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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – April 13, 2018

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By Kevin Siembieda

One game system – every genre – countless worlds – endless adventure

The Palladium Open House is next week. Half of the team and helpers are working on POH prep and half continue to work feverishly on the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Reward Exchanges. This Update will focus on the Palladium Open House, but we are moving forward on all fronts.

Palladium Open House — April 20-22 (VIP Thursday April 19)

Our apologies for not posting the gaming schedule yet. Life has been crazy. Wayne will work to get the POH Schedule posted on Saturday – subject to some change – namely some times may be changed and additional games and panel talks are likely to be added. Here is what I can tell you right now.

100+ RPG Gaming Events

  • 2 After the Bomb® games
  • 9 Beyond the Supernatural™ games
  • 16 Heroes Unlimited™ games
  • 1 The Mechanoids® game
  • 1 Multi-Genre Crossover game (Julius Rosenstein)
  • 11 Palladium Fantasy® games (3 run by me)
  • 21 Rifts® games
  • 2 Rifts® Chaos Earth® games
  • 6 Savage Rifts® games
  • 9 Robotech® RPG games
  • Robotech® RPG Tactics™ pick up games (Peter Pidrak)
  • 1 Robotech® RPG Tactics Tournament (Peter Pidrak)
  • 1 Splicers® game
  • 1 Systems Failure™ game
  • And more!

The list above does NOT include every game event, as Scott Gibbons is working on updating the schedule even as I write this. Plus I might run additional games and there are panel talks about G.M.ing, creating games, and more, plus a live auction (Saturday), 30+ Palladium Creators (writers, artists, freelancers, staff), original art, out of print titles, autographs, fun and more.

2018 Palladium Open House

April 19 (VIP night), 20, 21 & 22, 2018 – Westland, Michigan

  • 100+ Palladium gaming events.
  • Play in games run by Kevin Siembieda & other Palladium creators.
  • Enjoy Robotech® RPG Tactics™ tournaments, games, and demos.
  • Participate in panel talks and many question and answer chats.
  • Bring your favorite game books to get signed.
  • Meet Kevin Siembieda and the Palladium staff.
  • Meet Carl Gleba and many other Palladium creators.
  • Meet 30+ Palladium creators – the largest gathering of Palladium creators in the world! Most available every day, the entire day.
  • Meet fellow gamers from around the world.
  • Get autographs from all the Palladium creators.
  • Get new releases, back stock items and Palladium collectibles.
  • Get original artwork and limited edition prints.
  • Get rare collector items, first printings, and signed books.
  • Four new T-shirts debuting at the Open House.
  • Commission select artists to draw your favorite character.
  • “Live” Auction with rare collectibles and oddities.
  • Get the latest news and other insider info.
  • Intimate setting, unlike big conventions.
  • Family reunion and party atmosphere.
  • Join the fun and make memories to last a lifetime.
  • Price of admission pays for all events!
  • Nearby Hotels. Detroit Metro Airport 20 minutes away.

It all happens at the Palladium Open House (POH) – April 20-22, 2018 – 39074 Webb Court, Westland, Michigan, 48185 (plus April 19 for those attending VIP Thursday).

Order Tickets online up to Sunday night – April 15 – or pay at the door

The price of admission covers ALL events and gives you access to all the guests, Kevin and crew, as well as the gaming events (first come, first served), panel talks, auction and other activities. Three days of Palladium gaming, laughs and fun.

The Palladium Open House is like a big family reunion or four day party. There have been good times and bad times, and through it all we had Palladium fans at our sides and helping out, so every POH is a celebration of YOU, our fans, as much as anything else. So if you can, please join us for what is going to be a Palladium gaming extravaganza.

