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 Post subject: Martial Arts Techniques
Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2006 9:14 pm

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Bat Fau Seui Chi Gung (No Sleep Breathing Exercise): The character can go for a number of full days (24 hours) without sleep. From levels one to six it's two days, from levels seven to eleven it's three days, from levels twelve to fourteen it’s four days, and at level fifteen it's five days. The character suffers no negative modifiers for sleep deprivation during this period. But, after this time is up the character must sleep twelve (12) hours for every full day (24 hours) that they stayed awake. If they do not, they suffer the full penalties of sleep deprivation until they do.

Ch'ien Cattie Chang (1100 Pound Palm): This technique is the hard, external version of the Push Open Hand from Tai Chi Ch'uan. Damage: 1D8, and the opponent will be knocked back a number of feet equal to the attacker's P.S.

Controlled Disarm: This is an advanced version of Combat Skill: Disarm. When the Controlled Disarm is used the character making the move declares where the weapon goes. They still do not get control of the weapon, but they can state how far the weapon goes -- within reason -- and in what direction. A small, light weapon could travel up to 30 yards, a medium size and weight weapon could travel up to 20 yards, and a large, heavy weapon could travel up to 10 yards. The character can even use the Controlled Disarm to make an attack on a second opponent. That opponent, in order to Parry or Dodge the weapon/item, must roll higher than character's Disarm roll. This combat skill costs two (2) attacks to use.

Gi Waza (Uniform Techniques): Martial artists who are schooled in these techniques are able to use thier Gi (or Dobok) to assist them while grappling. Thier uniform effectively becomes a "third hand". Bonuses: +1 to Choke, +1 to Holds/Locks. Note: These bonuses only apply when the character is wearing a gi.

Gwai Geuk Seut (Ghost Leg Technique): This is a method of concealing a kick attack by delivering a hand attack at the same time. The art that made this technique famous is Hung Gar. Wong Fei Hong, the man who made Hung Gar famous, learned it from his last wife Mok Gwei Ying, who learned it from her family style of Mok Gar. The hand attack is launched in the general area of the face and the kick is aimed at a different target. This increases the likelyhood of the kick penetrating the opponent's defenses. The use of the Ghost Leg Technique costs 2 melee attacks. Ghost Leg Technique cannot be used with a Jumping Foot Attack. The kick and the punch are delivered in the same plane. So if the opponent dodges away from that line he will dodge both attacks.
1-4............-2 to strike with the hand attack, +1 to strike with kick attack.
5-8............-1 to strike with the hand attack, +2 to strike with kick attack.
9-11..........+3 to strike with kick attack.
12-14........+4 to strike with kick attack.
15..............+5 to strike with kick attack.
Note: These bonuses are in addition to normal Strike bonuses.

Kara Koppu Hoho (Empty Cup Method): When trained in this technique, the character can learn a combat skill from another martial art just by observing it in action. The character must observe the martial art for at least a minute if in combat, or for 15 minutes if not. The character can learn a new combat skill at 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 15th levels.

Kyuba-Jutsu (Art of the Bow and Horse): This training allows the character to ride and shoot a bow at full gallop without penalty. Likewise, the character's balance and bow handling is such that he can shoot a bow without penalty from a moving vehicle, in mid-air, or from an awkward position (a swaying rope bridge, hanging upside down, leaping and shooting, etc.)

Mei Tou Kung (Blind Fighting Training): The character is trained to fight while completely blind. Bonuses: All negative modifiers for blindness are reduced to zero (0), +1 to Mental Endurance, +1 to Rearward Attacks, Sense of Direction: 75%.

Sha Dai Kung / Sa Doi Gung (Sand Bag Training): By training with a number of sandbags on a frame, this technique teaches you how to fight multiple opponents. Bonuses: The character can fight 2 opponents @ level 1, +1 opponent @ levels 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. The character also learns the combat skills Circular Parry and Multiple Dodge.

Suwari Waza (Seated Techniques): The character has learned to fight from seated or kneeling positions. Bonuses: All negative modifiers for fighting from a seated or kneeling position are reduced to zero (0).

Tai Shihai Waza (Body Control Technique): Through meditation and breathing techniques, the character can speed his healing rate. Bonuses: The character can heal seven (7) S.D.C. for every hour of rest.

