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Pg 35 of Mystic China has this and I am wondering if it might be based on anything real or if Erick Wujcik made it up. I tried searching but key words but could only fine MC references.

Does anyone know if this might possibly go by any other spellings or names? Is there any historical record of 3 foot 200 pound statues used as 2-handed clubs? Is this possibly something he got from a kung fu movie?

Pg 19 under 78. says "Tong" is the word for copper/bronze/brass. I couldn't find "Zen" but when searching for 'Man' found it under 55. Nan. So I thought maybe it might be called "Tong Nan". All I could find at ... e=tong+nan though was that it refers to a suburban county in the Chongqing municipality, or as some kind of slang for male virgins.

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seen one in the " Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon " movie

re checked , sorry it is a bronze rod , not a statue... (fight scene between the 2 heroines)

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