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 Post subject: Jeet Kune Do
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JEET KUNE DO (The Way of the Intercepting Fist)
Entrance Requirements: Must be good or have a discipline on honor.
Skill Cost: 14 years (7 years as secondary)

The Way of the Intercepting Fist was created by a young man who grew up studying at the Hong Kong Shaolin Temple in the 1960s. While training in the main Shaolin style, he and a young nun fell in love, and she secretly trained him in the woman-only style of Ng Mui Wing Chun. After a series of adventures fighting the Triads, he was forced to escape to the Civil Rights-era United States, where he had further adventures fighting racist whites attacking Chinese immigrants, racist Chinese attacking him for teaching his art to all races, the Italian mafia, and others. As he travelled, he taught martial arts and experimented, shedding elements of his previous training that he felt were too restrictive, integrating concepts from Western Boxing, Savate, Judo, and Escrima, and developed his own style emphasizing a flexible mindset and the idea of attacking the opponent’s movement and intent. After a decade he found himself back in Hong Kong as a film actor and returned to the Hong Kong Shaolin Temple to demonstrate his findings in a leitai (platform-based Chinese boxing) match. While there, he was recruited by British intelligence to infiltrate a criminal organization led by a renegade Shaolin monk. Shortly after defeating this organization, he was found dead, causes unknown. To this day, it is thought he may have been poisoned by the Triads, murdered by Dim Mak by the Touch Masters, or by a Ng Mui Wing Chun practitioner to punish him for learning their system and revealing portions of it to the public.

In combat, a Jeet Kune Do practitioner will seek to intercept the opponent’s movement or intention with a lead leg kick called a Jittek, a lead leg finger jab called a Biuzi, or a lead straight punch. If they cannot attack first, they will counter during or after their opponent’s attack. A JKD practitioner’s idea of defense is counter attacking. If the opponent defends, the JKD practitioner will attempt to remove the obstruction with a Combination Hand Hold/Strike, called a Hand Immobilization Attack or Trap. Once the JKD practitioner has the advantage, they will finish the opponent with a series of punches & kicks or take him to the ground. At it’s highest level, the JKD practitioner will seek to intercept the conflict before it even begins, thus earning the name “the Way of Fighting Without Fighting”.

He left behind three instructors in the US, one who has since passed away. Of the remaining two, one teaches in a small kwoon in Los Angeles. The other teaches privately in Seattle and rarely accepts new students. Both take their mentor’s legacy very seriously, and only accept those with dedicated to personal development physically and mentally.

Costume: Cotton kung fu pants with a white t-shirt.
Stance: Power side forward, slightly bladed, with weight lightly on the toes, knees bent. The rear hand is held high on the centerline to protect the face. The lead hand with be held high or low depending on the fighter’s strategy or mentality.
Add +2 to ME
Add +2 to PS
Add +1 to PP
Add +1 to PE
Add +10 to SDC
Attacks per Melee: 4
Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact
Attack Moves:
Basic Defense Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry
Advanced Defense Moves: Multiple Dodge, Combination Parry/Attack
Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch), Knife Hand, Backhand, Palm Strike, Jab
Foot Attacks: Kick Attack, Tripping/Leg Hooks, Snap Kick, Reverse Turning Kick, Wheel Kick
Jumping Foot Attacks:
Special Attacks: Death Blow, Leap Attack, Forearm Attack, Elbow, Knee
Holds/Locks: Arm Hold, Leg Hold, Body Hold, Neck Hold, Combination Hand Hold/Strike (SPECIAL! A two-hand Strike where one hand grabs the victim's hand and the otherhand strikes with a hand attack. Requires two successful rolls. NoParries or Dodges for the melee round. Bonus is + 3 to damage with the hand strike.)
Weapon Kata: Choose 1: WP Chain – Nunchaku, WP Short Staff – Paired, WP Staff
Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Knock-Out/Stun, Critical Strike, Critical Strike from Rear

Martial Art Powers: Choose 1 from Body Hardening Exercises (Suggestion: Iron Hand), Martial Arts Abilities (Suggestion: Tamashiwara), or Special Kata (Weapon Kata only)
Languages: Cantonese
Physical: Gymnastics
Temple: Meditation
Weapon Proficiencies:
Philosophical Training: Zen
If this is your Primary Martial Art then the following other styles can be learned in a shorter time: Choi Lei Fat (3 years), Jujutsu (3 years), Qinna (5 years), Shaolin Kung Fu (7 years), Todejutsu (3 years)
1st: + 3 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, + 2 to Strike, Critical Strike on Natural 19 or 20, Critical Strike from Behind.
2nd: +1 to Initiative, +1 to Parry/Dodge.
3rd: +1 Attack per Melee.
4th: Select One (1) Additional Martial Art Power from Body Hardening, Martial Arts Abilities, or Special Katas.
5th: +1 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +1 to Damage.
6th: +1 to Strike, Knock-Out/Stun on Natural 18 or better.
7th: +1 Attack per Melee, Death Blow on roll of Natural 19 or 20.
8th: +1 to Initiative, Select One (1) Additional Martial Art Power from Atemi Abilities, Body Hardening, Martial Arts Abilities, or Special Katas.
9th: +1 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact.
10th: +1 Attack per Melee.
11th: Select One (1) Additional Martial Art Power from Atemi Abilities, Body Hardening, Martial Arts Abilities, or Special Katas.
12th: Critical Strike on Natural 18 or better.
13th: +1 to Initiative, +1 to Damage.
14th: +1 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +1 to Strike.
15th: +1 Attack per Melee, Select One (1) Additional Martial Art Power from Atemi Abilities, Body Hardening, Martial Arts Abilities, or Special Katas.
To study the Way of the Dragon! An aggressive fighting style devoted to defeating the opponent before the fight even starts.

 Post subject: Re: Jeet Kune Do
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I tried to practise this, when I saw first movies with Bruce Lee.
Then there was a TV show about Bruce. Here I saw all his fight skills, his dexterity, his cool punches and others.
In childhood, this all made an incredible impression on me and my friends and I immediately started to do it.
But since there were no such sections then I went to karate)

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