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Some folks occassionally ask whether or not the answers provided in this FAQ are true and canonical. The short answer is: They're not. But hold on a second! Don't just discard it.

The only truly canonical sources are the published texts from Palladium Books. Players and Game Masters are always encouraged to read the books for themselves and come to their own conclusions. With the sheer multitude of books available, that isn't always an easy task. For that reason, this FAQ exists--to help players find answers. But it should not be used as a substitute for one's own informed decisions.

Some questions in this FAQ elicit pretty straightforward answers. Others are much more ambiguous and require one's judgement. Still others are applicable for certain situations, but should not be universally applied.

The answers provided here were compiled from a variety of sources, and were written by a variety of people. While those folks were good intentioned and well informed, they are not authors of Palladium Books. Keep this in mind as you peruse the forum as it's possible (heck, some would say it's a near certainty) to find contradictions within this FAQ.

With all that in mind, the FAQ is a pretty darned good resource for fans. It covers a lot ground and can be very helpful in finding an elusive rule, or clarifying a topic that just didn't make sense. A lot of people with a lot of experience built it, and at the least it should point the inquisitive fan in the right direction to make their own decision.

One last thing. If your group doesn't like the published rules (either in the books or on this website) change them! All that really matters is that the GM and players at your gaming table come to an agreement and enjoy the game.

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