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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Nov. 23, 2016

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By Kevin Siembieda

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it is a long weekend filled with friends, family and fun. I know you’ll be out there getting some shopping in too, but please don’t forget about Palladium Books. We have a few Black Friday Weekend sales plus the best deal of the holidays – the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package offer going on. Read on and enjoy.

SALE! Black Friday Specials – Available NOW thru Midnight on Sunday, November 27

Robotech® RPG Tactics Convention Exclusives – now available to anyone

Now that our Kickstarter backers have had plenty of time to order these items, we are making them available to anyone who may want them. They are beautiful, fun and only have 4-6 parts, so they are easy to put together. They look awesome on your shelf or in your game. Get yours while supplies last.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Nov. 18, 2016

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By Kevin Siembieda

Okay, this is gonna a be a very short Update. We have worked very late every night this week to finish the Hell Followed™ sourcebook for Dead Reign®. It is done. Wayne is working on the finishing touches of the layout, Julius is going over the last few pages of proofreading and I may tweak the last section a bit more. It goes to the printer this weekend.

Other work is moving along too, most notably art for other projects. Next on my plate is Rifts® CS Arsenal, The Disavowed and Robotech®. For Wayne it is The Rifter® #76. We have a lot to do! Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is coming up fast! What is it, five weeks away, now? Wow. Place those Christmas Surprise Package orders and game on!

UPDATE: Hell Followed – 160 page sourcebook for Dead Reign® is epic

Hell Followed is nothing short of fantastic. See the new description for it elsewhere in this Update or in the online store.

Hell Followed™ contains source material, heroes, and ideas that can be easily translated to Heroes Unlimited™, After the Bomb®, Nightbane® (especially an alternate dimension or the Nightlands), Rifts® and maybe even Palladium Fantasy RPG®. I had a blast writing it and I think everyone involved did some of their best work. Nice job Taylor and Nick. I’ll try to have Wayne throw together a sneak preview to post next week.

You will want to order this book, or ask for it in the Christmas Surprise Package! It is a blast to read, let alone play. And if you haven’t tried Dead Reign® yet, consider asking for it and some sourcebooks in a Christmas Surprise Package. Unfortunately, Hell Followed™ probably will not be available for Grab Bags before December 16th. Sorry. I will keep you posted.

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