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Unread postPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:48 pm

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OK sweet we have us a new board time to use it.

My first real savage rifts game ( I did 2 one shots before this) of any length.

Starting set up

A group of slaves get a chance at freedom as the minion war breaks out and a hell pit opens on Atlantis. Only real restriction No dragons as they dont get enslaved by the squids.

After a trip through the refuge they made a run to Splyncryths summer house knowing that as a stone pyramid it would be able to rift them to safety, and during an invasion every minion would be fighting the enemy not out in the country. After some betrayal by an npc the botched rift dumped them on MARS domain of giant bugs.

Its a pretty easy set up, and being able to hand out bennies to players that keep things going is nice.

Im trying to always have some none combat challenges to keep my combat monsters from super specializing.

Oh I also checked out space 1889 for savage worlds nice inspiration.

This is a lot more rambling then I normally like to be sorry about that.

Suggestions fire away


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The first non-combat challenge that comes to mind is simple survival. Getting a shelter capable of withstanding the Martian environment (however you envision it) is going to be a priority, especially for a band of escaped slaves with little gear.

Make it a Dramatic Task. Lead player rolls Survival; other PCs can roll Survival or another Skill if they have a way to make it applicable. FREX, if you've decided that there are edible creatures out there, maybe let one of them make a Tracking roll to be able to follow the critters to their home turf, so as to make hunting viable; a Power-user with abilities that apply to the situation might be able to roll their arcane skill to help out. Usually, the rolls are at a penalty of -2 or more, depending on the situation. Aid rolls add +1 for each success and raise they get to the lead's roll. They have five 'rounds' (which are as long as you like--for this, I might have each one represent a 12-hour period, alternating days and nights). Each round gets a card-flip; if it's a club, there's a complication. If the PCs fail to deal with the complication, the lead roll for that round suffers an additional -2 penalty. If the lead gets five successes total before the clock runs out, the PCs 'win'. For this, I'd say that failure to get enough successes means everyone has to make a Vigor check daily or suffer a Fatigue penalty. If they fail completely (no successes), then they get a Fatigue penalty every day, period, until they do something about the situation, or they die on the Red Planet.

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