Game with the Game-Makers

  • Amy L. Ashbaugh (Artist)
  • Brandon Aten (Writer, game designer; Triax 2, Madhaven, The Sovietski, The Rifter®)
  • Matthew Balent (Author of Weapons & Armor, Weapons & Castles, Monsters and Animals, and other titles; he was present at the start of Palladium Books!)
  • Carmen Bellaire* (Writer and Game Designer; Powers Unlimited 1-3, Splicers®, Naruni, RRT and more.) – “tentative” pending his new job.
  • Joseph Bergmans (Honorary Staff Member, Helper, Consultant)
  • James Brown (Game Master Supreme, Megaversal Ambassador)
  • Matthew Clements (Writer, Northern Gun™ 1 & 2)
  • Roger Cartier (Contributor to Palladium Fantasy® & G.M.)
  • Steven Dawes (Writer, Dark Places™, The Rifter®)
  • Greg Diaczyk (Writer, Rifts® Lemuria, The Rifter®)
  • Mark Dudley (Artist and Game Master)
  • Glen Evans (Writer, Bizantium, The Rifter®, etc.)
  • Scott Gibbons (Staff, Manager, Game Master, Game Designer)
  • Carl Gleba (Writer, Secrets of the Atlanteans™, Minion War™ series, Hades, Dyval, and many others, and an awesome G.M.)
  • Chris Guertin (Honorary Staff Member/Helper)
  • Patrick “Jake” Jakubowski (Megaversal Ambassador & Game Master)
  • Doug Lamberson (Honorary Staff Member/Helper)
  • “Madman” Mike Leonard (Artist and Writer)
  • Alex Marciniszyn (Staff Editor and Research)
  • Mike Mumah (Artist)
  • Mark Oberle (Writer, Nightbane® and The Rifter®)
  • Apollo Okamura* (Artist) – “tentative”
  • Victor Peterson (Megaversal Ambassador & G.M.)
  • Ramon K. Perez* (Artist, Comic Books) – “tentative”
  • Ben Rodriguez (Artist)
  • Julius Rosenstein (Staff, Writer, Editor & Game Master)
  • Jeff “NMI” Ruiz (Palladium’s Online Administrator & MA)
  • Kevin Siembieda (Staff, Founder, Writer, Artist & Game Master)
  • Kathy Simmons (Staff, Order Processing & Customer Services)
  • Josh Sinsapaugh (Writer, Rifter® Contributor) – “tentative”
  • Wayne Smith (Staff, Editor, and Editor-in-Chief of The Rifter®)
  • Charles Walton II (Artist, Writer, Splicers)
  • Taylor White (Writer and Musician)

Note: My apologies to anyone I may have accidentally left off the list.

How often does any of us get to hang out with 30-40 Palladium creators? Where else can you ask the game creators for player tips, G.M. advice, or the back story behind your favorite games and characters? Only at the Palladium Open House held at the Palladium warehouse. And it happens only once every few years.

Guests who had to cancel: Cover artist John Zeleznik and chief writer and mastermind behind Rifts® for Savage Worlds, Sean Patrick Fannon, had both planned on coming, but Johnny Z cannot make it and neither can Sean. But Ramon K. Perez, a Marvel Comics Spider-Man artist and long-time Palladium fan favorite artist, told me he would try to come down for Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. Here’s hoping Ramon can clear his schedule to come on down. Likewise, game designer and writer, Carmen Bellaire, has started training for his new job and may not be able to attend, but he’ll be here if he can.

All in stock Palladium products are available for purchase, from prints and T-shirts to RPG books and coffee mugs. We always have a selection of new T-shirts and speciality items available for the first time ever at the Palladium Open House, too. There is also a wide range of original art, prints, and rare, signed and out of print book titles and unique collectibles available. Some of the rarest and most unique items are offered in the live auction Saturday evening. IN ADDITION, many of the artists and writers bring original art, art prints and specialty items for sale from them individually, and some will do character sketches. It all adds up to an incredible experience.

Palladium Open House – Hotel Information

Red Roof Inn – (economy lodgings) – 734-459-3300, 39700 Ann Arbor Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170.

Hampton Inn & Suites – (upscale lodgings) – 734-844-1111, 1950 N. Haggerty Road, Canton, MI 48187.

Airport Note: The hotels and Palladium’s warehouse are 15-20 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) in Romulus, Michigan, near I-275. Detroit Metro is the airport you want to use.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – April 6, 2018

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By Kevin Siembieda

One game system – every genre – countless worlds – endless adventure

The last six weeks have been anything but normal. We have been working like maniacs in processing pallets of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Reward Exchanges for our Kickstarter backers. A herculean task as there are thousands of emails we need to read through and respond to, and exchanges to package, calculate and ship. Add to that the Palladium Open House in two weeks and the Robotech® liquidation sales that ended last weekend, and we are buried up to our eyeballs with work. All of us have been routinely putting in 12-16 hour days this entire period. Many of those hours in the warehouse. In fact, we’ll be shipping out Robotech® Reward Exchanges right up to the Open House, and probably immediately afterward. Whew. That’s okay, we are happy to provide the RRT refund-in-kind to as many backers as we can. No request is too small or too large. We are processing them in the chronological order in which they arrived.

The Palladium Open House (POH), which is only 14 days away, will be a welcomed break from the madness of the past 6 weeks. We’ll all be exhausted, but we can’t wait to see all of you and enjoy 3-4 days of gaming, chatting and laughter.

