanent, the cost of 5 PPE per minute allows the character with any of those powers to turn their SDC into MDC (unless they've got a different cost listed, like Chi Gung Mega Damage Skin).

Question: 1) Ok I've got a character that has Dog boxuing Kung Fu from Rifts World book 25 - China, at Level 3 they get DOG YIP ATTACK.
My question is what is this? a punch, kick, bite what?
2) Also it says that they get one additional body hardening exercise ( Including Demon hunter Exercises)
Can someone please point me to the body hardening exercises they are refering to... I've found the DEMON QUELLER BODY HARDENING exercises. And the body hardening exercises in wolrd book- 8 Japan. ( Are theJapan ones options as well?)
Answer: 1) I'm still waiting for an answer from Erick about that. My best guess would be that it is supposed to be adapted from the Kiaijutsu technique in Ninjas & Superspies (or possibly the Open Hand Atemi ability in the same). The Force Bark power gained at level 9 is based on the Kiaijutsu: Force Yell from N&S, so it stands to reason that the Dog Yip Attack would be a less-powerful Kiaijutsu ability, probably the Stun Yell.
2) It seems to be a bad copy & paste from Mystic China. Hand to Hand combat skills aren't supposed offer Body Hardening Exercises, as those are restricted to specific classes in Rifts.

Question: 1) Is there a reference anywhere that states that tattooed men are considered creatures of magic?
2) By extension of this I'm also looking for a reference that states that creatures of magic can not be turned into vampires. (I remember someone stating such on these forums)
Answer: 1) RUE, p. 192, entry #3: "... creatures of magic (like dragons, Elemental Fusionists and Tattooed Men)..."
2) PF: Western Empire, page 206.
"The Vampire can be male or female, adult or child (though they tend toward adults), but never a fellow demon, or other supernatural being or creature of magic (the dragon, sphinx, Faerie Folk, and similar creatures cannot be turned into Undead Vampires)."
Vampire Kingdoms, page 20:
"Borgs and most supernatural or magic creatures, like dragons, can NOT be transformed into vampires."

Question: I've been rereading World Book 11 - Coalition War Campaign, mainly to brush up on my GMing skills and accuracy with the CS, for an upcoming game i'm going to run.
I've been reading though the ranks, pay grades, military procedure of the CS. While they're slightly similar to the United States Army, I see many obvious differences.
Page 52 lists the starting ranks of the various Coalition O.C.C.s that PC's may choose between. The Commando/Special Forces rank structure lists the beginning rank as Corporal. However, on page 58, it says that Military Specialists and Special Forces must show excellent leadership and extreme professionalism to attain a rank higher then 1st Lieutenant.
I have absolutely no desire for my Special Forces character to be an officer. While I respect the leadership roles that officers take, I'd rather my character be enlisted (and later attain NCO status).
In the United States Army, you can enlist into Special Forces, or enter it after being commissioned an officer, being a leader.
Is the C.S. similar, or is the book suggesting that all Special Forces must be officers to be promoted?
Answer: The CS is similar.

Question: Reading through R:UE I noticed this and it's bugging me: If Glitterboy's have been passed down through the generations through the Rifts Dark Ages (over 200 years) then why do the book stats list the power supply as only being good for 20 years? How would a 200+ year old suit of power armor still be able to function if it's power supply was only good for 20 years on average? It's not like new power supplies were readily available during the dark ages. Even figuring that the armor would not be in use all the time, I can't see that it would extend the life of the power supply by 1000%.
Does Chaos Earth perhaps answer this issue?
Answer: I know this is a cheesy answer, but I believe it goes to the heart of what they meant when Kev wrote these things up. When they say "average energy life is 20 years" they aren't speaking about the item's shelf-life, but instead how much active time the power cell can provide on a continuous basis. So in application that 20 years worth of energy is spent a few days here while in transit, a few hours there while fighting Critter X, a little here, a little there, and so on. In effect, that makes it possible for a machine to last 200+ years on a single nuclear cell so long as there is 10 hours of down time for every hour of activity.
Like I said, cheesy, and most certainly not very realistic for a power cell that somehow uses any kind of radiological material that decays at a constant rate, but I'm pretty sure that was the intent.

Question: I'm looking for all information sniper related in Rifts, including Ghillie Suits, Scopes, O.C.C. related materials, training, Rifles (SDC and Mega-Damage alike).
Can someone provide some books and page numbers that would steer me in the correct direction?
Answer: See Merc Ops

Question: 1) Can you break the neck of someone in MD armor.
2) can you slit the throut of someone in full enviromental armor?
3) are the gaps between the armor MDC?
4) and do the gapes and/or the suit of Full enviromental reinforce the body in order to prevent torn muscles, dislocations and other such injuries?
Answer: 1) Short answer: No.
2) No
3) Only for partial MDC armors such as Cyber Armor, T-40 Plain Clothes Armor, Aussie piecemeal armor, etc. No for full EBA.
4) Yes

Question: 1) In Rifts atlantis in the section for Undead Slayers it states they are Supernatural beings.
Does the same hold true for Sunaj Assassins, T-men, Maxi-men, etc.?
2) I was going through the Dark Conversions book, looking at the nightbane info. When I came across Night Princes, I found it odd that they were not listed as being MDC creatures on Rifts earth, when pretty much every other creature from the nightlands seemed to become MDC.
So was that a mistake in the book?
Answer: 1) According to Rifts Ultimate, T-Men are Creatures of Magic now, which is sort of like being supernatural but not quite, in an ambiguously defined kind of way. Unless it specifically states they get supernatural P.S., they don't.
2) Yes it was. They have MDC conversions in the Nightspawn/bane book.

Question: 1) I was skimming through a few books in order to plan for things to get my oh-so-favorite Quickflex Gunfighter and I came across the NG-EX10 Light Battle Armor and . The big question I have is are the Phys strength and Speed the total max of the armor or just the Max the that the armor would provide if you dont have it?
2) My quickflex has a normal strength of 28. Would he retain that or would that be lowered to 20? If he keeps the 28, would the M-damage be with damage bonus for his 28 str or just the 20?
Answer: 1) That's the total max of the armor
2) It would be lowered to 20.

Question: Anyone find it strange that HTH: Jujitsu can't be taken by anyone honorable (Principled/Abberant) but the Sohei are given Jujitsu and can be any alignment, including Principled or Abberant?
Answer: You can later change alignments after learning something.

Question: HTH commando provides an autododge bonus, but it does not list autododge as an actual feature of the style.
is the bonus only applicable to those characters already with autododge, or should the existance of a bonus at multiple levels (5, 7, and 12) be taken as a unsaid "also receives autododge"?
Answer: It's assumed that they get Auto-Dodge & the bonus at level 5. Chalk up another error of copy & paste editing.

Question: 1) What I need to know is, now that my players have jury-rigged the Glitter Boy into a standing turret (much like a Starcraft Siege Tank), how many E-Clips would a stabilized 3D6x10 shot require? What's an equivalent amount of energy, using E-clips as a unit of measurement? A friend of mine says 1, or two if it's a long clip. But that seems rather low, what with needing stabilization for every shot.
2) And a second question, due to my newness of the system. Is it possible to "glitter up" a Full Borg in that chromium armor?
Answer: 1) E-clips wouldn't cut it, you'd need a nuclear power pack (just like the ones for the NG-101 and NG-102), likely more than one if you wanted to fire multiple shots. Ironically, later rail guns tend to gloss over whether or not they need a power pack at all, but are usually issued on a PA/borg/team of infantry/fixed position basis, indicating that there are still weight restrictions (though many of these seem to be blamed on ammo).
2) "Glitter up" in terms of adding the laser-reflective armor, no. Building a new borg or bot with the laser-reflective armor would be possible, if you could find the material.

Question: 1) Also in RUE it looks like I can start with Heavy Energy Weapons (i.e. 1 for each WP) yet in the Bionic sourcebook say these are to be obtained in adventures ?
2) Also for Dog Boys - under cybernetics it indicates that that do not get bionics - yet in RMB they like the Headhunter and Military Specialist could get limited Bionic augmentation.
Answer: 1) Go with the more recent book.
2) Dog Boys could get bionics, if they want to limit their psychic powers as per normal.

Question: 1) One of my friends and I have been both operating under the assumption that glitter-boy armor was gold (this was after another player said something to the effect that it was not). However, when we tried to find anything that described the color of the armor, we were stymied (the only thing that came close was the description of the "Golden Horde" in one of the Phase Worlds). I know that the glitter-boy on the cover of Mutants in Orbit appears to be silver, but I would like to know where we originally came up with the communal idea that the armor was gold-ish, if at all (for reference, I believe that the original conversation about this came about before Triax was published - it has been awhile...).
2) In Atlantis, it mentions that True Atlanteans are immune to magical transformation (like being turned to a vampire, being affected by certain faerie stuff, etc.). If this is the case, why do they become MDC beings upon the application of magic tattoos? It would seem to be that is a magical transformation of the highest order... I have heard the argument that the Atlanteans came up with tattoo magic, but that doesn't seem to make any sense since I am pretty certain that the Chaing-ku dragons were the ones that created that (as detailed in England world book, I believe).
3) Why does it mention in the Japan World Book that the particle beam pistol is the only pistol being made on Rifts Earth when this technology has been available since Triax? Is this some sort of sly reference to indicate that Triax equipment is not somehow of Earthen origin, or just poor editing?
Answer: 1) It's highly reflective, so gold and silver are the colors one naturally thinks of. However, since all color GBs to date have been silver, they're most commonly assumed to be silver.
2) It's not a full transformation.
3)Remember Arma-Tech had that particle beam pistol in PRE-RIFTS times. Both Triax and Arma Tech date back that far, but Triax only managed to make one after those few centuries of reserch to PA 109 and if fairly new.
Arma-Tech had it in pre-rifts times, and remember, it got sent though the time warp, so as far as they know, it's still the only one.

There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles
them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
and keep on thinking free.

-- The Moody Blues, In the Beginning

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Question: The True Sasquatch has no listing for the amount of ISP they get or what level psionic ( minor major master ) they are concidered.
Answer: They should be considered Master psionics and their base I.S.P. should be M.E.x3+6 per level of experience.

Question: 1) I'm playing Rifts for the first time with the RUE mainbook. My character is the C.S. Light Strike Cyborg from the Coalition Campaign Worldbook. The GM and I can't figure out if I should have Augmented or Robotic Strength though. In the RUE under Combat Cyborg it states that Fullcon Cyborgs should have a minimum starting robotic P.S. of 24, but on page 285 where it lists P.S. types it looks like it says that Cyborgs get Augmented not Robotic. My thought is that a partial conversion should get augmented, while full gets robotic.
2) also my specific O.C.C. also says my P.S. and P.P. both start at 22, and I get no secondary skills until second level, is there some 'set' way to update this o.c.c to be inline with the changes in the new Mainbook?
3) I just thought of something else, do Full Conversion Cyborgs get the attribute bonuses from skills? like Acrobatics and Gymnastics?
Answer: 1) Despite the argument by some that the Robotic Strength note from R:UE is only present in the Cyborg OCC (and therefore should not be applied to any other Cyborg, ever, except maybe those from Russia, with their written approval) the book is pretty clear - if you're a full-combat model (and presumably, if you were a specifically made heavy-lifting civilian model (but expect much lower PP) ) you get Robotic PS.
2) Not really, whatever your GM approves would be what you have to do.
3) No

Question: 1) How far can a dragon leap/jump – no matter the shape or form. In that, being 10 or more tonnes, my PS, although Supernatural, isn’t enough to sustain my weight.
2) And that brings up the argument of Psionics. Would an Ice Dragon have any use for Resist Cold? Or TK Leap for that matter? If I selected Inner Strength – would I benefit from the 10 SDC? Or would they become MDC for my character?
3) My concern really does revolve around Magic and Spell Knowledge. I will accept the fact that I can’t learn spells until level 3. However, how do I learn those spells? Am I limited to two spells only, or do I inherit two spells and then I’m free to learn as many as I can afford (beg, borrow, steal…) regardless of the level I’m at?
4) When in metamorphosis, do I become the thing or person that I’ve assumed? Do I appear clothed? I realize that If I metamophed into a Great Horn Dragon, I still cannot breath fire… But if a Cheetah, can I run as fast as a Cheetah? If a fish, can I swim as fast as a fish or at least like a fish – despite not having the skill to swim at all… Will I be able to breath water at least?
Answer: 1) Under Rifts rules, 10 feet across and 8 feet high, plus 4 feet per level if the acrobatics and/or gymnastics skills are possessed. Carry/Lift capacity is irrelevant to sustaining one's own weight in Palladium games.
2) Impervious to Cold is useless to an Ice Dragon. TK Leap adds to your normal jumping distance, and would indeed be useful, if there's some reason not to fly. The SDC bonus from Summon Inner Strength remains SDC, but all other aspects of the power still apply.
3) First, the two spells per level (or 3 in RUE) are learned automatically, and represent the dragon's own personal training in magic. Additional spells may be learned by all the same methods that human mages use, i.e. scrolls, magic guilds, demons, other spellcasters, etc.
4) A transformed dragon retains all its normal abilities and attributes. A dragon changed into a cheetah still only runs as fast as a dragon, and can talk, cast spells, fly, inflict Mega Damage with its claws, breathe fire/ice/poison gas/etc., teleport, and change its shape, as normal.
As to breathing under water, I can't find a concrete statement of whether dragons need to breathe, though it has been implied in some places that Creatures of Magic don't need to breathe in general, and in one instance a dragon is even purported to be able to fly into outer space without diffifulty...

Question: 1) Where can i find conversion Rules form ols supplements for RUE ?
2) In old books there is only one bonus for strike ( no difference
for ranged and hand to hand combat).
There are no bonusses for initiaitve and so on ?
3) How do i convert the NGR Jager for instance ?
Answer: 1) There aren't any.
2) A particular design of robot may not have any significant bonuses, or it may have many.
3) You don't, there's no need to convert it.

Question: What is the percentage chance of a ley line storm occurring on a ley line and at a ley line nexus. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Answer: The same chance as any other type of storm.

Question: In Rifts China2, the geo-borgs, do they do megadamage with their martial arts moves? Or do they have to wind up like a power punch for martial arts moves?
Answer: Unless Palladium gives out an errata to update all the other cyborgs to their new "Combat Cyborgs have robotic strength" ruling, they do the listed damage under Bioinic Strength & Damage and Weapon Systems. (They would have augmented strength, doing SDC with a bonus with their martial art moves.)

Question: So, if Dogboy and Psi-Stalker aren't RCCs anymore does that mean they can be other classes under the RUE?
Answer: Well, according to RUE, page 289. They're still considered "Psychic R.C.Cs" so it looks like we'll have to kick this one to Kevin for clarification.

