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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Jan. 17, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

It has been another action packed week at Palladium Books.

Christmas Surprise Package offer is over, but still keeping us busy

There were 74 people who placed orders during the last weekend of the offer. Many were multiple Surprise Packages, so we were kept busy selecting, signing, packing and shipping this week. All but one has shipped by today, Friday. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who ordered a Surprise Package and all our supporters.

Gosh, what else happened? We brainstormed about the present and future of Robotech® RPG Tactics™, I had a good chat with the folks at Harmony Gold, we made final arrangements with an Exports Broker to ship backer rewards to Australia, we discussed many projects, worked on convention related stuff for AdeptiCon, Gen Con and the Palladium Open House, took care of some business maters, Wayne and Matt worked on The Rifter® #69 which is shaping up nicely, Alex and Jeff helped Julius with a lot of packing and shipping, and in between, Jeff has been working on Robotech® RPG Tactics™ instruction sheets and other related issues. As for me, I was involved in all of the above – Wayne too – and was very pleased to finally get in a few solid days of work on rewrites and editing of Bizantium. Oh, I also worked on some ads and promotions. Yeah, there have been many loooong days and working weekends.

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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Update – Jan. 13, 2015

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By Wayne Smith

Europe, Australia, and Rest of World Shipping

Europe: As we have mentioned previously, European packages are headed to Battle Foam’s UK warehouse, from whence they will be shipped to European backers from within the EU. It is our understanding this should save those backers VAT, which is why we are shipping by this method. The Wave One packages for all European backers were shipped from our warehouse to Battle Foam on Thursday, December 4. They arrived at Battle Foam’s Arizona warehouse on Thursday, December 11. Battle Foam was expecting to receive the ocean shipping container soon after that, but it didn’t arrive until a week and a half later. The container, with a combination of our backers’ packages and Battle Foam’s own goods, left their warehouse on December 22, headed for the port in Los Angeles.

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