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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Oct. 23, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

Hey everyone, we’ve been pounding away like crazy all week on the combined Double Issue of The Rifter® #71-72 (looking good) and Chaos Earth® Resurrection sourcebook (epic and terrifying fun). You can see the first sneak preview for Chaos Earth® Resurrection on DriveThruRPG.com right now, and we’ll be posting another next week. Both books will absolutely be November releases. Meanwhile, we’re working on more support for Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and, in fact, more of the paper game pieces should be posted this weekend.

I may have pushed myself burning the midnight oil too much, because I’m sick as a dog as I write this (Friday afternoon). Though I’m feeling a bit better than last night and this morning, I can tell I’m foggy and struggling some to put words together, so this Update will be on the short side.

Rifts® Specialty Items – Print on Demand

With the holidays approaching and folks going back to school and college, we are seeing a sudden increase in orders for some of these cool Rifts® Print on Demand specialty items. I just placed an order for 10 Baseball Caps (Red Rifts® Logo), along with several of the Reporter’s Bags, and a couple of the Glitter Boy Jackets. We should have ‘em ready to ship in a week or two, and we won’t charge your credit card until the items are in our hands for shipping.

If you have been thinking about ordering any of these items, you might consider doing so this weekend so that we can get them made with this batch and have ‘em all ship at the same time. They are all pretty sweet, and available any time, now or later, that you would like to place an order. They do make nice gifts.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Oct. 16, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

Last week was kinda crazy and different. A lot of meetings and discussions, some unexpected. Even the event at Flat Land Games last Saturday involved meeting and chatting with people as well as doing demos. This week has been almost nothing but work. Our noses have been on the grindstone, writing and editing Chaos Earth® Resurrection and the Double Issue of The Rifter® and working and planning for more support of Robotech® RPG Tactics. And I mean long hours of work. That’s a good thing and we feel good about making progress on these books and some other fronts.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time for Palladium’s annual tradition of offering our Christmas Surprise Package. A Grab Bag of fun and gaming in which you never know exactly what you are getting, but most of it comes from the Wish List you send us and is always worth the price. This year is no exception.

X-Mas Grab Bags

Available now – 2015 Palladium Christmas Surprise Packages

Christmas Surprise Packages, or “Grab Bags,” are a long-running holiday tradition in which you can get several Palladium RPG titles worth $86-$95 (oftentimes more!) for ONLY $42 plus shipping and handling! It is our way to say thank you to our many fans for being so kind and patient, and for your years of support. You are appreciated more than you may realize. That’s why Santa Kevin personally handpicks each and every item for every Grab Bag, and reads every comment (returning a short comment whenever he can).

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