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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 25, 2016

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By Kevin Siembieda

I’m back. My mobility is improving every day. Still in pain and I think I overdid it the last day or two trying to get caught up with things, because it is aching pretty good as I write this. Gonna keep this Update very short. In addition to feeling sore and tuckered out, I just received the shocking news that a dear friend, Randi Cartier, died this morning. The cause is unknown. I’m so stunned and saddened by this news I can barely think or write. Randi and her husband Roger have been dear friends for decades, and both have contributed to the Palladium Fantasy RPG® setting. She will be sorely missed. Our deepest condolences to Roger, family and friends.

Anime North, here we come

The guys are loading up the van for Anime North. I think we’re all set for it. I need to print my character sheets for my games, bring my dice and get all my gaming stuff together, but other than that, I think I’m ready. I’m not allowed to drive with my broken arm, so Wayne will handle that. The morning will be crazy, because I have to get up very early to meet with my orthopedic doctor for my two week followup of my arm, get more X-rays, and get a zillion staples removed. That does not sound like fun. I hope to get good news about how the bone is mending. Then I head to the office and we hit the road for Anime North. I hope we get to game and chat with a number of you there.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 19, 2016

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By Wayne Smith

Hey, everyone. Wayne Smith here again, though Kevin is recovering nicely. In fact, he makes a guest appearance elsewhere in this Update. Otherwise, we’re doing final prep for Anime North and continuing to work on a number of projects and upcoming releases.

Savage Rifts Kickstarter

Rifts® Savage Worlds Kickstarter coming to a close – Already surpassed $400k! – Only hours left to get in on the action

As I write this, Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Rifts® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is 5,000% funded and still going strong! It offers books in print and PDF, a Game Master screen, maps, dice, bennies, a messenger bag, and a T-shirt, among other items. Reward levels range from the $15 Digital Player to the $240 Everything GM.

Savage Worlds players can take advantage of the current Rifts® Savage Sale to learn more about Rifts Earth right now, and can also grab some PDF Rifts® books from DriveThruRPG.com. Blend Palladium’s Rifts® source material with Savage Worlds®, and vice versa for Palladium’s Rifts® gamers. You may want these full color, well written Rifts® Savage Worlds titles just to read and own, but there are plenty of cool ideas, random tables and adventures you can easily incorporate in your current Rifts® games.

Many stretch goals have already been unlocked, including adventures, pre-generated archetype characters, D-Bee races to play, additional gear and weaponry, and an expanded Player’s Guide!


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