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There were three books that started my love of RPGs as an innocent lad. Ice’s MERPS, Dungeons & Dragons second edition and the glorious old Robotech books. As bad as I wanted to take the ring to Mordor, or travel the labyrinthine tunnels of the underdark....
There was Robotech.
Gorgeously illustrated by Long, written by KS and company. I played Max under so many different names...

Then middle school.
A friend brought in RIFTS. Everything changed. A Megaverse (loved the concept in Elric, but its better with robots.) of staggering proportions, where every game that had gone before could and was playable in this incredible new Setting.

Then life. Lost some books, bought others, played hundreds of different systems.
But at the back of it all, Palladium. Rifts. The CS and Triaxx and Atlantis and DBs and Dragons and Robotech and TMNT....

I’m currently playing Chaos Earth and it feels like I’ve come home.

There’s a lot of salt on these forums, so I thought I’d post something positive. I love these games and this company, not just through the rosy lens of nostalgia, but as a 43 year old man today. The world building is second to none. The possibilities are just as endless now as they were when I was a child. That’s a rare thing.
Missteps happen. Odin knows I’ve made some doozies of my own. But we’re here because of our shared love for an incredible game.

Anyway, that’s my utterly unsolicited why-I’m-here story. What’s yours?
It’s good to be back.

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Welcome to the boards :D

I started out playing TTRPGs with a strange home-brew hybrid that drew heavily (read stole heavily) on Palladium source materials and I was instantly hooked. I've got nearly every book published by Palladium on my shelves and I love just choosing one at random and reading through it to see what I can find.

I mainly play a smashed together hybrid of Palladium and Basic D&D. Palladium for the flavor and inspiration, Basic D&D for the ease of accessibility and codified exploration rules. I don't post a ton on here because of that reason combined with the forums rules on conversions, but I lurk on the forums almost constantly when I'm at work because I have nothing better to do most days ;)

I hope that you find a home here, like you've found with the game worlds!

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Comment: If I could go back in time, I would join the cast of "The Thrilling Adventure Hour"
I started with 2nd edition AD&D because those were the books my dad owned. From there I explored every game I could find books and players for. I came to Palladium much later because every time I expressed interest in checking it out, the naysayers would insist it wasn't worth it and there were better games available.
Finally, my group wanted a Superhero game and I suggested that we give Heroes Unlimited a try. That door opening made it easier to convince people to try the other game lines and I have been hooked ever since.
I still own, play, and enjoy other systems, but I don't believe I will ever walk away from Palladium.

taalismn wrote:
Hey, you came up with a novel, attention-getting idea, you did the legwork, you worked it through, you made it fit the setting, even though initial thought might be 'nah, it can't work, it's too silly/stupid/lame', and you posted something that only required a little adjustment, yet can be added to, without diluting its original concept. How can we not give you due support and credit?

Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:32 am

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Why I came hear is probably on some lost server from the forums first iteration. Why I'm still here... because it is still fun. I just wish people played in my area. I mean I live near Seattle and I know of maybe 5 people. In Anchorage, AK there was 20. Granted that had been during the "golden age" and now we contend with RPS (role-playing simulators) video games taking a large share. I think a major problem is the rpg community, ironically, doesn't produce a good narrative. We need to somehow show all these fans of RPS games that even a mediocre RPG is better than their linier simulation. Even the most "sand boxy" simulation has a set beginning that must play out a certain way and an end. Even if it allows you to play beyond the end you can never do more than was originally intended unless the game is modded and even that is limited. Only interaction with other players in a world governed by human imagination can the real treasure of RPG be found where it surpasses every attempt at artificially simulating the experience.

Here, I learn. Here, I imagine. Here, I test others and they test me. We forge each other and sharpen our wits. In the end we leave a little of ourselves with each other and in some small way, possibly not even perceived, leave a legacy.

Queue Queen's "Princes of the Universe"

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Glad to see new people here!

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