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Page 9 gives them the same damage. I find that really confusing. The C-10 did 2D6 MD and the C-14 did 3D6 MD in pre-Savage Rifts, so why would the C-14's laser not be 50% better here too?

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For what it's worth, stats do not transfer between the systems straight, or even in a 1 to 1 transference. Savage Worlds works on much tighter margins and uses other means of showing variance. I should note, I no longer use the Deluxe edition of the game, but rather the Adventure Edition. It's very rebalanced and pretty fun.

The C-10, C-12, and C-14 (stats in Savage Foes of North America, Adventure Edition) all have the same damage, but slightly different Armor Piercing, Rate of Fire, and special abilities.
The C-10 is AP 2, rate of fire 1 and is light. Considering how popular it is to use strength as a dump stats (especially for shooter types), this is a factor.
The C-12 is Rate of Fire 3, and AP 3; it penetrates armor a bit better, adding to its ability to damage, and you can shoot three times on a single shot, so more chances to hit, and therefore damage. And, if you stay in place, don't move, and engage the Heavy Pulse mode, you can take down even heavy armored vehicles, robots, power armor, and monsters with it. All in all a very versatile standard issue rifle.
The C-14 has a single shot version of the C-12 laser, but only Rate of Fire 1 (and no heavy Pulse), with with an under-barrel grenade launcher.

If you have not updated to the Adventure Edition of the game, I suggest it. It really rebalances things across the board for the better. Also, the CS Field Manual is being replaced by a 32 page sourcebook called Coalition Datafile: For Humanity. It collects all the Adventure Edition gear (like CS Field Manual did for Deluxe) and gives a bunch of story and rules for the CS, including a plot point adventure (think a mini-campaign). Sean Roberson, the brand manager at Pinnacle, announced it on his youtube channel, and I think they are pretty close to releasing it.

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