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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Nov. 3, 2016

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By Kevin Siembieda

Reaction to The Rifter® #75 has been strong, the Hell Followed™ sourcebook for Dead Reign® is about to go into layout, Rifts® CS Arsenal™ is in full swing production, and Halloween was fantastic. I hope yours was as well.

For Kathy Simmons and I, Halloween is as big as, or bigger than Thanksgiving and Christmas. We create a sprawling Halloween display complete with scenes and excruciating detail. There are more than 100 life-sized figures and we get lots and lots of people. Toss unseasonably warm and dry weather into the mix, a feature article in a digital newspaper and ever increasing word of mouth, and we had our biggest and best Halloween ever. From Friday through Halloween, we estimate 6,000+ people walked through our and the neighbor’s front yards (they have a very nice and large display too). Kathy and I sat out there every evening talking with the hundreds of people an hour and handing out candy.

It is a wonderful feeling to see the joy our displays bring to so many people. And not just kids, but teenagers, adults and grandparents. Awestruck and delighted by all the sights and sound, and subtle scares. It warms the heart and makes you feel proud and humbled to be the source of so much fun and happiness. Incredible. For me, the joy is not just the thrills and laughter we bring to thousands and thousands of children of all ages, but seeing the joy it brings Kathy. She puts her heart and soul into this display. She makes most of the figures, sets them up, lights them and makes sure there is candy every night of October. Her kindness and sweet nature is alive in that magnificent display born from her imagination and love. Sure, I help in a lot of ways, but Halloween is Kathy’s time, and she just beams like an autumn sunrise.

We got three compliments this year that were jaw dropping. The best of all, being the last. 1. A couple of people who used to work at one of Michigan’s best Haunted Houses told us our display was as good as any haunted house they had ever seen, and better than most. Wow. 2. The online newspaper listed 17 Things You Must Do Halloween Weekend. Our two displays (Kathy’s and our neighbor’s combined) were listed as Number Three! 3. A group of people told us that we not only captured the spirit of Halloween, but that as far as they were concerned, “This is Halloween.” Amazing. Just amazing. Even though I’m a part of this wonder, I send my love and congratulations to the two ladies of Halloween, Kathy and Alice. You inspire us all. Thank you for making the month of October magical and dazzling. I will never forget this Halloween.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Oct. 27, 2016

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By Kevin Siembieda

The Rifter® #75 has shipped to subscribers, the Hell Followed™ sourcebook for Dead Reign® goes to the printer next week, Rifts® CS Arsenal™ goes into full final production, making plans for the release of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave Two in 2017, and it is Halloween weekend! So this is a big week for us, Kathy and me in particular. I have been writing like a demon and handling several layers of business all week, and things are looking very positive.

As for Halloween, it is Kathy’s favorite holiday and a very close second for me after Christmas. We create a sprawling Halloween display that kids of all ages simply adore. Kathy has people coming from a 30 mile radius. Sometimes farther! It is wonderful to see Kathy in her element and so happy, and a joy to see how happy it makes the couple thousand people who come to experience it during the month of October. Halloween itself should be fantastic, as it is supposed to be an unseasonable 60 degrees. The last two year it was cold, raining and snow flurrying, and we still had 400+ kids show up. We get that same joy fulfilling Palladium’s Christmas Surprise Packages, and I’m sure we will feel joy and relief when we can finally deliver RRT Wave Two next year.

Read on for details about these subjects, and Happy Halloween! May it be full of spooky fun and good times with friends and family.

The Rifter #75

UPDATE: The Rifter® #75 – Available now

The Rifter® #75 has shipped to subscribers and distributors and should be hitting store shelves around November 8th, if not sooner. It is almost entirely “official” source material and adventures, and packed with gaming advice and examples by Carl Gleba and me, Kevin Siembieda. Plus the next chapter in the sweeping Splicers® adventure and source material by Charles Walton II and company, a Rifts® setting in Canada, a preview of Rifts® for Savage Worlds, news, and coming attractions. If you don’t subscribe to The Rifter®, do yourself a favor and pick up this issue. Seriously. Every player and Game Master who has seen the material in this issue went gonzo over it.

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