Question: 1) let's say you have a juicer,who successfully detoxes.we'll say he's 7th level,but his body is wrecked,so he opts for full borg conversion.i know his skills are all of his skill start going up again after he hits 8th level,or just the ones he rechose?
2) also,say he had HtH:expert,can he pick up HtH:martial arts now,or is he stuck with expert,and it advances again at 8th?
Answer: 1) As stated in the detox rules, all of the old Juicer skills will resume advancement at 8th level. The seven skills selected from the new OCC advance at every level after first.
2) Stuck with Expert, unless a superior skill was selected as a Juicer. However, one could make the case that when selecting skills from the new OCC, one has the ability to upgrade the character's HtH skill as other first level characters do. I don't personally agree with this, but it's something to consider.

Question: 1) Okay, I just bought a few more world books, africa, england and japan. I'm reading africa and A: am i reading this right when it says death recovers 1d4x1000 mdc per MINUTE?
2) secondly, would a superbeing from HU in rifts with fire/other energy powers, be it from alter physical structure, energy expulsion or control elemental force, be considered the equivalent of 'magic. For example, my char is a superbeing who has super energy expulsion fire as one of his two major powers, would his fire blasts do damage to creatures/things hurt by 'magic' fires, since his attacks are MDC?
Answer: 1) Yes
2) No, super powers are not considered magic in Rifts.

Question:In Rifts Japan, The Body Hardening exercise says that it allows the character to lift and carry 50 times the weight capacity. What does this mean? Do you take the amount a person of that level, and type, can carry and multiply that by 50? Or do you take their PS and multiply that by 50 for their carry weight? Or is it something else all together?
Answer: The character's existing weight capacity is multiplied by 50. Some people find this strange and frightening, and change it to PS x 50, which is certainly more reasonable, but not actually what the book says.

Question: What exactly happens if you destroy the eye of a Splugorth? Is he completely blinded? Do they suffer any other penalties then the usual effects of being blind? Or does this not effect them as it does other creatures?
Answer: They go blind and suffer the penalties for being blind.

Question: What skills would you need to make armor out of Xiticix ?
Answer: I think that you'd probably need a special skill.
"Skin & Prepare Hides" isn't the same as "Gut & Prepare Exoskeleton".
Tanning skills would be pretty much irrelevent.
Leatherworking would be out for the same reasons.
Armorer/Field Armorer would let you repair it with whatever high-tech Bondo stuff they use for that, but it wouldn't let you make the armor.
Blacksmith would be useless.
IF you think that this should be done, here are my thoughts:
-You wouldn't need any special skills to remove the chitin from the body, just a really good SDC bonfire to burn out all the SDC bits. The MDC exoskeleton would remain.
-The Whittling & Sculpting skill allows you to work with bone, which would be good enough to work with chitin.
-Mutants In Orbit discusses making body armor from insect exoskeletons. The lightest exoskeleton for mutant insects has 130 MDC, and it is too "flimsy" to be made into armor. Xiticic have less MDC, so it's not likely that armor could be effectively made from their exoskeleton.
Queens would be an exception. Judging by the MiO book, if you killed a Queen you could make armor with 1/4 her original main body MDC (but bulky, with penalties).
-Of course, killing the xiticix without significantly damaging their exoskeleton will probably be tricky.

Question: On page 46 of Rifts Japan it lays out all the stats for True Samurai Swords. However it list two different sets of data for damages (all MDC or SDC to mortals and MD to monsters).
Which ones do you use?
Answer: The "standard" true samurai minor rune swords only inflict MD to supernatural creatures and creatures of magic. you run into a guy in mdc body armor, you're in some trouble. There are a couple of the more powerful rune daisho that will inflict MD to inanimate things.

Question: I remember on the old boards asking about the Great Sphinx RCC that Horus was in Dragons and Gods and Rifts Africa, and that someone graciously posted stats for these beings. Sadly, I can't find them anymore. Anyone know who posted them or where I could find them?
Answer: You can extrapolate the stats for the race through the exact stats for Horus in Rifts: Africa. I have asked on previous occasion if there are official dice based stats for this race so as to run a Great Sphinx character, but alas, I was shot down and was told to extrapolate as I saw fit.

Question: I've got a few questions about Sea Titans that my GM and I would like to find an official answer for.
1) Are they considers creatures of magic or (minor) supernatural beings
2) does their immunity to all natural poisons& toxins include alchohol. My GM says unless it says alchohol as an immunity they have to use the drinking table from New West. I said their immunity includes alchohol as it is more or less a natural product.
3) are they ( and in general creatures of magic & supernatural beings) immune to natural diseases unless the description of the disease says they can catch it.
4) how would COM/supernatural beings handle climate extremes ( desert/tropics or the artic) if they have no stated resistance
and the oddball
5)does the description of Demonic curses in Rifts China 1 apply to only Chinese demonic curses. and if so do "normal " such as the Necro-magic spell Death Wish use normal spell saving throws. Do standard curses affect creatures of magic & supernatural beings unless otherwise stated?
Answer: 1) Supernatural
2) Yes.
3) No.
4) The same way any other race does.
5) Yes. Normal saving throws. yes.

Question: In WB10, on page 71...
1) Are the FIWS classed as weapon system?
2) If so, are the only bonuses that from weapon systems and not any WP skill?
3) Does the gun singer get an extra attack from using the FIWS?
Answer: 1) No, it's classed as a heavy weapon.
2) No.
3) No.

Question: If you had someone that underwent Juicer conversion and then that person dies, would it be allowable (if you could find a T-Man who didn't mind the penalties of doing it) to use the super-regeneration of the Phoenix magic tattoo to bring them back to what they were, no penalties? I recall that there weren't a whole lot of restrictions placed on the Phoenix resurrect itself (altho' it did incur the T-Man doing it quite a bit of the pain...).
Answer: No

Question: 1) I was wondering just what cybernetics are available to the Anti Monster. How are the cybernetics effected by the transformation?
2) Would they heal as he does?
3) Regarding the retractable claws that an Anti Monster can choose, instead of the retractable forearm vibro-blades, just which ones do they get? I've seen SDC claws, claws that do 2D4 MD (or is it 2D4 MD per finger?), and 1D4 MD per finger claws. 4) Do the MD claws add punch damage, from supernatural strength?
5) Another Anti Monster question, not related to cybernetics, is they get two languages at +20%, does this mean that they don't get the usual Native Tongue 98%?
Answer: 1) third paragraph, at the end "When the ceremony is over, the metal components of the cyborg become 'alive' and can heal on their own (see O.C.C. abilities)".
2) Yes
3) MDC versions
4) Yes
5) If you want to intepret it that way. Many GMs give the ability to speak a Native Language for free when not explicitly stated.

Question: Do coldbloods retain any magic or psychic powers they had for before they became Coldbloods?
Answer: Characters created as the Cold-Blooded have the standard chance for psionics.
Characters who began as some other class and subsequently undergo Cold-Blooded augmentation lose most of their old skills, which might also include the character's old class abilities, spells, and psionics. Even if former abilities are retained, they will no longer advance with experience, as the character has changed OCCs.

There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles
them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
and keep on thinking free.

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Question: 1) Are True Atlanteans an eligible race for becoming Cosmo Knights?
I know that it SAYS that they are immune to magical transformation (and then goes on to say that they can become Undead Slayers - a magically-transformed being), but I have a feeling that it appears that the only transformations that were really intended were the "bad" ones. You know, vampire slow kill, etc.
2) Along these same lines, would a TA be eligible to become an Apok?
Answer: 1) From this and other oddities (including the availability of classes such as Necromancers and Lord Magi), it has long been my position that Atlanteans are fully capable of undergoing willing transformations, but who knows? Nightbane have a virtually identical immunity, and they themselves are shapeshifters, but then maybe they're a special case?
Even if the transformation immunity does apply, it seems to me that the Cosmic Forge should be able to override such mortal restrictions.
2) Assuming that anyone other than a native-born Wormwood human is even capable of becoming an Apok in the first place, see above.

Question: I've got a first printing of the Federation of Magic book and I'm working on an elven battle magus and on pg 72 under WP Sharpshooting Specialties (2): is mentions having one specialty, but it looks like its suppose to be 2.
So which is it? Are they applied to the two weapons (if ranged) from the Quick Draw Initiative specialties taken previously?
Answer: They get to pick 2 sharpshooting specialites from the list; however sharpshooting is only applied to one weapon, unless taken multiple times (which it is).

Question: Where can I find stats for SDC Armor in rifts or do I have to use HU ans N&S books?
Answer: Not in Rifts, you'll have to use other books.

Question: Now, I know that I have seen somewhere that there is a sort-of chart (I think that it is really in paragraph form) that goes into percentage drops in psi/magic capabilities when cybernetic or bionic replacements are done, but for the life of me cannot find this.
What book (or maybe even books) is this in???
Answer: Rifts Sourcebook 1, pages 8-9, RUE page 47.

Question: 1) How do Mystical Martial Arts and Hand to hand Martial Arts work together?
I personal think they simply add together even if I think to remember that in a other Palladium book it says you can only use one Martial Arts at a time.
2) H-to-H Shao-Lin get Body Hardening, but where can I find the Body Hardening's I can select?
3) Can I get one of the Demon Queller Mystic Body Hardening (don't think so) or can I get one from the Body Hardening of the Japan Book (they use P.P.E. and not I.S.P.) or is the only way the Conversation Rules in Rifter #3 in combination with Mystic China and N&S.
Answer: 1) "Mystic" Martial Art Powers were designed to be essentially psychic powers that grow as the character gains experience and function with Hand to Hand Martial Arts as any other psychic power would.
2) None, it's the bonuses listed in paranthesis.
3) No to the rest.

Question: Do dog boys have augmented PS?
Answer: Well, there is a case to be made for it, but there is some ambiguity here.
The class description for Dog Boys doesn't explicitly state that their P.S. is augmented, but their carry/lift capacity is double that of a human, similar to the Crazy. On the other hand, their P.S. is not automatically high, unlike Crazies, Juicers, etc.
Additionally, in previous books, Augmented Strength applied to mutants with increased strength as well as Cyborgs, Crazies, Juicers, and Exoskeletons, whereas RUE seems to limit it only to the latter four.
It's a gray area. They can lift/carry twice as much as a human of the same strength, but there's nothing to indicate that they can do MD with power punches. The same holds true for Kill hounds (Lone star.) They can carry 100 times their PS score, which is equal to supernatural PS, but there's nothing to indicate that they can do MD with punches.
It is generally ruled that they do not have augmented PS.

Question: So I had a few questions regarding Scarecrows (a truly underutilized villain type, if you ask me - vampires, pshaw...).
1) Do lasers have the same effect on Scarecrows as does fire? Or, rather, would lasers be considered a fire-starting weapon?
Because, really, when you get down to it, all a laser is doing is making things hot (sort of like if you were to have a "gun" version of the ol' magnifying-glass-and-sun bit)?
2) Do Scarecrows count as "combustible material" with regard to various pyrokinetic abilities?
3) Do Scarecrows count as a form of life? Sure, they are magical constructs - but they are quite a bit more sophisticated than your standard golem (they can even advance in level, fer cryin' out loud).
Since they have tho'ts and (presumably) feelings, would it be considered "murder" if one was killed?
Answer: 1) no, lasers are not considered fire based offically. Plasma is however
2) No, for the same reason that hair doesn't.
3) Yes

Question: Blood Wraiths from Dark Conversions...
1) did they just leave off the MDC or are these SDC creatures ?
2) even though MDC attacks only do a fraction of the damage (in some cases) with the rules from the GMG, even 1 point of MD leftover will vaporize these creatures. (I realize they were in print before the GMG but I think the logic of MD vs SDC was always there).
Change the MDC damage to SDC then apply mods ?
3) Or are these "easy kills" for MD weapons/magic ?
(there might be other creatures like this too)
I believe the only way to kill them is to: "slay them, chop off their heads and burn them to ashes" which is kinda weird for a liquid monster (maybe too much borrowing from the vampire ? or cut & paste error ?)
Answer: 1) they are SDC -and magically immune to a whole host of Damage Types -just like most of the other Undead in that Book.
2) Yes, change the MDC damage to SDC, then apply the 10% modifier.
3) While it's wierd, it's not a cut and paste error.

Question: want to be a mind melter and would i use S.D.C.(Physical) or M.D.C.(Physical)?
Answer: Assuming you are human, your character would be SDC, but some of your attacks (with psychic powers) might inflict MDC.

Question: Just got the main book (not the RUE) today, and I have one question about how character equipment is determined.
As an example, the Rogue Scholar equipment listing says "The vehicle can be any non-military type ground vehicle. Often a hover truck..." etc.
Is this vehicle automatically part of the package, or does it have to be purchased? Or is it a GM call?
Answer: If a vehicle is listed, the character starts with it unless GM fiat overrides.

Question: Can an Atlantean (who, per Atlantis WB, cannot be "transformed" by any physical means) have the CyberKnight's Cyber Armor (which eventually becomes a living part of him, but not at first) grafted onto him?
Answer: Yes

Question: Hey in the RUE where is Trap Construction?
Answer: The old Military Trap Construction skill isn't in RUE, but Track & Trap Animals can be found on page 330, in the Wilderness skills.
Trap Construction can still be found in the RGMG, Chaos Earth, and various Rifts World Books.

Question: 1. Why do none of the nonGeo-front O.C.C's start with any sort of armor?
2. In the dog boxing Martial art you are supposed to chose a "Non-demon queller" body hardening exercise. Where do you find these?
3. Why does the Geo-front only have one regular rifle and one chi-rifle? Granted there isn't much we can do about it but it mentions reading the book makes it sound like there would be some more available.
4. One of the martial art's classes starts off with a martial art at 5th level. At second level do you go to level 6 in that martial art or do you wait until he reaches 6th level to progress?
5. Can O.C.C's trained to "sense and manipulate Chi" learn to use more then the Chi-manipulating weapon they start with or are they stuck with what the O.C.C grants them?
Answer: 1) Unknown. As near as can be determined, those classes just don't like armor.
2) Ninjas & Superspies or Rifts Japan. However, as noted the last time this question was asked, Martial Art Powers are OCC abilities in Rifts, and are not tied to one's Hand to Hand combat skill. This is unfortunately another bad copy and paste from Mystic China.
3) Either that's all the authors had come up with so far, or the rest of the arsenal was cut from the book. In either case, it's possible that Rifts China 3 will expand the list.
4) You refer to the Chun Tzu. The character starts with 5th level skill in a martial art, and will advance normally with experience, so at level 2, his hand to hand combat skill advances to 6th level, at level 3 it increases to 7th, etc. It's basically like having a huge bonus to a percentile skill.
5) There's no stated reason why they couldn't. For that matter, anyone with access to ancient W.P. skills would be able to learn to use any or all of those weapons. However, additional Ancient Chinese "Chi-scooping" weapons would not automatically have any of the special characteristics granted to the character's default weapon (such as the Chun Tzu's staff).

