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I encourage all GM's to take full advantage of this time. With both mages and healers especially.

For the mage: go on an astral journey, learn a new spell, recharge things, make packs, go to a place of power that they might know of, etc.

For the healer, let him/her learn reiki, Quantum touch, EFT, crystal healing, to play singing bowls, essential oils, etc which adds to and increases the healers powers.. Also work for a cruse line, go on a metaphysics retreat, etc

Pay bills, let them have relationships, and so on. To see beyond the ever crumbling veil between worlds, yet have to interact with those that can not see jack. And yet know and understand that they soon will when the veil crumbles.

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In a group that is roleplay focused, this should be a no-brainer, but I agree that it is important to reinforce that there is more to the world, and the characters, than just the creeping darkness. If anything, this interlude into normalcy can help reinforce the horror of the world that only they can see.

taalismn wrote:
Hey, you came up with a novel, attention-getting idea, you did the legwork, you worked it through, you made it fit the setting, even though initial thought might be 'nah, it can't work, it's too silly/stupid/lame', and you posted something that only required a little adjustment, yet can be added to, without diluting its original concept. How can we not give you due support and credit?

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