RRT Reward Exchange Update – Mar 13, 2018

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First, we want to express our appreciation to the many who have chosen to participate in the RRT Rewards Exchange Program, where you can get Wave One Rewards for your remaining Wave Two reward value. We are pleased to offer you this refund-in-kind, and welcome others to take advantage of it. (See Kickstarter Updates #217 and 218 for details and #220 for answers to some frequently asked questions.)

If you have not gotten a reply from us, you will.

The biggest flood of emails regarding the RRT Exchange offer was in the first few days, so we are still working through the multitude of Kickstarter messages and getting back to you as quick as we can on a first come, first served basis.

We will get to everyone. Here is the process we’ve been going through:

First, we have to read through the emails. (Please send those to kickstarter{at}palladiumbooks.com, or preferably contact us via Kickstarter Message.)

Second, most of you need us to provide you the amount for your remaining Wave Two pledge. That requires us to look up your account and send you an email with the amount. Please watch for that email and respond as soon as possible.

When we get your Reward Exchange Request, we completely pull, pack, and weigh your reward selections, determine the shipping cost, and then send you the shipping cost via Kickstarter message/email. At that point, it is all in your hands. Your request is already boxed and waiting to be shipped to you as soon as Palladium receives your payment for the shipping!

The most expedient and secure way is to use PayPal: paypal{at}palladiumbooks.com

Or call the Palladium office with your credit card information at 734-721-2903. We will charge your card and ship right away! Depending on the time of day, your Reward Exchange may ship that same day or the next.

Note: As you might expect, we are swamped. If you get the automated voice mail, please leave your name, backer number if you have it, your phone number and a brief message. Someone will get back to you. Maybe not right away, but as soon as we can. If you get someone on the phone, please have your information handy.

Does even a small package cost $18-$35 in the USA?

ANSWER: No, of course not. Many packages are much less. And, of course, some are more. That’s why we are packing and weighing each request, and sending each backer a specific amount for his/her individual exchange. Cost depends entirely on the size, weight and destination of the package. The estimated costs presented in Update #218 were provided to give you a rough idea of cost. Note: We pack, weigh and get the exact cost for each package, and try to keep the cost as low as we can. As soon as Palladium receives your payment to cover shipping, your package is shipped.

What does the March 20, 2018 deadline mean?

It means we need to have your RRT Rewards Exchange requests in to Palladium Books by that date – even if we are continuing to pack and ship after that date – so we can satisfy the conditions of our contractual obligations with the Licensor and get you your Reward Exchange.

Once Palladium is confident it can do so while still being able to satisfy those of you who want to participate in the Exchange offer, we will start putting Robotech®/RRT product on sale to everyone and begin liquidating remaining inventory at an accelerated pace.

That’s why we need Kickstarter backers who want to participate in the Rewards Exchange Program to contact us now through March 20, 2018, so we can try to get you everything you might want, before product is gone. Note: Any Robotech® RPG and RRT product that has not been shipped as part of the Reward Exchange Program, or liquidated, MUST BE DESTROYED. This is usually the case with any license agreement. PLEASE get us your Reward Exchange requests AND send us the shipping so we can accommodate your Exchange Requests before the deadline. Thank you.

Because of this tight deadline and our sincere desire to accommodate EVERYONE who contacts Palladium for the Rewards Exchange – please send Palladium the shipping payment after you hear from us so we can send out your package immediately. Thank you.

Reminder, all RRT rewards are only available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST on a first come, first served basis. If you have been contacted with shipping cost before March 14, 2018, YOU were among the first and may have rewards no longer available, please send payment for shipping to get the rewards you want in the Exchange.

For those of you who may want to purchase more rewards or whose reward selection exceeds your Remaining Reward Value, we are allowing backers to pay the difference.

Due to the large number of backers who have responded, we are now OUT of the following rewards:

  • UEDF Token Pack
  • Max Sterling’s Valkyrie Convention Exclusive

If you have not received a shipping cost yet for your Reward Exchange request and have either of these rewards on your list, please send an amended list ASAP so that we can pull your most recent reward list and avoid sending you an email later on requesting you to do so, which only delays your Reward Exchange.

Thank you.

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