Question: Hello,
I checked the FAQ and found some answers about the topic, but there is still a point I would like to clarify:
RUE p349: at level 5, H2H commando gives +2 to auto-dodge.
Does this mean that
a) the character has auto-dodge with no bonus (except PP) at level 1, and gets a bonus at level 5
or that
b) the character gains auto-dodge at level 5 and gets the bonus.
I think b) because auto-dodge is not mentionned in the list before (bottom of p348), but I would like to have your opinion.
Oh, and, BTW, what do you think about the fact that at level 12, the character has +5 at auto-dodge and only +4 at normal dodge?
Answer: It means that at 5th level, the character gains a +2 bonus to automatic dodges, despite the fact that automatic dodge was not previously declared as an available ability. B) might possibly have been the intended meaning, but the proper wording for that would have been "Gains automatic dodge, +2 to automatic dodge...," or at the very least, "Automatic dodge (+2)."
Interestingly enough, the Chaos Earth version of Hand to Hand: Commando listed the 5th Level Advancement Bonuses as "Automatic dodge and critical body flip/throw," and a bonus to automatic dodge was not gained until level 7.
Another bit of confusion is that the 5th LAB in RUE says "+2 to automatic dodge and all foot strikes," which leaves one wondering whether the commando gains all foot strikes, or has a +2 bonus to strike with the few foot strikes he already knows.
As to the disparity in bonuses, it makes me wonder if that +2 to automatic dodge was really intended for automatic dodge, or some other combat maneuver that was removed from that level.

Question: 1) Just to be absolutely clear, everybody now starts with 2D6+12 SDC?
2) Why don't all Men-At-Arms OCCs get a class bonus to SDC?
Answer: 1) Almost everybody. Combat Cyborgs and Dragon Hatchlings are M.D.C., and Dog Boys have a base S.D.C. of 20.
2) You'd have to ask the author.
Perhaps bonuses were left out, or perhaps it was decided that not all men of arms needed to be physically tougher than the average person, especially those who rely on technology more than on their own physical abilities.

Question: Are all power armors and piloted robots capable of going underwater? If so, where are the rules for such? (I'd be pretty certain that if a Glitterboy could even maneuver underwater, it couldn't fire its Boom Gun, for example...) If not, can someone point me in the direction of any books that contain underwater/amphibious-capable power armors and/or piloted robots?
Answer: Most can, however, not all are capable of operating underwater. The best books for information on bots and power armor operationg underwater are Rifts Underseas and Rifts Coalition Navy.

Question: What skill is used to pilot the vehicles such as the Coalition Scarab Command Car? I know that they're listed under the 'New Coalition Aircraft' section in the CWC book, but it also states that the vehicles can hover low to the ground (about 4' off the ground IIRC). So which skill needs to be, or can be used to pilot these? Pilot: Aircraft, or could one use Pilot: Hover?
Answer: Pilot Hovercraft. When in doubt, check the "vehicle type" entry.

Question: In making a character for Rifts Ultimate Edition, I chose HTH: Expert. Reviewing the list of moves at the top I'm given a lot of basics, and a few others such as Body Block/Tackle and Body Flip/Throw. Sounds good, it seems at first level I can perform throws.
But reviewing the level advancement bonuses, at level 8 the only thing listed is the ability to perform a Body Flip/Throw. This is the only move listed "twice" like this. I was under the impression that if a move was listed at the top amongst the other moves then it was available at the start, but the level 8 "bonus" makes me question that. What they list on the level 8 line is exactly what a body flip/throw does according to the glossary section preceding. There is nothing different about it. And looking through the other styles it looked like HTH Basic had the same issue.
So my question is: Does my first level character know how to perform body flips/throws, or does he have to wait until 8th level before he can do that? And if he has to wait, then why is that move listed at the top amongst all the other moves he is suppossed to start out with?
Answer: Body Flip/Throw is gained at 8th level.

Question: I know about how fiercely Xiticix will defend their area, and about the growth of colonies. If some of them "sensed" the vibration of some equipment underground, do you think they would search out the source of the vibration? In an adventure I am planning, the Xiticix have taken over the surface of the world. There are a few underground cities/shelters and I am trying to decide how much safety these places may offer. If the cities are far enough underground probably some. The books don't really give any clue of how far they may try to dig down just to investigate.
Answer: Yes, they would investigate the source of the vibrations.

Question: Rifts: Mercenaries provides a generic form of Special Forces for kingdoms/militia who aren't of Coalition nature. However, with Coalition War Campaign, a new array of military classes were shown, including the Coalition's Commandos and Special Forces. My question is, as a rule of thumb do we use the generic form provided in Mercenaries for alternate kingdoms, or do we use the military classes provided in the War Campaign? I would have thought that the O.C.C.s in themselves were unique to the CS military, with specific training, just as a Russian Spetznaz would be trained different as opposed to a Navy SEAL, however China 2 uses the Coalition O.C.C.'s for the GeoFront. So, what is the general consensus?
Answer: Use the generic, though it is advised to let them have access to HTH: Commando in addition to the skills listed in Rifts Mercenaries.

Question: A little help please a player in one of my games has enough money to buy M.O.M. conversion and he wants to know what this would do to his magic abilities (he is a battle magus) I looked through the FAQs and the bionics source book and cant seem to find any thing about what receiving a MOM implant does when you already have magic or psychic powers
Answer: See Rifts Mindwerks for the answers to these questions.

Question: 1) First off, the operator starts with the skills: Compute operationon, Electrical engineer and Mechanical engineer all of which require literacy which the operator does not get- electrical engineer requires advanced math, which the operator does not get. Why are literacy and advanced math not in an operators base skills?
2) Second, an operator is very limited in the science skills he can take, in fact the only occ related skills an operator can take are: advanced math chemistry, and chemistry advanced. I don't see why archeology and anthropology would be banned skills, after all these guys are supposed to be the gurus of pre- rifts tech, and artificial intelligence is not listed despite the skill desrciption listing the operator as one of the only OCCs to be able to take it!
Answer: 1) RUE, page 299 second column, 2nd full paragraph states that OCCs with missing OCC prerequisite skills get those skills.
2) As to the skills barred to the character, Archeology and Anthropology do not deal with technology, other than to identify its age, maker, and application. These two science skills deal primarily with people and culture, subjects well outside of the Operator's orientation and focus. It appears to me that Artifical Intelligence was erroneously excluded from the list, and should be included (and possibly with a bonus higher than +5%).

Question: Who creates the Rune Warrior. The SA2 book says they were originally created by the "Sorcerer-Kings". These people aren't listed in SA1-2. The Nazca Line Maker OCC doesn't seem to have the correct "permanent line drawings" to make the magic drawings they have. I also wonder how/where they get their "symbiotically-linked Pattern Staff".
Answer: They're "specially trained in camps"
It also mentions specail rituals and exposures to magical energy are used, as well as permant line drawings.
in short, there's no 'one" person who makes Rune warriors. they're a joint effort by many mages and warriors

Question: Do True Atlanteans who have a Man of Magic OCC have to spend twice the PPE to activate their Tatoo's?
Answer: Yes, the RCC clearly states that, "the standard tattoo rules apply."

Question: Do Naruni's plasma cartridges, as outlined on pg. 24 of Naruni Wave 2, act as a kinetic bullet attack, or an energy attack?
The question stems from a concern about fighting mages with Impervious to Energy or Invulnerability.
Answer: Energy Attack. Impervious to Energy or Impervious to Fire would protect you.

Question: 1) I was just looking at the orginal skycycle in the Ultimate ed. of Rifts and it shows that there is a rear gun on the sky cycle but there are no stats for it. I'm sure I am very late on this one but just in case has anyone else noticed this before? I never even noticed that the lil nubs on the back of it where for a chaff dispencer or that there was a rear turrent. If its supposed to be there then what are its stats and all that?
2) Also when it states dual blast for the main gun is it stating that it is shooting two pulses or is it shooting from two of the nozzles? If its not shooting from two nozzles then what are the extra one for??
Answer: 1) ccording to the text, the sky cycle has a turret with two barrels in the front, and no turrets in the back.
According to the art, the sky cycle has a turret with three barrels in front and one with two barrels in the back.
So how to make them jive?
Since the text already gives us stats for a twin-barreled turret, one can simply assume these are the proper stats for the rear turret, leaving us to make something up for the tri-barreled turret.
The most obvious solution would be to use the same stats as the twin-barreled version and increase the damage to 9D6 M.D., but this seems like an unusual number to me, so I'd look at other tri-barreled robot- and vehicle-mounted lasers for guidance.
2) One blast from each nozzle. As you have of course noticed, the artwork clearly shows that the forward turret has three nozzles, not two. It appears that the stats listed for the forward turret are in fact those of the rear turret.

Question: An MDC character with regenerative capabilities (4d6 MDC per hour) and a PE of 25 gets into the wrong fight and has his MDC reduced to negative ten (-10). So, as an MDC creature, does he, too, just lapse into a coma like his SDC counterparts, or is he flat out dead? And, if he is just in a coma and not quite dead yet, do his natural regenerative abilities still work, so it's not necessary for him to role a save vs. coma/death b/c his MDC will rise above 1 before 25 hours elapse (per his PE)?
Answer: According to page 278 of RUE, "The M.D.C. of a living creature works basically the same as Hit Points. Reducing it to zero puts the creature in a coma and without medical treatment the creature will die." However, page 346 further clarifies this to state that "...and will die without regenerative powers or medical treatment." Note: For simplicity, we will assume that an MDC creature will be able to survive Coma up to it's P.E. in negative M.D.C. (as page 287 of RUE states, "Most characters can survive a number equal to the P.E. attribute below zero..." without specifying if that number has to be Hit Points or M.D.C.). As a character with Bio-Regeneration can heal some damage within a time frame (in this case 4D6 per hour), it's quite possible that they could bio-regenerate the damage in time (they would in this case) to be able to snap out of the coma, HOWEVER, they would still need to roll to save vs coma/death (likely at the base 18% chance of unprofessional treatment, with P.E. bonuses added).

Question: 1) The question is... Three wild Psi Stalkers are fighting a supernatural creature, after a lengthly combat.. the creature goes down in a heap. So, according to the book, the psi stalkers feed on the doubled PPE. Now I assume that this number would be divided among the 3 of them.. Yes?
2) Ok, now the book says that a Psi stalker can absorb PPE even if they are not near them (upto 300 mters away) Lone star pg 158.
Here is the main question i have. A seperate party who arrives on the scene and managed to see the last few melee rounds of the fight. This new party also has a psi stalker in the group. Does this psi stalker (now the 4th one with in 300 meters) get to absorb the PPE aswell? even though he was not in the combat himself?
3) And if yes, would the three wild stalkers, notice that creature they just killed is not as *for lack of a better word* filling as it should be?
Answer: 1) Rifts Ultimate, Page 153 states:
"To feed without killing, the predator must hunt down a Psychic, Practitioner of Magic, Creature of Magic or Supernatural Monster and capture the prey, cut it (1d6 SDC or 1d4 MD). Minor magic beings are drained of ALL PPE as the psi-stalker drains up to 300 PPE in an instant. Aginst beings of great magic energy (hundreds to thousands of PPE), the psi stalker drains up to 300 PPE and another 1d4x100 PPE are drained into the surrounding area where it can be fed on by other psi-stalkers in the area, although it disapates quickly (2d6 seconds, if killed on a ley line, all PPE is isntantly absorbed by the ley line)"
So the primary PPE goes to the Psi-Stalker who made the cut and the rest can be fed off of by other psi-stalkers.
2) Yes.
3) No.

There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles
them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
and keep on thinking free.

-- The Moody Blues, In the Beginning

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Question: For the most part, a practitioner of the Triad martial art from Mystic China is in a great deal of trouble in Rifts firepower-wise. However, I was wondering if the NE-Classic series of 9mm replicas in Naruni Wave 2 would work with the martial arts skills of such a character?
Answer: The requirements for weapons used in Triad Assassin Training specify that the weapon must fire 9mm or 9mm Parabellum ammunition. The NE-Classic handguns fire NE-001PC Light Plasma Cartridges, and should therefore be ineligible for use with Triad Assassin Training.
There is however a possible loophole, in that the actual dimensions of the NE-001 cartridges are undefined, so for all we know, they could be the same size as modern 9mm bullets, though they could just as easily be equivalent to some other caliber, or have no earthly equivalent at all. Since the books don't provide this information, the decision lies with the GM.

Question: In Rifts conversion book 1 on page 126 it refers to a "diabloist" Where would I find the definition of this? (book and page please). thank you
Answer: PF main book, pages 117-120.

Question: I have a simple question regarded PS and Cyberknight psi-sword damage.
There has been a disagreement in my group regarding this so I was looking for an answer or at least to be pointed in the right direction.
1) What I was wonder is if a human cyberknight would add his PS bonus in Mega Damage to melee attacks with his Psi-sword. For example, if my PS was at 30 would I add that +15 bonus to my melee attacks with a Psi-sword even though my character is a human?
2) The GM guide says that humans add SDC damage to melee attacks but it doesn’t clarify anything about non-augmented creatures using MDC weapons. If the PS bonus doesn’t add +15 MD to the rolls would It be adding +15 SDC to the psisword even though the Psisword is a megadamage weapon?
Answer: 1) No
2) Yes

Question: Madhaven mentions that the Super Healing potion made from the entire flower can remove Bio Wizard symbiotes.
Would this work on the Para-Sym Transformer as this parasite lists that nothing can remove it and that the charachter is doomed.
Answer (by The Galactus Kid): The potion can remove it. AS A GM I would consider either setting some penalties to the removal or have there be some consequences for the removal, but the potion is one of the most potent healing potions in the Megaverse.

Question: With the addition of Perception rules for OCC's inthe books, what are the missing perception bonuses for the Combat Cyborg OCC and what, if any are the bonuses for the various sensory enhancements?
It seems that there should be something added if you can hear a mouse break wind at 75ft.
Answer: they wern't "left out". cyborgs simply don't get any.
Conversely, cybernetic sensors would render Perception rolls unnecessary in many circumstances. E.g. a cyborg doesn't have to strain its ears to hear a muffled conversation through a wall when it can increase the pick-up volume of its amplified ears, nor does it need to peer deeply into the darkness for signs of movement when it can simply switch to nightvision optics.

Question: The rules on what happens to men of magic when they add cybernetics (NOT bionics) is a bit vague.
What is the exact effect of having destroyed limbs replaced by cybernetic prosthetics?
Answer: I thought it was pretty clear. Bionics and cybernetics bad...Bio-systems are ok (no adverse effects). Even so, it's implied that a mage would rather not have any unnatural appendages of any kind, cybernetics or biosystems alike.

Question: The new rules governing Demons, Gods, & Supernatural Beings (RUE pg. 277) raises a question regarding resurrection spells. Do resurrection spells work on creatures "killed" in a dimension that is not their home dimension?
My guess is they will work on the creature in his home dimension. I'm not sure about other dimensions. The book uses the term "dying" in reference to a character slain on Rifts Earth. They don't actually die (at least not permanently). They are effectively "banished". I could see this one going either way.
Answer: Well, according to the new rules, they leave no body behind to cast the spells on, so there's nothing away from the home dimension to resseruect. The advice of most GMs is to ignore the new rules in favor of the old rules.

Question: what would happen if a ley line walker, or any magic user was forced in to juicer conversion, since the nanobota are minute and the biocomp system is not an overly invasive system how would that affect them?
Answer: It counts as two cybernetics, adversely affecting their abilities.

