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 Post subject: Organitech!
Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:07 pm

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Alright, I'm composing this thread because I'm doing a Systems Failure story, which in the near future I might submit to Palladium Books. So far I've come up with several new pieces of Organitech that might be useful and could perhaps be submitted to the Rifter.

Organitech Silkline - grown from carbon fiber, plant silks and chemical composition similar to spider silk, this material is as thin and lighter than nylon rope, but several times stronger than steel cable.

Organitech Glue - contained in a canister can be sprayed from the J140 sprayers but instead of being a chemical attack it will immobilize the target. Can be used to splint broken bones when it hardens, or immobilize a critically wounded patient. Saving throw not possible, dodge only. The glue is hell to get off.

Organitech Sticky Bomb - This device is mainly a small liquid container with an explosive charge in the center. When detonated it throws O-Glue in all directions which becomes sticky and hardens on air contact. Used to slow or halt ground forces.

Note: Organitech Silkline and Glue devices have been shown to be moderately effective against immobilizing or sabotaging vehicles.

Organitech Line/Noise filter - This device is the latest item from The Organitech Projects Solution Center. It is a tiny to gigantic ovoid that fits on powerlines, phone lines, cable lines, and takes the current in the line and remodulates the frequency as a bio-energy signature, without changing the direction or strength of the current significantly or even the hertz for AC. The bio-energy signature makes the line impossible use for the Bugs. It is a cheaper alternative to converting or replacing existing electrical systems.

Bug Juice Bullets - These rounds are made from high strength glass that has been filled with Bug Juice. Should the round fracture or break up in the barrel the fragments are usually a powder and are blown out anyway so does not interfere with normal weapons operation.
Damage: Initial damage by weapon then 2D6 the following melee round, and then 1d6 the next melee round. *Damage is per bullet. **AR is not a factor, so any hit above 5 but below the Bug's armor still takes 1D6 damage per melee round for 3 rounds.
Range is reduced by 10%

(The credit for this item goes to my buddy Brad whom I introduced to Role-playing and Palladium Books a few years back, but only recently intro'd to Systems Failure. I might also say inspiration came in part from the Underworld movies)

Edit: -- Okay, I didn't see the BG Rounds thread before this, but still the idea is the same. It just depends on which system is more ideal. I also liked the bug juice painball rounds too. That was a good idea.


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 Post subject: Re: Organitech!
Unread postPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:39 pm

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dude i like it all

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