Now that things are moving toward a tearful end of Robotech®, Palladium will be turning its attention to the Open House and, more importantly to new book releases! We have some epic new products in the pipeline and a few surprises coming your way in the months ahead. The end of Robotech® as a Palladium license is a sad end of an era, not for us, as we love Robotech®, but for all Palladium Robotech® fans. We had a great run and produced many Robotech® products we are proud of, but all things change and eventually come to an end. Thanks for being there with us on this epic journey.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who is participating in the RRT Reward Exchange Program and to those of you who snapped up Robotech® product over the last couple of weeks.

How can you get Robotech® RPG and Robotech® RPG Tactics (RRT) game products?

It has been painfully ironic, but since the liquidation sales, we have had a growing number of gamers contact us to tell us they are surprised by how much fun the RRT game is and how nice the miniatures are. Yes, we couldn’t agree more. That comment is usually followed by, “how can I get more?”

Regrettably, not from Palladium Books. We imagine that a number of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ games and expansion packs, as well as books, will find their way into various stores and online from distributors and resale sources, as well as from some backers this spring and summer. I would recommend getting what you want while you can because once they are sold out by these individuals, the product is gone. We hope fans keep the game alive and continue to enjoy it for as long as they can. Sorry Palladium could not take it further.

Rifts® Ultimate Edition – back in stock and available now

The Rifts® Ultimate Edition – core rule book – is back in stock and available for ordering.

Also Back in Stock: Rifts® Dimension Book One: Wormwood – Available now

Wormwood is a bizarre world of horror, heroes and mystery that lead to epic adventure. This is one of the most exotic and dangerous worlds your characters may ever encounter. Wormwood is a mysterious living planet of unknown origin and purpose. It is presumed to be some sort of colony world and supports human life, but under the strangest conditions. It might be an idyllic environment if not for the corrupting “infections” that are the Unholy and his minions – demonic and monstrous creatures who battle for domination of the planet and its inhabitants. Created by comic book legends Timothy Truman and Flint Henry. Back in print after a long hiatus. See the full description elsewhere in this update or in the online store.

BACK in Stock: Weapons and Assassins – Available now

The weapons and secrets of real world, ancient assassins. Includes guilds and societies of assassins like the Order of the Assassins, Ninja and Thugs of India, as well as details about their weapons, tools, poisons, clothing, armor, methods and more. A fan favorite written by Erick Wujcik. Back in print after a long hiatus. See the full description elsewhere in this Update or in the online store.

UPDATE: Rifts® Bestiary: North America, Vol. One and Two

The Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One and Volume Two are our next two books we dive into, among others. Probably a Summer release. Both books gather and format the existing beasts from the current World Books and Sourcebooks, PLUS a good number of fun, new creatures and monsters to spice up your games, plus maps and more.

The Rifter® #80

The vast amount of time and work required by the RRT Reward Exchange program has set back all our release dates, including The Rifter®. We will be gearing up after the Palladium Open House to ramp up book production starting with the Rifts® Bestiary and The Rifter® #80 and #81.

UPDATE: Dead Reign®: In the Face of Death

As above, we will be getting back on track with In the Face of Death and other titles in the weeks ahead. This sourcebook is about life and survival in the big cities during the Zombie Apocalypse. Rooftop living and more.

UPDATE: Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Rifts® Disavowed and Other Titles

Just because a specific title is not mentioned does not mean it is delayed or not coming out, it simply means there is nothing to report other than “working on it.” We are working on a number of projects.

UPDATE: 2 weeks until the Palladium Open House – April 20-22, 2018

We have 90+ gaming events. Many run by the very people who create them. I know I’ll be running 6-8 games plus panel talks and hanging out with you, Julius Rosenstein is running 7 games, Carl Gleba 5, James Brown 5-7, Brandon Aten, Glen Evans, Taylor White, and the list goes on. We have 90 games for the weekend and will probably be adding another dozen or so. By the way that includes RRT games and if there are enough participants, a Friday or Saturday Robotech Tournament by Peter Pidrak.

If you are attending and would like to run game events please let us know in the next week or two, though pick-up games are okay too.

I’m still surprised by how many Palladium fans do not know about this event. Met a couple just yesterday who didn’t know and who said they would be coming down. So please spread the word and join us for a long weekend of fun and games with the very people who create them. Always a blast.

  • Come play at the very site where the magic happens.
  • Three days of gaming (4 for those attending VIP night), plus panel talks, live auction and more.
  • Many games run by the writers and artists who create them!
  • Saturday Auction (original art, out of print items and oddities).
  • Largest gathering of Palladium creators anywhere! Artists, writers, Defilers and more.
  • Held at the Palladium warehouse and office where your favorite games are made. Westland, Michigan.
  • 30-40 Palladium creators will be present to chat and sign books.
  • Get original artwork, character sketches, books and more.
  • Join the fun.

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