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 Post subject: Some Answers from Kevin
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Now that dog boy is an OCC rather then an RCC, I've seen a couple of posters on the boards claim that their ability to sense magic and the supernatural is an OCC ability rather then a racial one, and that freeborn dog boys would not have the same psi abilities as one raised in the CS.

K.S.: The Dogboys' sensing powers are a racial ability and would still apply.

Next, one I'm sure you plan to ask anyway, can simultaneous attacks be made in ranged combat?

K.S.: Yes.

Can you use missiles for simo-attacks, and if so, can a foe attempt to shoot down said missiles in the standard way? Can you roll with blow from a simo-attack, ranged or melee?

Forgot to ask those. :)

Neural maces and MDC critters. Believe it or not I actually found that Chaos earth has a paragraph on supernatural creatures and neural maces on page 51. it seems like a pretty evenhanded treatment, so I'm wondering why it wasn't reprinted in RUE. It would be nice to hear if the Chaos earth info is still canon or if Kevin has other thoughts on the subject.

I asked him if neural maces could affect MDC creatures, and he said that it was a good question. He pondered it a bit and said that neural maces should probably have 1/2 effect on lesser demons and smaller, less powerful supernatural creatures, and no effect on greater demons and larger supernatural creatures.[/quote]

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