Question: Okay, was looking over the Rifts Ultimate Edition and have a question. In the picture on page 50, the Borg has a chainsword but I can't find the stats any where.
I have a lot of the rifts books, but can't recall ever seeing stats on this weapon.
Answer: Treat that borg attachment as a chainsaw, which is in the Juicer Uprising world book.

Question: How many MDC is a Juicer BioComp supposed to have? Our group is big on hit locations...
Answer: Since the bio-comp system consists entirely of two microchips the size of postage stamps implanted in the head and/or chest, I doubt it would have more than 1 or 2 SDC, if that.

Question: need to know how big a mini missile is for my game. I have looked at the pictures of the weapons and power armour and they vary so much that I cant judge it well enough. Are the dimensions/weight listed anywhere?
Answer: between 1 and 2 pounds and between a D-cell and a coke can.

Question: Ok I now have a pretty good handle on the basics of the game, but before I plan an adventure I need to know about my NPC's. I looked all through my R:UE thinking I had skimmed over that part, but still could not find them except for a few Coalition robots. Where can I get a variety of NPC's and monsters? Surely I don't have to spend hours rolling up dozens of NPCs and keeping track of their sheets. There aren't even any monsters in R:UE to roll up if I wanted to. I just want something simple and generic so if I need a quick villager or simple random encounter I can just turn to the page I need. I'm still new to this and want the first adventure I run to be fun, not work.
Is there a monster/npc book like the Villans Unlimited(which is awsome) for Rifts?
Answer: Not really, no. Revised Conversion Book 1, Dark Conversions, and Pantheons of the Megaverse are your best bets.

Question: The JA-11 has an Ion attack as well as a Laser and a standard 7.62mm SDC attack. The Ion ROF in the old edition was listed as Aimed, Burst, or Wild as standard. In the Ultimate Edition it was listed as just Standard, is this another adjustment or a mistake? Just looking for some clarification.
Answer: According to RUE, p. 270, "[e]ach blast counts as one melee attack."

Question: If the CS and various other technological superpowers of Rifts Earth cannot duplicate teh Chromium Armor of the Glitterboy, how in the world are they getting repaired and maintaining the Chromium benefits?
Answer: Several nations of Rifts Earth can duplicated it and repair it.

Question: 1) As a Gunslinger he had reached 7th level, and thus had a horror factor of 12 (upped to 13 from some bad scarring). The question is this: Now that's he's a Preacher (now 6th level), does he still have a HF? He had gotten rather famous during his 'dark ages', and during the current campaign arc, he has become somewhat more famous his crusade against evil.
2) Another problem with that is my current GM has been saying that while I might still have a HF, the people I'm facing are bad-asses too (and often know what the Reverend can do), and thus don't need to make a Save VS Horror. But isn't that why characters get things like +1 or +whatever to save? Because they are less likely to get scared?
Answer: 1) Yes, he still has the Horror Factor.
2) Well, now that some things are officially "immune to Horror Factor" it's quite possible that they do not need to make a saving throw.

Question: In doing some reading for a campaign I am working on I found a problem that I could use some help addressing. The material in Xiticx Invasion indicates that it takes place around 105 PA. The Tolkeen war happens after this. WHen Gen. Holmes leads his troops thru the Hivelands the account seems to indicate that Lazlo did not have there war on the Xiticx or if they did they failed. Both of these are elements in my campaign and needs to be addressed.
Answer: The intensification of the War at Tolkeen resulted in Lazlo postponing much of their war against the Xiticix.
In other words, they were forced to back off against the Xiticix during the intensified period of the Tolkeen conflict in order to avoid being dragged into the WAR (which would have been a large possibility).
So, the Xiticix remained relatively unchecked for about 4-5 years, and now the problem is worse than ever.

Question: I have a friend who is joining our Coalition game and wants to roll a Psi-Stalker. The only thing though is that the only description I can find about them is in the original rule book where the R.C.C is listed. They dont really give a description of what they look like except for the picture where the guy is bald and pale looking.
So basically my question is, can they look like the average everyday guy. Or do all look like "Powder"?
Answer: They all look like "Powder."

Question: New West states that a Psi Slinger can charge SDC ammunition to do 1D6 MD by surrounding the bullet in an aura of psychic energy. My question is this, if they charge ammunition that has a multiplier attached to the damage, i.e. an explosive 7.62mm round from a JA-11 Juicer Assassin's Energy Rifle which does 1D6x10 SDC, will that multiplier carry over to do MD with the newly charged bullet or will it only do 1D6 MD? Does the explosion cause the extra damage by virtue of the explosion itself or by driving the psychically charged shrapnel deeper into the target?
Answer: It does 1D6 MD regardless of the damage the bullet normally does.

Question: I am of course talking about the juicer. In every previous edition and with every Juicer variant (Ninja,Titan,Chia etc) usually under: Super Reflexes and reaction time,the juicer is listed as having a P.P. bonus. In Ultimate Edition I see no bonus. I ask because I want to know if this meant to be in the spirit of the game i.e. crazies are now more agile than juicers but juicers are stronger? or if the bonus was simply left out. I accept the very viable possibility that this has been addressed before and I have simply missed it (I am afterall quite new to the forums)In which case I would hope someone could link me the information. I am going to be entering a game in two weeks time where the G.M. has stated that only O.C.C.'s,R.C.C.'s and P.C.C.'s from Ultimate Edition may be used (possibly to make the game seem more ultimate?) So discarding the freshly made hyperion juicer in my hands I set to work finding a satisfying alternative,alas nothing would do but another Juicer. To my knowledge there was no errata on the subject.
Answer: The exclusion of the P.P. bonus for juicers is on the official errata, and already been corrected. It will be changed in the second printing.

Question: Has there been a Rifts conversion of the Palladium Fantasy Summoner OCC printed somewhere in a manner similar to the Warlock OCC in conversion book 1?
Answer: Conversion, no. The Shifter fills that role in Rifts.

Question: What's the regen/healing rate for the Phantom RCC?
Answer: Standard.

Question: I have Rifts: Ultimate Edition, and I can't find anywhere it explicitly states what base human P.P.E. is. Some things seem to _imply_ it just equals P.E., with O.C.C.s sometimes altering it, but I don't want to assume. And given blood sacrifices, ritual magic, and P.P.E. "borrowing" or stealing, it's actually significant to know. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it in the FAQs, either.
Answer: In older printings of the Rifts Conversion Book, normal human base P.P.E. is 3D6. Newer printings have changed it to 2D6, and this seems to have been agreed upon as the standard in other books.

Question: My question & the thing that has been bothering me is the name of a large Robtic Dragon that was in one of the World books I believe. I remember reading that they were so powerful that only like 2 or 3 were built.
What was the name? Any links of info?
Answer: Kittani Dragon Dreadnought in World Book 2- Atlantis.

Question: From the book, for the first 13-19 years, a Sea Titan R.C.C. ages and appears as a normal human child, needing to eat, breath, etc. What I was wondering is as follows.
1. Prior to becoming an MDC being, do young Sea Titans appear as a supernatural being, or just a normal human?
2. If, prior to becoming an MDC being, a young Sea Titan got tattooed (normal tattoo) or injured so that there was scarring (or loss of body part) does the scarring or tattoo go away once the Sea Titan becomes an MDC being?
3. Can a young Sea Titan (13-19 yrs) be given Magic Tattoos? If so, do the tattoos fade or go away once the conversion to MDC being occurs?
4. 3% of Sea Titan R.C.C. are Master Psionics, how does one go about assigning which Psionic powers they have, and what skill lists are used?
For example, can a Sea Titan have the psionic powers of a Mind Melter, and if so, which skill list is used, the Sea Titan R.C.C. or Mind Melter R.C.C.
5. Lastly, if a Sea Titan didn't grow up in areas controlled by the New Navy, which skill lists area available to them?
Answer: 1) Normal Human
2) No, they are an established part of the Sea Titan's body by then. The scar will fade more quickly though.
3) I would say no to the tattoos, or they would become inert once the Sea Titan became MDC.
4) Choose one of the many, non-race specific master psionic class psionic abilities (i.e. Burster, Mind Melter, Gifted (Gypsy), Mind Bleeder, Nega-Spsychic, but not Arkhon ESP Specialist, Psi-Stalker, Psi-X Alien, Pucara Mind Mage, etc.) and use the Sea Titan skills.
5) There is no change.

Question: Okay, the additional question.
1. Once the Sea Titan becomes a supernatural M.D.C. creature, does it need to sleep?
Now for the clarifications.
2. Regarding tattoos. If a young (13-19, pre-transformation to supernatural creature) Sea Titan was given the Coalition IC coding tattoo for psychics, that tattoo would remain even after the Sea Titan transformed into a supernatural M.D.C. creature, correct?
3. Regarding Psionics and Skills. If a Sea Titan was a Master Psionic and operating with the New Navy, it would develope whatever appropriate psionic powers for the type of Master Psionic selected, but would have the skills of a Sea Titan R.C.C. correct? I lean towards this interpretation since a "normal" Mind Melter doesn't start out Literate, but a "normal" Sea Titan does and I don't think it would make sense for character growing up in a society like that of the New Navy would be allowed to remain illiterate.
Answer: 1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes, they use the skills of the Sea Titan RCC.

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Question: I was wondering which rcc's would be modified by RUE's new handling of the dog boy rcc's. I was reading RUE concerning the dog boys, and the idea is that they can learn almost any occ that a human can, like many d-bees. If a dog boy isn't locked into a certian skill set, then what about other RCC like the sea titan. The sea titan in particuliar are (in a way) humans who transform into supernatural beings as a teen. Or they could be a weird supernatural being. They should be able to learn any occ. I mean that if a sea titan was born away from the New Navy and wasn't trained by another sea titan would they (super)naturally know any skills , like a dragon, or do they have to be taught.
Answer: Nothing is effectively changed by the wording used in RUE. Just like always, if the RCC allows the person to select an O.C.C., they can do so, if it doesn't allow the selection of an O.C.C., they can NOT.

Question: Are Crazies, Juicers, and Combat Borgs apprehended on sight in coalition territory?
Answer: Unless they are known, wanted criminals, no, but they will be watched extremely closely and will NOT be allowed inside of a mega city with coalition citizens without proper proceedure, licencing, and a LOT of pull on the M&M or their benafator's part. Also, Crazies are psychic. So they'll have to be registered.

Question: In Mercenaries where they are talking about the explosive rounds and RamJet rounds. They list that a burst of 20 rounds causes X amount of Mega damage per burst (cant remember the exact damage it does seeing I don't have the book at work)
I am assuming that this 20 round burst is a "full" burst. Just trying to calculate what the damage for a short and long burst would be with that ammo, and if the 20 round burst is indeed a "full" burst, then I think I got it worked out pretty close.
Answer: In Rifts, a burst (unless otherwise specified) counts as one attack, for weapons or rounds specifying a "burst", ignore references to short/long/full bursts.

Question: As I read in the RUE, AR only works for SDC Armor and creatures (roll below AR you hit the armor SDC, roll higher and hit the creatures SDC). Thus, why there are MDC creatures such a Deamonix that do have AR values? When agains an MDC criature, what happens when you roll below creature's AR and what difference it is in rolling higher, as in both cases you'd hit its MDC? Do I misunderstand how AR works?
Answer: It's an error, ignore it.

Question: What is the life-span of the Blind Warrior women? I can't find anywhere how long they're supposed to live.
Answer: It's never mentioned anywhere.

Question: how would the damage with a rune on a SDC world change on a MDC world like Rifts? or would it stay the same?
Answer: It converts to MDC as per the Rifts Conversion Book 1.

Question: 1) But just a quick question about the optical* and antenna bonus. Are the stats for the eyes pg 36* and the antenna pg 37 already included in the RCC combat descriptions, or do they get added after the fact?
2) And on page 18, it talks about some of their tactics, one of them is the pile on the poor little guy and crush them with there weight, is there any real way of working out the game mechanics for this? or do we just use the crush squeeze damage, etc??
3) and lastly, I have the first printing, are there any major eratta I should be aware about for this one?
Answer: 1) They are not included, they get added after the fact.
2) You could probably use the Thrown/Dropped Large Objects damage (after subtracting the victim's P.S. lift rating from the weight of Xiticix piling onto the victim) WITHOUT the distance modifier to determine damage, with a saving throw vs strangling (for suffocation...I'll have to see if I can remember which book it's from) to determine whether or not the victim suffocates.
3) Not as of yet.

Question: I had heard there was an OCC called the Space Warlock that was supposed to be printed in the Rifter.
1. Did it ever appear, since I searched the Rifter Index on this site and didn't find any specific reference to that OCC? And if it did, what issue was it?
2. Is this any relation to the Spatial Mage from Rifter #3?
Answer: 1) It appeared in Phase World: Three Galaxies, page 83.
2) No, they are not related to the Spatial Mage.

Question: 1) First off is rune weapon damage for the Samurai's daisho:
First it lists that the Katana does 6d6 md and Wakizashi does 4d6 md, add 2d6 to ancient pre-rifts weapons. Then a couple paragraphs later it says that Katana does 6d6 sdc to mortals and 6d6 to magic and super natural. With the Wakizashi doing 4d6. But that ancient rune weapons do 1d6x10 and 1d4x10.
So I gather normal ones do 6d6 or 4d6. I rolled a modern background, so I assume that's what I'd have. However, do they do mdc to all? Sdc to sdc creatures and mdc to mdc creatures? What about to MDC armor?
2) Second off, parrying/dodging arrows/energy blasts. One GM said that I don't get bonuses on these and that it is simply a flat roll of the die, in the case of a parry 1d20-5 to see if I can parry. Another GM says that I get my standard parry bonus at -5 to energy blasts(so lets say 1d20+10-5). The not getting it was based off the -10 rule on juicers dodging energy blasts.
3) Lastly, do I add my human ps bonus to MDC melee weapons? Like would I be doing 6d6+15 md with my katana, or just 6d6 md? I've looked through the rules for this, but can't find an answer.
Answer: 1) The "standard" true samurai minor rune swords only inflict MD to supernatural creatures and creatures of magic. you run into a guy in mdc body armor, you're in some trouble (Rifts Japan, page 46). There are a couple of the more powerful (Great & Greatest) rune daisho that will inflict MD to inanimate things (these will have the note "they always inflict mega-damage (including against non-supernatural M.D.C. body armor and robots)." OR specify different mega-damages done. See Rifts Japan pages 39-40.)
2) Forget parrying, if they don't have W.P. Shield, they can't do it. (RUE pages 346 and 327.) For the applicable dodge bonuses, see RUE, page 361.
3) No. You just do 6D6 MD. See RUE, page 341.

Question: I like the Sky King, it's a nice craft with versatility, and its backside was displayed well on the cover of MadHaven. But with that bottom fin/foil, how does that thing land? Does the fin/foil retract? Fold? Has anyone else wondered about this?
Answer: Either the landing gear aren't visible or it may never touch the ground (ala the Landspeeder from Star Wars).

