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 Post subject: Costs of TW upgrades.
Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:25 pm

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The rules for TW stuff in savage rifts are vague in a few places.

1) What does it cost to buy a minor TW upgrade for armor? The book only seems to list the cost to BUILD an upgrade into armor not the markup for a none TW just buying it.

2) What does it cost to activate the minor TW upgrade I want in my armor and how longs the activation time?

This stuff can be assumed based on mentions in other parts of the book*, but when you assume you make an ass out of blah blah blah. . . .

* Page 76 in the gear section has some generic costs for TW stuff. It's weird it doesn't say anything in the TW section about this stuff. Cut and paste from the sidebar in the gear section for reference.

" Unless stated otherwise, it costs 2 Power Points to energize an ammo clip for
a TW ranged weapon and 1 PP to power melee weapons for 3 rounds. TW armor
typically requires 1 PP/hour, losing all special properties and halving Armor and
Toughness (round down) if unpowered "


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1: The mark-up is whatever you want it to be for custom gear. You're going to a skilled craftsman, and asking him to customize this particular item. It's not a price-list, or at least, it's not an established market (unlike the standardized TW gear available for purchase from your local Stormspire representative, as listed in the book's Gear section). As a baseline, I'd suggest that the customer pays for all costs, plus a mark-up based initially on the die-type of the TW doing the enhancement (note that you then roll for success/failure, and if they fail, the materials are wasted--that's why the mark-up should be higher for the guy with a d12 Build roll). You can further modify the markup (but not the base material cost) with an opposed Streetwise roll, if you wish, as the two are largely negotiating the price on the spot. Winner gets a 10% modification up or down, and each Raise gets an additional 10%.

2: Yeah, the Page 76 sidebar is the guide for PPE costs to activate TW gear. Note that some Minor Mods (specifically, certain Trappings, like Electric/Jazz or Darkness/Stealth) would raise the cost--but otherwise, it's 1 PP/hr.

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