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Recently, a number of people have brought up how much they love the Rifts® Atlanteans and the Splugorth. Me too. Every Atlantean title seems to be inspired. In fact, I was so inspired to write Rifts® World Book 2: Atlantis back in the day, that I cranked it out in three weeks, and it is still one of my favorite books. Of course those three weeks did not include the many months the ideas for Atlantis had been percolating in my head before I put them down on paper. So that’s the new sale: titles with Atlanteans, Splugorth and Atlantis in them, or which have some connection to Atlanteans or Atlantis. Enjoy. ... Items.html

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Love to...unfortunately, with the excessive cross border postage costs, duties, taxes, and no stores in (my) area selling PB...

If the PDFs were reasonably priced, I'd love to buy lots of PB books...although, they are starting to reach that level. If they were an extra 15% or so off...


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