Question: My friend is recently got me playing Rifts, and so far its a interesting and complex setting but seems like a lot of fun so far. He gave me the Ultimate edition and later the GM's guide book, and I have a few questions about game content, rules, and general odds and ends that are a bit confusing. (This is copy and pasted from the rifts forum.)
1) For CS Psi-stalkers, how do they feed them? They said they are part of the CS, and about 15 percent of the army is comprised of them, so thats probably a couple hundred thousand of them, so how do they feed them all? (Added note, what about all the other psi stalkers in the CS, that are not in the military, say the young and and the old, what do they do?)
2) How do you recharge eclips and how does electric powered thing get recharged and what powers them? I have the military skill that lets me do these things, but how does one do that? I figure there is some recharger, but are they fusion/nuke power, solar, or what and how much does that cost? Another thing is for various items that are electric power, what powers them? Are they powered with Eclips or other special batteries and how are they recharged as well?
3) The Black Market. Okay this confuses me, is that an actual company like Northern Guns or a refference to the actual black market in which goods and service are trade in an illegal manner?
Answer: 1) They have them hunt unregistered psychics, and all Practitioners of Magic, Creatures of Magic and Supernatural Monsters.
2) E-clip rechargers can be found in Merc Ops. Generally, anything with a nuclear power plant like a powered armor can be jury rigged to recharg an e-clip by someone wiht that skill, also, any highly advanced technical city or such will have such a plant that has a professional charger built in on a charge as you charge basis. Batteries will power most other electronics.
3) It's an actual company, of sorts. See RUE pages 239-240, or better yet, RMB pages 205-209.

Question: Honestly, How common is Gymnastics and Boxing on Rifts Earth? I have a friend that will argue with me to this day that most men of arms OCC’s have it but I don’t really agree… at all. I’ve looked through the Coalition Wars world book and most of the “average” military OCC’s did not have gymnastics.
Answer: Among most people, it wouldn't be that common. Among adventurers, it wouldn't be that uncommon.

Question: Would bright flashes affect those in environmental armor? I can’t find out where it’d say anything about that. I’m mostly referring to the spell Blinding Flash on pg. 198 of RUE. It specifies that it doesn’t include robotic, bionic or cybernetic eyes but nothing about tinted visors.
Answer: No, ALL enviromental body armor has polorized visors which protect aginst it, it's listed under "features common to all enviormental body armor" in the main book

Question: I’ve been into rifts for a few years now so I’m not that new to it, but I do have quite a few questions here that I couldn’t find a definite answer to. I’ve tried to find solutions to them but I’m either skeptical about it all or just not sure it’s the right choice.
1. It gives an example on pg. 355 of RUE that even if the damage done by an energy blast reduces the armor to zero but still saves the character from that attack. But what about vibro and energy weapons alike? WB 4 gives a great example of how a cyber knight can cut down enemies in one hit on pages 14-18 and so on. But there is no way that his sword could pierce through even light MDC armor in one blow, even two or so. And vibro knives only do 1D6 maybe 2D4 and would take 6 to 8 blows to cut through light armor saying it did full damage all the time. So what’s the point? Has anyone else come up with a viable system for that type of penetration? I’ve come up with a 1/3 system to where you must inflict a third damage of what’s remaining in MDC to pierce through.
2. Same thing as above, but instead of vibro and energy blades what about physical rounds like uranium or ram-jets? In the GM’s guide on page 171 it says that ramjets have MD penetration power. If it’s only inflicting the minute damage as it is then how is it ever affective?
3. Without paired weapons you can parry up to 3 attacks in one action according to The GM’s guide (pg 30) while you can only parry up to 3 in RUE (pg.346). But then it says if you have WP paired you can only parry up to 2. If you’re capable of parry and striking all in one action then what’s the point of paired if it only allows you to do the same thing; the only difference is what I’ve mentioned above and the ability to simultaneously strike, which won’t allow you to parry then. (GM pg80, RUE pg. 327)
4. How could the damage from a laser range from 4 to 24 (rifle) MDC? I can understand fists and swords to a point but not bullets or ranged energy weapons. So I did it to where the attacker immediately inflicts ¾ the damage and the last fourth must be rolled. And what about critical strikes? I know it’s because you’re supposed to have hit them somewhere more vital but I still think you’d do the same amount of damage, you’d just inflict it on that area (head for example). What do you think?
5. How do people know if they get shot by a laser? Is it intense heat or what? This question is particularly more for armor that’s not environmental.
Answer: 1) It doesn't matter if the damage comes from a sword or an energy blast.
Both chip away at the armor, and both will not be able to easily kill an armored opponent in one hit, due to that rule in RUE.
2) They just mean that it can inflict mega-damage. It's effective by shooting the target many times.
3) It doesn't allow you to do the same thing. Paired weapons has several abilities that can't be done using single weapons, unfortunately you suffer from not being able to defend as well.
4) The damage variable comes from where on the armor it hits, and the angle of the shot. A critical strike hits a particularly vital part of the body segment (or armor) that was aimed at.
5) It would be intense heat that could be felt even through body armor, and there may even be some physical impact. For power armor, there are likely sensors that indicate if you have been hit.

Question: The Dragon combat rules seem to pertain to Hatchlings, are these same rules used for adults? Oe do adult Dragons follow a different set of rules.
Answer: Same rules, but adults will always be at a high level, and have a higher PS.

Question: I just picked up the Free Qubec book, and I noticed the the PS of the classisc glitterboy listed there is 40, while in all the other books they are listed of having a PS of 30. (RMB, R:UE, Chaos Earth) Do i just assume the the FQ glitterboys are stronger then some of the other ones?(the way they are designed and made in FQ) or was this a mistake and it should be listed as 30?
Answer: That is the P.S. for the Free Quebec Glitter Boy.

Question: 1) Is there an Immortal/God-like being that has or is dominant over time? 2) If so, Where could I find his/her write-up?
Answer: The Persian god, Zurvan, is as close as you will get to a "god of Time". He is actaully a being from the fourth dimension, and is found in Pantheons of the Megaverse, near the back.

Question: When you create a Sea titan R.C.C. do they get to choice a O.C.C. and then another after age 250. I just want to make sure.
Answer: No, their first "O.C.C." is the R.C.C. Sea Titan, after the age of 250 they can select another O.C.C.

Question: Sorry if some of this is fundamental stuff that I missed. But I figured this is a good place to ask;
1)Can a Dragon Hatchling (or other RCC) take an OCC? If so, where might I find the rules for this?
2)What is the system for attempting a skill that one doesn't actually have but which would still be possible (prowl, climb, cooking, etc)?
3)Is there a good sourcebook for sea-going adventures on Rifts Earth?
4)Can a Dragon Hatchling 'branch out' beyond their available skills? They seem awfully limiting for a young and curious creature.
Answer: 1) No.
2) Make an attribute check under percentile.
3) Rifts Underseas and Coalition Navy
4) No.

Question: What is the differences between versions with the first version and the revised 2nd edition?
I have the first version, and I would like to know if there is any major i need to worry about between the versions?
Answer: The Revised Edition removed the spells as they are all collected in the Book of Magic. In place of the spells is a (very) short thing on the Federation of Magic in 109 P.A., as well as some additional info on the City of Dweomer.

Question: First the spirit host P.C.C.
It states that the host in animal form (power #8 ) that all the animals instincts and abilities are available. This isn't a problem except for the dragon. Which dragon do i look at and what abilities would i get? The closest i could come to a chinese dragon would be one from WB8 japan. (all 3 list china under habitat)
Second, under the modifying characters section it states that characters have thier base ISP/CHI reduces by half because chi is weak outside of china. But what about the P.C.C.'s in the book that are psionic too? It doesn't seem fair to cut ISP in half when it's a psionic class with some CHI when classes that's just psionic like the demon and dead slaver O.C.C. do not. Also what abilities do and don't count as CHI powers for the other reductions?
Third, under the gun master O.C.C. i'm going to assume that thier "one with the gun" from Tao Jen Qiang" counts as WP for all thier guns, allowing them to "aimed shot" and reload thier guns, right? Some have said since it wasn't spelled out that they have each and every gun WP, that they can't do the things that a WP allow.
4TH, since "all CHI-based powers are diminished outside china", can i use the list in modifying CHI characters in reverse for CHi characters from outside china that are in china? For example, my japanese mystic ninja sees all his ISP, PPE and powers doubled? Same for a phase world oni? Or are only chinese characters affected by this magnified/diminished CHI?
5TH: under arts of invisibility the art of clouding the mind lasts for 1 melee round, how long does it last outside of china? What is 1/2 of 1 melee round?
6TH: under martial arts skills for the spirit host, they can take the mystic MA drunken style but not the advanced MA drunken style. This seems odd. Did the authors do this on purpose or was it an oversight?
7TH: several spirit hosts gain the ability to "understand and speak" languages. Does "understanding" include literacy in the languages?
8TH: under gun master standard equipment they gain "a pair of S.D.C. pistols, revolvers or SMG's" Could they take the GHT-89 "double tap" dual laser pistol since they have a S.D.C. setting or do they have to take a weapon that JUST does S.D.C.?
Answer: 1) For this unfortunately, we'll have to wait for Rifts China #3.
2) It would apply to all "psionic/chi" powers in Rifts China. Psychic abilities NOT derived from "chi" powers would function normally, in the case of the character's I.S.P. amount, it would probably be reduced by 1/4.
3) It's recommended that anyone wishing to play a Gunmaster either dump the One with the Gun nonsense and take the appropriate Weapon Proficiencies instead OR give the Gun Master the appropriate Weapon Proficiences, but use the One With The Gun Bonuses instead.
4) No.
5) 1/2 the character's number of attacks per melee.
6) It was by design.
7) No.
8) The weapon would have to JUST do S.D.C.

Question: I was wondering if anyone's aware of any published information (no matter how small) on the status of Philadelphia on Rifts Earth.
Any information, or even well-intentioned conjecture, would be welcome.
Answer: See page 41 of RUE.

Question: I vaguely remember a book..perhaps one of the 'coalition war' series...which featured some Coalition specialist scientist. Including an OCC and special department that studied ley lines and the rifts from a purely scientific perspective.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Answer: WB11, Coalition War campaign

Question: Ok, I've been wracking my brain over this one lately because I cant seem to find them. Or at least, not the ones I could have sworn existed somewhere. Be it a rifter or something.
Basically I'm looking for phase world oriented ship creation rules. I could have sworn there were some. And I know there's several books that list weapons etc, as well as the experimental C-CG and what ever the experimental phase drives were called.
I know theres some rules in:
Aliens Unlimited
Mutants in Orbit
and some other book title I cant recall the name of off the top of my head.
But their all geared towards SDC ships for the most part, and for game systems that handle things like FTL drives in a very different way. I could have sworn that somewhere there was a listing for building PW space ships.
I suppose worst case I can go back to trying to figgure out how to get it to all work out with a mishmash system though. But at that point I supose I'd rather just make it all up on the fly.
Answer: Sounds like you want the ship creation rules that have been promised in UWW when it's (hopefully) released. There might be something in a rifter but I don't have the set handy to know for sure. AU and 3G have the best of the existant ruleset but yer right about the lack of midsize and support ship specs.

Question: Does anyone know where I can find a map that show where the Ley lines and Nexus points are in central and western Canada? In the Canada Book, I can only find the information from eastern Canada, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia. The Siege on Tolkeen book 1 has a small amount, but I am trying to find more.
Answer: Unfortunately, there are no published maps so far detailing this information.

Question: I am trying to find out how the NGR feels about psychics. I see much about how they view DBees, but what about human psychics? Does anyone know where to find their official view?
Answer: Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for Triax 2 to come out.

There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
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Question: I was reading up on both the Death Ray Blaster in Rifts Merc Ops and the Loup-Garou in Canada. Given the Loup-Garou's immunity to normal magical attacks, would this also make them immune to the Death Ray Blaster as well? Given that the blaster is so powerful and outlawed, I had to ask if there were any creatures besides cyborgs and robots that would be immune to it.
Answer: They'd be immune to its effects, as per the exclusion of TW weapon attacks on page 156 of Canada, under Natural Invulnerability.

Question: Does anyone know the price of the Cruise Missiles listed in Phase world page 155.
Rifts has no such missiles of that calibre
Or perhaps what book the price of Cruise Missiles might be found in or both the price and what book.
Thank you.
Answer: Then there are Anti-Matter and Singularity missiles from I believe 3 Galaxies which are 500K each. The prices for other cruise missiles has yet to appear, and with the decrease in price of missiles found in RUE, it's likely that they are in the low million credit range.

Question: For the Battle Magus, under the heading of 'Master of Weapons' It has quick draw and a list of weapons. Says to pick two of these. Paired weapons is the same as what you have for quickdraw.
Then it has WP Sharpshooting (2), says you can pick Bow and arrow or E. Rifle, and magic.
My concern is WP Sharpshooting what does the (2) stand for? And do I get all of these skills at the start as it says?
Answer: it means you can pick 2 of the ones listed to take the sharpshooting skill with.
Sharpshooting must be taken individually with every weapon you have sharpshooting with. Battle Magus have a list of 5 but can only pick 2.

Question: 1) What are the effects of firing the boom gun without deploying pylons besides being thrown back? (damage to suit, damage to pilot, etc.)
2) What are the effecst of firing the boom gun while stablized in other ways such as kneeling, laying down, braced against a wall, etc?
3) I've seen it debated a lot in the forums but which is it?
Recoil comes from sonic boom or from accellerating the round?
a. If from accelerating the round, could a recoil system similar to that of a modern day tank reduce this effect?
b. If from the sonic boom, would a globe of silence negate the recoil?
4) Is the GB suit (or any other robot or power armor) subject to the effects of an EMP field like that emitted from a nuclear blast?
Answer: 1) The GB is thrown back 30 feet and knocked to the ground (as per RUE, page 73), the pilot takes 1D6 S.D.C./HP damage, and loses initiative and one melee attack/action (as per RUE, page 346).
2) In a kneeling or prone position, or even braced against a wall the automatic stabilization system will still engage.
3) Both, however the degree of recoil from the sonic boom is minimal in comparison. Tank recoil systems will reduce the effect (as per Merc Ops, page 62, where a Boom Gun *IS* mounted to a tank and noted to be stablizied.
4) YES, as per Coalition Navy, page 48, even hardened systems (which the GB would have), suffer from EMP.

Question: In the first section of the Battle Magus, Master of the Body, it has no PP bonuses, it does however have a PB bonus?? Is this cause the character is so ripped? With training in the arts yes you do get stronger, but surely ones prowess would increases as well.
Answer: That's right, they get no PP bonus.
of course, gunslingers don't either, and quickdraw is all they got, so i'd say it's a balance issue.

