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 Post subject: Splicers FAQ
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Question: I recently recieved a Splicers book in my grab-bag. I've read the book and i'm ready to make a character suitable for playing. I skimmed across the listed O.C.C.'s and suddenly became very confused.
1. How exactly does living Body Armor function? Can it be worn over a Wing Pack? It says in the Archangel section about Living Body Armor, that they usually select Heavy Hide Armor or Leatherback Armor because they do not hamper flight speed and ability, but in other sections of the book they talk like the Living Body Armor is worn seperately from anything else they have. How does that work?
2. How are the bio-points determined in Living Body Armor? Do you add the PE and ME and 3D6x10 (or whatever attribut it is?)
1. The Wing Pack is worn over the armor, as a separate unit (just like an EBA-clad Rifts character wears a jet pack).
2. Each O.C.C. that starts with Living Body Armor has a specific entry detailing how much Bio-E is available and any limitations on which features are allowed.
The M.E.+P.E.+(die roll) formula is only used for Host Armor, and all Bio-E allotments are kept separate, i.e. the allotment you get for host armor is separate from the war mount allotment, wing pack allotment, and living body armor allotments.

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