Tameshigeri (The Test of Cutting): This is a version of Tamashiwara that is done with a sword. This must be the first and only attack of the melee round and the character must use a large bladed cutting instrument (Machete, Katana, Long Handle Chinese Broadsword, or any weapon with a blade that is at least 2 feet long.). A Strike roll of a 14 or better will cut an object, or multiple objects, in half.
Roll.......# of Objects
If the roll is better than 4 but less than 14, the blade takes damage.
Roll....Damage to Blade
Note: The characters damage bonus is added to this damage.
As with Tamashiwara a succesful roll results in critical damage to living beings. A Natural 20 will result in a double critical attack. The character must have at least one (1) point of chi to use this ability.

Ti Chi Kung (Rooting Breathing Exercise): When using this ability the character cannot be pushed, lifted or otherwise moved by another person. The character uses knowledge of body mechanics and chi to hold herself to the ground. To use this ability the character must have at least one attack to prepare for the push/lift and one (1) point of Positive Chi.

T'ing Chu Chi Kung (Standing Post Breathing Exercise): This is a form of meditation designed to increase the flow of Chi throughout the body. Bonuses: +5 to Chi at Level 1, +1 to M.E. at Level 3, +10 to Chi at Level 5, +1 to M.E. at Level 8, +15 to Chi at Level 10, +1 to Maintain Balance at Level 13, Double Existing Chi at Level 15.

Yat Chyun Haau (One Inch Strike): In this technique the character focuses all of her weight and muscular power into an explosive, short-range strike. This attack is considered an Automatic Critical Strike. The hand attacks that can be used with this technique are: Strike (Punch), Single-Knuckle Fist, Double-Knuckle Fist, Fingertip Attack, and Spear Hand. Since this strike takes some time to set up it can only be used once per Melee Round. It can be used at Combat and Grappling Ranges, but it cannot be used while Groundfighting. A One Inch Strike can also be declared as a Deathblow or Knockout/Stun attack. In these cases it is considered to be aimed at vital points. If the attack does not meet the minimum roll necessary for Deathblow or Knockout/Stun then it only does normal (non-Critical) damage.

Yuk Gum Gi (Inverted Sword Techniques): These are a set of techniques that stress using, and drawing, a sword in an ice-pick grip, rather than the standard method. These techniques also stress circular and spinning motions while fighting. This allows you to draw and fight more quickly, and in a smaller area. Bonuses: +1 to Initiative when drawing a sword, +2 to Circular Parry with W.P. Sword, +2 to Rear Attacks with W.P. Sword. Learn to perform Back Strike (A backwards thrust with the sword), Spinning Slash (Combination Strike/Dodge), and Circular Parry with W.P. Sword. Pre-Requisites: W.P. Sword.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2006 9:45 pm

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And here's some new ones.

Broken Rhythm: By subtly varying the timing of his attacks, the character can avoid, or disrupt, an opponent's defenses. Bonuses: +1 to Strike.

Chih Pien / Ji Pin (Finger Weaving): This is a method of hypnotizing an opponent by intertwining the fingers in a rhythmic manner. The target must make a Saving Throw vs. Psionics or be hypnotized (use the modifiers for Knockout/Stun). The opponent receives a -1 to their Saving Throw at levels 5, 9, & 13. At 7th level this technique can be done using the entire body, with a -2 to the target's Saving Throw.

Unorthodox Style: The character is a student of a little known or unusual style, and opponents have difficulty when facing this style in combat. Bonuses: -1 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge for Opponent. Penalties: This ability does not apply when facing an opponent using the same style. Note: Can only be selected by Chi Hsuan Men, Drunken kung fu, Kalaripayit, Kuo Ch'uan kung fu, Monkey Style kung fu, and Taido.

Unorthodox Technique: The character does not attack or defend in a normal or expected fashion. This makes it difficult for an opponent to attack or defend against the character. Bonuses: +1 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge.

"I know twenty-six different points on your body I could hit and release enzymes into your brain to compel you to tell the truth -- Talk!"
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Unread postPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:11 pm


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To go along with your Tameshigeri:

Setsudan or Severing Chi:

Much like Tamashiwara, but requires the use of a weapon with a sharp edge. Instead of breaking the target, it is cut cleanly apart. Even items that would normally be impossible to cut without shattering, like glass bottles and the like, are neatly severed. Mind and Spirit must be as one, so no emotional disturbance can be troubling the warrior. Cannot be used near a creature with a Horror Factor over 15, they are just too distracting. Against a living opponent, Setsudan or Severing Chi does double normal damage direct to hit points (plus PS damage bonus if applicable). Against intangible creatures like supernatural creatures, magical creatures, alien energy beings and entities, the weapon does full damage. Creatures normally unaffected by normal man-made weapons, take half damage.

Requirements: Weapon Kata.

(Considered a Martial Art Technique, and may be used with any form.)

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