Question: I have a few questions about robot characters.
#1 Does a transferred intellegence use thier combat training to figure out thier attacks per melee or do they follow the "robot characters start with three attacks" and have to pay for more attacks.
#2 I was looking at the cyber-nano-repair system and i was wondering why there is no recharge cost like the micro-repair robots. Is it really 250,000 for 2 repairs then you have to buy it all over again, or should there be a recharge cost.
#3 Why does the sourcebook #1 keep saying that transferred intelligence robots are "a completely alien technique found only in rare robots crreated on some alien world or dimension" when the triax book has TI's in it? they call it M.O.M. conversion for transmission of intellegence, but a "standard robot with a special housing that would contain a human mind without a living brain" sound like a TI.
#4 Does a TI have to buy a optical reader to read?
#5 The partial human weighs less and has less MDC than a human robot. Are the lower bodies stats added to this? And do i use the better base physical attributes?
Answer: 1) THey use their own combat training to determine their number of attacks.
2) After two repairs it is used up, which means you have to buy a new one all over again.
3) Triax came out after Sourcebook 1.
4) No, but they would have to be A) literate in that language and B) have some sort of optical sensor which would allow them to view the written material.
5) Yes, the lower body stats are added to the weight and MDC of the robot, however, there is no "better base physical attributes" for the lower body, you purchase legs or locomtion in step 6.

Question: I heard from some people that the Gunslinger/fighter OCC is only for pure humans... is this true?
Answer: There is nothing in the description of the Gunfighter that would limit this O.C.C. to any specific race. The only requirements are the stat requirements.
The Gunslinger cannot be: dragons, creatures of magic, supernatural beings, master psionics, partial or full conversion cyborgs, androids, robots, and many D-bee R.C.C.'s will preclude them from selecting this O.C.C.

Question: I just recently got back into playing RIFTS and have several questions.
1) It says that the Coalition Juicer gets automatic dodge and parry on every attack - does that mean he gets an automatic dodge and parry on every attack without having to give up his attack per melee?
2) Can Glitter Boy pilots wear body armor inside the Glitter Boy?
3) Is the Bio-Manipulation (super psionic attack) considered mind control?
4) For Super Psionics, is there a limited number of times they can be used?
and finally:
5) What are the rules on firing on a moving target?
Answer: 1) RUE pg. 344: Correct but only gets bonuses from PP and bonuses specific for auto-dodge.
2) For the most part, No. Even light enviromental armor is to big. However on GM's call they might allow something like the NGR's Plain Clothes armour. EDIT: forgot about the GB pilot suit, found on page 7 of the original Sourcebook 1.
3) No its not mind control. It effects biological functions not mental.
4) No limit, other than the amount of ISP the user has.
5) RUE pg. 361: -1 to strike for running under 20 mph -1 to strike for each additional 50 mph and another -1 if target is taking evasive action( such as zig zagging)

Question: 1. Is it possible to transfer intelligence into an Eye of Eylor?
A. If possible...Would the intelligence live as long as the Eye?
B. If possible...What limits on magic and psi transfer should there be?
2. Hu2 Mutant with Plant Control can increase Tree's SDC temporary. Can the Mutant increase a Millennium Tree's MDC in the same way?
3. Same set up as #2. Would the mutant have a better chance of getting a Favor or item from the Tree? (Like telemachanics used on a machine)
4. Can a pyramid be built upside down by a Stone Master and still have the same powers? (The reasoning was easier to hide)
5. Nazca Line Creator changes class to a Symbiote Warrior (Rifter #1... Can the Warrior temporary bond to a Symbiote, Create a Permanent Monster, Burn off the Permanent PPE loss off Symbiote, then remove Symbiote (And repeat)?
6. Yggdrasil and gift of knowlegde. Since the being gain a complete understanding of magic...Can the being research and create their own spells?
7. Yggdrasil and gift of knowlegde. Splugorth Witch (Union) undertakes the ritual and passes. Does the Splugorth also recieve the benefits of the tree? (Since a fragment of the Splugorth is in the witch.)
8. Zllyphan Energy Being can create greater and lesser essences. Is there a maximum number the Zllyphan can create?
A. Is there a backlash like when one is destroyed? ( Like a T-man when a animal tattoo is killed)
B. Is there a time limit to there creation? ( Like 1 greater every tens years...ect)
9. Is there a maximum number of Talismans (PPE Storage type) can have? (100 even recharged would give 3000 PPE Eek! ) Or create?
10. If Archie 3 was taken, Casing was drilled into, and then soaked in Set's Immortality Elixir. Would Archie 3 gain the benefits of the elixir? (Yes, it happened in my gaming group...)
11. Maybe I missed it but except for WB19 any more information on the Great Millennium Reef?
Answer: 1) I'd have to say it'd take a VERY advanced variant on magical posssession, which dosn't even exsist currently. AND the eye of eyelor would have to be completely lobotomised. and if you do that, all the psionics and inhernt magic would be lost, tied to whatever passes for a mind in one.
2)Probablly, but considering how that requires touch, and that mellium trees cause magical exlposions when damaged, I would say that it might not be a great idea.
3) Only if it was a sincere attempt to help the tree selflessly. if they're just trying to score points, it'd sense the ultiror motives and not reward it.
4) No, vertical orientation is part of the definition of the pyramid.
5) No, it'd come from your own personal PPE, not the symboites. it's not casting the spell.
6) Sure. see though the glass darkly for rules on that.
7) Nope. The Splugorth doesn't learn the skills the person has in the first place, let alone any spells, this is no differnt.
8) Same limit as on alien intelligence fragments.
9) The only limits are the PPE and time costs.
10) Nope. He can't drink, sorry.
11) Nope.

Question:I have a number of questions related to the Mystic Kuznya O.C.C.
1. One of the primary abilities of the Kuznya is to turn S.D.C. materials into M.D.C. products, it however does not say or even suggest that the Kuznya is incapable of working with raw M.D.C. material. Is the Kuznya capable of working with raw M.D.C. materials and if so would a suit of armor made from these raw materials have a maximum M.D.C. of the suits base M.D.C. plus the enchantment/forging bonus provided by the Kuznya?
2. Are the listed recipes meant to be an exhaustive list of the Kuznya's capabilities? and if not how much M.D.C. would a large tower shield max out at?
3. The class mentions that S.D.C. weapons and armor created with a successful skill roll receive bonuses over normal equipment. If these items are later reforged in order to change them into M.D.C. creations do they retain these bonuses?
Answer: 1) They can work with M.D.C. materials, but they are still limited to the M.D.C. limits listed in their abilities.
2) Based on the comparison of SDC shields to SDC armor, MDC shields made by the Mystic Kuznya would max out at 300 M.D.C.
3) Yes

Question: Is a Voodoo priest or priestess capable of making holy water in order to harm vampires? Voodoo Houngans and Mambos(priests and priestesses) are known for dealing with spirits, including divine Loas. It would stand to reason that they'd be capable of making blessings, especially if incorporating from the Rifts Africa Medicine Men, priests and Rain Makers who are also specialized in making charms and are spiritual leaders of their people. It's a hard call to make, can anyone chime in on this please?
Answer: Voodoo Priests do not have the ability to perform blessings and prayers (at least, not in the same way as the Priest of Light O.C.C.). Ergo, they cannot make holy water (which requires the Blessing of Water).

Question: This is regarding Godling Power #10.
I've seen elsewhere that if you choose this power you get all OCC Abilities and Skills(excluding related skills). Does this include all OCC bonuses?
Example: My Godling Techno Wizard takes power #10 twice, selecting Ley Line Walker and Necromancer.
Woud the Godling get the bonuses from all the Magic OCC's?
And would his starting PPE be that of all 3 OCC's combined, or will it just be the Godling's 3D4 X 10 +20?
Any help is appreciated.
Answer: Godlings can't be Techno-Wizards, but since it's irrelevant to the question, I'll not belabor the matter.
Godling Power #10: Magic Powers offers "all the abilities of a practitioner of magic," i.e. whatever magic that class offers plus the numbered powers/abilities given in the class description (e.g. Ley Line Phasing, Speak Elemental, Magic Bonuses, etc.), EXCEPT for P.P.E. base/progression and starting spells.
P.P.E. for spellcasting Godlings is a flat 3D4x10+20 plus 4D6 per level. The Godling does not gain any P.P.E. from his chosen Magic Power class (and technically, neither does the Demigod). However, one might notice that with the advent of RUE, the core magic classes now have substantially more P.P.E., with several putting the Godling to shame. It may then be reasonable to scale up the Godling's P.P.E. to put the R.C.C. at its intended power level, perhaps about 40% above a Ley Line Walker's P.P.E. base.
And of course, spells will be equal to the character's level, so a 3rd level Godling with Line Walker and Necromancer powers will have all standard magic spells from levels 1-3 plus all necromantic/bone magic spells from levels 1-3.

Question: I was wondering if you can have a Meltran charater, That is a demi-god/robot headhunter. I want to use her as a partner to my gunslinger.
Answer: Yes, perfectly legal. they'd get racial traits (but not stats) of the base race and the demigod template for everything else.

Question: For those familiar with the changling known as the Auto-G (Auto genetic), I have a question. The book (DBoNA) states that they can change into their natural humanoid form and, by consuming some genetic material of a non-SN critter, he can take on the form of a member of that species.
Here it comes: Can he only retain those two forms at a time, his natural one and another, or can his cells "remember" multiple foreign forms?
Example: Auto G Gus's natural form is that of a human male in his 30's. He plucks a hair off a Quick Flex and eats it. Now he can change into a QF alien and his natural form. Later that day he ingests some skin flakes from a vangaurd brawler. Now that he can assume the shape of a brawler, can he still morph into the Quick Flex or is that form "lost" until he gets some more QF genetic material? The text in the book is a vague on the point.
Answer: He can only shift into the current race whose DNA he has sampled.

Question:Ok, i was looking through the D-bee of NA book and took a look at the noli bushman and i noticed something interesting about the cyberknights. Just what psi powers do they start with?
#1 under available OCC's, it lists psi-sword and 6 picks from sensitive/physical in addition to the normal cyberknight ones.
#2 I'm going to assume that the "normal" cyber-knight picks are the just the three common to all cyberknights IE psi-sword, psi-shield, meditation and NOT a roll on the psychic chart.
#3 Under Psionics it states that ALL noli (except psi-druids and psi-slayers) get bio-regen, empathy, mindblock, psi invisibility, telepathy, 2 physical and 2 sensitive.
So does the noli cyberknight really get 1, 2, and 3? IE psi-sword, psi-shield, meditation, 6 picks form sensitive/physical, bio-regen, empathy, mindblock, psi invisibility, telepathy, 2 physical and 2 sensitive?
Or should #1 replace #3 and they just forgot to tell us?
Answer: Option #1 on your list is correct according to WB #20. So, that's their power selection set.
Secondly, your assumption about psi-sword, psi-shield and meditation being the standard Cyber-Knight powers for non-psychics is also correct.

Question: okay, I like how DBoNA mentions that the Auto-G uses PPE to help make it's shapeshifting changes (pg 30). I've felt that since almost all Shapeshifters have lots of PPE, like the Uteni, Pleasurer that's how they do it. I'll retro-fit the Changeling to have 1D6x10 PPE, but that's just me.
Does this mean the Auto-G can channel the PPE to use with Techno-Wizard items ? (say they don't want to expend ISP, but want to save it for their psionics, or have used all their ISP up already).
Since they do know how to use their own PPE, I think it's "yes".
Answer: No.

Question: I am curious if there is any Rifts books that cover rules for Bow weapons (I keep looking at the picture for the wilderness scout in the RUE pg 98 ). They have the archery skill when making the characters, but the few Rifts books I have don't cover anything. I have TMNT and Ninjas & Superspies, which give 3 types of bows with damage stats (short - 1d6 / samurai/long - 2d6 / modern - 1d10), but I disagree with the modern bow damage compared to a samurai bow (a compound bow should do equal or more with the added power of the pulley system).
Answer: Rifts Sourcebook One Revised has some High Tech arrows as well as details on arrows and bows including modern bows. So does Spirit West, South America 1, Japan, and Aliens Unlimited I believe.

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Question: As awesome as the Psychic RCC's from SA2 are I would really like the chance to play a cyberknight conderoid or an achilles neo-human lord magus. Soooo my questions are, is it possible to break the RCC and take an OCC with the race of a Psi-centaur or something of the sort, and if so, if so would it keep its psychic special abilites like firing psi arrows or psychic flight?

Answer: Generally speaking, no. Unless the race can specifically adopt other classes (like the Amaki Stone Men, for example), then it is limited to its R.C.C. There is precedent for Cyber-Knights being members of exotic races, but the decision to allow such characters is up to the GM.

Question: In Rifts Mercenaries, it says a Super Spy can take up a mage O.C.C. but is frozen at 2nd level. Does that mean he or she can't cast any spells past 2nd level, or does it mean that the P.P.E. is frozen at 2nd as well or what? I am confused because if you're frozen at 2nd level you can't advance any more, right?

Answer: It means you have all the powers, spells, and P.P.E. of a particular magic O.C.C. as if you were 2nd level of experience. You could know and learn spells of any level (unless the particular spellcasting class is restricted in this regard), but you'd cast them as a second-level mage for the purposes of range, damage, duration, saving throws, etc. Similarly, any special powers and skills that particular mage class possessed (Sense Rifts, Recognize Enchantment, etc.) would have the percentages and other characteristics of a second-level character. For all other purposes (O.C.C. skills, hit points, etc.) you progress normally according to the Super Spy O.C.C. experience table (or your R.C.C. table, as the case may be).

Question: I noticed that in my Ultimate Edition Rifts book the psychics are no longer R.C.C.s, but now O.C.C.s. So you could have an R.C.C. race like an Altara Warrior Woman take one of them. Is this correct, even for the Psi-Stalkers, Mind Melters, and Dog-Boys? An Altara Warrior Dog-Woman!

Answer: You still have to meet the requirements of an O.C.C. in order to take it, which means that you have to be a member of the right race (in the case of Dog Boys and Psi-Stalkers), and have the right potential for psionics.

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Question: The supernatural transformation ability that the neo-humans have is confusing me. SA2, p. 150 says that when I.S.P. base is depleted that the power ends. From what I am reading of this power it looks like you can't turn it off, it just goes until your I.S.P. base is gone and if this is so it does not say how much you recover or at what speed you regain your base I.S.P. Is it at the same rate as your normal I.S.P. or what?

Answer: The description doesn't actually say that the power can't be turned off. It just means that the power ends when your I.S.P. runs out, whether you want it to or not. I.S.P. recovery would be at the standard rates (minus 2 points per hour while the transformation is active).

Question: Let's say you have a character who is immune to telepathy and empathy, and this character gains possession of the Tarnow Crystal (Mindwerks, pp 88-90). The crystal, of course, refuses to cooperate, but per the book, can still be made to transform iron to gold and SDC iron to MDC iron at a fraction of their normal rates. The question is, does the user gain any other powers of the crystal, since there is no real contact (mental) between Crystal/Alien Intelligence and Immune Being?

Answer: You only need to be in physical contact with the crystal to use its powers (and be subject to its corrupting influence), although the crystal can refuse to use certain powers.

Question: What Weapon Proficiency do you need for the NA-LB 1 Laser Bow out of spirit west? Archery or one of the energy weapon skills? I have the Rifts GMG, the weapon is shown on page 154 of the GMG but does not say anyhing about W.P. I do not have Spirit West.

Answer: W.P. Archery.

Question: What is the duration of the Burster's Super Fuel Flame power? Are its effects lasting (maybe linked with the duration of the flame) or is it just a momentary flare-up lasting no more that a single melee action?

Answer: Presumably, the effect occurs instantly and lasts for as long the fire does, same as the lesser power.

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Question: This may be a newb question, but I couldnt find where it states what happens to SDC creatures when they enter an MDC world (such as Wormwood). Do humans and other SDC D-Bees become MDC on these worlds??? If not, how is my group going to survive, should a fight break out? Also, along the same lines... for psy powers like healing touch, which mention SDC healing and hit point healing, do they heal MDC creatures, and if so, by how much???

Answer: Normal S.D.C. creatures remain normal S.D.C. creatures when transitioning to M.D.C. settings. Only those beings who have special powers (e.g. Heroes Unlimited superbeings) or are Supernatural Beings/Creatures of Magic become M.D.C. beings in Rifts, although magicians and psychics will find that many of their powers now inflict or absorb Mega Damage. Healing powers generally restore M.D.C. at the same rate that they restore Hit Points. See Rifts Conversion Book 1 for further details.

Question: In the Rifts rule book it lists the costs for recharging E clips. Is it ever mentioned how a character can recharge an E-clip if they don't want to have to pay for the service? I know of the particle acceleration spell from Federation of Magic. I am looking for info on a portable generator or similar technology that could be used to recharge batteries and E-clips.

Answer: In addition to having an Operator or similarly skilled character rig something up, one can buy a universal E-clip recharger. See Rifts Merc Ops, p. 118 for details.

Question: Does anyone know where it mentions the time limits for storing extra P.P.E. from ley lines and such?

Answer: The Rifts Book of Magic.

Question: Does anyone know where it mentions the cost of repairing M.D.C. armor in Rifts?

Answer: Rifts Sourcebook 1.

Question: How do I find out or determine the device level of a Techno-Wizard device to factor into my cost, construction, etc? I have not seen that anywhere in the listings.

Answer: According to RUE, p. 132, device level defaults to the creator's experience level as a Techno-Wizard. The creator may opt to reduce the device level, but cannot increase it beyond his own TW experience level.

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Question: If a 4th-level cyber-knight has bio-regeneration (psionic), or if he has a natural regeneration power, will it also heal his cyber-armor at an increased rate?

Answer: Only if the cyber-knight is an M.D.C. creature, otherwise the character's healing powers will only restore S.D.C. and Hit Points.

Question: I am confused by Psi stalkers. Specifically, what are the limits of their abilities to detect magic/psionics/supernatural?

Lets take an exaggerated example. A person must travel through the detection range of an alert Psi stalker. He has the following:
  • Is a dragon (creature of magic)
  • Is shape changed
  • Is a master psionist with lots of I.S.P. available
  • Is able to cast magic spells with lots of P.P.E. available
  • Actually has a magic spell in effect
  • Actually has a psionic discipline in effect
  • Performs a magical spell while in the detection range of the Psi Stalker
  • Performs a psionic discipline while in the detection range of the Stalker
  • Is carrying a techno-wizard device that is not currently being used
  • Is using another techno-wizard device (floater of some type)

Which of the above characteristics would allow the Psi stalker to detect the traveler's presence, assuming he does not actually see or detect the traveler through some more mundane means?

Just as important, what can the traveler do to block some/all of those triggers from being detectable? I.e. how can this determined traveler get past the Psi-Stalker without detection while still utilizing some or all of his capabilities?

Answer: Shape-changing in itself can't be detected unless it is produced magically or psionically, but the transformed being may be detectable for other reasons. Similarly, inactive TW devices cannot be detected unless they have a built-in P.P.E. reserve. Other than those two, all of the above conditions are subject to the Psi-Stalker's Sense Psychic and Magic Energy ability, although the range of detection for each will vary.

As to avoiding detection, the cheapest and most effective way is probably to stay within four miles of a ley line nexus, but one can also deactivate TW devices, use up all P.P.E. and I.S.P. in advance, etc. Psionic powers such as Mask I.S.P. & Psionics and Mask P.P.E. are also effective, and there may be certain magical items that can mask the character's nature in addition to their own.

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Question: Is it possible for the Achilles Neo-Human to be initially shcooled as another O.C.C. out of the South America II Book that is open to psychics?

Answer: No.

Question: Does converting from an H.P./S.D.C. being into M.D.C. affect Bio-Regeneration?

Answer: Yes. Any regeneration of Hit Points is converted to an equal amount of M.D.C. (1:1 ratio), while S.D.C. regeneration ceases.

Question: Are credits like actual currency, or are they handled like electronic currency like today's credit cards?

Answer: Like modern credit cards. See this link for details: The Trouble with Credits

Question: Hi I'm very new to Rifts and I have a small problem. My group will be starting to play very soon and my friend (Who is a Head-Hunter) has some problems. We all rolled are stats as normal but as I started to read more about the Head-Hunter their is some confusing info. I've read that a partical conversion cyborg can only have a max P.S. of 20 but my friend gets one limb (he chose and arm) and it to give him +10 on his P.S. which is right and is it treated as Robotic or agumented strength? Any info would be helpful thanks.

Answer: Bionics and cybernetics don't "add" to your strength. They replace your existing strength, and you "buy" your strength score for each limb. See RUE, p. 75 for further details.

Question: Ok, when i started playing it was with a group of power gamers and from what I have been reading, I have had the problem all along. When I made a character, I mixed R.C.C.s and O.C.C.s because I thought that was the right way to do it, but now I am just confused on making one. To pick an R.C.C. is to have a character with a set race; to pick an O.C.C. is to have a job. But if you pick an O.C.C. then how do you do stuff like roll attributes? Do you just say that the race is human or elf or ogre or something?

Answer: Official definitions can be found on page 278 of RUE, but in summary:

An Occupational Character Class defines the skills, abilities, orientation, and other aspects of a character based on his or her chosen career. One is normally not born into an O.C.C.; one gains an O.C.C. through education and training.

A Racial Character Class represents an alien or inhuman creature whose natural abilities and skills effectively ARE its occupation. While such creatures may be able to gain skills through education and training, they primarily rely on the skills and abilities they were born with.

A Player Race is a species of creature which has particular characteristics common to all its members, but also has the same capacity for education and training as a human being. Nonhuman races often have superhuman traits such as nightvision, natural armor, or great physical strength, but they are still mortal beings who have to learn their skills to survive. In Rifts, such races are commonly referred to as D-Bees. The attributes for these characters are rolled differently than humans (refer to the specific race listing for details), but they choose an O.C.C. (or P.C.C., if appropriate) just like a normal human character.

A Psychic Character Class is essentially just an Occupational Character Class that centers around a particular set of psionic abilities. One must be trained for a P.C.C., although the necessary psionic potential is something that one is usually born with.

Naturally, there are exceptions, and these terms have not always been used consistently or accurately. For example, the Demigod R.C.C. in CB2 has no skills, and must choose an O.C.C. or P.C.C. like a regular human. Although the Demigod R.C.C. has its own XP chart, the class otherwise conforms to the definition of a Player Race, albeit a very powerful one.

Another definition-breaker is the Azverkan Knight of the True Vision R.C.C. from Mindwerks. As pointed out in the class description, Azverkans can be trained in classes other than the Knight of the True Vision, and lose all the R.C.C.'s skills and several of its abilities in the process. This means that the Knight of the True Vision is in fact an O.C.C. that is restricted to members of the Azverkan race.

Many of the psychic classes, such as Mind Melters and Bursters, were listed as R.C.C.s in the past, presumably on the basis that these creatures were aliens/mutants, or were born with innate psychic powers. Some of these have been corrected to O.C.C.s/P.C.C.s in RUE, and presumably the rest will be changed as other books are reprinted.

And then there are true R.C.C.s like the Godling and Adult Dragon that can gain the abilities of certain O.C.C.s as a special racial ability, but otherwise use a common set of skills and abilities.

Question: Are the martial art forms contained in Rifter #7 applicable to the Rifts setting, and if so, who may get those marked as "exclusive," like Capoeira?

Answer: No, they're designed for Ninjas & Superspies. In Rifts, they would be restricted in the same way that the N&S styles are, as per the Rifts Conversion Book.

Question: What are the race restrictions for a demon queller?

Answer: There aren't any, apparently. Demon Quellers presumably can't be demons themselves (other than the reformed variety), but they can otherwise belong to any race. Obviously, most are going to be humans and other races found in Japan and China.

Question: What is the base P.P.E. of a Stonemaster?

Answer: According to the RBOM (4th printing, Dec. 2006), Atlantean Stone Masters have P.E. x 3 + 30 P.P.E. at first level, plus racial/tatoo bonuses. Non-atlanteans have P.E. x 2 + 30 P.P.E. Both gain an additional 2D6 P.P.E. per level.

Question: Hi, just trying to get info on changing your OCC's. I know in PFRPG it is possible to change once you reached a new level of experince and that your new occ starts at level 1 with zero experince, while the previous OCC stays frozen.

In Rifts RPG book I haven't found any info stating that you could change only that you can select 1 OCC, or RCC. Can or do these rules from PFRPG be applied to Rifts RPG as well?

Answer: Yes. Characters with multiple O.C.C.s are generally discouraged in Rifts, but not expressly forbidden (and naturally, numerous NPCs have several classes, often ones that they can't legally possess :P ). Note that some character classes (Juicers for example) have their own special rules for changing classes, which supersede the standard Dual O.C.C. rules (as found on the errata page or in PF: Adventures on the High Seas).

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Question: So, I've been looking through several different Rifts books (including Psyscape and the RUE), but I seem to have missed something. Why do certain O.C.C.s have high P.P.E. levels, when they are not even magic users?

Answer: The answer varies. Cyber-Knights seem to have high P.P.E. because their great mental and spiritual discipline allows them to retain more P.P.E. than the average adult (they don't burn it all up in the mastery of their skills and psionic powers). Crazies have abnormally high P.P.E. as a mysterious side-effect of the M.O.M. conversion. Many non-spellcasting creatures have high P.P.E. because they're supernatural or magical beings, or because they possess some peculiar alien or mutant physiology. In some cases, this extra P.P.E. allows the character to use TW devices, spontaneously activate magic circles, or experience precognitive flashes, but most of the time it just makes the character a target for evil magicians and P.P.E. vampires.

Question: Can a character wear body armor inside of power armor?

Answer: Yes and no. Light power armor/exoskeletons like the SAMAS, Flying Titan, Triax Terrain Hopper, and NG Gladius effectively are body armor. Environmental armor simply will not fit inside these units, and many non-environmental armors (anything bulkier than normal clothing) won't fit either. Larger, non-formfitting units like the Glitter Boy, NG Samson, and Triax Ulti-Max should be able to accommodate any light to medium, non-bulky armor.

Question: Should a psi-hound be able to smell the materials that make up a completely human looking android, or just recognize the lack of biological tissue?

Answer: If the android is just human-looking, then anyone with superior senses will not be fooled, Dog Boys included. A robot that merely looks human wouldn't smell human, wouldn't sound human (I'm talking about sounds of motors and power systems, not voice modulation), wouldn't look human to thermal or infrared vision, and certainly wouldn't seem human to psychic senses (I could argue for taste and touch as well, but that gets into some weird territory...).

Of course, in a setting where superhuman senses and high-tech detection are commonplace, it stands to reason that someone going to the trouble of disguising a robot as a living creature is going to take appropriate precautions, such as sound-proofing the internal systems to eliminate ultrasonic motor noise, use of a special biological/chemical coating that smells like the appropriate lifeform, simulated circulatory and respiratory systems, and so forth. If the robot is a transferred intelligence, it will even have an aura and P.P.E. However, the disguise can never be absolutely flawless, so a Perception roll could be required in this case.

Question: Can a light machine or any other small 'borg/robot pilot power armor?

Answer: It depends on the power armor, as in the question above, as well as the type of cyborg. Those power armors that can accommodate body armor should also work for lightweight Full Conversion Cyborgs. Partial Conversion Cyborgs and Cyber-Humanoids would be treated the same as humans, and should be able to use any power armor. Note however that robot and power armor piloting skills are not available to most cyborgs.

Question: I know the stats for the sea Titan children, those were printed out for the most part. But for children of whatever race (equivalent of an 8-year-old human), what would you use for physical stats? A die less than normal, without racial bonuses either?
Roll stats normally and halve them?

Answer: Based on the rules in BTS and Systems Failure, child PCs generally have the same stats as adults, except for P.P.E. and some bonuses/penalties. Specific exceptions exist, such as the Chaos Wizards in CE: Rise of Magic. For NPC children, use the stats on page 25 of the HUGMG, or p. 194 of BTS1.

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Question: What is the typical M.D.C. of weapons in Rifts?

Answer: See the RGMG, pp. 111-112.

Question: What year is it in the current Rifts timeline?

Answer: 109 P.A.

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Question: In RUE it says that at every level, a ley line walker gets one spell he "figured out" for free... now I have to ask, is this restricted to invocations? Because it never said I can only take invocations, that and since I "figured it out," it doesn't make sense that I couldn't figure out... oh I don't know, a living fire spell?

Answer: The free spells must be invocations (including Rituals and Ley Line Magic), because that is the only form of magic that Line Walkers know innately. Specialized magic like Temporal Magic and Necromancy must be acquired by other means.

Question: I'm creating a drone pilot for my Phase World campaign using RUE and the new Sourcebook 1. AI Drones get the Military package which includes H2H: Expert at 6th Level plus 2 attacks. Per RUE, at 6th level H2H Expert would have 5 attacks. So would this mean that the starting number actions is 5 or 7. Adding to the insanity, since this Phase World, the Drone can also be programmed with Fighter Combat Elite, bringing the total to either 8 or 10 actions. Is this right?

Answer: You missed the note on page 22 of SB1 (Revised): a robot's hand to hand combat skill does NOT affect the robot's number of attacks per melee. However, in this case, the robot still starts out with 5 attacks by default (3 for being a robot, +2 for the Military Combat Skill Program), and Fighter Combat: Elite brings this up to 8 when piloting a space fighter.

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Question: So I'm rolling up a character that is a minor M.D.C. creature, but then the O.C.C. gives a bonus to S.D.C. (as will the physical skills I take). Now what is the generally accepted way of dealing with this? Write down the S.D.C. bonuses as I go and see if maybe I get enough for 1 M.D.C. out of it? Do maybe a partial value on the points? It just seems silly to me that these bonuses would be tossed aside.

Answer: There are a few classes and races, such as Godlings and Demigods, whose writeup specifically states that they receive equivalent M.D.C. bonuses from physical skills, but they appear to be the exception rather than the rule. Generally, M.D.C. serves as Hit Points, not S.D.C., for living M.D.C. beings.

Creatures that start out as S.D.C. but are converted to M.D.C. (like the Cold-Blooded O.C.C., for example) would get the S.D.C. bonuses prior to conversion, but receive no subsequent M.D.C. bonus after the conversion, while dragons, demons and other natural M.D.C. beings would receive no M.D.C. from physical skills at all.

Other stat bonus presumably still apply (with the exception of P.S. bonuses in HU2), and creatures whose M.D.C. is based on their P.E. attribute can receive M.D.C. bonuses by increasing their P.E. scores.

Question: OK so I noticed in the Rifts Mechanoids book that Hagan has increased ability in power armor. I am assuming this is from telemechanics. If any, what are the bonuses to a pilot in power armor while using telemechanics?

Answer: The telemechanic link used in the HPA-1 and AH-1 is unique to those machines. Telemechanics itself provides no special bonuses when piloting conventional power armor or robot vehicles, although it does let you pilot the machine if you lack the Pilot Robots & Power Armor Skill.

Question: The Psi-Slinger has the ability to charge up to 15 rounds in a psychically linked weapon with the expenditure of 10 I.S.P. in the span of 2 melee actions of time. But what if the Psi-Slinger chooses to link to a weapon that holds more than 15 rounds? For instance, say the Slinger links to an H&K P90 with a 50-round magazine? Would he have to expend 10 I.S.P. four times over the duration of 8 melee actions to fully charge up its bullets, or could he charge its rounds with a single lump-sum expenditure of 40 I.S.P. in the two melee actions the use of the power normally requires?

Answer: 40 I.S.P. and 8 melee attacks seems to be the more reasonable answer under the existing rules.

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Question: In Rifts how much S.D.C. do you get when you level up?

Answer: Unlike Hit Points, a character's physical S.D.C. doesn't normally increase with experience, except possibly for certain D-Bees and monsters. For most characters, the only way to increase S.D.C. is to learn physical skills.

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Question: After 10 years as a temporal warrior the character gets a +2 to dodge, then after 14 the character gets an auto dodge. Does the OCC exchange the +2 normal dodge in those four years for the autododge (effectively becoming slower at dodging, but always able to) or was a bonus to the normal dodge left out in the write up.

Answer: It depends on which rulebook you go by. Under the current rules (RUE), dodge and automatic dodge bonuses are kept separate; only P.P. bonuses apply to both. Thus, the Temporal Warrior has a conventional dodge with a +2 bonus that costs one attack, and an automatic dodge with no bonus that costs no attacks.

Under the old rules, though, standard dodge bonuses applied to both dodge and automatic dodge.

Question: I've got a were-jaguar who will probably tangle with a shadow beast or two and an MDC Witch with supernatural strength. Am I getting this right? The were-beastie can only be harmed with magic (does that include indirect attacks, like fireballs) psionics can only be used to sense/restrain them and silver does double damage. But my biggest prob is supernatural PS does it just inflict knockback or do damage (they hunt vamps with their bare hands), because he doesnt have many Hit Points in comparison to other creatures and I cant see how a were-jag would go toe to toe with one vamp, let alone be a vamp/demon slayer that doesnt use equipment.

Answer: Werejaguars take full damage from magic, psionics, the natural weapons of other werebeasts, and natural/melee weapons of creatures with supernatural strength. Although werejaguars do not possess supernatural strength, their claw and bite attacks are fully effective against vampires and werebeasts, and at GM's discretion, may also work against other nigh-invulnerable beings, as long as such creatures can be harmed by magic weapons.

Question: If Demigod/Godling power #10 is chosen, can you select a Magus O.C.C. as the powers you get?

Answer: No. Unless your GM allows a broader list, you can only select the Ley Line Walker, Mystic, Shifter, Warlock, and Necromancer O.C.C.s for power #10. Additionally, demigods are specifically barred from formal training in any of the Magus O.C.C.s, certain NPCs notwithstanding.

Question: In the October 2000 Rifter I read a Q&A about cybernetics and armour affecting magic and psi but what about Techno-Wizards and Techno-Psi's it seems that by their very nature they should be more at home with machines and cybernetics?

Answer: Techno-Wizards, Psi-Mechanics, Psi-Techs, and similar characters who mix science and the supernatural are subject to the same cybernetics penalties as other mages and psychics. The fact that these characters are comfortable with both technology and thaumaturgy doesn't change the fact that cybernetic/bionic devices disrupt the body's ability to channel mystical and mental energy. Even TW bionics like those of the Momano Headhunter limit the magical abilities of their users, although it seems that they have a slightly higher threshold before penalties are incurred.

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Question: In Rifts Ultimate Edition p. 312 the Vehicle Armorer Skill says "Replace S.D.C. Body with M.D.C. body or add more M.D.C. to M.D.C. Armor..."

Does this mean that you simply convert the SDC into MDC -- i.e. 150 S.D.C. turns into 150 M.D.C.? If so where can I find basic S.D.C. for vehicles? I have tons of Rifts books but can't find where they have basic stats on S.D.C. vehicles (cars, buses, motorcycles, etc.).

Answer: No, it means you can strip off the old S.D.C. exterior and replace it with M.D.C. materials. Judging from Rifts Mercenaries, converted vehicles typically have maximum M.D.C. equal to 1/10 (light vehicles like motorcycles) to 1/2 (heavy vehicles like tanks and APCs) their original S.D.C.

S.D.C. vehicles appear in several Rifts books, most notably Rifts Mercenaries and Warlords of Russia. Obviously, one can also look in the S.D.C. game settings (HU, N&S, etc.).

Question: I am playing a Quick flex Alien, gunslinger, with auto-dodge. Tonight I had to dodge a laser blast.

First I was told you cannot dodge a laser blast. I was approximately 60-65 feet from the juicers firing at me. Someone in the group said I can dodge, but I have to take a -10 penalty. I was able to dodge the first blast, but not the next from the second juicer.

After my dodge, it was explained to me that juicers do not have to take a negative to dodge with any energy blasts but anything else, crazy, quick flex, those people who have the hand to hand commando whatever it is they have that gives them auto dodge have to take the penalty.

So my question: is the negative to dodge -5 at 50+ feet for a character with auto-dodge, or -10. Also are the negatives restricted to everything but the juicer class?

Answer: Under the current rules (RUE, p. 361), there is no penalty to dodge gunfire at distances greater than 50 feet, and Juicers suffer the same dodge penalties as everyone else.

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Question: In Rifts: Canada I was reading the headhunter variants section. The variants listed from pages 113-129 (Assassin, Anti-Robot Specialist, Techno-Hound, and Momano) do not list at what levels they get more secondary skills. Do they not get get any more secondary skills past level 1 or do they get additional secondary skills according to the Headhunter Techno-warrior?

Answer: They don't get any more secondary skills.

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Question: In RUE 65 the Cyber Knight L3 ability gives him the ability to fight and strike when moving and off balance taking no penalties. I wasn't aware that one took penalties for moving when striking. Is this new? Can someone point me to a page # reference?

Answer: According to RUE, p. 361, there is a -6 penalty to strike with modern weapons while moving.

Question: This is from the lone star book - optional mutations for exceptional people. The ambidexterity bonus says that you gain an extra attack. Is this just another attack per melee or is it expecting that you have a weapon in your off hand??

Answer: It's an extra attack for anything. If a bonus attack can only be applied with a weapon or a specific body part, this will be clearly stated in the description.

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Question: Can the Elemental Fusionist use the normal Warlock's spells of his elements or only the combo of them?

Answer: Elemental Fusionists can only use Elemental spells from their two chosen elements, and they can only use the spells listed on p. 101 of RUE. On the upside, Elemental Fusionists can choose any of the spells on their list at any level of experience, regardless of the spell's level.

Question: Can a witch have magic tattoos, and if so does the limitation of six tattoos apply (as it's the essence inside the witch casting the spells, not the witch her/himself)?

Answer: The witch can get tattoos only if he or she is a member of the appropriate range of races that can get them. However, witches do cast their own spells. A witch's master only bestows magical knowledge and ability; it does not cast the witch's spells for him. Receiving more than six tattoos will destroy the witch's ability to use spell magic (something which a particular master may or may not allow).

Question: I was wondering if there was a way to pay credits to gain skills or if other characters can train mine. I realized after starting playing that I forgot to take swimming as a skill. With my character on a boat it seems a simple fall in the water may kill my character. I do not wish to wait to gain levels in order to obtain it, as my notoriously evil killer GM may off him before then.

Answer: In RUE, the Rogue Scholar O.C.C. has the ability to teach skills to other characters. Alternately, one could adapt the rules for "going back to school" from HU and BTS.

Question: The book is less than clear on the specifics of the intangibility power for Psi-ghosts. I don't have the Psyscape book (btw, if you don't have it, get it, it is awesome!) with me but it says that Psi-ghosts can "ghost" a limit of 4 times per melee. Does that mean they can do a total of 4 ghosting actions per melee, i.e. 2 ghosts, 2 un-ghosts. Or does that mean they can ghost a max of 4 times per melee along with the accompanying 4 un-ghosts in that same melee?

Answer: Consensus favors the latter.

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Question: What level of experience are random Gremlins in Rifts? CB1 doesn't say.

Answer: Dark Conversions (p. 92) has them at 1D4+3.

Question: The D'norr Devilmen on page 12 of Siege on Tolkeen 3 cannot use psionics, that point is hammered in. However page 23 on the next installment of the Siege claims they make up a full five percent of all Cyber-Knights, not to be confused with Cyber-Knight allies like sword-fists etc. Do these knights develop psychic powers as there is no mention of them not or do they simply have all non-psychic bonuses. I'm just confused :?

Answer: If you read the updated Cyber-Knight O.C.C. (SoT4 or RUE), it says very clearly you DO NOT need to be psychic to be a Cyber-Knight. You just develop the powers during training. In this case you get the minimum psionic powers for the class (Psi-Sword, Psi-Shield, and Meditation) but no more.

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Question: One of the skills listed in Rifts Japan under the samurai's O.C.C. skills simply says "Go (+10%)." Am I missing something here? I tried to find an errata to see if it had been corrected but couldn't.

Answer: It refers to the Go skill on page 187.

Question: I know that Paired Weapons is for Ancient Weapons, What I would like to know is why there is not one for ranged weapons. I am playing a Special Ops: Commando, and with all my training I feel that I should be able to use two handguns.

Answer: According to RUE, p. 327, the standard paired weapons skill can be used with firearms, albeit with penalties. Alternatively, Rifts Canada establishes that certain Headhunter O.C.C.s can select the Gunfighter's paired firearms skill at the cost of two O.C.C. related W.P. skills. This could be extended to other O.C.C.s as well, at the GM's discretion.

Question: How does Rifts deal with radiation? I've looked around the UE a bit and can't seem to find rules for it. I seem to recall reading about it in another book somewhere but can't remember if that was a different edition or another Palladium game altogether. Specifically, I was wondering what would happen if someone was bombarded with lethal levels of gamma radiation.

Answer: See SB4, p. 47.

Question: I was looking over the Dragon-Cat in Psyscape, and I'm thinking of making one up as a player character. It lists their P.P.E., magic spells, psionics, but not their I.S.P. Can anyone tell me what the I.S.P. should be for the Dragon-Cat?

Answer: 1D6x10+10 per level, according to Psyscape, p. 101 (2nd printing)

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Question: In which book would I find CS laws concerning private ownership of robots (not robot vehicles, things like the Bandit K-9 unit)?

Answer: Rifts SB1, p. 54 (old edition) or 19 (new edition).

Question: Can a True Atlantean that is not a practitioner of magic O.C.C. (but has the marks of heritage and 3 other tattoos) draw P.P.E. from Ley Lines and Nexus as a magic user can?

Answer: No.

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Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles
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Question: I have a bunch of questions about dimensional rifts:

1. What are the properties of a rift?

2. Are there any laws governing the physics of things on both sides of a Rift before/during/after passing through the Rift?
a. Gravity
b. Velocity (bullets)
c. Energy

3. When two places are connected by a Rift what can/cannot pass through the Rift?
a. Air/Vacuum (also see #4)
b. Water
c. Land/Minerals
d. Energy/Fire/Light
e. Radiation/Radio and other types of Wavelengths
f. Vision (Can the other side be seen?)
g. Powers/Magic/Psionics
h. Other

4. (from 3a) Is there a change in pressure on both sides of a Rift caused by the difference in pressure? (Stuff gets pulled/pushed through right?)

Answer: Some reasonable answers:

1.) The short answer is that it is a hole in space and time linked by leylines.

2.)As far as during transit, that tends to fall outside normal physics entirely. Megaverse Builder has a few examples of transit, and various types of Rifts.
a.) Haven't read any evidence to indicate gravity effects or passes through a Rift.
b.) Outside of disruptions in transit, velocity should be preserved going through a Rift.
c.) A little fuzzier that velocity, I'd likely rule that technological energies, other than truly exotic, should go through as well as projectiles. Magical energy I could see being more disrupted unless it is a controlled Rift, consult a table on magic disruption during leyline storms for ideas.

d-f.) While there are a couple references to seeing through particularly large Rifts, in most cases it seems the curtain of blue-white energy is all that is seen/detected until something comes through directly. And leyline/rift activity in general is disruptive to radio communication.
g.) A controlled Rift should be fine, same as with a Shifter's mini-Rift. Uncontrolled, I would be less willing to let powers work through.

4.) Yes, even breezes seem to come through.

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Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles
them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
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Question: Can a Psi-Ghost use any other psionics while intangible? If he can use psionics while intangible, can he use attacks like Mind Bolt which is not a physical strike? Or Telekenesis when out of combat?

Answer: Yes to both. Since an intangible Psi-Ghost can himself be affected by psionics, it follows that he should be able to affect others with his own powers. The only psionics he could not possibly use are those that explicitly state they require physical contact, such as healing touch, as he cannot touch someone.

Question: I've been looking through my Rifts and rifters including 0, and was curious. I haven't seen a spell (unless I missed it) for charging e-clips. Is there a spell for that, and if so what book and page? I know there are techno-wizard chargers but what about in the middle of a fight, your friends clips all go dead how do you charge them?

Answer: Yes, you're looking for Sub-Particle Acceleration. See RBoM, p. 119, or FoM (original edition), p. 143.

Question: Can someone help me figure out how many Fetishes a Level 1 Fetish Shaman (Rifts Spirit West) starts with? And how many they can activate?

Answer: According to p. 49 of Spirit West, all Native American Shamans can create 5 minor fetishes and 2 great fetishes per level of experience (that's a lifetime total), must give away at least half this number, and may only keep a total of 4 minor and 4 great fetishes for his or her own personal use. Technically, a Shaman may exceed these numbers, but is entirely subject to the spirits' (i.e. the GM's) whims. The Fetish Shaman specifically gets additional great and legendary fetishes beyond the numbers above, but must still give away half of them. Thus, a 1st-level Fetish Shaman will be able to create:
  • 5 minor fetishes of choice
  • 2 great/major fetishes of choice plus the 3 fetishes listed on p. 68 of Spirit West
  • 1 legendary fetish

Of these, 2-3 minor fetishes, 2-3 great fetishes, and the legendary fetish must be given away.

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Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles
them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
and keep on thinking free.

-- The Moody Blues, In the Beginning

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